Pecking Orders are a Natural Progression of Status

Pecking Orders are a Natural progression of status in groups that have existed since before humans were upright, teleologically predicated upon the dominant being important to the survival and welfare of the group. A prerogative of that dominance is being able to decide the progression of importance down the line. Pecking orders are a worldwide phenomenon.

I asked a Lebanese co-worker why some from the Middle East are so asinine. He explained that their culture is all about Pecking Orders. If they think they’re better, they get upset if you’re uppity as American men-as deities calls it. If they think you’re better, they’re obsequious; it’s the way of the world.

Pecking order is the colloquial term for a hierarchical system of social organization in chickens. … Dominance  is expressed in various behaviours … as a measure of dominance and leadership order … “defense and aggression in the hen is accomplished with the beak”. [to] assume the dominant role. … She [hen] will stop producing eggs and become the ‘watch dog’ for the flock. … [that pertains to] dominance hierarchy. 

Natural Social Stratification

Pecking order is a basic concept, a natural social stratification and hierarchy that has its counterpart in other animal species, including humans. That correlates to natural needs for defense and meeting other survival needs.

Dominance in mammals is often established by physical prowess, extended to military capability as defense and conquest in humans. Who’s on top, who’s favored and in what order down to ‘them.’

The establishment of the dominance hierarchy as conventional wisdom creates Monarchies, men-as deities as the natural extension of the belief that the pecking order promotes social stability that is beneficial to the whole; trading – commercial stability from great conquerors as Ghenghis Khan and Alexander or in Pax Romana. The dominance level determines which individual gets preferential access to resources such as food and mates, which civilizations, groups are most profited with a pecking order in that.

Common sense might tell the Loyalists of the old-South that the wealthy getting wealthier isn’t going to trickle-down to them in their down-on-the-ground no-hope lives, but Romantic fantasy trained to Greek mythology, against all evidence, faithfully persevere in looking to the pecking order as their deity on earth.

That is as natural as the other hens submitting to the one that pecks.

Responsibility and Privilege of the Pecking Order

As the dominant males or females in packs on all fours are responsible for pack welfare, the subservient look with submission to the dominant for their salvation — needs of survival. Naturally.

The dominant selects a pecking order of favorites, with outliers getting the Crusts of Bread and Such, and nothing for ‘those’ who are not accepted within the group, ‘them.’ To be eaten. There’s always a pecking order, as the matriarchal wife in families rules as the dominant hen in Anil’s Ghost, or godfathers.

The patriarchal traditional man lording over the woman within a marriage or society has its counterpart in the matriarch lording over the women in the household within patriarchal cultures. Pecking orders are the way of the world, determinate of who has power over whom, and who is responsible for whom. Parents to children, monarchs to subjects.

Human Disconnect of Pecking Order from Natural Utility

The Hindu caste system is an institutionalized millenia old pecking order. Though Pakistani Muslims aren’t Hindus, the pecking order culture spans both expressed as metareligion that’s perceived as corruption when it’s the pecking orders of the world from pre-history in operation. The religion is then manufactured to support the hierarchy, as it’s manufactured to make men-as deities.

Advantage as Qualification

From the strongest bull to the strongest army. That’s illustrative of the disconnect from classical natural animistic utilitarian theory of community order as differential functions, as different cells have differing roles within a multicellular organism based on functional capability to order for the benefit of some people over other people.

The roles are fixed to prevent aspiration of lesser contesting the status of betters. The power money might of the betters from the higher position then creates a ‘them’ differentiation within the strata. That’s then tied to a religious hierarchy to fix this order into the belief system. The advantage becoming the justification for the advantage.

Religion Manufactured to Support the Pecking Order Hierarchy

Tribal cultures set their us against them based upon familial association, racism as a belief system to legitimate a hierarchy. Any differential quality can be used for this purpose, beauty money power might weight etc. There is a natural hierarchy of athletes for instance, some better than others.

Conjoining Racism to maintaining a pecking order is exemplified by the history of the integration of sports, now on the threshold of the existential Injustice of women being excluded from some men’s professional sports, not because of athletic capability but because of their sex that in certain instances is a specious issue. Guarding turf.

Racism is then fed back into the cherry-picked dominion provision to incorporate Racism into the religion, for it to become the religion itself. That evolved to a proclivity for xenophobia with targets and exceptions, but dominion is motive and judgmentalism is the habitual enabler. With concentration on dominion, the religion has been sublimated to dominion theology, with everything filtered through that lens. As the belief system, the only issue is targets and exceptions, not whether.

Natural to Defend Status in the Pecking Order

Pecking orders in the sense of specious differentiation as excuses of convenience are an institutionalization of corruption. By Western Sensibilities, those an outgrowth of contact with The Divine Torah, that is the engine of Western transformation.

Egalitarianism is unnatural. It’s our sense of Justice, proof to conviction that professional sports shouldn’t be integrated, that falls in the exposure of the lie. Dominion theology, as cousin dumb-as-a-post, doesn’t want competition, the deck will be stacked while mouthing the words of fairness, that translates to maintaining ‘fair‘ advantage.

For the Perks

It’s natural for the higher group to strive to maintain their superior status, as the old bull will defend his status until bested. For the perks of the man-as deity job.

That’s in practice, warlords and clan leaders in Somalia, the feudal lords over dependent serfs. The history of Europe, that’s a core history of the modern world, and our Diaspora of the conceptualization of Ethic, Law, Justice, Democracy, all from the unnatural movement away from the alpha Godzilla being born into a fixed status of privilege, as the Hindu caste system, or into Evrémond Nobility in the Court.

Out of that same, European feudalism eroded over millenia of wars and revolts, with pogroms against us for standing for justice from the beginning through revolts against Romans. Western European civilization has created an egalitarian sense of Justice foreign to Third World tribal, still feudal pecking orders. Though still under contest. At home and abroad.

Egalitarianism Threatens Pecking Orders

In ‘all men are created equal’ America, the monarchy has given way to a progressive expansion of egalitarianism that Federalists strive to return to a democracy of aristocrats substantiated by wealth.

Along with women, Negroes by the One-drop rule and Native Americans were relegated to lesser on the pecking order.

History of Rights

The progression of this ongoing contest of pecking orders within democracy is the history of rights. Loyalists have faith in their men-as deities, as children at the foot of their daddy, Birds of a Feather chirping in the Court as nest for the juicy worm of being favored on the pecking order.

Attack Egalitarianism

Old-South Republicans attack the progress of egalitarianism by their War Between the States within the States enabled by the inception of accommodation of slavery with true believer walking deadly automatons of Hate praying to Hold Dominion over lesser subjects due only Crusts of Bread and Such, Spartan Stones for outliers, Them. Rights including democracy are at stake as they strive to move back to autocracy. Already having driven the country into a crisis of no care under the banner of anti-Communism, the middle class nearing extinction, they talk about ‘job creators’ who are only their wealthy autocrats in waiting. Threats to their deity.

Pecking Orders Preceded Religion

Pecking orders preceded religion as we know it, inherited from before we were upright animal behaviors. And accordingly, metareligions are parent of what we call religion today, with precedence. The fundamental duality of valuations active within pecking orders persist in the us-them within religion — human existence is existentially rooted in the separateness of duality. As the peoples of the world were separated and spread as waters.

Routinely, religion is a formalization of the tenets of us, an Etiquette writ large. The extent of our humanity as distinct from the animal in us is our ability to stand in yetzer tov for ‘them,’ transcending the natural animal urge that’s in us all. Metareligion is an a priori understanding of ‘them’ that’s both within and without. How we look at ‘them’ is a reflection of whether we’re looking through to HaShem, or the next stop – thing up the pecking order.

Are We Those People?

Are we still slaves of things, our hearts and minds still looking back?

As we look to HaShem, we eschew evil for good. covetousness for respecting the good fortune of our neighbor in the beautiful person that is his wife. As we understand that the murderous heart of Cain in jealousy of His favor, does not please HaShem, do we Murder ‘them’ to please our selfish favor of the pecking order, savoring the flavor of the torn from the fields?

Intercession is Looking Through the Pecking Order

In henotheistic religions the looking may be to a familial deity or other reference that can be to by resting our gaze there without understanding, or through with understanding.

While the addendum and Catholicism are explicitly Authoritarian and intercessional, with priest to bishop to cardinal to infallible pope. Within Islam and Judaism, reverence of teachers and the learned have influence of credibility without the direct structural schema, but the looking at any thing is explicitly to be through.

Men-as deity pecking orders are looking to things, athleticism beauty wealth might power religion personality talent, whatever rather than through.

Putting any thing, even one He says is important, before HaShem, resting our focus there is not looking to HaShem. As α>—- Ω>——-∞———-à is common to all henotheistic religions, pecking orders are α>-1-2-3-4-5-6- Ω>——-∞———-à, where without Awe of HaShem, the looking is to the pecking order rather than through.

Theory of Intercession

In the theory of intercession, this looking to the next goes all the way up, with the Egyptian paradigm of _Ω~——-∞———-à where the lower hand represents the masses below as through the pharaoh, the Man-as deity on earth connects with the other hand to the deities above.

Humanly, Pecking Orders Fail

By the vagaries of Man-as deity, in human failures by intoxication of deific power, or to maintain power, there are abuses.

With the same romantic faithful perseveration that allowed pedophillic priests to confess repent and play it all over again; forgiven, absolved by wafers and wine.

The innovation of Martin Luther was an attack on the intercessional pecking order that fell on Man-as deific deaf ears for excommunication.  John Calvin, not stepping away from, maintained the principle of a man as if that’s interposed along with their conflation to Man-as deity in the interests of that Church. The Absolute power of intercession leads to abject failure.

Abuses of Deific Pecking Orders

The abuses of Man-as deific pecking orders span the breadth pre-human history. None are immune as religious or political leaders or the wealthy athletic beautiful, those nearer myMan-as deity to thee are invited to drink from the cup of providential good fortune. Some more consciously than others resist being lesser as others consciously pursue with a political weather-vane, or Cain’s Murder, competing to succeed.

At the time of the native coup in Liberia, a surgical resident’s uncle was assassinated as a leader within the 400 families. I asked him why it was necessary for the 400 families to oppress the natives. His explanation: If we don’t, there won’t be enough for us.

Take Care of Family First

Within the caste system, that is an institutionalization of a pecking order, corruption is not only an expected outcome, but structurally religious. Corruption is endemic in the third world based upon these take care of family first pecking orders. ‘At will’ discrimination on behalf of taking care of cousin dumb-as-a-post, family first. Nepotism and Cronyism. Protects another turf from egalitarianism.

Millenia of the influence of our tradition, despite being corrupted for men-as deities, has made America the beacon on the hill because the idea of Justice Compassion and Mercy is in the worldwide public lexicon as an ideal, save old-South Republicans bringing the War Between the States within the States for a pecking order of Antipathy as Virtue for ‘them.’

Monotheism as Rejection of Intercessional Pecking Order

Us-them descended from ancestral to religion to Metareligion for many religions creates both a pecking order within the us that then relegates Absolute Antipathy for Them, people not included in that religion. Even though the two Western monotheistic religions reject intercession that creates a Man-as deific pecking order between people and HaShem.

Looking to Value in Things

Pecking orders are a substantiation of Heidegger’s Value men-as deities judging good and evil to better and lesser. While looking to value in things, Awe of HaShem compels that we refute the value of things as any absolute. In monotheism, great care is taken to emphasize that references, Jerusalem Klal Yisrael Israel The Divine Torah, The Temple; are not HaShem. We look through the Western Wall, not at it.

The pecking orders between Sunnis and Shiites creating icebergs of injustices within Islamic societies are the powder-keg of history is a bigger volcano than Arabs in Judea and Samaria, that may be the detonator. The Texas Ranger poked the stick of democracy into the Iraqi hornets nest that’s still destined to blow. The Divine Torah, delivered by the Diaspora has brought down the idea of pharaohs, men-as deities.

Adopting Their Idolatry of Dominion Addendum

Cherry-picking a pecking order of references, so that yetzer tov for humanity is only possible when we’ve taken care of ourselves in an obligation to Murder billions standing in the way of The Temple, is as fabricated differentiation of the Hindu caste system that creates the religion to justify sin, of dominion.

As the old-South holds, there’s a choice of standing in egalitarianism in opposition to just propping up the Man-as deity dictator du Jour pecking orders into perpetuity. Throughout history emperors have both come and gone. While the old-South threatens egalitarian democracy by striving for diminution of egalitarian rights at home, to regain inequalities that have fallen to progress. Cherry-picking to disremember that He is against slavery, pecking orders, the pharaoh of slavery.

Piety Is the Worth of a Man

A hope for humanity comes from their prophet that reminded that piety is the worth of a man, not his things. There are three, one that wants to take the man-as deity whip from the one that already has it to wield for themselves, for their pecking order. The third that will span souls of yetzer tov from within all nations that will look to Awe of HaShem, rejecting assimilation to Antipathy as Virtue to support a pecking order, and embracing compassion for All suffering.