By continuity, nothing that’s happened in the past is separate from the present and future, the icebergs of injustice persist in all worlds through time. Men-as deities of power money might expect that the Icebergs of Injustice have melted in generations passed, but these assume the debt with the accounts.

The role of the soul is chosen from free will. In choosing to assume the mantle of man-as deity Holding Dominion, that soul has also assumed the weight of injustices thrown into a chasm on a metaphysical Mount Taygetos known euphemistically as the Apothetae (Gr., ἀποθέται, “Deposits”). As the light of The Divine Torah has been removing ignorance of Good and evil, each soul that assumes the role, also assumes their portion of the cummulative debt of that role across time. Not genetically or legally, but from free will in choosing the weight of the soul in the World to Come. Or lack thereof.

Icebergs of Injustice: Genocide

In the animal kingdom, there are contests of primacy that rarely go to the death, except for food during starvation conditions. African traditional conflicts had a match with a winner and loser but few deaths. Through history to today, genocide has become a standard of treatment of Them, with more than one way to accomplish a genocidal goal.

While current generations defend their forebears’ peccadillos of African slavery and Native American genocide as of another time, as well as the various proxy wars in the fight against Communism, Stalin a genocidal misanthrope justifies all. The War Between the States within the States is about the freedom of genocide at home by progressive denial of resources for survival for the weak poor and wick and in Spartan militarism abroad as a freedom, as a religious value.

The old-South make-believes that they care about life from conception as cover for their rejection of compassion for the suffering of the living. Their real interest in lives is Roman thumbs in their Drooler’s Coliseum of the world plantation. They pretend that Planning Parenthood by preventing ovulation within a marriage is genocidal when it’s the freedom of genocide that motivates them. They call it liberty. This isn’t polite to say in go-along-to-get-along, but it’s pointless to try to appease the soul of Cain of murder. As Paully of Goodfellas, His back is turned to people of murder in The Name.

Shaka Zulu’s being a great African warrior was sufficient absolution to overlook in Filial admiration for some as hero. He paralleled Stalin’s paranoia in senseless genocide of opponents, both real and imagined, on par with the first emperor Chin. Vlad Dracula the Impaler is a national hero of Romanians. Slobodan Milošević of Serbians.

Columbus of America. Armenia. Andrew Jackson, hero of the old-South standing in heroic Native American genocide enabling Manifest Destiny, Ronald Reagan of the re-Birth of a Nation, recalled in another context by Redemptionists of the noble African slavery cum inequality way of life, good, heroic. There’s a long history of genocide, possibly explaining the extinction of Neanderthals. Genocide is still conventional wisdom of the men-as deities old-South metareligion of say-do-whatever to Hold Dominion as good business that pays well.

Continuous Fighting and Fleeing

The world has been fighting and fleeing almost continuously, and as populations have intermixed, that acuity of us-them along with the standardization of treatment by example has created Icebergs of injustices that current generations of Evrémondes dismiss as history.

The argument of civilian versus military targeted has both come and gone in the firebombing of Dresden and cluster bombs that remain to kill innocents long after the conflict has been declared over. Despots unleash national military on Ghandian protesters, while the short-memory West conveniently forgets its own not so bad strange Fruit in yesterday’s recorded history.

The U.N. looks the other way in Sudan while pointing the anti-Semitic finger at Israel, most of them men-as deities in power at the tip of a bloody spear themselves. The long-standing militarism rooted in conventional wisdom, in protracted Us-Them wars of various Degrees have caused Icebergs of injustices that the souls of history Never Forget, He Never Forgets. That we Never Forget.


Conquistadors came to the New World to send gold to the Old. Conventional Wisdom has held through time that the lamb is the food of the wolf.

Now, for some time we have been saying that the lamb, Abel is as deserving of life as Cain.

People all over the world are tired of being the food of the wolf, disagreeing that human right to yetzer tov doesn’t extend to them. Conventional wisdom has been false revolutions of taking the whip from their man-as deity oppressors to become the new Man-as deity to use it on their lesser subjects while Putting Food on the Table for their families and friends.

The reason this is going to break down is that the whole system is going to go into a failure of care, already in insufficiency.

Toxic Waste

Aerobics are about building cardiovascular capacity, where skeletal exercises improve ability to do that work. Muscles are important to fight and flight, but periods of rest from fighting and fleeing are needed for healing, for the elimination of toxic waste build-up. Runner’s cramps are lactic acid build up in the muscles that disorder their biochemistry. When the world is awash in nothing but yetzer hara, yetzer tov set aside in fighting and fleeing, the mighty arm of Don Quixote enjoys primacy until the Icebergs of injustices build up for termination of the might.

No Pax Romana

Yetzer tov is the healing and cleansing force of the world. With no Pax Romana in conflicts of confluence, globalization, the awareness of Injustices is going up with progressively decreasing ability to meet demand for yetzer tov. The care that cleanses the effects of Injustices is in insufficiency well on it way to failure. The old-South may be immune to global warming, but they’re not immune to weather. To HaShem.

Remembrances of Injustices imprinted into the souls of both the living and the dead only accumulate like lactic acid.

Wafers and wine or ablutions don’t remove history. To have merciful peace heal the injury, the injury has to stop. Injustices are a toxic waste in the world more ominous than CO2 build-up.

As people have fled all over the world, and the world coalesces in awareness, the effects of these Icebergs of injustices will drive the system into failure.

Old-South militarism for dominion is prioritized over everything else. Godzilla has stomped the world, and the only plan of Conventional Wisdom is winner take all the lambs they can never get tired of eating. As this is disconnected from even cruel self-interested humanity, there’s no mechanism of satiety for inveterate misanthropic corporatists.

The Sun to Swallow the Earth

As ‘dem ‘dats got are gittin’ while ‘dem ‘dats not are losin’, there comes a point where the whole system fails. Men-as deities’ faith is that the potential for oppression of lesser is as infinite as the 5 billion years it takes for the sun to swallow the earth, the rich to get richer to infinity as the poor lose as population control. At at time, the world was compartmentalized. It was easy to say us-them, and apply whatever Metareligious justification served.

Uninhibited Gluttonous Reaping

An uninhibited feed-back system is like the untreated deficiency of flow to the kidneys in cardiac insufficiency that causes them to hold on to fluid that will help their flow, as in the normal case.

This is the reason heart failure is congestive, the heart is weak and this normal compensatory mechanism aggravates the problem by giving the heart even more work to do.

The deficit of oxygen to the peripheral circulation, the raison d’etre of the system then impairs the ability of the heart to do what it could because the heart depends on the peripheral circulation as well.

Men-as deities can’t see that far ahead because of the belief that the supply of serfs is infinite. The misanthropy, the lack of compassion for any suffering other than their own, rather than being sustainable ad infinitum will bring the wolf down as the buffalo on the plains. Cousins too dumb to conserve, to sustain their environment.

A Machine

Men-as deities, in the rise of impersonal Corporatism has become a machine with no inhibiting feedback mechanism. Unlike the conquests of Ghengis Khan or Rome or Alexander, it cannot stop itself to allow healing.

Compensatory mechanisms as international organizations courts and charitable organizations are being at the same time overwhelmed as charity is dropping in contraction of resources, aggravating the deficiency.

Man-as deity is not his brother’s keeper. If they starve, all’s well that ends well, for us.

Eventually, the gluttonous dog who can’t believe he will ever have enough, gets fat, develops cancer, stinks up the atmosphere with methane and sets warmth to the world for acts of nature beyond human control.

Sets fires of unrest in populations growing as well as coalescing in beliefs in egalitarian human dignity.

Will Bring Down the Whole

Rather than the intended unfortunate them falling off the top of the train to Mumbai, the excesses of greed and unchecked abuses of power will bring down the whole. Men-as deities believes that Spartan Stones are for the good of the us deserving to live and them to die. That nothing has relevance except who gets the last musical chair purchased by the highest bidder.

Mechanisms of redress of Injustices are limited in effect when there are no sustained periods of Peace. The powerful retain monarchical prerogative to veto Justice for the weak.

As Hate justifying the murder of Cain is the oxygen of Man-as deity, yetzer tov is the blood of life of well-being. As rabid insatiable Cujos place care under incessant unchecked carnivorous attack, the devolution of the American middle class to poverty is cratering the world economy. American Men-as deities look smugly across the water at Europe to enjoy their socialist comeuppance while the cerebrate admit that the world is a financial unity.

Unintended Consequences

The three decades long juggernaut of everyman-for-himself strangulation driving poverty and infant mortality rates up and education down in Spartan militarism in honor of the Ronald Reagan, the dodfather of Antipathy as Virtue has resulted in the intended consequence of a standard of immorality. That with the unintended consequence as the Dust Bowl of the desert wilderness, the land of Hope ruined to fallow.

The middle class was not only the engine of prosperity at home, but for the world. Destruction of the American middle class by unchecked greed of the old-South enabled a shift to the right by the War Between the States within the States that’s integral to the economic crisis in Europe dependent on that market.

Knowing no other way, Men-as deities press the bar of Injustice with ever increasing fervor because this is what has worked in the past. All they know. Now China stumbles.

Anti-Communism evolved to diffuse Misanthropy is as significant in that consumers of Europe’s and the rest of the world’s product are now increasingly poor. Greed has eaten all the seed corn, and soon the world can’t recover from their gluttonous induction of a famine of care. Azerbaijan.

Man-as puts a happy face on it, to maintain confidence in the market, when the market has gone from driver to victim of its own impersonal Corporatist drive for the right to lie in a law of unintended consequences. As the heart fails, because the heart is itself a peripheral organ, the system will fail.

The System Is Collapsing

The intelligent wealthy, not loyalist cousin Dumb-as-a-post wannabees see that this disparity of resources threatens not only their financial welfare, but the welfare of the systems of order Worldwide.

Every day we hear that Europe can bring America down financially while less eagerly said is that the rise of old-South Virtue of Misanthropy in evolution is bringing America down to bring Europe down, the whole system collapsing in a toppling of dominoes.

Because of incapacity to meet demand, the systems are being congested with Icebergs of Injustices. At a point in congestive heart failure, ionotropics, as actions of the Fed to adjust interest rates and infusions of capital as Cheney’s assistive pump as Crusts of Bread and Such charity will not be able to keep up with demand. How much foreign aid, Mario?

Serfs slaves now subjects are being denied the resources of survival systematically as Calvinist Virtue. Troubles looming on the horizon as a Financial Armageddon.

The Waning Middle Class

Redistribution without that volume of capital flow through the middle class will be inadequate, already is. I use Infant Mortality, Educational statistics and the rise of poverty repeatedly because they’re harbingers of wellness in the first case, and opportunity to maintain wellness in the second.

Canaries in the mine of the world of hope.

Teachers are being blamed for the failures of education in willful disregard of the forces of society, as if they, on their meager salaries are charged with curing all the ills of corporatism while men-as deities focus on escalating profit ratios glutinously toward infinity clucking through their teeth. G-d Bless the Child, they won’t, can’t.

U.S.S.R. Bankruptcy of Militarism

While America has maintained sentinels of Corporatist interest Worldwide both physical as military bases or by proxy, pumping money hand over fist in an economization of Corporatist interests, the drain of resources, as with the Soviet Union proceeds apace while world stability progressively lessens.

Lies have been the only thing that’s trickling down. With the destruction of the middle class in a culture of lying run amok, the till is thinning.

Old-South militarism exploded into the Iraq war is now forgotten as a trillion dollars plus drain on an economy already under attack by the War Between the States within the States by unfunded and unprecedented tax cuts for the wealthy. They pretend President Obama inherited the surplus the dyslexic Bush did from President Clinton, instead of an economy on the brink in quicksand.

Faith of Men-as deities is to buy the death of egalitarian America with SuperPacs as Federalist final solution. In a time, lies, no matter how much is spent to tell them will falter.

Permanent Disability

In weightlifting, the idea is to stress the muscle to failure in such a way that it’s not injured but stimulated to grow in anticipation of future loads. That whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger is killing a lot of people.

An athlete who strains a muscle has torn fibers within the muscle, an injury. Continuing muscle contractions in the face of the tear aggravates the injury, extends the tears to a permanent disability.

As with the buffalo, soon enough, the unchecked killing of the middle class for hats and fur coats, leaving the corpus of humanity to rot in the sun, is going to undermine the ability of men-as deities’ Loyalists to feed themselves. Man-as deific corporatists don’t think, like a herd of open range combines grazing, when one area has been strip-mined, move on to graze elsewhere in the global Plantation.

While the meaning of Conservative in America has been dumbed-down to abrogation of rights for appeal to the bloodthirsty of Hate. Contesting rights that shouldn’t have been in the inception of accommodation. Wildlife forestry fisheries oceans habitats grasslands marshes, the ecosystem of the planet requires conservation, and so do animals.

Automated Combines Reaping

Every farmer knows not to eat the seed corn. The automatomic combine sweeping the field has no such idea. Men-as deities talk about wanting to leave something for Evrémonde generations of innocence to make BFF shows.

If they were serious, they’d abandon the idea that killing off the middle class as buffalo to starve Native American serfs isn’t going to impact them by continuity. But, they can’t help but be inveterate misanthropic corporatists because that’s the culture of the old-South situation with a line of guns to the back of heads up the line being monitored on lie plantatiions with threat of not being able to Put Food on the Table for not telling the lie du Jour. People are more Louisiana Plantation disposable than ever.

‘At will’ has the positive side that employers don’t have to jump through hoops to discharge poorly performing workers. Carried to Man-as deity excess it falls back to good ole boy nepotism, cronyism, and disrespect for workers as the standing result. Now American is a has-been first world with a third world within. Quality matters less than being us versus them. American workers would be as willing as any to inconvenience themselves to do the right thing, to bring success to their families, locale, corporation and country.

The consideration won’t be reciprocated because the combine is only a machine designed to reap, with no nationalist interests as Cisco relocates to Dubai. Education has been replaced by H1-Bs recommended most highly by down-for-whatever compliance. They’ll program the computer to jack the account as they like it, without complaint, VISA at stake.

The Primacy of Short-Term Profit

The increasing poverty rates in America are reflective of a poverty of care out of an overabundance of the righteousness of redeeming old-South dominion. The plausibly deniable intent is population control by Spartan Stones.

The people whose wages should have gone up are the jobs that can’t be globalized. Teachers. Delivery-people. Service-people. The military. Man-as prefers to pay contractors to help a Corporatist friend rather than do the right thing by its military. Skilled workers. Construction workers.

In a new world of globalization, if the manufacturing jobs are history, these are still local, can’t leave, but are treated as though they’re unskilled ship-breakers in Alang, Gujarat. While the American worker is the most productive in the world, for a few dollars more, Corporatists turn their backs.

Not only in infrastructure but education and care for its population, Explicitly for the reason that their interests are no longer national. America is a failing state by inability of the Man-as deity Ba’al religion to compromise with them to defend their religious value of genocide. The continuity between Spartan militarism and genocide is that there’s more than one way than Smallpox infected blankets to accomplish a result. The primacy of short-term profit has consumed the long-term potential of the United States, the seed corn.

Icebergs Lurking Beneath a Stormy Sea

All Icebergs of Injustice, today lurking beneath a stormy sea, will be brought to account for His World to Come. No Justice no Peace. No Compassion no Mercy. No Mercy no Peace.

This world is accelerating daily, in both awareness and reality. Genocides of the past resurface from smoldering embers, both small and large. Hurt people remain hurt as souls of the past are with us still. Murderous hearts as irrelevant then as they are now.

Communion of Awareness

Elevated souls are those that continue to be relevant, are still in the game so to speak. The murdered innocent are with us still. The damned will not participate in the World to Come in a resurrection of communion in awareness of good souls. The good souls here will coalesce, and to have that happen all looking through to HaShem in yetzer tov are being called to stand and be counted, in the here and now.

As we Stop the Hate within by abandoning the idea of men-as deities’ automatomic say-do-whatever machine as humanly credible for any accommodation, any role in history except the murder of Cain. The opportunity of this end-stage disconnect from any pretense of human is the growing stark delineation of who’s who and what’s what. Clarity. We will turn a back to people of War and Hate for Banished in Place.

I don’t pretend any sort of eschatological insight beyond the existential certainly that their hate-mongering Black Holes as-Souls will be irrelevant in His World to Come, their lights dimmed in His. Their voices of Antipathy as Virtue drowned by the sounds of listening with our souls.  

In the coalescence of awareness of millennia, men-as deities are losing control of their foundation of sustenance, credibility of the lie. Already abroad and coming soon to a home nearby. The peoples of the world know what’s going on, they’re not all automatons willing to assimilate talking points as wafers placed onto their tongues with a blessing from Herr Ratzingers in honor Ronald Reagan’s Antipathy as Virtue, that reject compassion for any suffering but their own.