The War Within the States: Fight to Hold Dominion by No Rights

sunken-road-antietamThe War Between the States is resurrected as a War Within the States to Hold Dominion as the old-South Republican Party soul of Dixie rises again in a decades long mean season brought by xenophobes — the War Between the States within the States. Continuing the perpetual war ‘by other means’ ongoing struggle against Labor Human Civil Rights, or any other Rights for that matter, That’s progressively escalated since the godfather of antipathy’s freedom of association States’ Rights to murder in pursuit of dominion message of Antipathy as Virtue in Neshoba County. Who said Waffen SS murdering Jews were victims too. Confederates in the War Between the States who were ‘honorably loyal‘ to their state were actually fighting for slavery, just as Nazis did choose from the same murderous hearts.

Phoenix of Not Forgotten Holding Dominion Way of Life

Clement Vallandigham, coined the slogan: “To maintain the Constitution as it is, and to restore the Union as it was.” is now the Republican Party of old-South Redemption of not only ‘as it was,’ but as it ‘should have been’ with Federalist no Bill of Rights and no Amendments. They’re still in recovery of their freedoms to excert power money might unchecked for dominion. Most that fought for the Confederacy didn’t own slaves. It’s the principle. Of Holding  Dominion.

Clement Vallandigham

Clement Vallandigham

Fight for slavery they did. Their value was to vicariously participate in the freedom of being deities over darkies. Racism integral to Southern culture survived that war. Southern Democrats defected for One-drop racism in evolution. The Birth of a Nation propaganda that gave legitimacy to the hundred years of old-South Redemption lives on in not so bad strange fruit old-South Republicans by a proclivity for xenophobia du Jour repackaged and marketed as ‘values.’. Eugenically subhumans justified: African slaves as property by One-drop rule. Dred Scott. Now, it’s One-drop of compassion for All suffering.

The old-South version of liberty is a pure negative, of diminution of rights to an ideal of none, of the many sublimated to property rights power money might of the few. This thirty-years progressive diminution of the value of humanity didn’t start yesterday, but has been resurrected out of the base of One-drop racism-evolved that powers Dixie to return an Egypt of Holding Dominion as the national religion of the United States, that had been the religion of the Confederacy of the War Bewteen the States. By results, these Confederates are winning by a huge inequailty gap, an objective measure of Holding Dominion is Income Inequality.

The results may cause us to rethink America’s place as a global economic superpower. According to GlobalPost’s report, the gap between rich and poor in the U.S. rivals that of developing nations, ranking America as a whole toward the bottom of the income inequality barrel. Among developed nations, only Chile, Mexico, and Turkey have higher income inequality than the U.S. 

The Great Divide: Global Income Inequality and Its Cost, that’s America’s leadership on the War Within the States to Hold Dominion Within the World for Global Income Inequality. Being lesser of whatever race or justification available — Total War. Slaves escaped; serfs and subjects to be recaptured.

Loyalist Soldiers of the Fight for Holding Dominion

Roger Taney Now 'Federalist' Hero for  Upholding Slavery

Roger Taney
Now ‘Federalist’ Hero for
Upholding Slavery

They’re Loyalists of a confederated monarchy of corporatists, standing for principles. Their belief in autocracy now euphemistically called Conservatism when they’re Resurrectionists, old-South Redemptionists. The Fourteenth Amendment of the American constitution ending slavery had to be passed during the temporary disenfranchisement of the South after the War Between the States. Now, as old-South Authoritarians have mixed nationally, all have freely Chosen their role of the soul.

They pretend that the Bill of Rights was never passed, as it ‘should not have been,’ beating the Federalism pan that disagreed with the creation of the Bill of Rights, retrying that case in perpetuity. Were it not for precedent, their ambitions wouldn’t be confined to removing all progress since the turn of the century. As credit card debt can’t be discharged, at least get indentured servitude formalized to nationalized with a more ‘durable‘ form of ‘at-will’ plantations to rival the Criminal Injustice System.

They also don’t accept any amendments except the Second, and particularly that one imposed by unjust Yankee aggression, as Civil Rights. As they termed Martin Luther King Jr. a Communist, they’re still fighting the good fight against Rights. Their attraction to States’ Rights is to be able to take Chaney Schwerner and Goodwin for a ride with impunity. Yearning to get back to the way it should have been that ‘they’ don’t have rights. To hold dominion from shear power money might.

Today, these same Confederates of the War Within the States to Hold Dominion in modernity attack relentlessly in pursuit of liberty as maximum Holding Dominion. Their Republican as resurrected Federalist Party goal is to return a monarchy of corporatists that will show favor to a pecking order of Loyalists. Th godfather of antipathy’s efreedom of discrimination and commoditization of labor has been carried to a distant extreme of dismissing the idea that Americans be able to afford products. The cold war against Communism continues as a Machiavellian Ayn Rand struggle against any compassion for suffering other than their own.

Federalist Authors of No Rights as the Ideal

Federalist Authors of
No Rights as the Ideal

Out of their disregard for humanity, this War Within the States to Hold Dominion has driven the statistics of America into the ground by global standards. They’re proud of the consumerless economy of skyrocketing functional poverty that allows them to fear-monger and demonize of compassion as a threat to the congenitally dim-witted soldiers for Dixie Holding Dominion of who are fighting for slavery cum Holding Dominion in evolution, killing their own futures. Everybody knows trickle-down voodoo doesn’t work, but that isn’t the point of the survival-of-the-fittest voluntary manslaughter of ‘Them‘ and ‘misadventures‘ kiling their own futures in their men-as deities religion. The pre-ordained weak and undeserving are to be the new serfs with no Labor Rights, no Education, no Future, no Healthcare, No Mercy, and bad water. Locusts.

These Confederates of the War Within the States to Hold Dominion’s complaint against liberation theology is hate us because we hold dominion that’s actually better for everyone (they’re not fully human) involved. White man’s burden with a motley crew of opportunistic buffoons and compatriot self-concerned Confederate Negro Hispanic Asians at the Texas Ranger’s fellowship of networking chuck wagon.

Kenneth Lay A Face of say-do-whatever

Kenneth Lay
A Face of say-do-whatever

The War Within the States for Say-Do-Whatever

They won’t say aloud that putting melamine into product to misrepresent protein content is ‘showing initiative,’ but their religious necessity for corporatists to be able to impunity to ‘at-will’ lie and then dismiss it as an impersonal ‘do not recall’ snafu remedied with a little fine. Or as a worst case scenario a class action that will need a reorganization to discharge liabilities. That’s to be finally mitigated by tort reform. All  by fealty to their Alpha on the pecking order of power money might. Stealing two cartons of cigarettes will get a longer prison term; and certainly not a bullet to the back of the head. Massive Criminal Injustice System that’s feeding prisons as labor camps that’s also ‘too big to fail’ by legalizing pot. Then people feign surprise that Goldman Sach sees their customer as (another set of) suckers.

Roots: Pack Hunters: Alpha and Pecking Order

The beyond philosophical to teleological roots of this timeless struggle is found in pack hunter dynamics. There’s an Alpha leader and a pecking order of subordinates whose fealty is utilitarian to survival. Naturally, these dynamics are operative as humans are ‘socially cooperative.’ Through time, power money might has determined ascendancy as well as motives. As murderers cannot pay a ransom to excuse their crime against humanity by the light of The Divine Torah, the threat to power money might of a system of just laws in an egalitarian application of Justice is interference in the primacy of sheer power money might. By whatever word system, this is the primal struggle of power money might that is referenced time and again in every system of wisdom or theology throughout the history of mankind. The Golden Rule isn’t unique to The Divine Torah, but what is unique is a nation as holy priests that accepted responsibility.

Robert Alan Durst one count of evidence tampering

Robert Alan Durst
one count of evidence tampering

It”s this demi-urge from the immanent Soul that’s looking through this existence to transcendent principles in contrast to looking to material things by having faith in pure and unfettered applications of power — that’s being carried out in this primal struggle. On the presumption that the predatory pack-hunter paradim is original, ‘as it was’ and progress toward transcendence is in a Utopian future, Conservative in doctrine and application acts to conserve the liberty and prerogative of power money might. The liberal (as liberation from Egypt) or progressive view is that the social cooperative should move toward the transcendent ideal of egalitarian justice.

Dominion of Power Money Might

Dominionism (as) the alleged movement of politically active conservative Christians in the United States working toward either a nation governed by Christians or one governed by a conservative Christian understanding of biblical law operates from a presumption that they, as men-as deities have a justifying understanding of the transcendent based upon their materialistic Trinitarian Pauline addendum, and that entitles. Because their underlying religion, to which whatever nominal religion can be applied as paint on a car will express itself as faith in the primacy of sheer power money might. Religion is routinely, as any other thing, fashioned into a tool to aid survival in this existence. So that they cherry-pick have dominion as tool, from their original ‘as it was’ role of the soul before The Divine Torah was given at Sinai.

The invocation of The Holy Name is as using a can-opener, by usurping to open their credibility as an absolute, that makes them into men-as deities, infallible by omniscience. The degree and tenor of the devolution into talking to substantiate legitimacy varies, but when it loops back to faith in power money might in a pecking order, the words don’t matter. That the old-South interprets the Trinitarian Pauline addendum in a materialist way that places them in the Alpha position is consistent with the underlying cosmological philosophy from predatory packs, has nothing to do with ‘thought’ beyond justifications. A protypica example is Roe v Wade being used as a can-opener of self-justification. The old-South has no concern for the deaths on Spartan stones of unfettered militarism that’s sacrosant – power money might – while worlds suffer under progressive deprivation that they ratchet at every opprortunity to hurt Them more and while incapable of blessing the egalitarian educational system because their only concern is for themselves. G-d Bless the Child, they won’t.

David Duke Keeping the Faith

David Duke
Keeping the Faith

Supremacism is the Continuity from Alpha Through the Pecking Order to ‘Them

Supremacism (as) the belief that a particular race, species, ethnic group, religion, gender, sexual orientation, class, belief system or culture is superior to others and entitles those who identify with it to dominate, control or rule those who do not is simply justification rationale that low souls utilize as tools for dominion. There are all kind of ‘Isms,’ but by acceptance and internalization of the rate-limiting premise of a hierachical pecking order as a religious belief – their faith is being placed in this mechanism so that is operates continuously with any interaction, including within. This creates the Duty to Judge that underlies the old-South proclivity for xenophobia, designator Code-words as well as the metareligious belief that whatever is done to ‘Them’ is justified by the principle of hierarchy. That’s why the Nation of Islam and Black Hebrew Israelites are as old-South as the some white supremacist group. That they’re not similarly violent doesn’t change the faith in hierachies from judgmentalism, resting their eyes on ‘race’ basis of the underlying religion in actuality.

Drooler’s Coliseum as Vicarious Participation in Deity

coliseumThe classical view is that blood-thirsty common people were placated by The Coliseum entertained by seeing people hacked and dismembered. Like football or UFC, that does tie to the old-South Coliseum commitment to gladiatorial pursuits of ‘good kids‘ in modernity. More important to perception is that they were intoxicated by the vicarious participation in deity. They got to put their thumb in or out, have an opinion as deity with power over life and death, and when the emperor agreed to their opinion, for that moment they got to feel themselves the deity he was. Old-South xenophobic Loyalists maintain their sense of self worth in an endorphin high, rooted in their religious duty to be men-as deities judging other people. Code-words, simple labels for the simple, their pride in their right to dominion, as vicarious as it may be.

The world is the Drooler’s Coliseum today. They can no more resist the urge to get into a ‘worthy’ war than they could when it was time for the thums to turn. They can’t try to let diplomacy work, or build a coalition, because they might miss that intoxicating napalm in the morning smell of strange fruit. All wars are just. Just as vigilantes are justifiably righteous to shoot first then give reasons, or chase-down off their property to murder (at least what used to be by standards of firearms engagement) because they’re holding dominion over life and death in this world. They may not be at the top of their pecking order, but as long as there’s somebody under them who’s life they can hold in their hand and extinguish, life is good. A facile insight into this lower than beast soul is the practice of eating the flesh off of a living animal that necessitated that Noahide law. Most predators kill their prey before they eat it. Do not enjoy torturing the helpless.

Loyalist Suckers on the Pecking Order

Reagan - McCarthy Heroes of the Fight for Inequality

Reagan – McCarthy
Heroes of the Fight for Holding Dominion

Though caring for everyone in an egalitarian paradigm was only propaganda of the same as these man-as deific Communist despots enrolling suckers, to a ‘some more equal’ pecking order farm. These Confederate War Within the States’ serfs are as allergic to anything that smacks of compassion and mercy as immoral as Justice that can’t be purchased as the open practice in Texas where the campaign contributions for reelection of the judges come from the lawyers that have their case maneuvered into the proper judges’ court for an ‘open mind.’ Any care for humanity has been outlawed since McCarthy, still their hero. But, the yearning for Holding Dominion as a religious value is such that even when it’s not in their interest, they want power money might to be able to buy that ransom for say-do-whatever. On principle.

They’re choking themselves with the demonized they’re too intoxicated by proclivity for xenophobia to realize are the same as them. It’s the principle, the invaluable freedom of being deity in Drooler’s Coliseum, in a fantasy of ‘better than‘ on a pecking order farm down to ‘Them.’ By the agriculture department, maybe they’re right. By the ‘at will’ plantation, maybe they’re right. Education, back to the prohibitions against African slaves being taught to read as undesirable for slaves, now applies to these loyalist serfs who are willfully insipid and ignorant. Belief in myths and fairy tales as justification for judging people lesser can’t afford the perils of thought.

Ayn Rand Andrew Breitbart prophets of compassion for no suffering but your own

Ayn Rand Andrew Breitbart
prophets of compassion for no suffering but your own

Understandably against their religion, the Association of intellectualism to liberalism to egalitarianism to Communism to admitting evolution is as dangerous as denying the Tooth Fairy Santa Claus and the Greek myth. In a Stygian bargain, this Phoenix of the Republican Party is a terminal and interminable alliance with haters, a full Chimera. Fear is all they offer. All they know. To their detriment.

War Within the States Nations Civilizations

This primal struggle in the light of The Divine Torah isn’t about a race, or only states within the United States, between Nations and within Nations. This is not a Clash of Civilzations but Within Civilizations. While there as signifcant doctrinal differences between Sunni and Shiite, the history of ascendancy and pecking order are more the issue. Triumphalism and the Unconditional election of Calvinism are also  base pack hunter striving for ascendancy for do-whatever legitimacy by Perseverance of the saints that confers the exceptionally in a ‘religious’ context is a say-whatever that elevates that entitlement to say-do-whatever to an absolute. While Shia Islam is an idolatry of bloodline, the Saudi Arabian monarchy in a theoretically on that basis with Sunni ‘more pure’ meritorious ascendancy at historical root, both operate as monarchical triumphal ascendancies by unconditional election that is to persevere.

Niccolo Machiavelli prophet of say-do-whatever for power money might

Niccolo Machiavelli
prophet of say-do-whatever
for power money might

As Ayn Rand before Brightbart provided the dogma of the idolatry of self rejection of compassion for any suffering than their own, Machiavelli is their prophet of amoral application of power money might in pursuit of maintaining ascendancy — monarchy. Sun Tzu and von Clausewitz are popular, but their ideal implementation is Machiavellian. View everything they do in that light. They’ll prefer to lie when the truth will server better, and murder as buffalo on the plains for the thrill of killing, whenever able. To feel that rush of power money might that’s their version of being ‘in the spirit.’

War Within Against Critical Thinking

A problem in Arab countries awash in money as Saudi Arabia where critical thinking isn’t taught, and most developing countries is that nepotism and cronyism, both endemic to peckings orders aren’t dependent upon capabilities. Cousins are dumb-as-a-post because they don’t need to be able to think critically. Dialectic is a ‘big word,’ the Scientific Method irrelevant to faith in ascendancy and the pecking order, by having power money might. Cultures that produce strong intellects correspond to having a high value of education in the context of necessity for survival, often from a history of not having power money might. Pharaoh was political, and had priests.

In the desert wilderness, having an education makes ‘uppity‘ and is treated as a threat — to power money might. When the pecking order has primacy over capability this will be the case, across the world cultures civilizations. ‘At-will’ plantations are cheap but incompetent. Even with low-thought process repetitive tasking, the lack of mathematical – logical thought process capability has ramifications on every level. From structuring methods and materials and training with logical consistency to the roiling chaos of conflicting rules where conditional execution has no logical basis. The culture of ‘let’s set a spell’ to like each other, across cultures, is to overcome the primal necessity for the ‘other’ to make the transition from Them to Us is an I-Thou that’s also the context of the legitimacy of nepotism and cronyism. The Holding Dominion to access to have the I-Thou happen is the effect of discrimination, Code-words to fix a certain group as necessarily ‘Them.’

Globalization of Awareness of Egalitarian Justice

They Fight for Holding Dominion

They Fight for Holding Dominion

As we globalize, men-as deities who want their serfs to make the same seventeen dollars a day as the state-supported and better state-educated dormitoried Chinese factory worker, that’s starting to buckUnrest in Russia, the Arab Spring, Ecuador ‘expels World Bank envoy.

Americans who aren’t born into resources have lessening potential for escape to success. Cousin Dumb-as-a-post needs to protect his advantages of nepotism and cronyism by reinforcing the pecking order of Holding Dominion while pretending that the ‘illegal’ cum H1-B working for him isn’t the real brains of the operation.

Poverty is sky-rocketing with automatons addicted to the delusion that somehow all that untouchable wealth is trickling down to them in their minimum-wage no-benefits jobs. Pharaohs free to do their trickle-down say-do-whatever pleasure may give a Crust of Bread and Such to tissue-paper-disposable subjects of do-whatever term by whatever say-whatever demonization serves.

Demonizing Demons Drowned while Bathing in Hate

White Supremacist Pat Buchanan  at Republican National Convention

White Supremacist Pat Buchanan
at Republican National Convention

Once upon a time, I was open to Republican ideas, saw them as human, and declined to register as a Democrat in a culture where that was the thing to do. I respected many of them. These are not those. As water seeks its own level, these are volunteers as the drek of inhumanity. Seeing them as human in any way, there is no Soul there for an Abraham Heschel to attack, but a vestigial soul less than that of the common beast. There’s nothing in there to ‘engage,’ or talk to as they have No Ears to Hear. Nothing they have to say is worth hearing. The treatment is not their violence but to ignore them now as they will not be found or heard in the World to Come.

Lincoln would recognize the desire to reinstate long-term indentured servitude through unforgivable credit card debt, not from plasma TVs but trying to stay alive in the context of a healthcare system that’s devolved into Putting Food on the Table, getting paid or not paying. Theodore Roosevelt would see that the populist ideals he stood for are anathema in this inhuman incarnation. Eisenhower warned of their deification of the military-industrial collusion. Nixon, a masterful foreign policy president who opened China and began the process leading to Perestroika; not a stomp around faith-based ignorant-of-history Texas Ranger, had a thought process, put money behind social goals. G. H. W. Bush loved his country more than himself or his party, the last that could say the word diplomacy.

Tactlessly put, these aren’t good people. Their humanity’s been drowned by bathing in Hate, wrapping themselves in Hate’s mantle, making Hate their motive and pillar; long and consistently Enough to disdain the collective. I’m pro-life, but you won’t find me schmoozing with those who romanticize Spartan stones; those with no care for people after birth as they resurrect the War Between the States within the StatesHate’s become their ‘be all you can be.’

Old-South Religious Faith in Militarism and Guns Is of Power Money Might

This Power is Mine! to Hold Dominion for all Time

This Power is Mine!
to Hold Dominion for all Time

The old-South Confederacy of the War Within the States to Hold Dominion places their faith worship praise value in power money might, and whatever’s left over into justifications and absolution. There’s nothing more visceral than a gun in hand, knowing what ‘it-we‘ can do. As religious iconography is looking at a symbol that’s to represent a significant meaning, the gun is experiential iconography -— the actual touching and holding of the power over life and death in the man(or woman)-as deities’ hands. Most would want grenade launcher rockets tank etc. if they were able, but the gun itself is personal. Mine!

They’re praying for more power money and might to facilitate preyingnot so bad strange fruit in furtherance of Holding Dominion. As pack predators, everything is about improving predatory efficiency. They will sit there with a straight face and mourn abortion while having no compassion for any suffering but their own, ‘pro-life’ no more than a tool of justification.

All Trinitarian Pauline addendum adherents do not interpret materialisticly as these. By interpretation, any religion can be interpreted for good or ill, in their case evil is rejection of militarism for Holding Dominion by guns power money might and its prerogatives. There are those within all ‘religions’ that are as committed to the same fundamental metareligious values as these. This This Power is Mine! creed is as applicable to the Taliban in a culture in Afghanistan where a man who’s been disarmed is no longer a man, the Second Coming to the Greek myth premise as applicable for a bevy of virgins. Or a world to come of holding dominion out of militarism.

Their Hate Comes Smiling, truly believing that they’re humans worthy of participation in deity, as they staunchly stand for inhumanity. The Syrian sniper that shoots the child in the head through the protester’s window has a righteous reason of holding dominion; goes home, kisses his children and enjoys their love. These old-South materialist Trinitarian Pauline addendum enthusiasts believe themselves saved from any judgment by entitlement to dominion over lesser undeserving, have perfect faith that they’re superior to such a heinous murderer. But protester’s son and babies exposed on Spartan stones of imperialist militarism as infant mortality, all just as dead by the hands of men-as deities and their pecking orders doing hateful things that led to these shameful statistics and shameful act. The Heart of Darkness that is the old-South is in all peoples of the world.

For What Thing? For Whose Sake? To What End?

Conventional wisdom is that power money might are primal and based upon reality. Confederate soldiers in the War Within the States are fighting to preserve the ascendancy of the Hold Dominion way of life from power money might. The old-South does have history and reality on their ‘side,’ just cause for their pefect faith in power money might. In opposition to the light of egalitarian justice from The Divine Torah.

A non-Idolatrous heter to make business doesn’t mean I should believe men should be deities on earth, pharaohs Holding Dominion over subjects, to have faith in a golden calf made of ‘unpopular things‘ of power money might — for tribal loyalty . To invalidate, to demonize our history in The Divine Torah through the ages, through the prices of searching for His Good.

Now men as Pied Pipers of Hate come with tablets of observance as Holding Dominion justified by old-South Islamophobia, to be of a deity for the low-low introductory price of my soul. If becoming a Bird of a Feather with this Confederacy in the War Within the States to Hold Dominion is what it takes to be righteous, burn me now. Born to Wander, I made my ‘choice’ some time ago in Perfect Faith, brought out to serve no thing, but Not a Thing. I vote for Justice Compassion and Mercy, a reflection of my beliefs, my values. The Divine Torah.

As long as there’s life, as His sun shines and rain falls on the wicked as well as the righteous, I already have the freedom to put no thing before my Awe of HaShem. None.