Assimilation_of_Native_AmericansA taste for pork isn’t the only risk of Assimilation. I regard gentiles eating pork on the bacon channels with morbid fascination, but Jews, including culinary celebrities as exemplars, ‘embracing the pig’ saddens me greatly. Including Judeo as exception doesn’t mean that because I can I should join the everyman-for-himself men-as deities club: becoming Injustice to stand for Justice, hater to withstand Hate, liar to combat lies, oppressor to refute allegations of oppression.

Assimilation across a Cultural Barrier is Inevitable

Rather than a socio-political one-way adoption of dominant group, assimilation is both-ways wherein each group contributes some of its own cultural traits along a gradient of valuation. Ethnic minorities or other as religious may be sublimated to the dominant culture, but the dominant culture will also adopt aspects of the minority demographic culture. That, consistent with a thermal barrier of relative interchange as one adiabatic system normalizes to another.

By continuity, the interchange isn’t an absolute as the one to the other, is gradual and in varying degrees by the differential of valuation that is the actor on the integrity of the thermal barrier. Full assimilation to indistinguishable reflects dominance of valuation, and is granular in that some aspects of each may have relative dominance.

Religion as a Thermal Barrier

Navajo-assimilationFormal religion strengthens the thermal barrier against Assimilation. To mitigate acquisition of customs and attitudes through contact and communication with a dominance of effect that undermines conventional wisdom. Any contacts, including trade routes back into the depth of history by existential necessity will exchange qualities by greater and lesser degrees, as any thermal system contact, will always occur. Assimilation or repulsion are inevitable.

Assimilation is always Dissimilation from pre-existing. Contact that induces acceptance of dominant value can also engender contempt for values so that the thermal barrier is raised rather than reduced, reinforcing a pre-existing quality. Some people who have been exposed to injustices, rather than adopting the underlying metareligion, develop a response of opposition.

Bending Rather Than Breaking

An example is that Hindus and Muslims permit chaperoned interaction between males and females in America that would not occur in the parent cultures. This in recognition of the forces promoting Assimilation by existential recognition of contact with the dominant culture requiring an evolution of conventional wisdom, without complete accession to the dominant culture. Bending rather than breaking.

As schoolgirls are poisoned and bombed in Birmingham, Afghanistan today, our egalitarian march of sexual equality is such that women from historically misogynistic cultures within America, though submissive to their husbands, don’t expect beatings or to be disregarded as chattel, being set on fire or disfigured with acid. Increasing divorce rates within those cultures within America reflect variance of accommodation.



Assimilation Can Undermine or Gain Wisdom

Arabs are not animals any more so than we. Thuggee strangulation is as violent a death as any. Certainly illiterate, how this is in the spirit of respect and Compassion is something I hope to learn someday. Perhaps the fine print is that killing isn’t the point but driving out.

Perhaps I wrongly collectivize with old-South Republicans saved from judgment by a belief in man-as deific freedom to say-do-whatever to be washed with wafers and wine. Perhaps the Arabs being targeted for seeming injustices have been fairly tried and convicted. Perhaps I don’t know what I’m talking about. I sincerely hope so.

The Same

The collectivization of Muslims for Islamophobia is the same as anti-Semitism that has murdered us through the ages. I don’t object to the concept of dislocation, but know that doing it on an ethnic basis is existentially indefensible as just. Dislocation for individual cause, for Hate-related activities and participation would be wholeheartedly supported. Not provocation like the old-South trooper that tells the Negro to rev his engine, then arrests for refusing to cooperate with lawful authority or loud mufflers for a rubber hose appetizer before the not so bad strange fruit barbeque.

Just Process

If four of five evangelicals were expelled, that would be fine, as long as a just process has been employed, but to arbitrarily strangle livelihoods and discriminate on an ethnic basis is untenable as righteous. Pulling down farmer’s trees is neither merciful nor Compassionate. Now I have another tree thought to match the ‘not so bad‘ old-South smiling pictures.

Our Tradition

Our Wisdom is Yetzer Tov among all the peoples of the world, already proved by the certainty that they will receive their portion in the World to Come. Has our Wisdom been lost in Assimilation to the Ba’al religion of  power money might? To Men as deities, to pharaohs from whom we were delivered, for Awe of HaShem.

A Rotting Corpus

The ovation for the face of a rotting corpus of automatons of inhumanity delivered my wake-up and pay attention question;

Are you a Jew? As the shroud drops over our face of yetzer tov; Are you a Jew? Humanity? Forgetaboutit. I’m your Humanity right here: Are you a Jew? Not a percentile of agree or disagree, no box for comments. Yes or no: Are you a Jew? [Be quiet, keep silent.  … Not a sound. Be still. … Try to breathe, as thundering applause drowns silent screams, tears away dreams of Compassion, tears cleansing for a proper burial of Mercy, and tears His Chosen from holy with unjust violence. He is coming near. Be still. Quiet. …. We might hear. Quiet!] In my beginning and to His end of peace, Never Forgetting; yes, I am.

I Am Nothing

I am nothing, have no awards beauty birthright degrees might money pedigree power publications qualifications standing tenure youth or name. Enduring all the privations I can, My Prayers as I breathe, Worlds at stake, I awaken from my prayerful meditation to being the monster of my nightmares, a weapon of indiscriminate mass destruction, remora of injustices I’ll Never Forget. I now have another sadness that defies articulation for my rheumy eyes in this unspeakable horror.

Burn Me In Your Devangelical’s Fire of Hate

I won’t get ‘saved’ to Assimilate to looking to power money might, to Abandon sight of my obligation to stand for His Justice Mercy and Compassion. So please: Burn me in your devangelical’s fire of Hate if your man-as deific infallible will. I die anyway, compelled to lie down on an altar of Spartan Stones in the choking stench of your ghoul’s foul breath of death by Hate with the blood of millions dripping from his predecessors’ fangs.

Who am I to disagree? Most assuredly, no one. I am nothing. Dust. If that.