Omniscient Omnipotent Men-as deities Over Life and Death in This World

Ramesses II (Ramesses the Great), the third Egyptian pharaoh of the Nineteenth dynasty, and the most powerful pharaoh of the Egyptian Empire

Men-as deities are infallible humans, omnipotent over life and death in this world. In the natural pecking orders of the world, since before we became upright, submission to the dominant that’s looked to for the rewards of loyalty is as natural as life itself.

Some monarchs, as a holy mission, care for the welfare of their subjects, as the Alpha male for his pride. Assuming the role by power to serve the survival of Us and for the perks of the job, i.e. first dibs on the females; Putting Food on the Table for and defending theirs.

Men-as deities Over Subjects in a Pecking Order

Men-as deities is a natural Authoritarianism that has potential in every religion and system of government, is a state of human beings as infallible deities, lords over subjects.

Pharaohs hold the power to make judgments as divinity. Some were by lineage succession and others by coup with the same musical chairs of inheritance that were seen in monarchies in Europe and the monarchies of today. For some, the honorable charge is to be good steward, and for others; a deified freedom of infallible unaccountable Holding Dominion.

Monarchies Are Providentially Justified

Monarchies are inherently and explicitly men-as deities. Pharaohs were the archetypal deities on earth. A divine and infallible man elevated above other humans with a court of priests as intermediaries, representative of the society to the panoply of other-worldly deities. As any other deities, infallible — exempt from liability to error.

For any men-as, their status as deity is providentially instantiated, as His will. Divinity. That subject populations place their faith in this providential standing is the fundamental to retention of power of men-as deities. The man as deity is justified and obligated to dominate the pecking order that is as divinely obliged to obsequiously submit to that domination, subject to the deific wrath of these men-as deities for heretics.

Men-as deities, absolved from judgment by faith in providential justification, are under dire assault if infallible histories are said to have continuities to the present troubles. Can never submit to being liable for icebergs of injustice. As an Alpha contested, a fight to the submission — or death will ensue. As a lunatic Stalin, Shaka Zulu, or that other, Murders millions with an expectation of divine impunity. To stay in power money and might, Holding Dominion. To this day.

Loyalists Are Naturally Submissive

As animals expose their abdomens in submission, loyalists have faith in the Justice Compassion and Mercy of their men-as deities, serve them faithfully. Pray – look to their men-as deities for sustenance, defense, and promotion to the court for the favored in the pecking order.

Some monarchs have a traditional obligation to give Justice Compassion Mercy for all in their domain, and in human failure, commit the human sin of providential injustice of those judged as lesser.

Power Money Might

Men-as deities’ pecking orders are seen in the tension of Sunni monarchs with Shiite majorities, and vice versa. The disagreement on validation by succession grows out of whether Muhammad’s offspring were the rightful successors by Idolization of genetics distinct from merit. Then Sunnis carry deification of merit in a previous generation back to deification of lineage. But power money might has made all men-as deities. That they then must use to maintain their status as deity as well as the pecking order.


Conquest and murder is for the purpose of subjugating the conquered. Crusaders, converting to Islam at the tip of the sword, the Native American genocide, American slavery, others and another unmentionable were impositions of men-as deities to varying justifying purposes, that always come back to Holding Dominion. Genocide is an ultimate activity of men-as deities that’s condemned a collective as undeserving of Mercy, including infants —  as Amalekites.

Religions Create Men as deities

I interpret Christopher Hitchens’ arguments against ‘religion’ as against men-as deities, endemic to organized religious pecking orders. Routinely, the Monarch is installed as the Head of the Religion, to tie the power on Earth to power above. Deify.

Severe say-do-Whatever Endemic Corruption

Corruption is a metareligion in developing countries, refractory to egalitarian sensibilities developed over millenia in the West, from our tradition of accepting that good souls are in all peoples. In developed countries the systems of the lies trickling down from on high as truth are well-developed as well. Pecking orders in supplication of men-as deities are the basis of endemic corruption all over the world, taking care of their subjects. Serving from below, trickling-down from above.

The apparent monarchy in North Korea, is congenitally conferred by deification of that lineage, for severe endemic corruption. The Central Committee in China is a system of monarchy in deification of the lineage of the communist party. The men-as deities’ pecking order of the Communist Party are clerics responsible for interpretation or national policy in the case of China, and who is eligible for ascension to power — for severe endemic corruption. China may act to reduce the endemic corruption undermining these men-as deities’ authority, to mitigate the drivers of overthrow of their monarchical reign by Committee.

American Caucasian historical Holding Dominion over non – Negroes and Native Americans, Tutsis Hutus, The 400 families over Liberian natives, etc. all over His world. The Hindu caste system is millenia old structural men-as deities to a fixed familial pecking order ‘for stability’ — for severe endemic corruption.

Intercession Flows Up Corruption Flows Down

Particularly in a paradigm of a revered religious leader as the pope makes decisions that are system-wide determinate, as a fatwa that all adherents are expected to follow. [Herr Ratzinger; social Justice verboten]

Protestantism was an outgrowth primarily motivated by severe endemic corruption, Lutherans are still Catholics without that pecking order. The intercessional schema of Catholicism was rejected by Martin Luther because of its severe endemic corruption of clergy as men-as deities while continuing the substance of the dogma in the secular language rather than Latin that was only known to a few – a step in egalitarianism with an attack on the mechanism of making a layer of language between the language and their Trinitarian Pauline addendem avatar as if.

For Protestants to then turn around and become men-as deities themselves, Calvin won over Servetus burned at the stake in rejection of the Trinitarian, the interpretation of which is enforced as disdain for Mormonism and Jehovah’s Witnesses today. The imposition of a ‘must say you believe as I say you should‘ is of men-as deities, as in that Inquisitive case, by their assuming the power over life and death in this world by killing Servetus.

As absolute power corrupts absolutely, men-as deities are divinely predestined to errant human whims while infallible. Assumption of deities by providential absolution has no accountability save overthrow. That’s the reason that religions split and fracture like cells dividing in a petri dish.

Humanly, even David succumbed to the temptations of being a man-as deity, and allowed himself to murder out of covetousness. For a lesson in men being deities we will Never Forget.

Omnipotence of Ba’al’s Power Money Might

Omnipotence of Ba’al’s power money might is that of men-as deities of old-South America today, in absolute say-do-whatever in pursuit of Holding Dominion with wafer and wine infallibility. As the culture of the United States  has turned to the right, as leaves to the light, looking to these deities of power money and might, ‘dem dat’s got shall be worshipped. Praised. Supplicated.

Men-as deities monarchy in modernity is brought to the powerful individual by was of Tyrannical Majorities, the corporation, the state, the dictator, the committee.

Men-as deities believe their say-do-whatever is absolved by the opportunities of power if believing, or well received by Kali in that case or national success in China. The old-South’s affection for trickle-down is faith in the power of men-as deities trickling down.

deities of Power Money Might

Inveterate misanthropic corporatists are substantiated as monarchs by qualification in deification of power money might. Wealthy people are meritorious. Ostensibly, their principles or values, even if that wealth grew out of criminality or predatory practices, means that whether by lineage or merit, their wealth means they are better, especially in a culture that idolizes the deities of power money might, looking through the wealthy and powerful as the priests of power money might to vicariously participate in being deity.

Looking to beauty power money might has become the Ba’al religion of the United States, deified so that their priests hold sway, dragging the country to the old-South right by power money might. Righteousness of power. Righteousness of the campaign contribution. Righteousness of the gun in urban jungles. The driver of old-South Republican Authoritarian Revisionists’ War Between the States within the States is to attenuate Democracy for lesser subjects, to deny participation as equals and Hold Dominion over the pecking order, and to be able to do their deific will to the Them that’s over the edge of their flat earth.

Their faith is in deities based on power as corporatists as ‘job creators on ‘at-will’ plantations (overseas and for H1Bs), wealth or obeisance to the wealthy, might. Their no-rights Federalist ideal romanticizes a ‘should have been‘ had the Bill of Rights and Amendment provisions been excluded from Democracy in America for an aristocracy of the wealthy to act as a Central Committee monarchy over those undeserving of the franchise while loyalists pray for trickle down in favor of fealty.

submissiveaggression1Submission to Men as deities

That subjects, as the submissive animal rolled onto its back exposing it’s abdomen, the society in this case, should remove any impediments to the prerogative of corporatist predation.

Their ‘as it was’ isn’t the no-Rights constitution they so fervently cherry-pick for the elements of feudalism of European history within the Democracy in America who’s inception of accommodation in slavery confers structural protections to maintain inequality.

Hate Speech One-drop Substrate

Hate Speech is a substrate of accommodation of inequality within America, directly descended from the One-drop say-do-whatever lie. The Duopoly of Power further ensures that choice and influence are attenuated for likely voters, to choose between one man-as deity or another, lesser of evils, both necessarily supplicating the moneyed more so daily. Now gerrymandering and voter lock-outs burn as firefires on the plains whenever the Federalist Party has an opportunity. In every sphere of life both foreign and domestic, at every opportunity, loyalists strive for the ascendancy of their pecking order for their deities of corporatism and militarism to Hold Dominion. They strive to reduce egalitarianism, including in democracy as they lecture the world, as though their marketing of democracy in Iraq wasn’t just cover to install Ahmed Chalaby who would allow them to install permanent military bases in the heart of the Middle East for ‘free money’ in service to their deities of corporatism and militarism.

As One-drop of African blood a Negro makes, this One-drop simple-minded mentality as though a thought process is a primary driver that’s dragged the Republican Party into the old-South Redemptionist no-compromise monarchy of wealth metareligion. That has resulted in the death of collegiality, of being able to act for the country for fear of retribution meted out unmercifully since Bush senior chose his country over their deities of wealth. One-drop of compromise is evil – as a deity cannot submit or lose Holding Dominion. One-drop of compassion for any suffering other than their own is Communism. One-drop of cuts in defense expenditures is a submission to the Taliban.

Their Hate Speech operates on the same One-drop so that everything of deities is an absolute. A king cannot rescind an order because it was divinely inspired and issued. To do so would be a renunciation of being deity. As deities are absolutes to them, unaware that The Absolute-Unity is Not a Thing and that there are no absolutes in this unity, and that their man as if thing of Holding Dominion is not a deity,

Now, corporatists that Federalists hold are the entitled estates of the landowning signatories of the Constitution, want to pay, no invest in campaigns for no regulation at all. Infallible. As votes of old-South Negro churches were delivered on the promise of the largess of faith-based-initiative income. Congressional pork, money brought home gets reelected, while condemning everyone else for the same; as the ethos of the culture of the United States has been dragged to pure self-interest, to the right.

The Men as deities of Hurt Them More

America, beacon of world healthcare, has the second worst newborn death rate in the modern world: All pro-life before for righteous condemnation to look the other way after for exposure on Spartan Stones of unfettered militarism to Hold Dominion over the world while squeezing the middle class into poverty unmercifully.  Once upon a time, beacon of innovation, now the One-drop of Public in Education has necessitated killing that Golden Goose of hope for the poor and downtrodden, to ‘hurt them more.’ For a similarly dismal educational system, to be patched with H1-Bs from the world plantation.

An educated Negro who doesn’t end sentences with a preposition is uppity, the millionaire still slaying the King’s English with an Ebonics broad axe is a good ole’ boy – rich. Ex-crack dealer, a man of Virtue- rich. The United States’ cultural pecking order rooted in One-drop of rich, as wealthy slaves bought their freedom in Ancient times, Virtue Honor and Integrity are as for sale as everything else.

Infallibility and Forgiveness

The man-as deity process is that He/She, or at least the men-as deities above on the pecking order, gave this power, and if ‘mistakes were made.’ and power money might absolves, how can anyone not accept the Dominion of say-do-whatever as infallibly just, right. Men-as deities expect absolution of evil as good under the banner of righteous intentions grounded in humanly manufactured justifications. The steel-baron or software Godzilla tromps all the little people and ritualistically becomes a philanthropist to buy absolution as freedom from the slavery of responsiblity for their icebergs of injustice with ill-gotten gains.

If lives have been wrecked or lost, loved ones killed in smug Manifest Destiny by whatever justification, lesser are then apostates for complaining about their righteous infallible deities. Part of the men-as deities metareligion is that if one contests their deitific status, ‘troublemakers‘ are providentially damned, when it’s the man-as deity that’s doing the damning, that’s creating himself as deitiy, Holding Dominion over life and death in this world.

Infallible: If There’s Fault, It’s Theirs

If there’s fault, it’s theirs. As Cain thought of Abel. Azteca sacrifices on Spartan Stones of those men-as deities. Kills in Tiananmen square, in the streets of the world, genocides through history. Names colors groups and issues change, but it’s the same millenia-old song with a few Code-words substituted here and there, from the same soul of yetzer hara of compassion for no suffering other than their own of men-as deities in Us over Them — that’s been the Barzini behind Tattaglia all along.

Assert Divine Absolution

Religious rituals in conjunction with men-as deities are to assert divine absolution. As though, that last repentance after the one before with the cultural application of ablutions or wafers and wine erased histories that have no futures. That sublimates the reality that the root processes continue unabated for incessant injustices in rejection of His yetzer haTov for them.

Men-as deities faith is that they can do evil, the need for absolution itself root in an awareness of good and evil, and if thoughtless omission is the allegation as some quibbling about Native American genocide for Manifest Destiny, then the lie that they are not human absolves the genocide. Or do ablutions, or eat a wafer sip some wine and cross yourself, and it’s all good. Soundly rejecting the idea that intentions grounded in unjust judgments are not righteous.

Holding Dominion: Divine Right to say-do-Whatever

Once upon a time, people told the truth related to credibility related to integrity related to honor. Native Americans at some point found the forked tongue appellation, decided they are not good people. In a time and place where truth was good, defined what it meant to be Human. Lying is a normalized process in the United States of Manifest Destinies with the agreed-upon package of talking points for a marketing campaign to justify. Now, if you ‘have a problem’ with saying whatever works in the Marquis St. Romney culture of the say-do-whatever situation for the desired result, you don’t want to work on the world ‘at will’ plantation.

Lying Is a Men-as deities Religious Value

All the blow-ups and break-downs, lying. The reason regulations are needed, lack of integrity as human by inveterate misanthropic corporatists lying. Attacking their freedom to lie, as was the One-drop racist foundation of slavery, is a Communist attack on slavery all over again, and an attack on their old-South Holding Domininon religious values.

The policy of lying is the continuity that undercuts any pretenses of repentance. Unless the lying at root stops, nothing is ever forgivenHistory is continuous. Nothing is erased because it isn’t polite to heretically mention Justice Compassion Mercy, or Peace. To imply the infalliblity of Holding Dominion.

The Divine Torah to End Men-as Deities

My listening and seeing soul told me the Torah is Divine. The Diaspora has purpose to spread the light of The Divine Torah as waters on the earth. Before, the Egypt of slavery of looking, placing faith in men-as deities, in things, was the way of the world, the old-South ‘as it was and should be,‘ the natural Authoritarianism of men-as deities, those supplicant to other deities, as these of Ba’al’s power money might today.

The Free Will Heart of Idolatry

Henotheistically looking through ancestral deities or elevated spirits has risk, but looking with obeisance to intercessional men-as deities and their things on earth is the willful heart of Idolatry. Any thing raised as a be all and end all absolute, has been deified. Men make themselvs as deities over HaShem by creating a man as if, seizing on ‘in the image’ of Free Will to usurp coveted authority. Men are to worship, look to a man, men, himself, by intercession. Within even ostensibly monotheistic religions that aren’t considered cults, men-as deities derive their legitimacy from the natural Down Here on the Ground reverence for ancestors. The necessity to adhere to man made dogma is an impossition of infallibilty that creates looking to a thing in obeisance rather than henotheistically through.

The Divine Torah Taught Us Great Care Not to Supplicate Deities

We don’t supplicate Moses or The Divine Torah or the Western Wall klal Yisrael or Jerusalem. We take great care not to supplicate any deities, or elevated spirits. Any thing. Not that elevated spirites, or deities they don’t exist, but our Perfect Faith isn’t placed in created things. That’s Perfect because it’s not being placed in a thing but in Not a Thing. For many, even those aware of the issue, submission to the human edict, routinely marketed as divine, becomes a submission to men-as deities, in the slavery of Egypt.

Muslims don’t supplicate their prophet The Holy Koran or Kingsy. All Muslims aren’t Wahhabi. Not all looking through Kali are Thuggees. Thuggees may Not all are  Hindus or Muslims. Negro Baptists supplicating for liberation from racism aren’t Calvinist Southern Baptists, white evangelicals, supplicating to regain or Hold Dominion justified by Racism evolved; that reject social Justice, aren’t Presbyterians standing for social justice, Catholics [Now, Herr Ratzinger; social Justice verboten]. At least not all, as there is no absolute in the unity, there’s no absolute here either.

Looking to a thing was conflated into the Trinitarian Pauline addendum dogma by graven images made of words. The history of addendum adherents is rejections of men-as deities impositions of looking to things rather than through, as the ‘in the spirit’ group left the A.M.E. church with the hiring of a seminary-trained preacher telling. Same religions split in rejections of the Authority of men-as deities’ interpretations, whether Originalist or Strict Constructionism. Reform or Haredi. Sunni or Shiite. On and on.

In The Spirit of Generations of Only Looking to HaShem

Human interpretations are things, unless In the Spirit, from the Shekhinah. And great care needs to be taken with those. We all need coaches and Mentors, revered leaders that encourage us to realize His right. Guide. The yetzer hara, the urge to be a man-as deity is in all of us as yetzer hara tied to the drive to survive. Yetzer tov is how we touch the sky, how we see the us, transcend our selves by having compassion for All suffering, for ‘Them.’ That’s the urge to be free of the Egypt of looking to, having faith in things. Our efforts on His behalf throughout history have been toward egalitarianism rather than Authoritarianism. The Mentor that tries to use their power for their personal gain, isn’t operating in the spirit.

Democracy Is Predicated On Egalitarianism

Democracy is predicated on egalitarianism. Justice in a court of laws to proof of guilt is toward egalitarianism. We stand through history for the yetzer haTov of having compassion for the suffering of All humanity. Those who strive to pervert Justice to Authoritarian personal self-advantage, to Hold Dominion, to undermine the egalitarian basis of Democracy rooted in The Divine Torah are would-be men-as deities.

Defining the search for the Good as Holding Dominion over lesser subjects is Idolatrous. Infallible men-as deities in modernity, of the awareness of good and evil, rely on forgiveness that can’t occur while the evil is ongoing. Do-whatever justified in a policy of say-whatever lying isn’t absolved by unrepentant rituals. Good and evil were weighed and the lie to justify was the choice, from Free Will. There’s no start the game clock or time outs in His creation. No rollback. He, reality Never Forgets. Madame Defarge seeking revenge against the innocent Evrèmondes’ generations is unjust, but the Evrèmondes of the world’s continuing policy of men-as deities free in infallibility to say-do-whatever is an ongoing abomination. How our Us treats Them, by whatever justification or rationale is our metareligion. These men-as deities know the statistics of Infant Mortality Poverty Educational system failure and wellness differentials, but reject compassion for Their suffering as they were predestined – lesser, deserved to die. The old-South War Between the States within the States is the thirty year rise of Ronald Reagan’s Antipathy as Virtue. of yetzer hara, misanthropy for Them, of looking to, placing faith in a human Ba’al of power money might as the be-all end-all, absolute One-drop of deities.

There is Only One Absolute Unity For All


There is only HaShem, the same for all. Are we His slave? Or do we supplicate personalities power money beauty religion lineage youth fitness idols philosophies … things. The Role of the Soul that we are and have been, individually and collectively, is history that can’t be erased, whether believed forgiven or not. Humanly, we all fail in our ideals, but that these are our ideals, for which we strive with Perfect Faith, with our hearts minds and souls, with our very lives to keep our obligation, to deliver on the contract, Carrying His Divine Torah to put His light into the world. We Chose the responsibility to bring the World to Come for all Souls of yetzer haTov in compassion for All suffering by His Shekhinah.