The Plantation had a pecking order of an owner, an overseer and the slaves that were then divided into house or field.

Slaves aspired  to get in the house with obeisance, even if that meant submitting to being raped without complaint as the mulatto offspring might get in. The field Negroes were direct subjects of the overseer who was omniscient and infallible regardless of any treatments meted out in furtherance of the enterprise.

Reward of Good and Punishment for Evil on the Plantation

As any deific pecking order, there was reward of good and punishment of evil. A primary evil of the Plantation enterprise was being dissatisfied with the way of life, to be broken as a horse to the bridle, still reflected in the dismissal of President Obama as uppity.

Any dissent, even if offering a better idea like invention of the cotton gin, on most Plantations was punished as a happiness violation. To today, there’s little more endearing than a Negro entertaining in a history of minstrelsy with a shuffle and step, worth millions for the best of them. As other shuffling and stepping entertainers are fined for end-zone violations as assaults on the dignity of the gladiatorial enterprise.

Programmed Routines

Some years ago, I was calling AT&T every month to have my bill adjusted. MCI had been billing me for phantom calls while tacking on this fee and that predicated on customers not paying attention. And if they figure it out, are to spend hours talking and holding to fix it.

So when I left them for AT&T advertising meeting MCI’s 11 cents a minute, I was chagrined that my bill kept being reset to 60 cents a minute, every month. I’d spend an hour every month on various holds while ultimately getting in trouble with my job, for apologies and promises that it’s fixed now.

Finally, after several months, I asked the agent what I needed to do to fix the problem, perhaps a letter. After some hesitancy, she told me; The only thing I know is to close the account. I didn’t realize until I worked on a lie Plantation myself that she had risked her job to tell me this truth.

Plantation Happiness Violations

If she was monitored, she’d have lost bonus and been threatened for un-approved disclosure. But, that’s not the half of it. There’s a series of harassment in waiting for the unhappy slave. Instead of needing to deliver a bag of cotton a day, it becomes a bag and a half. Then two and so on until the beating, rooted in telling the truth on that one call.

The unfavored may be in upward of twenty lines including never trained set at top priority so that the calls are continuous and inevitably, there will be penalties even if for saying One Moment Please too many times while figuring the untrained line out.

Fold — Die or Lie

Invariably, the unfavored, as on a Louisiana Plantation either fold under pressure or learn to lie with alacrity assuaged by the customer’s poor judgment to deal with AT&T. When MCI is no alternative. All AT&T needs to see what MCI is doing is have an account with them, there’s no need for some high-level conspiracy. In a gentleman’s Birds of a Feather agreement, they both market 11 cents a minute and charge 60 with tack-ons.

Cascading Lies on the Plantation of say-do-Whatever

Some Brick and Mortar stores tell the marketing lies at a high level and let them trickle down. By the time the salesperson learns that they’re lies, they’ve also realized that their ability to Put Food on the Table is tied to continuing to tell the lie. They’ve signed the standard protection-of-fraud non-disclosure agreement and want to work again after they’ve been delivered from that Egypt.

The brokers at Lehman and Goldman had to tell the lie as their job on that Plantation. AIG got too big to fail by unabashedly embracing the lie. For down on the ground consumers, it’s inability to comprehend the fine print. As it goes up the line on the Plantation, the ability to stand in the lie is the measure of success and potential, as priests of the Man-as deity religion of Ba’al’s power money and might by marketing.

Straightforward Transaction in Truth

Having been mistreated at Denny’s, some Negroes eschewed their pittance in settlement, vowing to never go there again. Brick and Mortars may justify their willingness to lie by marketing as compensation for having to compete with internet companies that don’t pay for showrooms or taxes.

But, it’s really the straightforward transaction in truth that’s driving consumers from their doors, that threatens their market. If the government catches them, a couple hundred thousand dollars fine is paid on millions of profits. Good business.

Some prefer to shop locally, to have a pretense-of-care human interaction, but going to a B&M to be treated to lies may be against the long-term purpose. Rather than jumping through hoops for hours trying to get a rebate, people can post on a selling website that they had a problem, that does hurt sales among those with the ability to read, further narrowing the sucker pool. Educated consumers don’t go back, and tell with website feedback, have developed a preference for purchasing over the internet for that reason.

At Will Plantations Are old-South Utopia

Employment of course should be at will because some people still don’t like to lie, might go-postal and compassionately tell the truth from a sense of right and wrong as that agent that endangered her job.

The old-South markets fair competition when the freedom they really want to protect is the ability to lie with impunity. Especially to customers on the American consumer Plantation, employee willingness neatly packaged under at will.

No Right to Hear the Truth

The adulation of as it should have been Federalist no rights is that people don’t have a right to hear the truth, even from people they’re doing business with, to whom they’re paying money based upon representations. Ratings of businesses and products are as notoriously for sale as anything else with rare exception.

Don’t Want to Hear the Truth

Talking point decerebrate automatons are more brain-washed than child-soldiers in Africa parroting in fear during an interview, who know what they say is being monitored. The old-South whines incessantly about entitlements while Corporatist entitlements are sacrosanct, even in the face of record profits to be kept off-shore to patriotically avoid paying taxes. Rare is the aesthete that refuses the largess of Man-as.

Would Have Done the Same

The old-South stood with the Negro fighting for Dixie because given the opportunity, they’d have done the same. The infallible prerogatives of Man-as power money might overrides respecting the poor judgment to not only refuse an opportunity for showing obeisant loyalty, but to complain about it as well. For man-as deific cause, Negroes don’t often look like Africans, the differential culture of being field hands carrying forward to this day in disgruntled attitudes in inner cities still faithfully reproducing Negro boys onto Spartan Stones dreaming of a good entertainer.

Lies as Picking Cotton on At Will Plantations

Today, cotton is picked by a machine invented by a slave that wasn’t beaten for having a good idea dismissed as being unhappy by the usual cousin dumb-as-a-post. The Corporatist Plantation of America has become the delivery of lies as marketing. Armies of lawyers Put their Food on the Table by overseeing overseers overseeing overseers ensuring that the talking point marketing lies sally forth as incontestable truths, all overseen by stockholders who could care less as long as they make their impersonal number. They’re relying on truthful representations themselves on a level playing field.

By the old-South, consumers should be happy slaves being lied to and helpless if they don’t like it. Employees have been reduced to the indignity of picking cotton cum telling lies, and in interest of survival on the plantation, the best hope is obeisant loyalty to get into the house of Man-as, to be an overseer of the lie themselves. Praying to get the jackboot of disfavor off their neck. Loyalists learn their job of lying with alacrity at home, kneeling to their Man-as. Cousin dumb-as-a-post knows it’s not what you know, but who’ll vouch for your willingness to lie, to say-do-whatever to move up the pecking order to make sure the serfs under are as willing to say-do-whatever to survive.

Only One Market

In an automatomic sucker-born-every-minute paradigm, going to a war of choice with the one fifth of an army they chose as one Texas Ranger/one country may play as wisdom in the decerebrate old-South, but there’s only one market. Lying is the threat. As the old-South’s Congenital Deficiency of compassion for suffering other than their own stands to bring down more than the credit rating, but the American democratic experiment by Maestrini’s Law, the middle class an endangered species, the old-South commitment to lying rooted in One-drop stands to bring down the market economy for the rest by an All or Nothing at All Man-as deity religion that looks to lying with impunity as Virtuous while worshiping, looking only to power money might.

Lying With Impunity

We’re all being monitored, and anything said that doesn’t toe the line is progressively punished in an already existing world of Big Brother in Brazil. As with old-South standing in the door to block Negroes, the only entity with an egalitarian chance of punishing the lie is the Federal government enacting laws that are enforced upon ostensibly infallible men-as deific inveterate misanthropic corporatists that aren’t people. Though to be treated as such by Federalists as Nuevo monarchs.

Until mandatory minimums are imposed on corporatists the way they are in unfavored inner cities, lying will be business as usual, fines a nuisance cost of doing business if the frauds to be non-disclosed Wiki-leak.