We Choose the Roles of our Souls from Free Will

Individuals have a soul, as do collectives. Chi, China Qi.

Awareness of Good and Evil: Cain

Motive not an element of a crime, aware of good and evil, Hate serves well to justify, can come from nothing, be made up. The same souls of Hate inhabit history, to the same ends. The raison d’être of men-as deities is the freedom to act from Hate with impunity.

Cain’s freedom chosen, standing over Abel murdered created himself as deity with absolute power over life and death in this world. By whatever justification, Hate is a fixing judgment, condemnation, a labeling as demon; that enables up to the most heinous sins — crimes including Murder. Hateful souls are fixed in yetzer hara for ‘them’ with yetzer tov only for themselves, not for humanity.

Holding Dominion as Deity

For some souls, freedom is holding dominion as deity with absolute power to choose life or death, Roman thumbs, to deny Justice Compassion Mercy. The Coliseum placated the masses by participation in deity, thumbs in or out for mercy or not. For some souls, the thumb is stuck on the no Mercy without need to hear the question. Issues vary in evolution but denying rights, denying Justice Compassion Mercy, for targets of predatory opportunity that vary flows from a common soul of darkness, the man-as deity of the Cain of murder.

Cain, Not His Brother’s Keeper

Men-as deities only has care for themselves excepting fellow Birds of a Feather Holding Dominion in collusion, Calvinists providentially justified by righteous power to expose the pre-destined weak on cold Spartan Stones for survival of the fittest in militarism. Freedom of unregulated market(er)s to pillage the weak with lies of any degree legalized as marketing is a Calvinist value with deadly paper cuts of futures, hopes and dreams.

Abortion a horrific injustice, what of Infant Mortality? If really pro-life, if they were good souls they’d put the same energy into correcting that statistic as they do in preventing abortion.

Only a divinely providential deity of hypocrisy finds the one a criminal offense and sublimely sips their coffee while piously smug in the face of the other. Their Hate Comes Smiling. Being pro-life is just another issue for them to feel righteous about, to judge themselves better than someone else, along with the necessity to embrace abominable war-mongering as their only man as if conventional wisdom.

Neither every soul from the South nor everyone in the real South in America, is Xenophobic. Out of all their opportunities to get in line in an endemic cultural environment; souls among them have made another choice, to be just, have Compassion, show Mercy. The desert wilderness radiates Hate into the atmosphere of the earth more toxic than fluorocarbons destroying the ozone layer as their ilk destroys the care layer, immune to global warming by willing decerebration.

Soul of a Community

The historical old-South, and the nationalized one that lives on in the old-South nationalized as the Republican Party is xenophobic as a religious belief in their duty as men-as deities to hold dominion over others. Their three fifths a soul judgment of Negroes is to say that they are inhuman, subject to their Southern Baptist dominion as beasts, should be slaves and failing that discriminated against.

Their Congenital Deficiency of a soul of humanity can’t bring them out of the Egypt of judging other people subhuman; makes the three-fifths of identifying as evangelicals beasts, rather than the worthy deities holding whimsical power over mortal lesser subjects they want to be. Soulless. Inhuman.

As there’s No Absolute within this Unity of dualities, reality isn’t an All or Nothing at All proposition; no one’s purely good or evil. Being good, human is a choice of being free to look to HaShem in egalitarian yetzer tov for all Humanity in contrast to men-as deities looking to things in primacy of the Authoritarian conventional wisdom of yetzer hara in a pecking order down to ‘them.’

We Choose as We Breathe

Both ways of being are from the souls among every people. The soul within the defector that couldn’t tolerate being asked to Murder delivered him from that Egypt. Not stones, we choose the Roles of our Souls as we breathe, consciously or not. Roles aren’t fixed.