Pied Pipers of Hate

Pied Pipers of Hate are inviting humans to go down a path to destruction of their own souls to bceome the bitter and hateful people that hate-mongers are. As a fire that takes all the oxygen out of a room, Black Holes as-soul Pied Pipers of Hate suck the yetzer haTov from the Shekhinah out of everything and everyone within range of their gravity of hate of compassion for suffering other than their own.

Their ‘love’ flows from a negation while that’s marketed in terms of a positive, has nothing within but an empty ‘against‘ to a fix a target in an existentially unrealistic absolute Them. An absolute certainty out of One Absolute-Unit is that there’s no absolute in the unity, that no light escapes from faith in any thing as an ‘absolute.‘ It’s not real.

Existentially, there must be exceptions. Idolatries, from whatever type description or bloodline, strips care for humanity, creating a fertile ground for seeds of hate to grow and thrive in a nothingness that exists to suck the light out of this existence. The soul is the issue, what’s flowing through the soul. As light cannot escape a Black Hole, there’s no flowing of the Shekhinah from a bottomless while confining nothingness from collectivization. For an idolatrous worship of a thing as if, something that cannot be His truth, denying the reality that absolutes are idolatries, something that cannot be.


The difference in all levels is greater and deeper than between a human soul and the souls of cattle; all the good that completely distinct totally evil species with no redeeming qualities does is out of selfish motives, self-glorification.

A difference that’s infinitely true in looking only to HaShem, searching for His Good by listening to the Shekhinah, and as untrue in raising an Identity of Unit cohesion to resist idolatries as a deific idolatrous thing to be worshiped. The idea that climatic paint, confers or denies Virtue is an Aryan interpretation against the purpose. Self-glorification.

Appealing to Unit Cohesion in debased absolutist terms is falling into a Black Hole of insipid idolatry of Jewish rather than a religious/cultural heritage of looking only to HaShem for a spirit grounded in the depth and breadth of the Shekhinah. As absurd as the genetic blood idea is that there’s a yetzer haTov gene, and only we have it. Creationists of men-as deities from a holiness gene that voids the need to be Holy.

Chosen to erect a racial Kind after Kind Hater state of  as beacon of the World to Come.

Pied Pipers of One-drop Collectivization

Anyone that has turned away from His reality by One-drop collectivization, has turned to looking to, idolizing things. The unqualified ‘all,‘ either way, is a descent into a Black Hole of man-as deific absolutist judgement out of the boundaries of any duality.

That because ‘they‘ are less than ‘our’ human, no matter what we as betters do, if beating them for no reason, as someone else famously interceded, there’s no problem for deities of say-do-whatever ‘unpopular things.

Though presented in well-written quasi-‘scholarly’ polemic, it’s still vain and empty to market hate, antipathy as Virtue.

To proselytize being got mine pea cocks only better than Them in the legends of our own minds, without concern for His sight, bowing to worshiping things as absolutes. Losing, Forgetting the Shekhinah, to pretend that hate is compassion, that a Black Hole of hate for compassion for any suffering other than our own is Light. The core of humanity that flows from the Shekhinah is to be gutted and tossed into a pail on the floor from a cold metal altar in an autopsy of Hope. Butchering a still-born prayer for the World to Come. Devoid of compassion for humanity. Contemptuous of justice and mercy. Hate as do the right thing is against the flowing of the Shekhinah; Come Fly with Me into a Black Hole.


People of say-do-whatever ‘can’t be trusted.‘ When the measure of a man is honesty, they have  faith in lying, to themselves and anyone else within range of the pull of that Black Hole. Their only motive, role of the soul is to prey for survival. As lying in the grass, lying is knitted into the fabric of their Chimeric souls, there’s nothing in the soul of a cold-blooded snake to trust.

Their beastly children certainly are ‘raised to be wicked people like their parents.‘ From the womb, blood and flesh dripping from their gaping maws, show the same hate their parents pretend are surprises without the need for a formal ‘talk.’

Proud that their children trained to the hunt while still crawling ‘get it’ that they’re better than ‘them,’ euphemistically termed as ‘different,’ wink. Propagating waves of hate as Virtue, generations of the conventional wisdom of Cain holding dominion over Abel, deific.

Pied Pipers of Hate are Responsible

As we hold their parents responsible for their children’s eventual pursuit of wickedness, who is responsible when some among us turn to eating pork and far more onerous than that, suicide by marrying idolaters? Or ours collectively by marrying their idolatries?

Conventional Wisdom is the rapid response based upon a flash card of pattern-matching. Their Congenital Deficiency of Humanity is the statistical probability, more likely than not; a prudent default assumption, wise. That on reflection is understood as not an Absolute of all as less than human, but overwhelmingly most. Most isn’t all.

By One Absolute-Unity, existentially, there must be exceptions, souls of yetzer tov ‘us’ within ‘them.’ As obviously as there are the vain and empty among us beckoning to adopt idolatries out of absolutes, some if only one as world of ‘them‘ in full Humanity will turn against their upbringing to looking only to HaShem, from the soul of His yetzer tov within them.

Now, my mantra is to be ‘Am I my brother’s keeper?’ if I can’t trace my mitochondrial genealogy to ‘them.‘ Ethiopians—Savages.

Truth for Truth

True enough they’re ‘uncompassionate by nature’ but the ‘idea’ that unprovoked and merciless attacks on them ‘curb their evil inclination,‘ is a self-serving recipe of dominion assimilation fabrication. While possible that ‘babies and children of Israel’s enemies will grow to harm us,‘ being the aggressor from faith in Ba’al’s power money might voids the ‘may be killed.By lying.

The lie that ‘all of them‘ aren’t as human is the lie to justify the other lie that it isn’t possible for any of us to be inhumane. That we’re perfect, infallible, can’t fall, can’t fail to be pleasing in His sight, as Cain the old-South preys to emulate their idea of deities on earth.

The Pied Piper of hate said ‘Islamism, as the only dynamic utopian and totalitarian ideology extant in the world today,‘ is an ennobling valuation of the Authoritarian dominion as utopia, ‘for us.’ While saying that we’re democratic, but none for them. The ‘freedoms’ people died in Iran protesting for aren’t of the same human fabric as ours. Savages.

Sirens Calling to a Cold Void of Hate as Virtue

The cold and sterile Herr Ratzinger void of no space in the soul for the Shekhinah rationalizes, invokes Logos to ‘bring the devil in.’ From this negative space compressed to an absence of light. bereft of a soul, idolaters imagine that the Shekhinah lives in Romancethe rush of power money might. Paint.

As the throngs in Germany were in rapturous adulation of a murderous heart, enthralled by a monster with a bounce and a step, their being ‘in the spirit’ of a better than ‘them’ affirmation to rationalize denying humanity, for a Birthright to prey. Worshiping things makes roots in things, inhuman. Being called to a higher purpose of a Black Hole as soul. Without His light.

They’re uplifted, animated, invigorated, born again in the prospect of a whiff of death in the Coliseum. Incensed, enraged, undone at the idea of any compassion for humanity other than their own. Can never approach Noahide as they bow to graven images in words and pictures. Shrouds. Praying to body parts as keepsakes. Icons. Praying to men.

The dominion of predators is their good, that I have Faith is inferior to His Good. Regardless of Paint. Some souls of yetzer tov are still able to see through the Trinitarian Pauline addendum, seeing the potato and onion while ignoring the rest by His grace, that we are not deities to deny.

We Know Better

We know better: To the fourth generation and beyond. Taking The Name to do evil, that’s lucrative self-aggrandizing self-serving to be Birds of a Feather will be punished more certainly than Job’s reward for standing in His Good. We know with Absolute Certainty that now that we have no reason to doubt, that Choosing the Murder of Cain cannot be forgiven.

We don’t have their excuses. The idea that the old-South is human has for millenia been returned to dust within myself, but for now, it’s Addendum Identity that’s to course through our souls with abiding ‘unpopular things‘ as observance.

Using spiritual and mystical truths rooted in the Shekhinah to forget the Awe from which she came. Bowing to vanity. Emptiness. Icons.

Following the soulless into idolatries is a slippery slope to nowhere, down into a Black Hole from which there is no escape. To have souls lower than the torn unclean cattle they eat wrapped in bacon, because we know better.

Looking Back

Doubt is in the moment before the decision to defy instruction and look back one last time to Sodom and Gomorrah of idolatries. In the flash of uncertainty that refusing to follow Pied Pipers of Hate to worship Ba’al’s power money might, joining the winning team of predators isn’t my new religion, tablets delivered.

No worries mate, change the instructions — cherry-pick.

From insularity to maintain rejecting idolatries flipped around as addendum enthusiasts judging for particularism‘ as a fine new euphemism for my new Fourteenth Principle religion as having no moral principles to embrace a purely self-serving belief that a multicultural (democracy) for all people is both undesirable and (altogether) impossible.

The Bigger They Come

As Black Holes are immense gravity from the collapse of stars, the most idealistic, the biggest stars become the most disillusioned.

Rather than moderating, addictive personality Idealists swing cyclothymically from hugely bright to intensely dark.

Militaristic Neo-cons from disillusioned Communists. Former Liberals become the most vitriolic Atwater niggerniggernigger‘ conservationists of hate. Disillusioned gullible in idealism hippies the most inveterate of misanthropic corporatists. True-believer religious fanatics become ardent atheists. Bipolar.

Converts’ deep antipathy for their former metareligion grows from an explicit and considered rejection rather than a coincidental association as hearsay that leaves doubt.

It’s the moving from one Romantic fantasy into a polar Absolute of negation that removes from reality. As the white supremacist was born into collectivization out of the murder of his brother by a Latin King. To then sally forth under a new banner, to warn others from their idealism in a rejection that is as rigid as the original make-believed fantasy that couldn’t bend into reality without breaking. Reality is between absolutes. By these, most becomes all. The reality of injustices removes any need to be concerned for justice. Innovating with purty fancy-house words that boil down to, translate from a pretense of celestial to down and dirty on the ground, ‘I Hate their guts — all of them, all the time.All.

Get us Out of Here Scotty!

In a Star Trek movie, the bad guys defeated, Cap’n Kirk orders, ‘Get us out of this Black Hole before it’s too late, Scotty!‘ In reality, by the time you’re in a Black Hole, it’s already too late.

My disobedience of better judgment in deciding to actually read the addendum for myself resulted in lasting injury. Parallels the disobedience of better judgement in willfully deciding to execute the militarism package we have before us today. Knows Best.

Listening to Pied Pipers of Hate, from the mundane short of a higher educational credential were it not for the grace of social promotion to the articulate and professorial, is fraught with danger. Of being sucked down into their Black Hole of depressing Despair of Hope. Sucked into an endless loop of Hate Fear Fear Hate.

Not that I can be persuaded to reject the Shekhinah from the One Absolute-Unity and go sailing into a Black Hole of the soul in these cousin’s fantasy that after the bad guys are defeated, we can simply sail back out. Black Holes as souls are best avoided with the free Will to not look back at Sodom and Gomorrah, at idolatries. Any soul that gets within range of the pull of these Black Holes by deeming them as credible is doomed to an irreversible process of being pulling into a crusher of the soul from which no light can escape. Wounding the soul if not extinguishing its light in the cold metallic void of unrighteous intentions.

Drifting on A Sullen Sea

Israel is inexorably drifting into being a Black Hole as soul, with an albatross of the fantasy that winning an Utopian ‘particularism‘ out of another two generations of war by other means. Wildfires of racist discrimination and misanthropy for her ‘cannon fodder’ citizens within the Green Line disregarded for a perpetual non-occupation militarism package.

Huff and puff threatening and marketing are effective internally, the wise distancing themselves. Given the rejection-of-thought educational limitations of the old-South, the rest of the literate world can read with comprehension. May take interest in accuracy of facts. Relying on the First World not caring while being convicted by your own testimony brings a ‘we’ll see if this doesn’t result in avoidance’ while smugly issuing those ‘to be discussed.’ Wink.

One after one, by the star-dogged Moon,
Too quick for groan or sigh,
Each turned his face with a ghastly pang,
And cursed me with his eye.

Four times fifty living men,
(And I heard nor sigh nor groan)
With heavy thump, a lifeless lump,
They dropped down one by one

The Rime of the Ancient Mariner

BDS will grow, but that the hearts and minds of nations peoples and finally souls will for self-preservation distance themselves from the pull of that gravity of righteous discrimination, will grow cold and distant. Already being replaced by soulless materialist old-South addendum-enthusiast Coliseum droolers from whom no light has escaped for generations, for millenia. Murdering us yesterday, today our fan club.

Pied Pipers of Hate Are the Problem

The concern being expressed is that inadequate marketing by inadequate tribal solidarity of Standing With Us is the issue when it’s what’s being marketed that’s the problem: Explicit rejection of “universalist social democracy” for old-South particularism, judge jury and executioner of permanent Jim-Crow inequality out of permanent war on the defenseless under a non-occupation.

It’s only natural for a belligerently intolerant, faith-driven ethno state to become Birds of a Feather in old-South idolatries driving the identity politics of the War within the States, leading the new ‘observant‘ of The Fourteenth Principle to become amoral while opportunistic Republican buffoons. Cold Herr Ratzinger of Logos rationalism for rationalization when applied to Them.

That only reinforces the perception of the world that the smoke of denial of targets’ humanity rhetoric is associated with willful arson as ‘unpopular things.‘ No more than there’s any point in flying into Black Holes is there any value in listening to them unless willing to be consumed by that darkness. One way or another. Having Chosen to take their soul in there, knowing better, there’s no coming back out. The best practice is to avoid, as having read the Trinitarian Pauline addendum once, I’ll never touch it again — not even to tear it up. Apparently, the line you take on Israel trumps everything else in life.” reflects an idolatry defined as blind tribal loyalty to the Bitter and hateful. The ‘hurting,‘ yearning to hurt.


Perhaps Ba’al’s power money might, as these Pied Pipers of Hate and their cousins hold, is really all there is. Perhaps pumping the Unit Cohesion of troops with One-drop absolutes to see them ‘all‘ as enemy targets is the way of preying. Perhaps they’re right, there is no Justice Compassion Mercy. No Moshiach. No World to Come. No Absolute-Unity.

Hate as wisdom: Perhaps this marketing opportunity for Febreze putrefied and rotten choking stench of hate is my true savior, to be my pillar. That to which I should look by go-along-to-get-along as observance. That this ‘greater’-valued worth selling our souls to idolatries isn’t self-serving. That superior in quality if not in deed, by deific declaration.

It is our duty to praise the Master of All, to ascribe greatness to the molder of primeval creation, for He has not made us like the nations of the lands, for He has not assigned our portion like theirs nor our lot like theirs, for they bow to vanity and emptiness.

And perhaps these Pied Pipers of Hate know better of only giving praise to the Master of All, ascribing greatness and the purpose of all we do to the molder of primeval creation. Perhaps as infallible deities, we’re free to rationalize say-do-whatever, can’t lose our soul of hHumanity.


Heschel spoke of ‘attacking their souls’ when the overwhelming majority of the old-South and their ilk have no human soul to attack in their congenital deficiency of humanity out of generations of swimming to prey and preying to swim. Praying to prey.

My hate for what the souls of men-as deities and their pecking order of loyalists personify is beyond the healthy and virile of Wiesel, it’s approaching an Abyss of an Absolute. To now find myself being drawn by the gravity of a Black Hole of tribal loyalty, articulate and cloaked-as-benign professorial rationalizations pushing a fix of hate as Virtue. To be drawn into a crushing Black Hole of men-as deities of say-do-whatever idolatry. To become a decerebrate soulless old-South automaton devoid of the light of the Shekhinah, to trade my infinitessimal soul for the finished nothingness of an idolatry of a thing as if. Crushed into a hesitant instant of uncertainty by hearing the Siren song of Piped Pipers of Hate beckoning looking back to idolaries to justify a permanent non-occupation militarism package of militaristic settlement enterprise Human Rights abuses and Project Humiliation. Justified by hateful xenophobia Palestinians Arabs Muslims then an entire world of compassion for suffering. Leave no witnesses. Herem,


I’m not going to give up my Civil Rights or my soul to these Bipolar All or Nothing at All Pied Pipers of Hate that strive to crush the light of the Shekhinah, that swing from one idealistic extreme to another; from enlightenment to no light in an old-South role of the soul as Black Hole. Israel doesn’t have to be the United States in the Middle East to have an albatross of faith in inequality result in credibility being swept overboard in the rising tide of egalitarian justice flowing from The Divine Torah. Four of five Arabs expelled for cause perhaps, as generously no more than four of five of the old-South have anything that can be remotely called a soul, but this ‘particularism‘ as Utopia is a bridge too far from the Hope of I-Thou.

Spiritual Means

Only spiritual means will bring the World to Come. These Pied Pipers of Hate-mongering have only added their voices to the correctness of the warning chorus of the faithful of Awe of HaShem, that this Ba’al power money might religion of saying-whatever to demonize targets for militaristic do-whatever is a dangerous Black Hole from which escape will be difficult, if possible. Ironically, it’s the Uncertain ‘religious’ most susceptible to the assaults of bullies by a lack of clarity. The lists of the caring and responsible warning of this Black Hole reflects the Faith of the elders in His prophets The Divine Torah and Awe of HaShem, not in this marketed as in The Name Fourteenth Principle religion of worshiping Ba’al’s power money might.

 I don‟t want to know you. I don‟t want to know your money. ..stay as far as possible from them…All the great rabbis of our time have already warned us to keep away from them…One must not join them in any manner, and it is proper to stay far from them and their people….You must know that the sweet will not emerge from the bitter. ….From these sinners and heretics no good or salvation can come to the Jewish people. ….Do not join them and do not take part in their gatherings. ….Anyone who fears G-d should flee from the Zionists and Mizrachists as one flees from fire….separate yourselves from the tents of the Zionists and do not touch their movement, lest you perish through all their sins. ….Be careful not to get caught in this net, which is hidden to entrap the true faith we have received from Sinai!…Do not go on their way, keep your feet away from their path, for those who join them descend to the depths of Hell; …all who go to them will never return and will not achieve life in the World to Come…..

Warning to not go down into a Black Hole of idolatry, one begetting another, from which there is no return.

Prophecies warn those who will listen to the Shekhinah away from a path of destruction, to not go in, and beseech those who have stepped away from the pathways of the Shekhinah to return. As pharaoh couldn’t listen, perhaps it’s truly futile to warn this bitter and hateful deity to let us go, and turn back. From their militaristic settlement enterprise justified by ‘particularism.

Bitter with the Sweet

The sweet light will not emerge from this Black Hole of the Bitter. With my family there, I have to care. As the militaristic settlement enterprise Human Rights abuses and Project Humiliation is a national project under the rubric of defense, the concept of some sort of ‘targeted’ treatment is absurd. Nor am I some old-South I.Q. capped at 50 by law fan-boy automaton that’s going to regurgitate the Stand with Us, ‘nothing’s going on’ lie. At the same time, there are limits of repetition before any with sanity times out, ‘gets it’ as the beastly son of ‘we’re better than.’ Into disgust.


My prayer, the best thing we can do for the state of the Jewish people is to return to observance. Not observance as going along to get along with old-South militaristic ‘unpopular things‘ while praying to Ba’al to save our golden calf, but the observance that we’ve understood for thousands of years that holds us to looking only to HaShem, away from, rejecting idolatries.

Souls extinguished in the Black Hole of idolatries will not be lights in the World to Come. Only by spiritual means, as spiritual athletes with perfect Faith in Awe of HaShem will He cause by grace the World to Come from His Shekhinah.


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