Inveterate Misanthropic Corporatists

Today’s Corporatists are Autocrats of the Duopoly of Power elevated to infallible men-as deities worshipped by old-South decerebrate Federalist Loyalists looking for trickle-down favor in fealty.

Money is as sunlight to chlorophyll in plants, oxygen to aerobic cellular activity. Money is not only power, but life. Millenia from being nomadic hunter gatherers and agrarians, people must have money to survive, as fundamental as food and shelter. Everything and everyone is for sale in the United States of America, directly or indirectly, because it has to be. Americans are acculturated to the belief, progressively since Ronald Reagan inaugurated the War Between the States within the States in Neshoba County of States’ Rights to murder for the Holding Dominion Way of Life,  that there can never be enough as the true measure of capability to survive.

Wealth is Virtue

Examples of history are that no matter what evils were done in the acquisition of wealth, it can buy you out of any trouble. Money buys not only deity but divine absolution. No matter the murders, philanthropically give and whatever passed is forgiven. Calvinist wealth is Virtue. The crack dealer who crosses over to entertainment isn’t faulted for their former line of work, no more than a Kennedy of another substance opportunity. Conquest is money as money conquers. Successful criminals are heroes of our culture, the Genghis Khans of the modern age, have shown initiative. Big crime pays, just don’t steal a Crust of Bread and Such. The Criminal Injustice System is for angry poor white trash darkies and Hispanics.

Corporatists: Inveterate Deity of Money

Corporations have lots of money, their raison d’être and only impetus to make as much more of it as they can. Money buys whatever Justice money wants, chooses their representation intelligently. Texas judges elected by campaign contributions from lawyers are naturally open-minded to the arguments of their benefactors. While this association is honestly straight-forward, the same dynamics prevail, from local to courts to supplicant governments. Rainmakers are rare.

For men-as deities who worship money, hire by money makes master. Actors are incentivized to adopt and support with an open-mind in the higher case, and in the lower to incorporate loyalty as good subjects of the realm. Loyalist decerebrates have assimilated that propaganda as if their value rests on the subjugation of the weak the United States being dragged to the bottom of the developed world ‘to hurt them more.’ The Loyalists of the deities of money are so addicted to greed that they eat the seed corn of America by breaking the back of the middle class.

Impersonal Objectification: Monetization

Monetization is inherently impersonal objectification.Any criticism of this deific monarchy’s freedom of infallibility is Communism. Contrary to the old-South inception of accommodation of Federalist inequality holding plantations as people, with rights of people; public corporations are soulless Louisiana slave-owners in a collectivization of ‘not personal just business‘ rooted in anonymous greed. There isn’t one among them that can stand for Justice Compassion Mercy; not legitimated parts of the wider stock-holder culture of mortal fear.


Corporations are international, Globalization means their loyalties freed from any nationalist concerns beyond military protection of their interests, dove-tailing with Federalist rationale. So that the former partnership under Mussolini is inapplicable because their association isn’t to nations anymore. They’re not bound to any constrictions as they’ll say-do-whatever to whomsoever; government, shareholders, Wall street, because time and again, it’s impersonal power money might, small investors just W. C. Fields suckers, plankton, silt on the ocean floor.

Other than services, there’s no context other than political marketing of them being job creators in the developed world. The world is now their plantation.

There’s no such thing as a publicly traded good corporate citizen beyond image marketing. It’s existentially incompatible as human, a Borg. There are companies and wealthy with honor and intelligence to be ignored as gone off the farm, but the Loyalists can’t believe them because their vicarious worth is in their ability to turn the thumb in while cheering in The Coliseum.

Louisiana Plantation Disposable

Motivated by cheap labor, more for less, global ‘at will’ serfs are Louisiana Plantation disposable, for cultural disrespect of workers Nepotism and Cronyism for the cousin dumb-as-a-post  or soul-mate riding the gravy train that can hardly read. To be compensated by harvesting the best as H1-Bs from abroad, farming the talented of the world. With a holding the VISA whip that can’t afford to have Ethics, will write the program with an ‘oops’ here and ‘do not recall’ there routine programming error.

To the chagrin of countries that are educating the replacements for America’s unnecessary Educational system. Other countries and their educational systems or parents and employee debt can provide for a few men-as deities to reap as combines harvesting. As the world is their plantation, they don’t intend to pay national taxes to support education or infrastructure, because it isn’t in their profitable interest.

Calvinist Virtue

Communists have their in-crowd of corruption, and so does American almost-Democracy in a corruption by the absolute unchecked power of money as Calvinist justice and virtue. Sustained by an automatomic faith that in rise of the old-South way of life out of the War Between the States within the States it’s better to hold on to the proclivity for xenophobia you know than accept that we’re all human, not only the wealthy as Federalists hold.

Slavery was profitable by the ability to control labor costs. When I was in business, labor was the big issue. I understand the problem. Other expenses were relatively fixed, but cost-to-quality of labor makes you or breaks you. The godfather of Antipathy as Virtue’s commoditization of labor paradigm is that you pay progressively less and expect progressively more. That will work until the system goes into failure, that seems inevitable in this Duopoly of Power paralyzed by the War Within the States.

That same the conditions United Farm Workers were struggling against, for fair pay and conditions, continue apace today. They’re selling the intellectual work-product of America to China, because they think it’s in their corporate long-term profitable interest. They’re not based in a given country, save Caymans. Illustrative aside, Russia remains the greater nuclear threat because of the willingness to sell anything to anybody – just don’t let it be traced to me for hassles. Along with infallibility, immortality of men-as deitis is freedom from mortal moral constraints.

Everyone’s Putting Food on the Table, but an expedient non-idolatrous heter to do business hardly means decide to believe that men should be deities on earth, pharaohs holding dominion over subjects. To become the idolaters of pharaoh’s deific power of money from lies.

Misanthropic Corporatists

Greed as initiative to lie is a metareligion of advancing society, money the base of authority, dishonesty their base of morality. Business as usual of modern life has become all about the say-whatever lie to do-whatever. Not only in ghettos do Snitches Get Stitches, corporate Code of Omertà. Corporations have no allegiance to anything but profit. Are existentially inhumane because they’re not human, though intelligent and moneyed client states.

Once upon a time, positions were based upon beliefs in being truthful. American culture founded on the One-drop lies of Racism to justify slavery and Native American removal by any genocidal means possible has transformed from the Inception of Accommodation of inequality to diffuse Misanthropy under the compunction of fighting Communism as any care. It’s un-American, unpatriotic to care about anyone but themselves, missing that they are the them they don’t care about, that they’re Atwater hurting more. Altruism their Communist enemy, they can’t even be truthful with themselves.

Valuing Misanthropy

Loyalists’ role of the soul is rooted in One-drop racism in evolution, their calling is to redeem their utopian past by valuing misanthropy. Merciless imperial money is their impersonal soulless metallic idol of gold. The corporation has become the new monarch by an ability to afford to buy minds open to say-do-whatever.

Their court in monarchy need not be inherently corrupt beyond the cultural roots removing any compunction for truthfulness, say-whatever lies as legitimate marketing. Marketing has become purely as truth is the lie you can get away with telling. Corporatists drive to end regulations and consumer protections to perfect the freedom to lie.

Marketing is marketed in the new double-speak AMA definition deleting the only really meaningful words – managing customer relationships in ways that benefit the organization and its stakeholders. This all important drive to benefit the organization and its stakeholders means in plain terms say-whatever is going to serve the profitable bottom line.

Sell Cheap and Tell the Truth

One company’s motto is; Sell cheap and tell the truth. This model is that customers appreciate good treatment and truthfulness and will return to do more business; that the business having a good name has value. Honor, integrity, and do the right thing are still a part of the culture of these businesses that have to compete at disadvantage with people with none of those compunctions. Increasingly rare businesses as these are not the corporate Business Ethics standard.

The Trickle-down Marketing Lie

The other, most marketing corporations tell the lies high and let them trickle down as truth. As we well know, the bigger the lie appealing to greed and the higher told the better. The corporate sales manager trains the lie as a truth to the regional sales managers, and down it goes. Lies trickle down a lot better than money. By the time the store salesperson is telling it, its irrefutable truth.

When customers deemed valuable complain that they’ve been lied to, they’re given reprieves with a compensatory offering, while most are shown to the door in the faith that as W. C. Fields said presciently to the twin dynamics of; You Can’t Cheat an Honest Man, and There’s a sucker born every minute. In the former case, fraud relies on the mark’s willingness to believe the lie, tell the unlikely if not impossible and rely on their own greed to induce denial of their common sense that the lie can’t be true, covered in the fine print. In the latter case, gullibility is fine too, say-do-whatever works.

By the time ‘stakeholders’ find out that they’re lying, ability to Put Food on the Table binds to continue telling the lie. At the high end, lying is justified by profits, stockholders are really the client, customers and plantation serfs are just passing through, don’t have to live here. Buying on rebates is a lottery. Big Misanthropic corporation gets caught in rebate fraud and pays a few hundred thousand dollar fine on millions of dollars of profits that’s just another cost of doing business.

Noble Amorality

Rather than seeing corporations as immoral, the more perceptive view is amoral. In debate and law, sides adopt a position that can be drawn out of a hat, and the job that Puts Food on the Table is to represent that side more successfully than the opposition. Lawyers can’t allow their personal views to interfere with noble amorality because no matter how guilty, devils are entitled to representation in a just process to proof of conviction.

In professions there’s a higher standard. Doctors as the one who fired me for not doing a contra-indicated procedure to help him greedily Put Food on the Table have done great harm, though overwhelmingly people become doctor’s a least partially because they want an honorable profession. Introduction of marketing into the practice of medicine by corporations, whether to make the profit by doing the unnecessary, or denying as in PPO/HMOs has brought the devil in, of lies, albeit rationalized for sensibilities.


No one begrudges profits, the issue is that Corporatists will lie at every opportunity as a part of routine business to realize the maximum profits, as they must. For every American Greed tip of the iceberg, there’s a huge mass below the surface of the same policy of lying as the culture of the situation. Corporatist freedom to lie is at worst penalized with a slap on the wrist that makes policies of lying profitable enterprise. When all regulations are ended, they won’t even have that concern.

As some aptly say, corporations operate within the enforced rule of law. Enforcement actively removed since the Ronald Reagan, the next step for these is to remove the rules altogether for perfectly infallible men-as deities under the free-market no-tort-liability moniker.

Corporatists’ Entitlements Sacrosanct

With all the sturm und drang about entitlements, corporate welfare is tax-code sacrosanct under threats of moving campaign contributions and future employment as lobbyist for both in the Duopoly of Power, to match their Switzerland Cayman’s patriotism. ‘Don’t let the terrorists discourage living on your credit cards as you sink into poverty, debt that’s as IRS obligation to your true government.

Like a foolish adolescent in love, for access, they’ve given their lunch money of technology to the Chinese dragon lady who’ll drop him when she grows up and goes to a college he can’t afford. By musical chairs, a few will win as everyone else loses. They’ll sell anything to anybody, for the right price, a few dollars more.

Absolutely Corrupt

Throughout history in the industrial age, the damages and threats to society of Corporatism have been recognized, consider the stands of Theodore Roosevelt. Eisenhower warned of the unmitigated predation of military-industrial collusion fully realized today. The moral failure of both Ayn Rand Greenspan and his godfather is conveniently self-serving Romanticization of no-rules free-markets that dismisses the historically known harms of absolute power absolutely corrupting.

It’s perfectly safe to steal a few to hundreds dollars at a time from millions of commoners while it isn’t safe to steal a few million at a time from a few. The free-marketers in their reverence of the prerogatives of Nuevo monarchs supplicate for favor as the sacrificial lambs of the weak pay at the life. Their righteousness is that the wolf should eat the lamb, with impunity.

Only Marketed as Trustworthy

The ‘free market,’ marketed as faith in people is the moral standard of pretending that morality will prevent the already, from inception of accommodation willingness to lie. Habitual xenophobic all pro-life before birth, principled pro-death after, are to believe in their lies, truth what they make it. They stand for murder by starvation for and by Spartan militarism at minimum as the raw face of self-interest us-them as-we-were. As employee pay stagnates, even slow inflation presses the grapes by Maestrini’s Law.

The Fine Print

Eventually it will be known that you get what you pay for, both societally and the integrity of organizations flowing not only from the top Skilling cronies being able to market / lie effectively to Wall Street, but from the quality of work in a quality of life at the bottom. After millions of American lives become litter of combines reaping profits, to be plowed under for the next season of planting on the world plantation, to be done by some other suckers. Suckered time and again by marketing, people are learning what the fine print says;

You’re disposable, don’t matter, another sucker born every minute. Rights are subject to change without notice toward the Federalist ideal of none. You elect us at your own risk, results may vary. Your well-being is your own responsibility as you pay for the only job of the federal government being to protect corporate interests worldwide. We value your loyalty, will apologize when your expectations based on our lies of omission aren’t realized, and will look forward to our next opportunity for you to serve us as we serve you with marketing.