Intelligent in some ways, we’re also dumb as a post in others; Reification is making something real, bringing it into being, or making it concreteConcretization makes less abstract or generalized.


Hubris is extreme arrogance with a loss of contact with reality by underestimation of its importance by an overestimation of the ability of power money might to make reality what’s believed and deny or refute any evidence to the contrary. Logical consistency is undermined by faith and accuracy of facts becomes irrelevant as the reality believed is created, made.

Cousin Dumb as a Post

Cousin Dumb-as-a-post has faith in the ability to create reality. As mice following in the pheromonal trails of ancestors, conventional wisdom is handed down from generation to generation. There’s both inertia in holding to that wisdom and momentum of elevating what we want to believe as a goal for proof, to make it true, that can be in denial of reality.

The Loyalist isn’t in the position of power and responsibility because of capabilities but despite lacking them. That reinforces the unimportance of capabilities for overestimates of ability to create reality. Men who would be deities don’t need to know what reality is, the only ‘thinking’ is to decide what reality is desired, and a plan to try to make it happen.


© Paul Eekhoff

Knowledge Representation

Reification is used to manipulate facts to disconnect from logical consistency and accuracy of facts, to create knowledge representations that support the truth to be believed. Group-‘think tanks’ displace scholarship with chilling threats against tenure to drive propaganda.

Marketed as Iraqi Freedom, acknowledging the obvious desire to replace Saudi Arabia as a base of operations in the Middle East would have been ‘unhelpful.’ Pre-schoolers learn the problem with trying to make the ‘knowledge’ peg fit into the belief hole by ignoring scholarship as irrelevant. Unconcerned with what reality is, but simply focusing on what’s desired.

Computer Science

Reification is commonly implemented as a manipulation of a computer data model for a previously abstract concept by statistics in a pretense of ‘scientific‘ as the insipid Thomas Sowell’s people are poor because they’re lazy because they’re unemployed, while dismissing differential effects of Maestrini’s law and exposures on Spartan stones.

That then reinforces the model that is then used to rationalize the old-South desire to persecute of the unemployed and the poor as lazy. Then these unemployed and underemployed extinct by long terms without opportunity for accomplishment, giving up in the face of the insistent reality of no hope created by sham scholars as those who say people are poor because they’re lazy because they’re unemployed.


Reification is employed to treat race religion and gender abstractions as concrete to preserve fallacious conventional Wisdom as xenophobia and misogyny that are a prima facie disconnect from reality.


Reification is used in a pretense of a ‘perfect’ statistical model to infer that imperfect models as craniometry to substantiate by ‘measurable’ characteristics are valid, as if true. Making Believed.

That discredited, substantiate with Scientific Models of I.Q. measures of cultural awareness rather than ability to think to legitimate differential accomplishment that is driven by lack of opportunity by the assertions of lack of capability. To validate, reify the pre-existing prejudice.

An example of this is the military phonetic code, that assumes that the listener is from a culture that knows what Sierra Club for the birds is, or John Huston’s Treasure of the Sierra Madré, or having a ski on the Sierra. When is the last time you heard an Echo or people Bravo a good game of Golf, or somebody called Papa, and where. Doing the Foxtrot and Tango dances. A production of Romeo and Juliet. It’s questionable that the dyslexic Bush could point out India Lima Quebec where the Zulus are on a map before he was elected, but he got the Yankee Victory well enough. Whiskey has fallen to single-malt Scotch. Charles is Chuck. The kilogram never made it in the United States. Alpha and Delta? Hotel Michael November Oscar Uniform and X-ray are probably going to be OK.

So if you test comprehension on something as common and utilitarian as the military phonetic code, many will be culturally disadvantaged.

Then what appears to be a cognitive disability is actually a lack of acclimation. In the desert wilderness where logical consistency is frowned upon, logical constructions of language are rejected as mechanistic. Processing language construction is cultural as well. In Latin, the sentence structure with the verb ending the sentence creates a place-holding effect in the familiar that waits for the verb that’s saying, without punctuation that this is the end of this line, to then process the line. The less familiar, as in Germanic construction will expect additional information, that’s already been delivered to follow the verb.

Reification in natural language processing, where a natural language statement is transformed so actions and events in it become quantifiable variables. So that the in-common understanding of sentence structure also confers a cultural effect, as will as a condition of communication.

In the desert wilderness of simplicity as virtue,  complex sentence constructions are only confusing. Because of the need to operate simplistically is exemplified by faith in One-drop creating absolutes, not nuances. Code-words are the linguistic implementation of simplifying for the simple. As Ba’athists, who’s your daddy?

Creating gradations within multi-factorial complexity is anathema to the Cousin simpleton’s All or Nothing. Consider that while a given diagnosis may be statistically probable, that probability doesn’t make the diagnosis. With no thought process beyond collectivization, doctor Cousins routinely discriminate against minorities and women, as ‘their blood pressure is always higher, or Negroes are always infected, can’t have endometriosis.’ Or she can’t have heart disease because men are more likely, by five percent.

Gestalt Psychology

Reification in Gestalt psychology, where an object is perceived as having more spatial information than is actually present in the original stimulus is that there are elements of truth in conventional wisdom. So that simplification, common to the religious drive has its quick-think utility. The problem arises when the deep analysis with an open mind is dismissed on a first impression. The cousin culture primarily lacks this capability, not because a theoretical lack of intelligence, but because deep and thoughtful analysis isn’t valued as helpful to brute-force holding dominion.


The judging from the power money might perspective is through the lens of expectation of compliance with the Reification goals of men as deities. Obsequious good-attitude ‘house’ supplicants, Loyalists accept without complaining, as the bad-attitude ‘field’ complains. No one likes a complainer, even if justified by aggressive injustices, because it’s unpleasant and potentially threatening. As an anal phase child, some are so stuck on ‘no,’ there’s no need to hear the question. Or a hungry dog barking making noise, the narcissist of no compassion is incapable of making the association between the hunger and the noise. That inconvenience is the only consideration of the uncaring.

Militancy is a direct departure from supplication to demanding, not over the ‘at will’ forever-rainbow, but now. The dog is barking without care that the noise is unpleasant, why it’s barking. The ultimate complainers, starving ‘renegades’ going off the reservation of rotten meat and wormy grain are the ‘aggressors.’ As ‘scientifically’ proving that Islam creates murderers, while denying the blood-dripping reality of Crusades pogroms and Inquisitions in distant and recent history is selective self-serving making believed.

Shift the dog analogy to your baby crying for a value perspective shift.

Humiliation and Valuation Bias

Women Negroes and Native Americans are singled out for a greater degree of humiliation than white men, but that doesn’t mean that white men aren’t subjects of humiliation as well. By All or Nothing at All, self-important primacy, that some white men experience some humiliation dismisses gender and race discrimination.

The need of white men to accept subordinate status is equilibrated to women being ‘fair game’ as subjects of sexually harassment, not in ‘If I weren’t‘ your boss, but because ‘I am a dog marking a tree.’

As rape is a crime of violence, humiliation is a nasty demonstration of power. Submission to privilege of power money might justifies say-do-whatever to lessers. Valuation as more ‘deserving, or worthy’ justifies a differential of consideration. The Boss. Or the Man. Service me.

Typified by the Walmart gender discrimination and Ronald Reagan’s Civil Rights violations as Court-approved proof only by a confession. Lesser should still necessarily come through a golden shower as an extra toll to prove themselves worthy, that isn’t equal. The Cain-supporter assumption by valuation that the sexual harassment target should be willing for possible ‘future consideration,‘ from power money might, on a gradient of quid pro quo, the willingness to accept humiliation is as kissing the pope’s ring.

Naming and Marxism

The need to name things is biblical, and goes to the fundamentals of differential that even plants do. We make distinctions with our naming, but the influence of make believe routinely overwhelms reality. The name creates a set designator, like ‘birds.’ Then that set is defined as bird fly. Then we find that some don’t so we need to make a subclassification to account for that difference. The convenience of thinking that all birds fly will be common, quick-think, and only deeper analysis can accommodate exceptions.

Reification (German: Verdinglichung), the consideration of an abstraction or an object as if it had living existence and abilities; at the same time ‘Marxism‘ implies the thingification of social relations. The practical thingification of social relations is further complicated by reality is not only complex, but isn’t standing still. Democracy in America in the time of de Tocqueville is both the same and not that’s based on the admixture of those who were assumed to be equal and those that the old-South still contests as worthy.

That easily falls back to more of the same simplifying thingification, from pre-existing beliefs. Both Marxism and unrestrained Corporatism are rooted in the same Romantic fantasy of faith in human nature. Seemingly, they are in opposition, but the Faith-basis and endpoint is the same. In an Ayn Rand Greenspan fantasy on both sides that predators will constrain themselves from preying, voluntarily to the destruction of the system. That’s just a self-serving lie on both sides from power money might, to reify an illusion of honor. That’s really supposed to cover for the idea that while some are being destroyed, overall, it’s for the best in Spartan militaristic society.

Parallelism of the Seemingly Disparate

Tribalism and endemic third world corruption are refractory to Western philosophical perspective rooted in the Greek Platonic – Judaic egalitarian model of modern democracy because Corleone ‘taking care of family’ is their metareligion. A duty. Virtue.

That this paradigm is strongly advocated by Federalists in the pursuit of man-as deities corporatist autocracy in the War within the States in the model democracy that is the United States is indicative of the persistence of this conventional wisdom of yetzer hara toward Them. Compassion is reserved for our pecking order, back to the beginning of history. Corruption in other countries is viewed as disparate to Western ethos while the old-South is rising to point out that egalitarianism isn’t a settled issue in countries that tout democracy and Rule of Law.

Fantasy Dominates Reality

In European Romantic love, Eros, that’s founded on a liturgy of representations that are a leap of faith, fantasy dominates the reality. For this reason, the Catholic Marriage and Engagement Encounters focus on communication and managing expectations, dispelling the fantasies in the context of the commitment. Distinct from European Romantic love, cultures of arranged marriage substitute cultural homogeneity as an understanding of expectations, in evolution in contact with more egalitarian western cultures.

Familial intermarriage is common in Middle Eastern tribal cultures, first cousins accepted as safe from a significant genetic exposure. What expectation of disrupting the drivers of corruption that is a ‘should’ in those?

Conventional Wisdom is Rooted in Reality

Because who you’re related to is the most important determinate, cultural discouragement of creative and independent thinking could be easily confused with inbreeding as the cause of lack of inquisitiveness that has adversely impacted education in cultures as the old-South. Filial and family loyalties are determinate over actual capability, as the nepotism and cronyism affirmative action of millenia prioritizes who to hire, who to help, who is worthy, and who’s not. That’s all Loyalist conventional wisdom that has a basis in reality of a comforting and familiar known.

Tribes are descended from clans prides packs, affirmative action has reality on both sides. Affirmative action for a ‘well-to-do’ of a minority, and clearly money isn’t the only kind of wealth, doesn’t make sense. ‘Race’ a specious distinction, affirmative action will eventually be struck down while the cousin-driven justifications will continue. The faith-based initiatives of the dyslexic Bush administration were marketed on the model of soup kitchens that ladle without prejudice. The first order of ‘not wasting’ aid is the needy having faith, far more erudite and credible than Sowell’s insipid people are poor because they’re lazy. That then becomes salvation through nepotism and cronyism rather than the army ringing the bells for soup.

Faith in yourself, family and mentors, in people, is a genuine truth that can’t be dismissed. While Loyalists are hoping that dismissal of affirmative action for minorities will return the affirmative action for being a Cousin, no matter how dim-witted poorly educated or without capability. While justifying negative messages and crock-proofs of inability that are ‘unhelpful’ to those in need.

No Need

Willful ignorance epitomizes men-as deities and their Loyalists. Upon hearing of my lifelong love for learning what’s been said and done through history, an addendum enthusiast notified me that there’s only one book she’ll ever need to read. Matching rejection of logical consistency and accuracy of facts with rejection of science, Knows Best cannot listen. No need.

If this Reification phenomenon can be reduced, simplified to a defining characteristic, it’s the unwillingness to listen, that by Faith in no need to hear. There are successful people without a great deal of ‘book learning’ who surround themselves with intelligent and well-educated people to whom they listen. Others claim they’ve read so many books a week when they’ve had others tell them what they ‘should know‘ from that book, that an interpretation filtered by what the reader thinks the contractor wants to hear of an interpreted synthesis. The dyslexic Bush administration did the best job possible with the (group-think selected for making-believed) facts at hand.

Value of Learning

America has been progressively dumbed-down over the past thirty years to the fifth-grade standard because of the old-South faith-based only one book to read anti-intellectual anti-educational association with education and the ability to think as the sinister left, Communist. Questioning. Thoughtful.

We marvel at the bad-plastic-surgery beauty crassness pettiness or whatever of various reality shows while history has become historical. Murdered by an inability to tell the truth. In the desert wilderness, regurgitation is as far as education goes, as in another Middle East, ability to think is dismissed as a dangerous and undesirable penchant for logical consistency and accuracy of facts. China. Iran. Texas. Oklahoma. Tennessee. Test-driven No Child Left Behind is being superseded by Shanghai that’s now seeing value in learning how to think distinct from regurgitation. Of facts that can be looked up in seconds now due to the Eight Wonder of the World that is Wikipedia.


In monarchical and pharaonic successions as North Korea’s spectacularly insipid lés énfant terriblés, an insipid special-education front-boy who’s incapable of an intelligent thought. Theoretically, the heir is groomed to the succession from birth, as Alexander by Aristotle by Plato. The grooming makes greater capability by depth of education and understanding, wisdom. It Ain’t Necessarily So.

Ronald Reagan’s Legacy

Our ‘Philosopher King’ expected to be intelligent, rational, self-controlled, in love with wisdom, well suited to make decisions for the community, decided to set America against itself in Neshoba County, ‘winning’ thirty years of Atwater ‘niggerniggernigger‘ say-do-whatever old-Southern Strategy to raise decerebrate automatons to lurch forward in the War within the States.

Professionals have vertical credibility while the cultural disconnect between logical consistency and accuracy of facts is promulgated by the political ‘dialectic.’ Politicians are the face of the society, character emphasized over and again as determinate while say-do-whatever is ‘how it’s done.’ Twist the sound-bite. Reduce any ‘thought’ into had-been-news CNN packet length and Fake-it Till You Make It.

Political Campaigns Create a Cultural Language

Political elections and campaigning, even more so than Reality entertainment, have created a ‘cultural’ language. A neurolinguistic programming of the American psyche. As the Western world has been sold on makeup and plastic surgery, though most of it that’s for ‘cosmetic’ purposes is tragically worse in time than the before, fashion — cultural norms have been marketed. From mutton-chop to clean-face. In similar fashion, the Unites States has been sold on Antipathy as Virtue out of the thirty-year War within the States. Demonizing and being Demonized. Because of Hate being what works in the old-Southern Strategy, the hate has been progressively ratcheted up so that as a heterosexual woman who eschews make-up and isn’t anxious to show her legs is an oddity, a cultural aberration, now, apply that normative programming to the old-South hate level. It’s consumed them as firmly as Boteach’s Bubbles, that ruined his face trying to fix something that didn’t need fixing. The old-South has ruined their souls. Lost their minds.

Have Infused the Culture through the Market to No Pretense of Ethics Within

The rise of say-do-whatever conservatism Atwater-divorced from logical consistency and accuracy of facts with faith in hate has reduced not only the political discourse but the culture of the country itself to the old-South One-drop standard of logical inconsistency and inaccuracy of facts. Ayn Rand Greenspan had faith that the no-oversight free-market that teetered by the same say-do-whatever to ‘win’ is good for Us. Now America has crumbling infrastructure and a crumbled educational system that’s become a national security threat. However, as only the poor people have to drink the tap water in the desert wilderness, it’s fine that the water is full of phosphorus from farm droppings from Arkansas.  Ronald Reagan’s treasonous as heroic back-deal with the ‘Evil Axis’ Ayatollah to keep the hostages to ‘patriotically’ influence an American election was for the greater good. Now, the endless list of Wall Street scandals per unit of time threatens ‘little fish’ faith. The Ayn Rand rejection of compassion religion has its downsides as well, beyond trampling the weak and poor.

What’s In A Name

Native American objections to team names are at least partially rooted in their still being a wounded people, whose self-esteem is reflected in suicide and other wellness rates. Custer’s’ Cousin will deny the connection as ancient history, buried because it isn’t polite to tell. But it isn’t buried, as stereotypes go forward today, extending the injury. Still on the Trail of Tears today.

Now, in our cultural identity confusion of Judaic egalitarianism in opposition to the old-South primacy of Authoritarian man-as deity pecking order, entertainment including athletics is the common ground of the culture, our vestigial forum of national comity and identification. Applauding modern gladiators’ honor and valiant efforts to entertain in The Coliseum as we participate in choices of deity proved in the gymnasium. After war-whooping at the game, point at casino chances to lose and rich gladiators with brain damage as proof of absolution in a make-believe 1950s Leave it to Beaver happy ending.

The United States Didn’t Get Away with It

Native Americans had lots of experience with say-do-whatever from the hubris that a civilization that valued truthfulness as the measure of humanity under The Great Spirit as Creator in harmony with creation precluded the need to listen.

America’s say-whatever weather vane is the cultural standard, fine print to deliver the say-do-whatever reality after the sale. In de Tocqueville’s Democracy in America, there was a common assumption of misanthropy for the Native American and slave. Now, the egalitarian is that we’re all Them as the American dream dies of old-South ‘hurting them more.‘ That’s then used as a say-do-whatever looping tool to pump Loyalist fears that the egalitarian founding ideals of America are the reason it’s hurting them too.

Continuity in History

There’s a continuity between news and history such that without a historical context, the news has little meaning. My reason for setting the tone with a picture of Custer isn’t only to assert that he wasn’t intelligent, but that the United States mourns him as hero, there to savagely kill women and children, that still don’t matter. The old-South has empathy for his heroic man-as deity tragedy, while narcissistically dismissive of theirs. Man vs. dog. Boteach-Bubbles.

In pursuit of make believe to feel good about our history, we’ve stopped talking about it. A Mississippi Burning movie comes out and we cluck, times gone by. When Negroes’ Mississippi is still statistically burning from the Ronald Reagan’s message of unity with murder in Neshoba County.

While mourning Custer, smug in savage justifications, the old-South is committed to raising a monument a year to the godfather of States’ Rights to murder. Winning by any means necessary with hateful promises to ‘hurt them more,’ has been turned into us all losing, together.

Eric Alterman, journalist and professor:

It’s this cultural resentment that people in the South feel because these liberals, these smart-asses run everything, and we have nothing but contempt for them. Lee’s friends said, you guys all think we’re dumb. You have the same kind of prejudice against us that you accuse us of having against Black people.

Cousin Dumb-as-a-post

Yes, the old-South is Dumb-as-a-post. Derbyshire isn’t ‘dumb’ in the sense of not being able to do math. With faith in making reality, man-as deity doesn’t adapt to changing demands but ‘holds dominion.’ New contexts are denied and conceptual skills aren’t necessary or useful as the environment and circumstances are bent to its man-as deific will. With no need to adapt, there’s no changing or modifying the structure of cognitive functioning. Decerebrate automatons, decorticate more accurate but dumbed-down for the dumb, Mary’s Little Lamb. Problem resolution is only by power money might, new knowledge solely for those acquisitions deemed as valuable to retaining dominion. Cousin is very technologically intelligent in tools of dominion while blissfully numb as a post to the pain inflicted on Native Americans in the time of Custer and ‘Black people’ from soulless ‘friend of ours’ Atwater mimicking Jolson while selling ‘niggerniggernigger‘ evolved to code-words that hog-call the faithful of hate by promising to ‘hurt them more.”

Dragging Us All Down

While concerned that the Civil War took toll on Southern psyche, targets du Jour are extras as props and some excepted and chaperoned bit players to the ‘me,me,me’ delusion of religious piety reality of antipathy as Virtue show. Native American addiction and suicide rates genetic, Negroes and Hispanics need a Criminal Injustice System mandatory-minimum Patton-slapping back to honor while revising for corporatist impunity in a Federalist autocracy.

Merely coincidental Wooden Indians and carved Lawn Boys should grin while taking the joke of winning politics with Hate that has nothing to do with them in de Tocqueville’s Democracy in America. That’s been a nauseatingly unfunny thirty years old-Southern Strategy. That’s dragging us all down.

Antipathy as Virtue

From ostensibly good-willed democrats in pickups and plaid in defense of inequality Beth Arnold, Letters from Paris,

What Lee Atwater got and so many others haven’t is a deep and clear understanding of the American psyche–especially the Southern psyche. …  We all need to understand what he understood.

A psyche of cherubic innocence with valorous honor victimized for doing the righteous say-do-whatever thing. Motivated by promises to ‘hurt them more‘ in retribution for: Unjust emancipation – slavery not a problem. Federal enforcement of Civil Rights without authority of law. Meddling in Law and Order not so bad strange fruit 1950s Arkansas times. And now for being demonized for being motivated by demonization. ‘Precipitating more trouble than it will prevent‘ if those Yankees would just let the old-South ‘everybody’s getting along fine‘ States’ Rights ‘way of life’ be. That they come to hog-calls of xenophobic hate tells of their ‘as it was’ black holes as-souls. Excepting that quaint and charming peccadillo, perfect ladies and gentlemen, honorable every one. Rinse a wafer down with blood of real lambs and then repeat. Today.


Projection in psychology is unconsciously assuming that others share the same or similar thoughts, beliefs, values, or positions on any given subject, when under power money might, it’s used as a tool of justification. To justify the base thoughts and feelings of the aggressor, as a witless John Derbyshire projects his drooling for strange fruit to his intended victims. Victims of racism often become racist, those who reject Islamophobia are anti-Semitic and self-hating. Being against corporatist fraud is being for welfare fraud, against Ayn Rand Greenspan no-oversight is Marxism. The list is endless, but trained to lying by their mother’s milk, the old-South has Faith in lying, as an old-South cultural value. Controlling for cultural exposure, income, family, mentor availability, and well-being undermined by the complexity of reality that dispels dumb-as simplistic ideas, life isn’t cut and dried mathematical equations, and there’s an effect of girls being told they can’t do math.

Pretend History Never Happened

Neither rationalization, nor fatuous entertainments, nor pretending history never happened removes the realities of today and the future. As the iceberg of pain imposed upon Native Americans, fast-forward to the depth of ill-will in the world from the history of Custer of the day ‘heroic actions’ for old-South liberty that can’t be erased by make believe. The old-Southern psyche stands in these as inconsequential ‘breaking eggs to make an omelet,‘ Custer as hero defending the genocidal United States ‘way of life’ freedoms. It’s unpatriotic and insensitive to dishonor the old-Southern revisionist psyche in furtherance of Platonic Oligarchy of corporatist men-as deities of Ba’al’s power money and might.

Make-believe for Dominion

We all hold on to faith that can’t be proved, but the hubris of the old-South militaristically pounding the make-believe for dominion peg into the hole of the reality of the World to Come is hubris, that will have His limits.

Deciding to make a savage do-whatever reality and then wafer it over with say-whatever justifications. Power money might to ram a knowledge-as-forgetting peg into a hole of doesn’t-matter denial.

When the covers of national denial are removed, the reality isn’t all happy 1/16th casino owners gladiators and minstrels, Iraq freed of the pain of deaths by wooden hearts and empty souls that can’t listen to anyone but themselves.

U.S. Planning to Slash Iraq Embassy Staff by as Much as Half as Iraq is still smoldering with billions of dollars sitting in the desert going at fire-sale prices as monuments of the hubris of Man-as deity trying to make what’s desired to believe. Old-South coalitions of the willing to go-along-to-get-along.

Making Believed

Assuming that Native Americans were ‘savages‘ is the same no need to consider reality misunderstanding of the world as eager to believe that America’s motives for lecturing on democracy and transparency are honorable abroad while gerrymandering and struggling for the return of ‘at will’ discrimination at home in do-whatever.

The typical hubris of assuming that other people, Native Americans and One-drop, and now the world is even more dim-witted to believe their old-Southern Strategy marketing code-words of hate have no relevance to them.

Encouraging compromise between Sunni and Shiite while having none of it at home, dumbing-down its own population for automatomic Atwater-demonizing ‘niggerniggernigger‘ for fear of Them within, to inflict pain and suffering.

On Friday, 14 September 2007, ORB (Opinion Research Business), an independent polling agency located in London, published estimates of the total war casualties in Iraq since the US-led invasion of Iraq in 2003. At over 1.2 million deaths (1,220,580), this estimate is the highest number published so far. From the poll margin of error of +/-2.5% ORB calculated a range of 733,158 to 1,446,063 deaths. The ORB estimate was performed by a random survey of 1,720 adults aged 18+, out of which 1,499 responded, in fifteen of the eighteen governorates within Iraq, between August 12 and August 19, 2007. In comparison, the 2006 Lancet survey suggested almost half this number (654,965 deaths) through the end of June 2006. The Lancet authors calculated a range of 392,979 to 942,636 deaths. …On 28 January 2008, ORB published an update based on additional work carried out in rural areas of Iraq. Some 600 additional interviews were undertaken September 20 to 24, 2007. As a result of this the death estimate was revised to 1,033,000 with a given range of 946,000 to 1,120,000.

A Federalist Party Silver Lining

Some may imagine that my declarative condemnation of the old-South of hate as crack addiction dismisses collegiality. Again, valuation. There is none.

Another context of pointing out Native American treatment is that these people Atwater-drooling to ‘hurt them more‘ are the soul of murder, gleeful at the prospect of Custer killing women and children as they hypocritically cluck about Syria. Custer, their mourned hero was there to do the exact same as Assad’s. Icebergs of injustice are their motive and pillar, who they are.

Methods and means change, but Human Nature is the same as ever, as there’s no light between Stalin’s Communists and inveterate misanthropic corporatists. Both as devoid as the Permafrost of any warmth of genuine humanity beyond show. These are the same as the goon-squads doing massacres in Syria cleaned up with code-words and pretenses for plausible deniability. Killing infants and children with Spartan stones under Maestrini’s law while sipping their coffee, smug. With suits and ties, smiling. Dreaming of Custer’s avengers accomplishing his genocide.

More than anything, we need, the United States needs to stop listening to Cousin Dumb-as-a-post. There’s no need. Their souls through time have been poison in the nation and in the world. They are the true savages through time. With no redeeming qualities, or potential for rehabilitation. Four out of five. There’s a silver lining in the death of the Federalist Party. Not violence of any sort, but votes. Turn them out to the reservation of Hate where they belong. Cousin Dumb-as-a-post is numb because there’s no soul within. Nothing with which to feel, except for themselves. Heartless. Pitiless. Me,me,me, and I,I,I. From birth.

Stop Listening

America can’t heal until it’s damaged people are healed, these icebergs of salty tears are an inescapable ‘come by here’ to understand today. Native Americans welcomed the culture of say-do-whatever in the faith that they were human to become aliens in their own land.

Native Wellness is not just the absence of disease. It is living life in a circle, embracing the teachings of the old ways, where the individual is in balance with oneself, mind, body, spirit, and emotions. It means living in harmony with oneself, others, the Creator, and with all aspects of one’s environment. It is having a sound cultural identity. Illness happens when this harmony or balance is broken.

That’s as true of the American psyche in need of healing as it was and is for Native Americans. Today.
Recognize the full and noble humanity of Native Americans almost exterminated. Remember their history to come to grips with realities of today that are a part of His World to Come. Mourn their today before Custer’s yesterday. Learn from their civilization that valued truth as the measure of a man. Though we didn’t to listen in Custer’s time, we need to listen to them now, in this world. And stop listening to Cousin Dumb-as-a-post of say-do-whatever, who’s trying to make the world as believed to hold dominion.

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