To Bless the Education of Child and Country, Bless the Parents

Extreme Poverty DoubledExtreme poverty has doubled within America over the past fifteen years as the educational system tracks in failure. America’s infant mortality rates and educational statistics are at the bottom of the developed world. That, an averaging of the First world and Third world within the same country. All of these correspond with the rise of Antipathy as Virtue with the War Between the States within the States, such that the educational system is a national security emergency.

To address the educational failures, the old-South misanthropic societal systems that are driving humanity onto Spartan Stones of militarism to Hold Dominion while sqeezing the life out of the middle class and the American dream, need treatment. A rationale from Confederate Negroes for going into the Drooler’s Coliseum Big Tent of Race-Hate evolved is to save their few. When the issue of the educational system is of national proportions, and the conditions that have created a thorougly dumbed-down nation of attention-deficit immediate-gratification culture that has adopted a disregard and Antipathy for Education are the issue.

Necessary Individual and Cultural Value of Education

Given that I was struggling to try to teach myself how to read while still a toddler squatting under The Great Oak dinner table with my magic carpet in a book, I’m grateful that I was born into a culture that valued education. I’m still the same one looking out, hungry to learn something of the world outside in every moment possible. I don’t believe in Eugenics but environments and Mentors. As a child, teachers as Mr. Parker criticized my advantage of having school-teacher parents. And there’s truth there in being tutored during the summer while others were playing. My personal drive is as old as I, but the expectation of becoming educated, that being educated has intrinsic value of its own, without an explicti quid pro quo contrast sharply with Momma’s daughter who was at the same tutoring sessions and consummed by who was getting the most attention so that it was an incident if I asked a question.

To then decline to instill an expectation and value of education in her son, perhaps in protest of my learning addiction. Through time, I’d try to give him computers and various other things that nerds like me would ‘die for’ and he’d trade it for a game or ball. While he was in high school, I’d pass through and give him a talking-to and his grades would go from Ds and Fs to As and Bs until some pernicious influence would return him to the idea that doing homework was an imposition on his creative spirit, an attack on his individuality, a persecution when other students were expected to do it too, or something or another. What ever. Pushing basketball and Antipathy for Education. From a family of most having at least a college education, her concern was that he decline a basketball scholarship, not go to college to stay in town and ‘keep company‘ so she wouldn’t be lonely. Apathy for his future prospects. Were it not for his estranged father making arrangements with friends, he wouldn’t have a college degree.

With my advantages, there were other students, as Paul Hamilton from less advantaged circumstances who could certainly hold his own with any of us born into the bourgeois. I could sense his faith in education. My made up from Nothing is that faith in education is distinct from interest. And that parents peers cultures and environments reinforce faith in education, that lifts all within. So that the disinterested dullard in those climes attains more than the sharp mind subjected to pernicious negatives. That explains why entire societies and cultures are shaming the United States despite a few shooting stars groomed as Deserving. The issue is societal more so than educationally systemic. A lot of my energy as a child was spent resisting condemnations of my being intellectual. The full butch before we’d heard of homosexual was a school-girl in the backwards desert wilderness who walked exactly like John Wayne. We were both oddities in our respective ways. I was most impressed to discover how disparate the desert wilderness Public School system was from others.

Focus: Clarity of Mind Enables Educational Excellence

Michelle Obama from getty images

Michelle Obama
from getty images

The most difficult thing I can remember about medical school is concentrating to study with an eviction notice on the door. Momma wouldn’t fill out the disclosure forms for me to get financial aid much less send money as those might be grounds for interest in their little money. The people that flunked out of medical school were distracted. Family. Relationships. Finances. Jobs when there was no time for that. Different from the novel and coherent thought at Amherst College, medical school is assimilating a massive amount of material. Volume. Remembering. Associations helped, but the bottom line is that you needed to put the time in with concentration.

Assuming that the student is motivated, and learning is a most excellent and wonderful thing, most if able wholeheartedly embrace, for those the Paul Hamilton poverty that I experienced while in medical school becomes a mounting distraction from being able to focus. That the debased old-South wants to kill school lunch and food stamp programs is prima facie proof that they have nothing whatsover to say about education of the country or children other than their own selfish interest. Their abject rejection of compassion for any suffering other than their own extends as a Midas touch of Antipathy wherever they infect. Food and housing, survival insecurity, will weight on anyone’s mind. Given enough cause to worry, the mind has a serious challenge thinking about anything else.

The same extends to parents. Familiy instability is a societal issue, not only of the Romantic premise that isn’t grounded in Awe of HaShem, but also in the financial instabilities buffeting families so that divorce rates are directly proportional to financial instability. The same will apply to parents. Even if uneducated themselves, it’s important to focus with the clarity of mind to enable their children to have educational excellence. By expectation encouragement and faith in education if unable to tutor and Mentor educationally. Momma’s daughter represents the attitude toward education Michelle Obama decries, that’s a terminal deficiency of all three, directly inherited from the old-South that views science as ‘the devil.’ Education as a road to heresy, and most importantly, of no intrisic value and unworthy of faith.

Antipathy for Education

The most detrimental educational cultural dynamic in the Unites States is devaluation of education. On the lie plantation, the point is made by promotion and authority is that ‘all that education is nothing.’ The trainings and tests are composed by semiliterates such that more confusion arises than clarity. The overseers and up are routinely uneducated and semiliterate and qualified by enthusiasm and expressions of fealty to the pecking order. Once upon a time, the ability to think logically and associate accurate facts with coherence had value. Now, the point is being made that those who have degrees wasted their time, and are humliation fodder. So that an ebonics-literate J. C. Watts is preferable to a John Kerry with a though process. The situation is rife with illogical conflicting rules to be adjudicated by the most simple-minded social promotions that make the dyslexic Bush appear to be normal.

Discussing the problem with the educational system in America without making this direct connection with old-South ‘as it was and should be’ conventional wisdom that’s a willingness to hurt the whole while Atwater ‘hurting them more.’ Well known is that there’s Antipathy in the old-South for education for lesser subjects to the making of laws outlawing teaching Negroes how to read. Those laws discredited, the policy carries forward in practice in the diffuse context of commoner public education, and suppression of scholarship in higher education by threatening tenure of those who deviate from group-‘think tank’ approved talking points.

Parents and Teachers

To elevate the educational standards of children, the wellness of the parents, the genuine core of the issue, will need to be elevated to facilitate student’s ability to focus with faith in delayed gratification.

Until then, the American system will continue to be behind, sinking in the morass of Atwater’s hurt them more.

As parents and families are ground over three decades of Antipathy on Spartan Stones by Maestrini’s Law, the environments conducive to educational focus are disappearing habitats, with the infant mortality rate and rise in poverty rates in reflection.

Crisis of Care

With the crisis of care engendered by the rise of any care for people as Communism, the educational system is suffering on those same Spartan Stones. All the discussions about education fail to take this fundamental issue into account, as doctors are trained to read the test without getting involved in the total life picture of the patient. Intoning, don’t smoke and eat the right things and exercise to people who live in food desert war zones worried about which bill can be put off under Maestrini’s Law.

Teachers to Remedy the Ills of Society

No Child Lett Behind became an assault on underpaid teachers as if responsible for the ills of a society of parents having to work two or three jobs to drown more slowly.

America doesn’t want to pay Public Education teachers commensurate with the importance of their charge but wants to beat them into curing the ills of society. Negroes and Nuevo-Negroes – poor people, get Public

Inner city public schools have been reduced to Crusts of Bread and Such in moldy trailers that are hot in the summer and cold in the winter, underpaid teachers buying teaching materials. With out of date hand-me-down textbooks without access to the facilities assumed as available in modern education. With no one to sit at the kitchen table, Mentor and encourage student’s work with both parents working, and many parents illiterate themselves. After-school and lunch programs are more entitlements to cut, No Child Left Behind underfunded.

Resources of Parents and Environment

Resources of parents necessarily impact students and teachers. The wealthy don’t send their children to public schools, another right under attack by the old-South. A right they’ve always fought.

In the desert wilderness, there’s a High School so rich they don’t know what to do with the money, facilities to rival many colleges, but the idea of sharing any with poorer schools is nothing but Communism.

This me-me old-South mentality, that the rich are to get richer while enjoying their Calvinist good fortune is why there’s such a disparity in resources of schools.

More important that facilities and money, the primary role of parents is to inculcate a value for education. At the bottom of the Maslow’s pyramid of survival, there’s no resource for this endeavor to embrace self-actualization.

Peer culture is an every-growing factor in the psychological environment in which students and teachers operate, peers have famously assumed a parental role for some, while parents that can’t make ends meet lose authority, devolving to a peer relationship. Small class size necessary to compensate.


Corporal punishment in schools is historical, but the combination of the necessity to accommodate disruptive students is a serious issue that undermines some schools.

The assumption that everyone is entitled to an education is resulting in Delinquents that belong in boot camp being foisted upon other students and teachers, by law, so that the school becomes a juvenile-sitting activity.


The class is sacrificed for the possibility that these will come around. A function of the truancy system is to keep them off the street, preventing crime and the inevitable slide into the Criminal Injustice System.

They need to be as aggressively quarantined from the educational environment so that the culture of the situation is education. It takes pre-existing resources to take advantage of vouchers. This, a primary driver for the legitimate need for them. Willingness to put the onus on the many to emigrate to keep hope alive for the disruptive few is as unfair to the barrel as an unwillingness to take the bad apple out, that will spoil the lot. As noble an urge as that may be for that bad apple that will grow out of it.

Peer Value of Education

As Parental inculcation of value of education is critical, peer value of education is important. The differences in approach to gaining equality of Booker T. Washington and W.E.B. Dubois extends to the culture at large.

For the first hand of Booker T. Washington winning the day, utility in cooperative good ole boy get-along faith in carrying men-as deities’ bags cum join the sports team learn to shuffle or sing — technical education is what really gets you paid, and the other rooted in intellectual capability, academics — go to college, get the highest degree you can, become a professional. The athletically challenged inner city talented tenth of W.E.B. Dubois intelligentsia pursuing a get rich or die trying career starting out in sales on the corner.


The former eschews book learning that parallels the anti-intellectualism of Pol Pot that has had a cultural ascendancy with the Phoenix of the decerebrate old-South, that’s resulted in deification of the entertainment industry as opportunity, for nearer thy money deity to thee within cultures of illiteracy, legitimated by the culture being engrossed in life as entertainment, delivering and receiving.

Once upon a time, people had faith in the value of education, was the Civil Rights movement before boycotts marches and sit-ins. From the fresh memory of prohibition on education as only for the privileged, the aspirations of the masses were to be realized by gaining the best and highest education possible.

Hip To Be Square

When I was growing up, I was awkward for being ‘brainy,’ a curiosity, muscles in my head. The dominant culture valued superficialities, with entertainment as the holy grail of potential, then. Youth are frequently Under the Influence of peers, and talking proper, using big words, and correct grammar and syntax were discouraged as well as thinking as taking on ‘airs,’ even by teachers.

Later, I was glad that I grew up square. In some cultures, Faith in education, if it ever existed, has lost the battle of Hearts and Minds. The differential in accomplishment had reflected a differential in education, but the empirical failures of education to result in equality have substantiated a lack of that Faith.

Societal Rejection of the Value of Education

The Booker T. Washington acceptance of inequality ethos teaches, as Negro preachers, accept your lot and be happy with what Crusts of Bread and Such you can get. As is true in the recent Syrian case, doing the right things, doesn’t result in equality on the pecking order. A dimension of the frustration of recent college graduates may be, as with the Negro case, that hard-earned education hasn’t resulted in the doors being opened as promised. While more underwater for educational expense than the real estate market.

American culture has taught that education isn’t what matters. People wonder how a person who’s dyslexic as a complement can be elected to the presidency fail to appreciate that the old-South that’s become the dominate legitimate culture since Ronald Reagan, doesn’t value the ability to be able to string together a coherent sentence. Intellectuals are sinister — believe in evolution. Reject the tooth fairy. Arrogant. Snobs. Attempting to avoid ending sentences with a preposition is being uppity, talking proper. He’s a good ole boy, fights for Dixie, so he’s better than the one who’s intelligent, reads and writes well. Down home dominion values.

A pretty airhead trumps a constitutional law professor, better qualified without the intelligence of a sand-fly on paper for having the right values. In the old-South, ignorance as Xenophobia itself is a Virtue.

As one told me when I mentioned that I loved my personal library; The only book I need to read is the addendum. Thinking is seen as an evil departure from rote faith in the old-South, that spans races, this one an Negro.

Not only in Negro culture, but in the old-South culture at large, there’s been a diminution of the value of the ability to think. At Amherst College, the charge is to learn how to arrive at a new coherent thought with any given resource of facts openly available. And in others, as the desert wilderness, regurgitation as Mary had a little lamb, or memorized Bible verses is as far as education can go. Thinking is discouraged as a failure of Faith. Questioning. Demonic.

Loyalty Is All That Matters

Education itself not far behind. Not education or the ability to think, but loyalty, as any nepotism and cronyism is all that matters for cousin dumb-as-a-post who’s qualified by association rather than ability to think or education.

Godfather Commoditization of labor has ushered in the return of disrespect for workers as the disposable on the plantation standard in support of willingness to support say-do-whatever, as quality.

H1Bs the solution to American Ethical education that ensures no snitching by holding the VISA.

Science is still as suspect as grounds for excommunication and condemnation as it was in the times of Copernicus.

Bork was replaced by a Geechee unable to articulate the King’s English, much less the law, as the ultimate cynicism that proves that education doesn’t matter as long as a loyal soldier of the Confederacy; the epitome of affirmative action to fight against affirmative action.

Affirmative Action

clarence_thomasGoes both ways. Everyone needs a Mentor, and every protegé needs to be coachable. In that respect, attitude is a primary factor. The premise of affirmation is rewarding good, effort – doing the right things, having a frame of mind open to Mentorship. In that regard, the primary disadvantage of people from some parent and peer cultures is the underlying learned attitude that makes coaching difficult.

Life is a team sport. The Lone Ranger may be eminently talented, but without being able to fit into the team, a less talented prospect may be a better investment. Certainly, the Geechee is well-qualified to be on the Supreme Court by now, knows the law and has learned grammar. The primary argument isn’t over whether people get affirmative action, but whether it’s ‘at will,’ or imposed.

Premier higher educational institutions were doing affirmative action long before this became a legal issue, when the Agricultural and Mechanical had courses on how to change a tractor tire and use the Farmer’s Almanac.

Old-South institutions had to be dragged kicking and screaming, as integration wouldn’t have happened in the old-South without federal intervention. The slaves wouldn’t have been freed. Negroes, as in the ‘at will’ desert wilderness today, would still be expected to wait for white folks to finish their business, or have their opportunity for accomplishment, first. Still statistically at the end of the trickle-down stream.

Cousin will get the job and the opportunity, as the Geechee avatar of affirmative action, not for educational or intellectual accomplishment, but as the dyslexic Bush and the pretty airhead for talking point proficiency. American culture, with decades of beating down intellectualism and the dreaded ability to think as Communist has learned that education doesn’t matter.

Maximum Drivel

Affirmative action based simplistically on race has damaged the egalitarian progressive cause because it’s existentially unjust. While being white and male is still valued over intelligence or education on the at will plantation, the idea that someone with two well-educated parents with money needs some sort of additional consideration for their race is absurd. Anyone from poverty, with all that entails, is disadvantaged while the drivers of the need for minority affirmative action remain.

More important than the argument about the constitutionality of affirmative action, the failure of American culture to affirmatively act to create the value of education, that rooted in a reality of opportunity out of education, that isn’t supported by the potential for advancement decreasing daily as poverty rises.

The country has gone into the educational gutter because of the rise of the Virtue of inequality in the culture at large. The old-South rails against affirmative action while electing cousin dumb-as-a-post, voting for a fatuous airhead nominated by someone senile enough to be motivated to abandon his former honor in pursuit of their acceptance. The vultures of society are the heroes of Reality TV along with the say-do-whatever venal to stay on the show of bad plastic surgery in Maximum Drivel.

Higher Education

The threat to the old-South Dixie way of life was that learning to read would render Negroes dissatisfied with their lesser status of being under dominion. In evolution, the crux of the issue of higher education is the value to the society of people having both knowledge and the ability to think.

Now college professors are to join the list of the chilled under the thumb of men-as deities as their livelihoods are threatened. The inner city hears a campaign for snitching from people who attack tenure as the last voice of credibility yet to be silenced. To remove higher education as involving logical consistency and accuracy of facts with the ability to think, to keep voters too Dumb-as-a-post to contest conventional wisdom talking-points in pheromonal Code-wordsBlack Rednecks as ‘scholarship.’

Lie with Alacrity As The Job

The plantation only teaches how to lie with alacrity as the job, and how to end sentences with prepositions. Unless mendacity and ignorance are educational goals, they’ve nothing to teach because their faith in men-as deities defines the limits of their world, that they stand should be the limits of everyone else’s. Men-as deities rely on marketing automatomic decerebrate Loyalists to maintain their hegemony of inveterate misanthropic corporatist power money might. As in the inner city, people working for corporations have better sense than to snitch in their own environs, live there. Non-disclosure agreements are to obscure fraud, not intellectual property being openly gifted to China for access. College graduates can’t find jobs because the job in America today has become the ability to lie on the plantation, a skill not taught in schools, save Marketing. Ethics anathema to the Plantation, the justified fear of corporatists is that they’d hire a whistle-blower, a snitch. As Ba’athists, it’s safer to hire a Cousin.

Argument Is Whether Corporatists Can Lie with Impunity

Previously honorable professions have become mired in the necessity to lie for a living in go-along to get-along to Put Food on the Table. The current political argument over Capitalism is over whether corporatists can return to lying with complete impunity, the Ayn Rand Greenspan no-regulation return to pre-Great Depression unfettered predation. With the rise of the old-South Phoenix of inequality as Virtue, America has been demoralized, both figuratively and literally. Reflected in a crushing increase in poverty. The dynamics of which have more import to the devolution of the educational system than any other factor.

The American dream is rooted in egalitarianism. Faith in education is rooted in egalitarianism of opportunity — tied to education. With the godfather’s commoditization of labor, with non-plantation skills to be supplied by supplicant and dependent H-1Bs, faith in education as the solution of societal advancement has given way to the reality that the ability to run, jump shoot shuffle and step to entertain if unable to sing is the ticket to real success for the commoner, the lottery unlikely.

Old-South Discredited

The salvation of the American educational system depends upon the old-South drive for inequality and crushing people on Spartan Stones by Maestrini’s Law to ‘hurt them more‘ being discredited, that there is value to education including learning how to think. They pretend that colleges are indoctrinating when the problem, as with their opposition to Negroes learning how to read, is that they’re being exposed to more than one book and develop a thought process that may depart from old-South conventional wisdom learned by rote as Mary had the Little Lamb. To be Eaten by the Big Bad Wolf.

The old-South attack on the egalitarian dream rooted in higher education to quell dissent reflects loyalist Authoritarian Men-as deities’ pecking order looking to Corporatists’ deific infallibly of lies that can’t be covered by non-disclosure agreements or go-along to get-along Putting Food on the Table. Telling higher education that lives here not to snitch while exporting their money to Switzerland and the Caymans with loyalties that don’t live in the America of the global plantation.

Faith in Egalitarianism is Faith in Education

Many American graduates don’t have a power money might silver spoon to compensate, aren’t pretty fatuous airheads. The old-South Atwater ‘niggerniggernigger’ misanthropy to hurt them more undermines Faith in egalitarianism that is the foundation of Faith in education. By promoting inequality and the right to lie as more important than education, denizens of the old-South will need affirmative action in the World to Come. With their history of Antipathy as Virtue, their applications may encounter difficulties as incredible.

They Can’t Bless the Child

Egalitarianism is associated with being educated because the progressive march of history we led, rooted in The Divine Torah and the mitzvah of learning is contrary to reigns of monarchies, Idolatries.

Money can’t buy love, but a good living income will improve Parent wellness to improve family wellness to improve student-teacher wellness to improve educational wellness.

Unless America addresses the fundamental primacy of this progression, the educational system will continue to fail along with all the other systems within the society that reflect a lack of well-being in the Third World within America, the second shrinking daily.

G-d Bless the Child, They Can’t

The old-South stand that a good attitude is critical is an important truth. Were it not for the misanthropy grinding the middle class into oblivion, arguably the most important. However, the no-care for adults pedi-centric orientation of the educational system that dismisses the moral underpinnings of the culture at large is the issue. Educational inequality is rooted in a lack of Faith. In education, in America, in the future.

Parents and the peer culture of students and the society at large will have to return to the ethos of Faith in egalitarianism for Faith in education for its own sake, the ability to think as Virtue. With open to coaching minds and hearts that’s more important than any other affirmative action, within each student.