Conventional Wisdom is The Way of Survival

TemudjinThat ‘dem ‘dat’s got shall get, and ‘dem ‘dat’s not shall lose — forever.

Conventional Wisdom is that this is the way of the world, the strong to trample the weak, the wealthy holding dominion over the poor for another three or four billions of years until the sun expands to kill all life on the world.

Civilization has an arc of existence not temporally defined in those terms, as do we all. Conventional Wisdom is incontestable perceptions of truth cultures implement as bedrock of the necessity for survival.

Maintained as faithfully as mice following in the pheromonal trails of predecessors, for the good of the society.

Conventional Wisdom Is What Works

Conventional Wisdom grows out of what seems to have worked. Animals looking for food leave a pheromonal trail successors will follow regardless of the low quality found. But the scout who finds good food reinforces by telling compatriots to come along and the masses follow.

Some will still chew paper, but there’ll be a dominant path that becomes conventional wisdom. Conventional wisdom has similarly grown that war and military conquests are productive.

From hunter gathers migratory wandering by weather to nomads scavenging a fixed productive circuit until it plays out. The fixed circuit of conventional wisdom of the world in recorded history is conquest to expand trade, to Put Food on the Table.

Genghis Khan was an epitome of success so that many have followed that trail through history. Empires and conquerors have come and gone, but the practice has been in no way discredited, only evolved. Recorded history is significantly the contrails and effects of activities based on this what works conventional wisdom of the wolf.

Democracy as Counter to Conventional Wisdom

America’s gains of cheap labor in the Egypt of slavery and conquest of Native Americans stand as gleaming beacon on the top of the world as success, both warning and prize; notwithstanding the history of genocide against the possibility of electing those without proper corporatist credentials.

As much as the world envies American success, they’re afraid that the roving eye of genocide to plunder to maintain the pecking order on the world plantation will pass that way. Some Americans imagined themselves slighted by suspicion of motive at hearing; We come in peace. Or How are you today? When history has taught that that’s the opening of the assault. As the emissary was sent by Genghis Khan to say; Submit and Prosper with us, or die.

Inevitability of Dominion

The fundamental adversarial context of the Clash of the Titans is predicated on the inevitability of an imposition of dominion; China remembers Britain. Repackaging with new marketing doesn’t doesn’t necessarily mean the contents have changed. conventional wisdom is that there’ll be winners and losers, predators and prey, wolves and lambs, men-as deities, a pecking order court, and subjects.

A conversational change of dialogue to partnership as Birds of a Feather doesn’t modify the fundamental. Overseers in lieu of masters doesn’t remove from being plantations. Conventional wisdom is that the states of affairs in the past, honoring our fathers and mothers, ancestors, should be maintained throughout time.

Democracy Is An Outgrowth of Egalitarianism

Democracy itself is an outgrowth of egalitarianism, a negation of men-as deities. Progress over time has been away from pecking orders as determinant when the people, masses extended through the history of suffrage reflects egalitarianism so that only the most misogynistic democracies still reject women’s suffrage. As the old-South endeavors to disenfranchise masses within America, to revise back to inequality.

Revisionists for Inequality as Conventional Wisdom

An idea of Conservatism is to preserve while the redemptive Revisionists’ War Between the States within the States stands to make it the as it should have been by their Federalist standards. The Bill of Rights and provisions for Amendments, to create flexibility to bending but not breaking, to be negated by say-whatever denial that from the inception of accommodation, not only of slavery was provided for, but the mechanism to end slavery in time.

Secession For Inequality

The secession then, as that now from governance in compromise to impose inequality by hegemony of men-as deities for furtherance of their pecking order. By that, American slavery cum inequality should be returned by ‘at will’ non-union labor when the greater issue is the strangulation of the poor and sick on the Spartan Stones of militarismEducational system abandoned all to Atwater ‘hurting them, the weaker, more’ as though fighting Communism. With Corporatists having deific impunity for say-do-whatever.

For Cause the Infant Mortality statistic tracks the Educational Statistic. By disenfranchised amendment, the old-South was unjustly deprived of their inequality way of life that was slavery by unwarranted Yankee aggression. To be remedied now by their War Between the States within the States.

In times of madness as the old-South holds, regulation of business was implemented to stop the strong trampling the weak, Medicare and Social Security following in One-drop of compassion for suffering other than their own, as Communism.

By men-as deities’ natural predatory order, the strong should be able to trample the weak, their freedom of Autocracy. Conservatives have dressed inequality up in Revisionist ‘constitutional freedom’ clothes, but the bottom line is that the wolf will eat the lamb forever, with the impunity of infallibility.

Subjects under Men-as deities are constrained by laws made from power money might for subjects, with the application of laws to provide impunity as infallibility of the Ba’al. As an institutionalization of the caste Pecking Order, to be as temporal as India’s.

Providential Bounty

Evrèmonde descendants of the Godzilla baron who wrecked lives are innocent in their supping from the table of providential bounty as from Native American genocide and slavery. What if they’re wrong? Conventional wisdom was that American social separation of the races was the only possibility, with miscegenation laws throughout the country. Thinking the North different in my old-South immigration, I was impressed that Massachusetts never repealed theirs.

World civilization is maturing in a globalization of awareness of the lies of men-as deities. From locales where people only traveled in insular packs in a set path to the plight of the fifteen year old sold into prostitution in an ostensibly religious culture juxtaposed to an eight year old being spat upon by another ostensibly religious culture to another child shot in the head through a window, all brought into the living rooms of the world instantly.

Ugly Vicissitudes of Injustices

The ultimate reality show is that the ugly vicissitudes of icebergs of injustices that have been ongoing for millennia are, as the Vietnam War was impacted in another time by exposure, are going to compel souls of yetzer tov to rise up and take a stand for Justice Compassion and Mercy. The Man-as deity Godzilla believes he can stomp all the serfs into oblivion, and when the smoke clears turn to public relations philanthropy as divine absolution when history, when He always remembers.

He Always Remembers

Like the incriminating tape broadcast on the airwaves of the world, men-as deity will be finished when no soul of yetzer tov will listen to the wolf bidding to come hither, by exposure of Crimes against Humanity a long time before the sun expands. If there’s no statute of limitations on murder, when the ways of thinking and being at root of genocide as conventional wisdom falls on Spartan Stones, will come under indictment even after proximate generations have passed, in the World to Come.

The Evrèmondes of the world are alive and well, the privileged generations of the correctness of injustice maintaining policies of oppression as a birthright. Like the old-South before the War Between the States, they won’t be satisfied with their big confederate pond; they want the territories and South America as well; Now the world.

Conventional Wisdom Can Change

I trembled at the admonition to honor my father and mother or be condemned to the thousandth generation when I’m already in a damned generation. If my parents were racists, they never let me know about it, but attending an integrated high school in the desert wilderness inculcated being thrown to that crossing my mind when the person is just generally insipid and ignorant, automatomic decerebrate albeit all consistent, wasting energy and misdirecting efforts.

Dada saying don’t go into the military made it the law. What if they’re wrong? What if their parents were wrong? Since his time in the military, the military has become the model of egalitarian opportunity.

The Soul of the World to Come

The soul of the World to Come is at stake in the War Between the States within the States, and in Judea and Samaria. Global reality will become stranger than fiction as the soul of the world turns against those relying on the conventional wisdom that Murder is the tried and true snake-oil cure for people who contest their Man-as deity freedom of dominion.

Conventional wisdom is that Israelis and Arabs are mortal enemies to the last man standing in victory, never the twain shall meet. Islam is our estranged family of Abraham, the only other monotheism.

Conventional wisdom rooted in the imperial prerogatives of congenital colonialism underpinned the Argentinean then Ugandan permutations based on native displacement/dominion. In the hundreds years since, the natives have overrun their men-as deific dictators, overseers and have imposed self-determination for outliers, ‘them.’

Never Forget Justice

Never Forgetting the injustices Jews have suffered at the hands of many, including Arabs, the expectations that Native American displacement of a hundred years ago is practicable are unrealistic, as it should be as we’re pressed to deliver on our contract. I’ve never felt that Judea and Samaria should be surrendered but dismissed this as more of my Orthodoxy, being ‘tight.’

So I’ve prayed and prayed some more in the firm belief, like the Ghost Dancers of 1890, that my humble contribution is in prayer and observance, leaving the affairs of state to those more qualified. I doubt Hate as a qualification. The juxtaposition of the Brownshirt’s ovation with the ambassador on a children’s chair shocked me to the realization that conventional wisdom, train locked to millennia old tracks, is all there is at play.

He Isn’t Asking for More of the Same

When He isn’t asking for more conventional wisdom rooted in the Man-as prerogatives of Goliath. He requires that we create a way for the lamb to dwell with the wolf, for people to decide to put an end to war and destroy weapons of war.

He showed me, and I know He is my Lord. My made up from nothing is that the covenant we made is to create this impossible wolf lying with the lamb antithesis to conventional wisdom that has No Precedent. With no pheromonal trails to follow, we were also given the map in The Divine Torah when we accepted this reality in His time.

Wandering in a Desert Wilderness

We’re still wandering in a desert wilderness of His disapproval of Cain’s murder as hegemony over Abel. I doubt cherry-picking to uphold conventional wisdom stands in lieu of the whole of messages through history, written, oral, and experientially carved into our souls, all called to confluence in this convocation brought large by globalization of awareness, brought from the wisdom of The Divine Torah.

He Is the Only

Our backs are against the wall of impending Injustices begetting more injustices in repayment of injustices on never-ending wheels of time, forever to nowhere. His Perfect Faith in us is putting no deity before. I obey no Man as if thing. He is the only.

Chariots closing, spears bearing down, how will we choose this time? That’s His question that we will answer.

Cain received disapproval for murdering Abel, but conventional wisdom is that wolves don’t murder lambs, they exercise the natural order of their role of their soul. The Murder of Cain pays for men-as deities. Our prophets scouted the way for another possibility than that conventional wisdom.

If the prophets are believed, eventually conventional wisdom will yield to His Justice Compassion Mercy.