Telling the same lies loudly often and over a long period of time makes a truth of convenience, to justify. Fear as tool for control. Our history has to do with the strength of lies, and liars speaking with hate, demonizing.

Xenophobia is a Tool of Pecking Orders

Xenophobia is a mechanism of valuation to create and maintain a pecking order, a way to substantiate and justify us-them discrimination, to justify inequality. In this sense, fear of, or antipathy for ‘them,’ is a natural animistic function that goes back to before we were Human, the yetzer tov for our pack family tribe nation religion party then race etc, justifying predatory yetzer hara toward them.

The pantheon is recognized but Hindus don’t look to one familial deity one month and another the next. Celebrate the pantheon in Diwali.

Familial Cohesion

As most religions promote familial cohesion, henotheistic tradition is upheld with the understanding that as He is beyond description characterization and words that this looking is through, not at. Familial disloyalties, as violation of marriage, are as serious as a rejection of the familial deity of continuity as integral to connectedness to HaShem.

Caste Systems

The caste system in Hinduism has deep religious roots such that corruption to the Western European egalitarian paradigm based upon pecking order is a religious duty in that system. Racism in America may be seen as an ad hoc basis from Pecking Order that is ossified in Hinduism as integral to the religious structure by the duty to accept station in life related to reincarnations.

Political beliefs and interest associations are also ad hoc bases of valuation that translates to seeming inconsistencies, where someone who is racist can except a member of the racial target group because valuation, including in Pecking Orders is multifaceted.

Idolatry of Lineage

A driver of the Middle East future is minority Sunni monarchies of a lineage men-as deities dominating Shiites reduced by Idolatry of another lineage succession, as a Pecking Order. Within Muslim societies, even controlled for religion, the injustices by tribe or familial association underlie some of the hostility toward America and Israel. As if, their local man-as Satan is enabled by the Great Satan, that may or may not be true.

The black or white All or Nothing at All nature of xenophobia, as agree with our dogma or be damned, as a man-made determinate thing is xenophobia. Beauty isn’t a guarantor of Virtue despite the poetic words of milk-white skin. Nor wealth from crime as Virtue. While allergic to a man as if, I’m careful in Awe of HaShem to affirm that some are looking through, aren’t using it to institute man-as, while some clearly are.

Shintoism as a religion that deifies ancestry has a persistent effect in Korean and Japanese cultures, including among those who have ostensibly adopted another religion.

Cultural egalitarianism in ‘The West‘ is unique among cultures around the world. With the glaring exception of the old-South that maintains a default position of antipathy for ‘foreigners,’ including Negroes and Native Americans, with Denny’s exceptions possible for those willing to Fight for Dixie.

Religious Proclivity for Xenophobia

When I wrote my thesis The Absolute-Unity and Unity, and my still held belief is that the Nicene and Athanasian Creeds set the pyre of absurdity afire with creation of a graven image in words. I argued the Coptics were the real, recognizing as a prophet but rejecting divine equilibration compounded as in The Name requiring acceptance that creates Men-as deities to demonize anyone who disagrees with their parochial version.

Hindus accept the addendum prophet as a reincarnation of another deity, Muslims as a prophet.

Must Believe As I Say

Must believe creates demonization as integral to dogma. The Jews this and the Jews that is in both the addendum and Koran, has been seized upon by both in times. Muslim cultures are deeply metareligiously and pecking order Xenophobic, regarding non-Muslims as lesser, the second-class dhimmi status of Jews within those societies parallels but better treatment than the addendum adherents murdering us through the ages. People are people.


Both Islam and the addendum incorporate demonization into their dogma, making themselves man-as deities over The Name to institutionalize the us for yetzer tov and the them for yetzer hara. The necessity to accept Muhammad as the primary and last prophet, or the man as if addendum, or Maimonides as definitive are all Men-as deity that create a proclivity for religious xenophobia.

Automatons by faith-based ultimatum dogma create an institutional us-them that’s a part of the religion, the more fundamentally held, the more so. In traditions of demonization as doctrine, the charge may be reduced to involuntary on reduced capacity. It’s automatic; the only issues are targeting and exceptions, not whether.

Not only their metareligion, but their religious dogma creates a religious proclivity for xenophobia that defines their role of the soul rooted in must and ought employed to pass judgment for yetzer hara. Along with conflating a created thing to be looked to rather than henotheistically through, it’s a conflation to Man-as deity in a must bow to this graven man-made thing enforced by men who make themselves deities not only over life and death on this earth, but in the World to Come.

Racial Xenophobia

Initially, different races were indentures, but sturdiness by passage combined with the easily accessible tag of race created the motive to weaponize racism, as affirmed by a notable American Republican Jew, has been the enabling Booker T. Washington take what obsequious opportunity you can get entertainment focus of the Negro masses.

The old-South was founded in the lie of Racism, and so is America. America’s culture of say-whatever is called marketing for do-whatever, revered from the Inception of Accommodation of the One-drop lie. No one is criticizing capitalism; as the old-South vehemently defends freedom of corporations to lie with Men-as deities’ infallible impunity.

Revolves Around Racism

Religion in the old-South revolves around Racism evolved as xenophobia du jour. Identity maintains main-stream anti-Semitic and racist Southern Baptist views, (only begrudgingly renounced yesterday — 1995 for political accommodation but still held in code-words as their votes are solicited), heathen Jews grouped with non-white lesser, our temporary heter only until we blow ourselves up on behalf of their Greek myth.

The Honorable Jefferson Davis rejected the significant number of Negroes willing to fight to preserve slavery for their personal freedom as undermining its premise. The liberation theology so viciously attacked by the old-South as racist was the apostasy to challenge providential freedoms of dominion of white men-as deities.

Dominion Theology

Everything was righteous by Dominion Theology, and if thought not, has been properly washed by bastions of xenophobia blurring lines by voting for Negroes who fight for Dixie. Nothing ongoing is relevant, buried history impolite to remind while clearly the heart of Dixie strives.

Old-South Republicans turn the clock back at every opportunity while reaching out for the Confederate Negroes rejected by the Honorable Jefferson Davis whose role of the soul is to fight for Dixie. The new and improved old-South tries to expand their Big Tent of Hate with Birds of a Feather flocking to Hate, as territories were more the issue then. Expansion is always the issue.

Buy Their Freedom

That some can buy their freedom, doesn’t free the others; as an inarticulate Geechee that was but three-fifths a soul by the old-South when he was confirmed to the Supreme Court has an agreeable sense of Federalist Dixie-redemption Justice, the constitutional inception of accommodation of slavery cum inequality that he and other Negroes fighting for the Confederacy faithfully uphold.

Predecessor Negro preachers in the old-South were Putting Food on the Table by teaching their flock that white dominion was their providential lot, some still singing about Exodus undercover until they openly split from Southern Baptists that taught providential dominion over Negroes, white man’s burden.

Except in Name

Southern churches remain two different religions except in name. Negroes pray for deliverance from the Egypt of racism and the other praying to be deities of dominion justified by xenophobia du Jour. After emancipation, Negroes, liberated by the sacrifices of white people and – the great white father Abraham Lincoln, through reconstruction, were looking to a new day, open and believing.

White old-South not so bad strange fruit persecution drove emigration to encounter the same, removing the North-South divide, now drawn starkly in the today’s duopoly of power for the War within the States that’s expanded in a phoenix of Hate. Religious principle was the driver of some abolitionists, not rejection of Racism or regard for life in the modern pretense of pro-life case.


The presumption of unjust resentment of slavery to their white Man-as deity, the issue more for the one than the other, dismisses the hundred years of not so bad strange fruit, good ole boy discrimination, for projection of  the target as fixed in resentments for ancient injuries as the same processes continue unrepentant, only evolved in Atwater code-words.

Prisons are the canary in the National bottom of the Maslow’s Pyramid survivalist cultural mine of America as an endemic environment. A simplification of us-them, race separation as inherently preferable was integral to the South’s Jim Crow argument.


Al Qaeda attacked on 911, but old-South reduced capacity makes Islamophobia the only response within their automatomic capability, as Islamic Radicals automatomically collectivize the West as the old-South. Not all Muslims are Wahhabi, and not all Orthodox Jews believe that the killing of innocent gentiles isn’t Murder. Collectivizing heterogeneous populations is existentially unjust. Muslims who make being a Muslim a necessity for eligibility for yetzer tov justifies Islamophobia, as my assertions about the inherent Idolatry of the addendum could be employed to institute men-as deities by cherry-picking and interpretation.


Palestinian nationalistic Islam anti-Semitic Hate of Israel could be a religion called Nakba. As we embrace Islamophobia in an old-South dance of militarism, we move away from the coming World to Come of good souls in yetzer tov, to become the monsters of our nightmares. Muslims have a deep-seated and unjust resentment of the realities within Israel with a re-entrant antisemitism of justifications.

How happy I am to finally be accepted to embrace the Man-as Xenophobic lies that darkies cum Arabs / Muslims are less than human for an old-South Exclusive Jewish state. Now, Arabs can’t be employed or afforded means of survival, a Justice without Mercy or Compassion justified by Ethno/Islamophobia, in The Name. Then, it’s addendum enthusiasts pumping both sides against each other.

Saying that the killing of innocent gentiles can’t rise to Murder reciprocates in modernity cherry-picked us-them that is beside the no fault issue of who’s hate was first, builds rather than stops the hate.

Hate begets Hate

Targets vary, but demonization as justification as policy persists and is transmitted as a learned behavior to anyone that contacts the contagion: Bitten by the walking deadly automaton. The Xenophobe’s Hate is projected as an attribute of the demonized, along with all the subconscious evils of the deity they have assumed themselves to be.

The demonized learns to hate the demonizer by the same specious basis, so that xenophobia is a chronic relapsing communicable disease in an uninhibited loop, spreading itself as water on the world. The culture of Hate has dragged the whole nation down into Hate fear fear Hate by degrees with code-word old-Southern Strategy Atwater election after another.

The Revolution Is Being Televised

Making a thing as an absolute, whether that be race ethnicity religion wealth beauty height weight, whatever thing, so that having or lacking is a be-all end-all determinate, is an Idolatry of that thing. Racists seize on that to either justify the supremacy or lesser status by that quality.

Voices have called for acceptance of egalitarian yetzer tov, while others instinctively look for evolving justifications of the Pecking Order for yetzer hara toward them by conventional wisdom. President Obama was awarded the Nobel Peace prize as proxy for America in acknowledgement of a win for egalitarianism, in recognition of man-as deity Authoritarianism as the root of war.


The history of Crusading evolved to representing the interests of inveterate misanthropic corporatists substantiates this perception. The world sees the American War within the States as a reality show of the contest of the wills of Authoritarianism and egalitarianism, that unlike bad plastic surgery on TV, will affect them.

The reason America is the beacon on the hill for the rest of the world is that people have been able to extend societal yetzer tov to ‘them’ out of I-Thou. As the mixing pot of the world, conceptualizations of the equality of all of humanity in yetzer tov as the progression from Magna Carta a relatively modern concept, is based in our tradition of standing for Justice.

Us-Them in All

While there’s us-them in all religions, there are good souls in every people by our tradition. I’m not a Muslim or addendum adherent believing all who refuse their dogma are damned eternally, but that good souls from all peoples who interpret their religion in yetzer tov to look through to HaShem will receive their portion in the World to Come, without being us.

That self-righteous Xenophobes pre-dominate in the desert wilderness doesn’t mean that’s true of them all. Treating them as a monolith is existentially unjust. Rationalizing that they’re collectively obstinate or inconsiderate to justify a way of being that stands to damage the innocent with the guilty is a denial of reward of good and retribution of evil that permeates the core of my being as a thread of His light.


Holding any specious collectivization, as would be the assertion that all Republicans are xenophobes, is xenophobia, hence the old-South differentiation. The more we lump people together in sets, the less we accept their human individual, yes egalitarian right to yetzer tov. His right. His Justice.

The real South has evolved with the pursuit and immigration of literacy and educational accomplishment. of by good souls of yetzer haTov while the old-South rises as a Phoenix from ashes as the role of the soul of the Republican Federalist Party. Before, in country western country, I knew: Gas up before you hit the racist nations, drive through carefully, and hold it with a jar until you get to civilization.


Now, ambivalently the sound of Hate; the country western channel has humanized them. Justice is keeping an open mind; rejecting Man-as dogma of automatically judging for thumbs in for no mercy.

As much as I say that people don’t, I compassionately settle on knowing People Can Change from within, by their soul. A primary aim of religions is to conserve conventional wisdom across generations, consistent with the increased likelihood of the religious to be xenophobic within and without.

Islamophobia is Kissing Cousin of Antisemitism

The following is probative of the repugnance of Islamophobia as kissing-cousin of anti-Semitism:

  The survey, conducted by the Public Religion Research Institute and published April 3, asked Jewish respondents to rate the favorability of several religious groups. Mormons received a 47% favorability rating, Muslims 41.4%; the group described as “Christian Right” was viewed in favorable terms by only 20.9% of Jewish Americans.

And, ostensibly, by old-South One-drop of Islam, all Muslims are my sworn mortal enemy.

It’s the same hog-call for homophobes misogynists and Islamophobes as anti-Semites. I should think you’re a good friend because you invoke One-drop of Islam xenophobia on somebody else? It’s an issue of character. Until the practice ends, toward whomsoever, nothing has changed, nothing is forgiven.

Yesterday us, today them, tomorrow whomever for the ‘can’t be trusted‘ Atwater proved to The Blues Legend, regardless of his parietal struggles to find rhythm without a soul of compassion for suffeirng other that his own, without humanity. While my single-issue is hating Hate, neither he nor I has anywhere else to go. For an effective monopoly. Until His World to Come, we’re all single-issue voters, compelled to choose a side in the War Between the States within the States. A shame to say, I still vote for Republicans sometimes, now against spineless while pandering Aflred E. Neuman Democrats running around in pickups wearing plaid shirts touting how Conservative they are, voting for Stand Your Ground old-South vigilante extensions of a pre-existing right of self-defense.

Every day all day, the old-South within and without markets that the Obama administration isn’t supportive of Israel. Militaristic single-issue Neo-cons who’ve assimilated and accommodated the old-South proclivity for xenophobia as good for ‘us’ since we’re in the house now and excepted and chaperoned at Denny’s, are to compartmentalize field history and reality as irrelevant, but I will continue to vote against Hate: Survey: 62% of U.S. Jews would reelect Obama, 4% say Israel is most important issue. That ‘Israel’ he doesn’t support by saying the accursed ‘Two-State word, has become a Code-word for Arabs in Judea and Samaria in the chilling seat of African old-South One-drop not so bad strange fruit man-dog treatments. For old-South Holding Dominion.

The World to Come

In the World to Come, we’ll expand the us to inclusiveness of good souls of yetzer tov among all peoples. Some will be freed from the Egypt of xenophobia as others uphold as it was Proclivities for xenophobia in their desert wilderness soul.


Is turn-about fair play when it departs from our understanding that all souls standing in yetzer tov of the waters of the earth’s peoples will receive their portion in the World to Come? That His merciful door of returning to looking only to HaShem isn’t eternally open? Until any given next moment.

Do we stand to lose the role of the Soul we accepted as we were freed from the Egypt of Hate of HaShem that is looking to things, beholding them before. By reflection of Islamic Man-as thing that judges all of ‘them’ as an absolute being fair play, do we assimilate to man-as deity to abandon our yetzer tov for all humanity? That is not us. Not our way.

Forget Awe of HaShem in Hate?

I’d much prefer it truthfully said that I just want them to move so I can have my land back and some Peace while leaving The Name out of it. But, this solution is neither in their interest or ours, nor His as insularity promotes and harbors lies, are incubators of hate that can only be countered with I-Thou to Unify.