Metareligions Are Exceptions From Stated Religion as Personality Disorders

UsThemLogoMetareligions here are Us-Them societal personality disorders, typified by the old-South Holding Dominion metareligions being a narcissistic anti-social personality disorders with histrionics. Exceptional treatment differential of ‘them’ is Metareligion, Us-them has justified from pre-history, before we were upright. Some use heathen infidel or Chosen to justify deviations from the yetzer tov within. As metaphysical refers to an idea, doctrine, or posited reality outside of human sense perception, Metareligions here are concomitant belief systems outside the nominal religion leading to behaviors that are outside the representations of the religion.

Religion Is What We Do

Religion is what we do, the kinetic dimension, as I posited in 1973. While I fully embrace analogizing and looking at other disciplines as is done elsewhere, my point here is that the ills of the world may be seen as cultural personality disorders in actions toward ‘them.’ In thermodynamics, an adiabatic system is a closed system where no energy is added or escapes. Clearly, we are not adiabatic systems but every encounter necessarily has some effect in either assimilation or revulsion, personally and culturally. Even if the affected doesn’t change their purported religion, I hold that Assimilation of cultural norms is more significant and relevant than a structural terminology within what’s classically defined as a religion. As everything is a duality, the metareligion is concomitant with nominal religion.

Metareligion as a Cultural Dimension

My made up from Nothing, is that metareligions are more cultural than religious doctrinal. And that this is a way to view the future in a more coherent reality than that a given religion holds a certain way when the cultural interpretation of the meaning of ‘them’ is the metareligious driver. Native American treatment of colonists was based on their default yetzer tov, rather than the default European conquistador yetzer hara culture of pursuing Holding Dominion. People who adhere to conventional wisdom that people Hold Dominion over other people aren’t necessarily different than their oppressor except for lack of opportunity. The longstanding schism in approach to Arabs in Israel has been throughout the history of Zionism, well before recognition and carried forward to disagreements of today. The Second Aliyah culture brought the mistreatments suffered in Russia to a new natural pecking order, the whipped now wielding the whip. Cherry-picking is the required mechanism for making the transition from the treatment of us to treatment of them.

Doesn’t Apply to ‘Them’

If the religion teaches Justice Compassion Mercy, the justification for denial has to be that that doesn’t apply to them. As all words and writings grow out of duality, distinctions are contexts of conflict or desire to avoid. Yetzer tov only applies to those on our ‘side,’ the yetzer hara is for ‘them.’ As was the natural order in the culture brought with the religion, the issue wasn’t whipping, but who’s giving it and who has to take it. Then we humanly rationalize, normalize that to the interpretation of the religion. Current societies in our world have less homogeneity in the flows of people that have come of age as mass migrations of populations contact, waters upon the earth. My objection to a man as if, doesn’t remove that by choice of interpretation, some have done great things for mankind throughout the world in yetzer tov, as others have done immense harm from yetzer hara. Sometimes, there’s a mix of both, as the Native Americans are converted then set upon a Trail of Tears.

Pheromonal Cultural Influences: Following in Footsteps

Superficially, those who’re all pro-life before for all pro-death after are that way from the roles of their soul to be Birds of a Feather. In fairness, the credible pheromonal cultural influences including parents siblings Mentors friends educational and employment molding environments establish the personality in action, kinetic. Following in the footsteps of those that have gone before. Each of us have both a personal personality and a cultural personality; cultures have personalities.

Cultural Treatment of ‘Them’ as Personality Disorders

Religions are slow and deliberate. Resisting change is a function of organized religion, day to day administration is deferred to cultural conventional wisdom. Reality, as the Kübler-Ross stages of death, is that personality disorders are miscible, not cut and dried horse-stalls of possibilities.

Man-as deity is a Narcissistic Antisocial with Histrionics Personality Disorder

The ‘Good Times’ of the fifties before trouble-making communists like Martin Luther King Jr. were stirring up accommodating darkies who’d learned their place and were happy with their dominion: Before their catastrophe of Civil Rights. Naturally they’re paranoid because their deity of dominion’s been attacked. They’re all that matters with no care as Godzilla trampling serfs, Federalists dismissive of any idea of rights of lesser subjects, for ‘them.’ There’s no light between Tsarist treatment and Communist Russia. Loyalists of men-as deities obsessive compulsively hold to their Idolatries of race power religion money while histrionically pretending to be pro-life and pro-democracy, pounding the podium for the adulation and compliance due a deity of power over life and death in this world. A prime function of religion is maintaining the conventional wisdom of generations. Some Hindus and Muslims are concerned that assimilation as accommodation of divorce in Western culture will be transmitted to youth as a norm that will undermine family dynamics predicated on millennia of disdaining divorce. Maintaining the marriage is not only an interpersonal commitment husband to wife, but to the integrity of the family and the community at large. Third World HIV is being spread as heterosexual wild-fire, the wife at home doubly victimized by the infection and to be shunned as guilty for his sins by perverse turnabout in cultural Man-as deity misogyny. Second families in Mexican Catholicism, are upholding marriage. The practices of bride-burning, poisoning, and acid attacks are Man-as deity so that murder becomes a lesser evil than divorce in business as usual. Holding that this is male misogyny is undercut by the reality that the matriarch gave the go-ahead if not being the person committing the direct assault. Setting an uppity bride on fire is sociopathic from some people’s perspective; but that it’s being done in the name of moral society is the illuminating point.

Antisocial Personality Disorder

A pervasive disregard for the law and the rights of others. Not uncommonly, deification of an aim, as the dominion of slavery is entirely dismissive of subject rights. The long history of genocides and assassination to stifle unwelcome democracies as a standing Crusading behavior justified by slavery cum Cold War cum inveterate misanthropic corporatist interests is consistent as those deemed lesser are accorded no rights. As the matriarch setting the bride on fire, it’s unpatriotic to assert that the bride or developing countries’ inhabitants have any rights to consider. Anyone who questions this burning of the bride is anti-American, Communist or now Radical Islamist sympathizers. In all cases, marketed as done for the good of society when purely for self-interest.

Borderline Personality Disorder

Extreme “black and white” thinking, instability in relationships, self-image, Identity and behavior often leading to self-harm and impulsivity. We’re right, they’re wrong. We’re better, they’re lesser. Black or white. Sides. Without rights if disbelieving in the righteousness of their dominion interpretation; they rely on salvation from judgment by faith in the grace of forgiveness to do-whatever, as infallible men-as deities. One Texas Ranger – one riot, one Ba’ath party. Charges into Iraq with a faith-based fantasy that only a few troops are needed, sold on their own narcissistic propaganda to expect flowers and kisses from the French. Yesterday overthrowing democracy and assassinating to install strong-men as deities as plantation overseers, the next day expecting to be believed of thin repentance to bring Democracy to the heathen Saracens while millions of civilians die of the incompetence of sending too few.


As if the entire world is as willingly decerebrate as automatomic domestic loyalist serfs to believe they’re actually for democracy as they ruthlessly gerrymander, make up any say-whatever marketing thing that serves to stifle Democracy for Negroes and the poor at home in their hypocritical War Between the States within the States. Walking deadly automatons lurching from WMD possibility to the faith-based certainty of a negative that can’t be proved made truth by marketing to be duped by their own talking points, surprised that their marketed as profitable trillion dollar toils and lives lost served Iran. My belief Absolute since my Shekhinah; flawed interpretations led to apparently wrong decisions that cost another forty years of wandering: Is an interpretation. The tone of my declarative statements is black and white, only partially mitigated by degrees of hate as clearly my raison d’être is condemnation of haters. I pull up just short of saying they’re fixed in the roles of their souls by birth. My own conventional wisdom is that there’s good and evil, black and white when the reality of my awareness is that even of good and evil there are Shades of Grey, that any thing I say ain’t necessarily so.

Histrionic Personality Disorder

Pervasive attention-seeking behavior including inappropriately seductive behavior and shallow or exaggerated emotions: Men who would be deities beat the Born-again pro-life pan at every opportunity to legitimate their same marketing of care as the propaganda of their defeated Communist enemy of care while at every other turn their anti-Communist misanthropy only expresses itself as defenses of the men-as deific prerogatives of wealth. Look, see how pious we are. They smile, clap, and feel good about themselves as the infant mortality rate of the country claws its way to the bottom of the developed world. Their stance of being pro-life is both shallow and exaggerated thereby. They live in the disconnected from reality faith-based lie factories of old-South Talk radio pied piping for Birds of a Feather for their War Between the States within the States. Working themselves into a righteous frenzy of war-mongering, drooling for blood in The Coliseum of militarism while they make-believe that their care extends beyond themselves. Fetuses aren’t as aware as babies, thankfully safe from their hypocrisy; they’re their own audience. If/When they go beyond the hypocrisy of being pro-life before and pro-death after, when they’re as animated about infant mortality as abortion, I’ll re-evaluate: I’m firmly pro-life but won’t embrace, wouldn’t touch avatars of Spartan militarism with a stick.

Avoidant Personality Disorder

Social inhibition, feelings of inadequacy, extreme sensitivity to negative evaluation and avoidance of social interaction. Hate-internalized subjects that have lost hope, don’t have the faith to keep trying, going under for the third time. Lifesaver education is how not to get yourself drowned trying to save a victim. People in poverty are drowning, have inhaled water to the need for somebody to get in the water, go out there and get them, why there are lifesavers. Some people need the hand of friendship, of hope to go get them, so beat down with inhaled water in poverty of hope and resources, ‘boot-straps’ men-as deities are so fond of citing in condemnation while non-existent. Man-as deity isn’t their brother’s keeper, save Birds of a Feather. People who’ve given up looking for a job are avoidant, for cause. After four years working on an ‘at will’ plantation in the desert wilderness, articulate, literate, well-educated, accomplished in my past life, I applied for promotion after promotion, seeing illiterates of massively lesser capability selected over me time and again. No matter what, I’d never be qualified for their promotion I came in the door overqualified to do. As at Central High School, I could never get an A, no matter what. Some can never get a job, no matter what, cousin dumb-as-a-post takes care of family, Birds of a Feather. Cultures of despair in oppression lose faith in pressing the bar for the pellet of Justice Compassion Mercy. Obesity is despair of hope, skyrocketing as signpost.

Post-traumatic Stress Disorder

Is recognized in our troops from the battleground when civilian populations in domestic inner city war zones of decades are cry-babies to be slapped back to honor by a life-long trip to the Patton Criminal Injustice System; a rare Got Mine escapee getting rich and the rest dying quick by trying or slow by playing by the rules, their pick. For a culture of emotional “numbing,” don’t care about anything, detached from with a lack of interest in society with a feeling there’s no future in delayed gratification. Difficulty concentrating on Education. With outbursts of anger, anxiety, stress, and tension: Agitation or excitability. That’s permeating American culture at large by the diffusion of Atwater Misanthropy for millions in pursuit of Spartan militarism under while tightening the noose on the poor and sick. As with my time on the plantation, there wasn’t societal goodwill there to justify denying the reality that another year of applications would matter. Then the man-as deities who won’t give them a job anyway points to; They’re not interested in getting an education. Unmotivated. Self-treating. As the short-of-an-associates’ overseer obsequiously supplicating their man-as deity overseer on the pecking order hopes to be promoted to Bird of a Feather by telling me to learn ending sentences with a preposition. Speak Ebonics to make the customers comfortable. Educated equals uppity. Trickle down Man-as deity on the Plantation.

Dependent Personality Disorder

Pervasive psychological dependence on other people. Loyalists dependent upon their valuation in the pecking order. We’re social animals, our self-worth and esteem irrevocably bound to relationships with people. Packs renamed as tribes gangs parties peoples corporations associations by variable multithreaded definitions. America’s educational status is searching for the bottom in the developed world by lack of valuation of education. As though what is still a right of society and for the good of the whole in most of the world is an inconsequential inconvenience of socialism. Tenure is under attack, not in the interest of fair and balanced as marketed, but to stifle dissent to automatomic propaganda. Intellectualism and liberal education are threats to the efficacy of propaganda that men-as deities depend on to maintain their power money might. They want to stifle free speech of the credible with the chutzpah to teach people how to read and think, that threatens to frustrate their aims. Old-South culture has a voluntary learning disability in an aversion to the ability to think. If they actually started thinking, and most don’t know how without the need, men-as deities would have as much trouble with them as Negro slaves reading to get ‘uppity.’ Their cottage industry of propaganda as scholarship is impressive, telling the book-bound lie at a high level. Dyslexic Bush passed by lineage grade-aide social-promotion, intelligence and education isn’t a prerequisite, but Federalist Holding Dominion values are required. Cousin dumb-as-a-post has been dependent on familial affirmative action from the beginning of time. Faith in culturally inbred deities of wealth and military might removes the need to value an ability to think. Birds of a Feather follow in the consciousness of mice tracking ancestral pheromonal trails attracted by pied pipers of Hate. I grew up during the Civil Rights era, only reported in the desert wilderness in whispers by relatives passing through.

Bombastic Preachers of Hate

They depend on their Bombastic Preachers of Hate to tell them what to believe. Automatons don’t need to know what’s going on in the world in the pre-Copernican egocentricity of their universe. Thought is no more encouraged than in the Taliban. The down on the ground minimum wage serf praying to Ronald Reagan, the emperor of Hate, is dependent on co-mutual approval, love of the masses in The Coliseum. Loyalists by definition have a Dependent personality disorder, that has caused them to become beasts of burden by eschewing thought. Neither education or ability to think is valued on the old-South ‘at-will’ lie plantation that depends on willingness to say-do-whatever to move up the pecking order.

Obsessive-compulsive Personality Disorder

Characterized by rigid conformity to rules, moral codes and excessive orderliness, conjoined to Paranoid personality disorder: characterized by irrational suspicions and mistrust of others has created not only any desire for care of people as illegally Communist, but an existential threat to their version of the freedoms that America represents. The Libertarian candidate marketing the freedom to be all the racist you want to be is disqualified by the poor judgment to threaten America’s role of the soul as Birmingham policemen of the world working their dogs and hoses to deny the Civil Rights to the global plantation subjects under Dominion dreaming of democracy. You’re either with the infallible us or against us by contesting our Man-as deific authority. Either shut up about the uppity bride being set on fire, or be Banned from the family, no longer ‘us.’ Divorce is immoral, but murder by burning or poisoning is upholding morality. American divorce at 50% speaks to the marketing culture that’s lost respect for elder’s ability to help with choosing spousesStarvation of the poor and sick to pay for Spartan militarism is the old-South ‘pro-life, morality.’ Start your small business on the corner with a loan from your local gangster, show initiative. Find honor in the Criminal Injustice System.

Honor in Say-do-whatever

The contractor who doesn’t want to participate in fraud is poisoned, early termination of the contract an unacceptable liability of having to pay it off. He’s too ‘tight’ as the Muslim matriarch who poisoned him said; in his obsessive-compulsive in passive-aggressive avoidant refusal by writing ‘protocol’ on those charts to distance from their righteousness of say-do-whatever. Their no harm no foul Putting Food on the Table has undermined Justice Compassion and Mercy for the genuinely injured in a system that’s become routinely cynical. The desert wilderness band teacher was justified in stealing the Negro’s saxophone to maintain social order, try-outs too public to deny. Honor killings are men-as deities’ deification of cultural conformity by justifiable, moral murder. She must have subconsciously asked to be raped, and needs to die in atonement, as the wife infected with HIV by her trucker husband. I don’t believe in interfaith marriage, but wouldn’t want my daughter killed for my failures of leadership if she saw yetzer tov among another people. Ha’aretz and B’Tselem who still have full rights within the pack are the greatest threats to men-as deities by violating the moral code of Omerta by criticizing settlers pulling down trees or failures to investigate coincidental deaths from non-lethal treatments of non-violent protests. The only credible voices left un-silenced: Tomorrow them.

Narcissistic Personality Disorder

A pervasive pattern of grandiosity, need for admiration, and a lack of empathy. You must believe as I say, think as I do, and say what I tell you to say. You’re being monitored on the plantation, your survival tied to my capricious scoring. And feel good about it, smile. Men-as deities are definitional narcissists, whose care for subjects is providential plunder by pharaoh’s power money might. Any questioning of their deity is a heretical lack of admiration. The history of Zionism, even before the Aliyahs is far more nuanced than the Man-as rally round the flag denials of any culpability, the impossibility of fallibility required to attend righteous support today. It’s existentially impossible that any human endeavor is divinely perfect: unless you believe in a Man-as if. Us-them is inherently narcissistic. The transition from tribal basis to national basis is a progress of civilization in a world Law and Order. Ethnicity has been partially sublimated in America to a National Identity. As have States’ Rights to murder in pursuit of maintaining inequality by Tyrannies of Majorities in contest in the War Between the States within the States under the banner of States’ Rights. Pat Buchanan’s 1992 speech in a positive interpretation was saying; check your ethnicity at the door. If you come here; plan to assimilate. To the old-South inequality to Hold Dominion Way of Life. Check your morals with your religion at the door.

Assimilate To What?

The difficulty is, assimilate to what? Muslims and Hindus don’t want their children to adopt promiscuity, rejecting traditional ways of choosing a spouse, to reach the standard American 50% divorce rate. Jews, at least historically, don’t want their children growing up to be intolerant racists with no care for humanity. None want their children adopting either the Trinitarian Pauline addendum or the old-South say-do-whatever to Hold Dominion addendum.

Purity in Isolation?

As we talk about a Jewish State, what does that mean? And to what end? If displacing Arabs for a pure Eugenic Jewish state, and the question of meaning still stands, how is that going to serve the world? Is the iceberg of injustice dismissed with wafers and wine? What does purity in isolation serve beyond a narcissistic fantasy? While I’m certain that we’re compelled with all our strength to the in gathering that is Israel, I reject the preening grandiosity that’s counter to humility and Awe in His sight.

Bringing Unity

As the old-South idealizes not so bad strange fruit times to be redeemed, who we are is Chosen to do His will of bringing Unity. From and for Justice Compassion and Mercy. Cherry-picking ‘at will’ discrimination on the plantation, and showing initiative by refusing to do the Spiritual Work of ending Us-Them as He requires is against the purpose. By some, we’re to double-down on Us-Them as if that’s His ideal we’re leading the world to follow as Holy Priests. The admixture of the waters of the world, people, can’t be undone, checked at any doors. Israel isn’t a deific end, but the substrate of making the world a cultural personality of yetzer tov by ending Us-Them, ending the wolf eating the lamb. Dwelling together.