Labor Rights Is Active Front in War Against Rights

The assault on Labor Rights signaled by the Godfather of Antipathy, Ronald Reagan’s’ firing of Traffic controllers in 1981 was the shot across the bow of all progressive advances since the abolition of slavery. Initiating the War Within the States in Philadelphia, Mississippi in homage to the murders of Chaney Goodman and Schwerner in pursuit of returning an autocracy within the heart of world democracy. For an ascendancy of right-less At-will as the next-best-thing to slavery is such that the battleground of labor rights is that open front that progressives need to bolster.

The Vulnerability of At-will Labor non-Rights

The primary weakness of At-will Labor non-Rights is that labor is treated as a valueless commodity. Accordingly, competence and quality go unrewarded with no benefit of safety in performance. Through the separation of competence and quality from retention, the substitute mechanism of nepotism and cronyism — corresponding to the old-South value of loyalty is paramount.

Winning for a restricted either-or in-or-out ‘Us’ becomes the overriding consideration. Some cultures don’t have the flexibility to set winning with competence and quality as a higher priority, as was the case with the Honorable Jefferson Davis. In the Desert Wilderness where nepotism and cronyism take precedence, businesses attracted to At-Will Valhalla may be disappointed when they discover that incompetence is endemic. They pay less, and get less as well; but it’s worth it to break labor, theoretically.

Management-Employee Cooperation

The rationale for Volkswagen to be favorable toward unionization is that management-to-worker collaboration is more effective than an impersonal top-down hierarchical system by putting a human face on the effort. Instead of management and employees being separated in an intercessional manner, the function of the union is to maintain worker motivation toward excellence in partnership.

A relational while hierarchical paradigm places the standards of competence and quality into the public domain. The employee who’s endangering the success of the enterprise is as in the interest of the union to eliminate as management. The caveat to this is the historical association of unions with nepotism and cronyism. That’s a valid justification of ‘Right-to-Work’ laws in that employees in the labor union context were subjected to the same old-South abuses of nepotism and cronyism as At-will.

Skinnerian Matching Law

There is a phenomenon within old-South cultures where education and intelligence are devalued that impacts I.Q.s as well as educational performance that’s consistent with racist Richard Herrnstein’s Matching Law. Contrary to his and Charles Murray’s genetic contention, the commoditization of labor has removed incentives for valuing education and intelligence consistent with old-South culture. The genetic reality is Both True and Not True, while cultural influence is dominant. Immigrant cultures under influence have commonly equilibrated by the third generation within the same genetic pool.

I’m a cultural chauvinist. Charles Murray attributes changes in social mores to miscegenation when the issue is cultural assimilation under the influence of the War Within the States since the onset of commoditization of labor. Marriage pressure is directly related to financial stressors such that most men can no longer be the sole breadwinner below a certain economic level. The evidence Murray gives to promote Racism as the cultural deficiency that needs to be rejuvenated, actually corresponds to a societal matching of devaluation of the husband-wife/children paradigm along with valuation of intelligence, all coincident to devaluation of labor.

In that the conservative belief is that ‘trickle-down’ and commoditization of labor is the way of the future toward an At-will standard as next-best-thing to slavery, the devaluation of intelligence as an ability to think logically and education is attributed to genetics rather than matching law. The irony is that someone who should have known better, as Richard Herrnstein, fell off the deep end into permanent perfidy with Charles Murray by supporting a Derbyshire-Sowell racist polemic rather than recognition of the role of his own contribution to Skinnerian Learning Theory.

Efficacy of Positive Reinforcement

Consider that Skinnerian studies have shown that positive reinforcement is more effective than negative. In brief review, animal behavior is most efficiently impacted by positive reinforcement –reward, that works better than punishment – the whip.

In this cowardly old-South world predicated upon Fear as the only coinage of exchange is such that employees are not rewarded but are continuously punished and periodic Decimation that is to ‘put the fear of the lord into them’ to get the necessary performance. Because the culture of the situation is sleazy, with the customer and clients as sheep to be fleeced, the dishonor of the enterprise dove-tails to the ethos of management and labor. In other words, the employees are dehumanized that promotes their willingness to treat clients and customers as ‘targets’ rather than in a partnership in service.

The soldier sacrifices himself for a face, not an impersonal flag. The flag is emblematic, symbolic of the good, as a Roman Standard, with Decimation a severe application of At-Will negative reinforcement. When Julius Caesar was deified, as with Ronald Reagan, the purpose is to elevate the values as abstraction that person purportedly represented, Ceasar as a ‘friend of the people.’ So that the abstraction of Reagan is as an infallible conceptual standard of Union and Civil Rights breaking to no-rights beyond stand-your-ground At-will.

On the At-will lie-Plantation, middle management is as expendable as employees. The ‘good’ employees are clustered with the favored manager, and the new and ‘problematic’ are assigned to the unfavored. This creates organization-wide cynicism in an extension of nepotism and cronyism through-out. Because At-will havens are primarily located in the old-South that eschews the value of education, the standards of literacy as well as ability to think logically are attenuated as well.

It’s not worth the energy to try to talk down to the fifth grade vocabulary my white overseer, Leslie Kerr, on the lie-Plantation told me to use because I can’t gauge where that is. It told me I needed to speak Ebonics and laugh at racist jokes to make the ‘cusomuhs fe mo comfo’ble.‘ I prefer to use correct grammar, understand Latin much better than Ebonics. They complain anyway if they think you’re ‘talking down’ to them. Worse than vocabulary, logic is heretical, ‘uppity.’

Because all incentives are in the negative and fear-driven, there’s no positive reward as incentive for excellence. Employees are dehumanized and view customers and clients in the same light. Because incompetence is the standard through all levels of management, customers can’t tell which version of innumerable are correct. The vast majority of contacts are ‘redos’ with endless venting diatribes in escalation, all too often justified.

Severely Cognitively Impaired

The primary issue with people who test poorly on I.Q. tests and interact poorly in phone communication so that they present as severely cognitively impaired is due to linguistic illiteracy; that can only be more severe in writing. In addition, the lack of rigor in language usage is associated with an accordingly ‘lazy’ process of mentation. The other issue is inability to listen. Some cultures present as cognitively impaired by poor listening skills. Some of this is engendered by the ‘you feel me?‘ set-a-spell old-South practice of ‘relating’ to the ‘are you with me?’ sound more so than parsing content.

Latin was my ‘foreign‘ language. The sentence structure affects the mentation process, requiring a ‘register’ holding place operation that forces, as with classical music, ordering of the mind. The same process occurs not only with respect to vocabulary but contextual usage as well that operates in abstractions. With waiting for a final piece to complete the puzzle, the mind is forced to create an ordering arrangement of possibilities. That’s the same dynamic of any word-based test, including I.Q. Understand the question and then select from possibilities.

Cultures, Not Genetics

The issue is at least if not more cultural as genetic with the tendency being that people who speak poorly are from environments that speak poorly. Illiteracy certainly runs in families. This is especially onerous in cultures, as the old-South, that defends linguistic lassitude by Negro attacks upon people who ‘talk proper’ or ‘uppity’ in the Leslie Kerr illiterate Caucasian case. Speaking poorly along with the secondarily weak thought process is a survival mechanism of Negroes in old-South cultures.

There’s a ‘logic’ to language that is lacking in oral dialectics — as Ebonics. The problem with Ebonics is that it’s dismissive of ‘talking proper’ that has the value of clear communication. The accommodation of this mumbly-peg lack of clarity extents to the underlying thought process.

In addition to not being able to understand standard English well, that extends to some Hispanics, there is cultural pressure from both outside and within the ‘race’ to ‘fit in’ by speaking, and secondarily thinking poorly. This is positively reinforced by being able to survive within such cultures. Ebonics is part of the ‘keeping it real’ and being ‘down’ with ‘your people,’ that discourages standard English usage as being an ‘Uncle Tom.’ Trying to ‘pass.’ Negroes using Logic is even more threatening to whites than ‘driving while Black.’ As miscegenation, the rationale for the ‘bird and bees’ conversation being ‘no white women‘ is as much in defense as in purported ‘racial pride,’ the same is true of Ebonics and ‘field-Negro’ talk.

House Field and Stream

The issue of devaluing education and logical thinking is a learned behavior that traces back to the times of slavery wherein any sort of educational effort was verboten. There were some that openly curried the favor of slave-owners in hope of getting in the house. Then there were those dreaming of freedom and looking for opportunities to escape. On rare occasions there were favored who were encouraged to think, as invent, but usually, the rule was to be comfortable being ignorant and illiterate and display no aspirations of anything else. That still prevails in old-South cultures, and is rigorously enforced within Negro communities by peer pressure, bolstered by ‘trouble’ if ‘breaking out.’

The breeding for athleticism transmitted itself into Negro culture as a cultural ‘field’ value. The ‘safe’ ways to get ahead have been in entertainment. Including the original African entrepreneur ‘preachers’ who were charged with contributing to their flocks being willing to be docile and sing about Exodus and only hope while awaiting death during slavery – in an explicitly entertainment in diversion enterprise. The ambitious took up this occupation when there were none others available, selling the crack of no-self-esteem.

Field Negroes

J. C. Watts

J. C. Watts

Gladiatorial sports are entertainment. Notice that Magic Johnson has corrected his English to standard while old-South supplicant J.C. Watts still slays the king’s English with a broadaxe to ‘mek dem der com’fo’ble,as Leslie Kerr. I doubt he’s as ignorant as his speech depicts, albeit ‘afleet dun guud.‘ His poor speech is situationally appropriate in the Desert Wilderness.

The problem of today, across races into the culture at large is that the old-South culture is ascendant, and white labor is as devalued as minority (almost). While working on the At-will lie-Plantation, ignorant Caucasians were placed into positions of authority over me. I was required to present any issue needing a decision to a dim-witted ignoramus, then tell it what the resolution needs to be. Because I was required to ask, the knock against me was ‘incapable of leadership‘ by asking. Because I was articulate and logical, I was also ‘Uppity.’

A Negro praying for the ‘good ole boys‘ favor explained to me that ‘They don’t like you because you’re intelligent and will ‘talk back.‘ — Uppity. The good news is that of twenty-two lines of business, when I left, they were down to three. While winning with humiliation, as other At-will lie-Plantations, cheap is attractive but has hidden costs. The society at large is suffering, not through integration as Charles Murray and Derbyshire-Sowell will have believed, but due to systematic dehumanization of the population through commoditization of labor that has also undermined faith in delaying gratification by hopelessness.


In human history, education and intelligence is the mainstream hallmark of successful cultures. This understanding has been intentionally and explicitly undermined by devaluation of labor. As with Skinnerian Matching Theory, people respond to rewards. Educational debt is through the roof, along with utilities gas and everything else necessary to survive, while simultaneously, as the old-South refuses to Bless the Child by being intent on ‘hurting them more,‘ the fruits of educational labors are ephemeral, pundits saying don’t hire college graduates because they’re overqualified, just as I was ineligible for advancement by the fault of being intelligent and articulate.

The ‘good jobs’ are fleecing the sucker born every minute. In addition to nepotism and cronyism being mainstream, so is incompetence. Beyond moving manufacturing off-shore, the engineering that’s gone into products is amazingly bad. Surely, the educated are also devalued by quality being historical. People are paying for appliances with all kinds of whiz-bang electronics that have an eighteen-month duty cycle at best before endless repairs; replacing a poorly designed part with the same poorly designed part. Sadly, this is across the board, not one or two brands. There’s no escape, even by buying expensive versions of common brands though there may be hope in elite

Because there’s no reward for being intelligent and competent, those who are excluded from potential to advance with that ‘cognitive elite’ being ‘white males then females,’ minorities are also excluded from the mainstream of hope for advancement by negative reinforcement. Eventually, I tried to hold back from going beyond the Desert Wilderness ignoramus standard because there was no point in it – no reward. I tried to meet that standard and do no more and no less. Uppity if I exceed the 80 I.Q. standard, incapable if I don’t laugh at racist jokes on command and speak Ebonics.

So is it with society at large. Until education in the faith and ardor of the freedman is restored, the culture of the country with continue to devolve in the ways decried by racists Murray and Herrnstein, due to a lack of positive reinforcement in the reality of a living wage that also enables parents to send their offspring to a higher level — upward mobility. Upward mobility is down in the United States in the discouraging reality that the ‘cognitive elite’ are selected for by positive reinforcement in conjunction with negative reinforcement for ‘Them’ as ‘Uppity’ rather than Darwinian genetics. That includes middle to lower class Caucasians.

Income Inequality: Labor Aground on Rocky Shores

Income inequality is directly associated with a variety of social ills, here most specifically by removing reward for good-faith effort within the society. In Skinnerian learning actuality, there’s a paradigm where initially there is a direct association between pressing the bar and the pellet. Then, over time progressively the association between bar press is reduced to random, at which time the animal presses the bar with increasing fervor in hopes of getting the pellet. Think of clucking like a chicken and flapping your arms in hope of winning the lottery – there being no association between the former activity and the intended result.

Extinction of Delayed Gratification

Everything Goes Better with Coke

Everything Goes Better with Coke

Ultimately without pellets forthcoming, the animal gives up on the effort in Skinnerian extinction. The devolution of  society is emblematic of extinguishing, the extinction of hope within disaffected populations that stop trying. A critical dynamic of hopeful faith in successful cultures is the expectation of reward in delayed gratification.

Because of the devaluation of humans who provide labor, the society has extincted on the idea of delaying gratification as an intelligent exercise of faith in the efficacy of competence and education. As the old-South doesn’t want to rejuvenate the infrastructure, they don’t want to support the educational system by making labor a Ronald Reagan commodity subject to an At-will stand-your-ground against paying a living wage. The reward of respect, most explicitly expressed in the form of financial relief from the relentless attack on the capability to survive by Maestrini’s Law, is what’s undermining the society, not rock music homosexuality or abortion.

Great Depression of the Labor Self-esteem

Employers whine about lack of properly skilled workers, but want to pay as though unskilled labor. This while the gap between the levels of compensation is simply ridiculous. The entire society has been in a Great Depression of the working man. Bill Clinton and Reagan Republicans sold the working man up the river, not so much by NAFTA, as by the in-common understanding that labor has no value. Part of the burgeoning fee-for-service educational debt is that by developing ‘computer’ or some other dispensable skills, the worker class would be elevated, now undercut by offshore with H1-Bs in that the educational system is in the toilet. Since Reagan, the only people that matter are the financial markets that are treated as deities, still immune from any responsibility to the country. White collar crime still pays.

The massive obesity issues within the United States are people losing hope in delayed gratification. That soda pop gives a satisfying result; right now. The same with other substance abuses than food. Obesity is a symptom of addiction to low-quality food satiety (sugar and other simple carbohydrates and oil).

A steady gourmet diet, even with all the Julia Child butter you can add to good cooking isn’t as associated with the tendencies toward obesity in lower socioeconomic groups. That crispy fries is a satisfying pellet; right now. Eating disorders are a form of self-mutilation, a fix as cutting.

Income inequality in the devaluation of labor has undermined of the self-esteem of the population. Loyalists pray for trickle-down with removal of Affirmative Action to restore loyalty as the old-South arbiter of quality in nepotistic and cronyistic association, and the beat down and beat up lowest of the low give up on learning how to speak (standard) English as an exercise in an affirmation of the invalidity of their lives; ‘field-Negroes for life’ and other absurdities. Stop hoping to get into the edumacated house and embrace the playing field. Hopelessness in surrender of their last bastion of self-affirmation by dying trying – to entertain.

Rising Tide

Rather than passing laws trying to make Big Gulps illegal, the effort should be in restoring faith in delayed gratification by reducing the income gap with a proper progressive tax as well as re-invigoration of collective bargaining. Trickle-down has never worked, and won’t. At the same time, people need to speak out against the old-South culture that devalues education and an ability to think in deference to entertainments and dishonesty in business with nepotism and cronyism within and Deceptive Trade Practices without.

Crack dealers aren’t heroes. The field of entertainment has served some well while the hopeful masses wallow in prideful ignorance, ‘Keeping It Real’ by being really ignorant, starting with devaluation of the ability to speak and read standard English well. Reward for delayed gratification needs to be restored as fundamental to restoration of the cultural infrastructure of the society by appropriate financial compensation at all levels of society. From the ground up, rather than the fantasy of a drop of nepotism and cronyism trickling down.

At-will lie-Plantations need to be put out of business; competence and ability to think logically rather than nepotism and cronyism need to become valued. Enterprises that don’t value their employees don’t really value their clients and customers; design and deliver inferior products, that are more expensive over their duty cycle than the well-designed and manufactured. People are willing to pay a little more for quality, that’s actually cheaper in the long run than flimsy trash.

Support Collective Bargaining

As we Occupy the Voting Booth against the old-South, including feckless Alfred E. Neuman Democrats driving Pick-ups and wearing Plaid, we will support collective bargaining by supporting businesses that respect their employees enough to care about their welfare. Both go hand in hand. Businesses that want to deliver quality will learn to avoid At-will Plantations and the states that promote ignorance as a value. There’s no accident that the At-will Desert Wilderness has the nest to last educational system in the country, that’s low on the developed world totem pole even with the other two tiers averaged.

The quality of employees is lesser, consistent with the cultural values in effect that devalues education along with labor – employees. Employers, as Walmart that strive to undermine Labor Rights are intent upon undermining compensation. Depressed compensation, as Henry Ford realized, undermined the economy in a fundamental way so that employees lack purchasing power. That then feeds into having to buy cheap, that buys low-quality. Some businesses parlay such weak quality that if it works for ninety days, a minor miracle has occurred. While it was cheap, it’s trash. The time spent running back and forth raises the actual cost of utility drastically.

Steady-states of Skinnerian Reward

The Affordable Care Act eases a major ground of worker as well as employer uncertainty and devaluation to a steady-state with compensation being the frontier. Striving to hold costs down beyond the practical limits of quality is such that product quality needs to be viewed in conjunction with labor quality of compensation. Activist organizations should fairly and evenly with scientific rigor evaluate product quality while letting the chips fall where they may. I believe, made up from nothing, that companies that devalue labor are associated with poor quality, and  moreover the marketplace allows for options wherein companies that emphasize profit margin to the detriment of labor.

There are employee-friendly companies that should be particularly rewarded in a context of market choice. Consumer Reports is necessity before any purchase, Better Business Bureau and ‘review’ web sites ratings for open sale. As the crappy movie with the full-page ads, no one bites the hand that feeds them. The next wave of environmentalism is an awareness that at the root of the devolution of society within the United States isn’t a dearth of Xenophobia, but a dearth of reward.

From the grassroots, we can turn this around by rewarding companies that reward their employees. The military-industrial complex can be turned upon itself in the same way as Democracy can respond to voting, buy voting against At-will with every opportunity, at the cash register.

Crime and Punishment

As with the overall Great Depression of labor valuation since Reagan and Ayn Rand Greenspan, the immunities of corporations need to be removed to the responsibility of signatories, with criminal penalties. The times of say-do-whatever with impunity need to be undone by getting behind Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders as the leadership of the hundreds of years of the progressive movement. The Brad Carson ‘conservative’ Democrats defending Racism as an American value of Pickups and Plaid into  need to be turned out – on principle.

The Libertarian willing to attenuate Defense Spending and a sensible foreign policy that isn’t predicated upon being the policeman of the world on behalf of Inveterate Misanthropic Corporatist interests is preferable to these Clintonite Republicans-in-actuality who are so busy kissing up to the 1%, the Duopoly of Power is just a mechanism to maintain the military industrial complex.

This isn’t a Black Nationalist go-crazy in terminal ignorance that the Clintonites are more consistent with progressive interests than any Republican, particularly when it comes to Presidential Supreme Court appointments. On that basis alone, it’s suicidal to consider voting for anything but a Democrat, regardless. However, in the various positions and climes progressives find themselves, and particularly in the old-South, a futile vote for a ‘conservative’ Democrat may be better spent on a Libertarian, albeit for being all the racist you want to be.

The Crime of ‘American’ Conservatism predicated upon the thirty years of ‘niggerniggernigger‘ needs to be Punished by refusing to vote for the Brad Carsons that defend Racism while expecting progressives to vote for them simply because they’re Democrats. Better to strike a Libertarian blow against the Duopoly than go to the Dark Side of the Federalist Big Tent of Hate. Unless an Elizabeth Warren as Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton not only has my vote but my full-fledged support. In addition, it’s highly questionable that Senator Clinton wouldn’t have done at least as good a job as President Obama. It is time for a woman to be President of the United States, and not a Sarah Palin airhead puppet with wires made of money.

Labor Frontier Going Forward

The power of Labor solidarity is that consciousness of the benefit to the society of a strong and well-compensated employee population that’s well-educated is in the interest of the country. Patriotism today isn’t supporting the 1% trickle-down fantasy that everybody knows doesn’t work, but being realistic about the needs of both labor and management. The Libertarian principle is filtered through Federalism into the idea that employers are the masters as slave-holders of today, when from the Inception was the Jeffersonian recognition of the freedom of association, that extends to Labor at least as effectively as Corporations are persons for constitutional purposes.

Rejection of delayed gratification extends to the top of the society by the short-stroke myopic Bain Capital flipping companies and employees like tenement housing being plowed under for ‘New Development.’ At the At-will lie-Plantation a base rate of employee turnover is sustained in support of the fear-driven management by humiliation paradigm. In fear, employees say whatever lie as script, clear that if not, their marginally supportive job with be At-will Decimated. While this ensures the telling of the lie, confusion is another layer for clients and customers to experience in a ‘learning styles’ roiling chaos of pure negative reinforcement.

Confidentiality Agreements to Protect Deceptive Trade Practices

With no ‘intellectual property,’ the only role of confidentiality agreements is to protect illegalities at worst and at best Deceptive Trade Practices. Snitches still get stitches, so there’s no expectation that anyone other than the suicidal with become a ‘whistleblower,’ but the signal of operation by At-will needs is sufficient to make the case for associative purposes.

Anyone who locates their business in the Desert Wilderness is either trying to be shady, or completely dismissive of quality in pursuit of the sucker-born-every-minute paradigm. Uneducated and poorly compensated employees who are only treated to negative reinforcement and no reward have no incentive toward excellence, (almost) Top to Down. The top is well-compensated to stand on the necks of the down, and clients and customer reap the rewards, in initially cheap products that are prohibitively expensive to utilize, some having to make a second career of ‘following up’ as chasing the ‘system.’

Robber Barons

Robber Barons

Resolutions are by design only by degree of escalation. The plan is to obstruct and contest, to fight every settlement  or return on contractual investment tooth and nail with the expectation that a certain percentage will just give up, and Stop Trying. The customer who’s the loudest and most persistent ‘wins’ regardless of being ‘right.’ Time and again, the aggressive albeit wrong customer is accommodated when the passive but correct are rolled-over; by design.

The Labor force has to be loud persistent and escalated as well. This is the ‘culture of the situation‘ with the old-South in its War Within the States against all Rights as At-will, and the battleground of Labor is as pressing as Voting Rights in that the old-South hatrick trifecta of John Roberts’ Dred Scott Court killing Voting then Civil then Labor as a return of the country to the next-best-thing of At-will no Labor Rights of the time of Carnegie’s Homestead Strike.

Support Your Local Union: Human and Proud

If you must buy at Walmart, at least change your diet by not buying toxic meat and sugar as simple carbohydrates. Fight back against the discouragement of delayed gratification by the power of an ability to be Human and Proud. Reward yourself in the Perfect Faith in the market that you can create by looking for quality in value. Value your self enough to buy value rather than cheap trash that lasts ninety days at most to then chase some useless service plan that’s going to cost in time more than the item. Make the most loving choice at the moment in affirmation of your self as having value.

Support businesses that are known to value their employees. Under globalization, this isn’t by country in that corporations are the national entities of today the same as they are constitutionally persons. Understand that companies who are dismissive of the value of their employees are dismissive of the value of their customers and client retention as well. These go hand in hand. Understand that the quality of many products is poor and seek information about slightly more expensive but substantively higher quality.

Pre-Existing Conditions

The pre-existing condition of the devolution of the working man in the United States is by devaluation of Labor, that’s also devaluation of Humanity. Without restoring a culture within the country that values the human being, regardless of all that old-South ‘Pro-life’ falderal in mis-directing deception, the downward trends of the culture will continue. Charles Murray and his Lee-Atwater Richard Herrnstein, the issue at the heart of the issues in the United States today is the Matching Theory that understands that without Reward, behavior becomes ineffectual and confused.

With many pressing as clucking and hopping while hoping for trickle down and the others giving up in extinction of hope, to Stop Trying and resign themselves to the field of entertainments. Education (standard) English and the ability to think as ‘Uppity’ that’s an ignoramus cop-out of the fool that’s internalized the Charles Murray Derbyshire-Sowell propaganda of genetic rather than culture.

Ebonics is not a language but an excuse. There’s nothing useful in Gullah Geechee if incapable of speaking (standard) English as Clarence Thomas attests by the good sense not to ask questions. Fight back against the call to ‘mek ‘dem ‘der mo’ comf’able‘ as J.C. Watts currying Leslie Kerr’s vote by being intelligent, thinking writing and speaking clearly and articulately. If Magic Johnson can correct, anyone can. Strike at the Roots of old-South culture within the value system.

The ascendancy of the old-South out of the War Within the States inaugurated by Ronald Reagan in homage to the murder of Rights Workers in Mississippi is the problem that needs to be fought tooth and nail, as persistently and vigorously as the forces of Federalism fight against Rights beyond At-will. There’s more of Us than Them. Collectivize!! Unite! In delayed gratification is culturally superior. Education and the ability to think logically has human value, and everyone can come to value themselves even as the old-South stands against beyond At-will nepotism and cronyism at the expense of quality of life of the Nation.

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