Conservatism in America: Traitor of Humanity by Making Believed to Divide

Not traitors of any race, a fabricated distinction, Conservatives in the United States have little in common with the way the word is used elsewhere in the world, are traitors of the noble truths of Conservatism. The Republican Party has become a traitor of humanity by playing the race card in Code-words in every election. Long, since the Civil Rights Act of 1964, and Fox News/Talk radio loudly enough that everyone who calls themselves a Republican Conservative today is at minimum tolerant of interance as the brand name of the not so bad strange fruit Drooler’s-for-death Coliseum that’s become the brand of The Big Tent of Race-Hate-evolved over the past thirty years.

Abraham Lincoln Memorial

Abraham Lincoln Memorial

The old-Southern Strategy of hog-calling Dixie Resurrectionists to the War Between the States within the States inaugurated by Ronald Reagan in the Neshoba County of Civil Rights murder in Mississippi by hollering versions of ‘niggerniggernigger.‘ This modus operandi of invoking compatriots with a proclivity for xenophobia has betrayed Conservatism in the Unites States as anything to do with nobility or truth, and everything to do with returning to the ‘as it was and always will be‘ of John C. Calhoun, slavery or the next best thing, inequality as Virtue.

That permanent association to the debased Holding Dominion by Ayn Rand rejection of any compassion for suffering other than their own has gone far beyond the Libertarian truths that compassion and equality cannot be legislated or court ordered to an active pursuit of obstructing democracy, voting rights, the right of an executive to appoint the officers of government. Their black souls have become irrevocably and eternally linked by all associations, ‘moderates‘ as Dick Lugar that was a down-the-line Reagan supporter have been forced from the field in the Delusion in Common that the only good government is a dead government — unless sending militaristic ‘messages.‘ They cling to the fantasy that the people of the United States and the world are to be persuaded to the same arguments that were put forth in advocacy of slavery, sanitized by the decorum of Code-words. For thin plausible deniability that doesn’t Febreeze their depraved and irredeemably rotten less than human racist souls.

The chain-guns of Fox News Talk-radio and now a chorus of copy and paste ‘bloggers‘ from an army of witless-while-erudite automatons have become the Conservative modus vivendi of race-hate-evolved to commoner hate. With a majority contingent of decerebrate commoner Loyalists dreaming that with the inevitable death of affirmative action, their nepotism and cronyism ticket-to-ride of fortunate birth ‘as it was before’ will save their sorry and pitiful lives. They stand behind their excepted and chaperoned Confederate Negro receptionists hanging on the tit of personal freedom the Honorable Jefferson Davis refused, for valorous kitchen service in putting the dressings on promises to ‘hurt them more.’

Atwater: You start out in 1954 by saying, “Nigger, nigger, nigger.” By 1968 you can’t say “nigger” — that hurts you. Backfires. So you say stuff like forced busing, states’ rights and all that stuff. You’re getting so abstract now [that] you’re talking about cutting taxes, and all these things you’re talking about are totally economic things and a byproduct of them is [that] blacks get hurt worse than whites. And subconsciously maybe that is part of it. I’m not saying that. But I’m saying that if it is getting that abstract, and that coded, that we are doing away with the racial problem one way or the other. You follow me — because obviously sitting around saying, “We want to cut this,” is much more abstract than even the busing thing, and a hell of a lot more abstract than “Nigger, nigger.”

Do it once, a faux pas, the second time a pattern, and the third is a death penalty of crediblity. Now, we’re into the third solid decade. No matter how ‘learning styles‘ slow, we all, the world, ‘gets it’ and it’s far too late for the Republican Party to pretend their way out by trotting out some go-along-to-get-along quiet-in-the-face-of-it-all ‘moderates’ and it’s all good, Big Tent, you know — wink. ha ha

Hater will be the persisting definition of Conservative in the United States for at least another generation. That’s a conservation of racial and other pre-existing as valid grounds for maintaining inequality with a few escapees as trustees willing to snap the whip over the heads of any so foolish as to talk about compassion for All suffering. Their true heart, their base, is their Hold Dominion co-religionists, to be exercised in foreign relations by more Neo-con huff and puff threats of power money and Spartan militaristic ‘influence‘ and domestically by active promotion of inequality, not by the natural and true premises of industry and determination, but by pursuing advantages imposed by State’s Rights to Tyrannies of Majorities for certain groups and associations to be worshipped in hope of trickle-down.

John C. Calhoun Father of the Confederacy Ardent Slavery Proponent Architect of Today's Republican Party

John C. Calhoun
Father of the Confederacy
Ardent Slavery Proponent
Architect of Today’s Republican Party

Conservatism in the United States: Grounded in One-drop Racism

Conservatism in the United States is derivative of the struggle to Hold Dominion that led up to and continues after The War Between the States by other John C. Calhoun means founded on the One-drop premise of African slavery. The same One-drop principle that one drop of African blood makes a lesser than human to be Held Dominion over extends today as One-drop of compassion for any suffering other than your own under the Communist/Socialist Code-words. Either we’re Holding Dominion in a context of Unconditional Surrender, or the fight must go on. This ‘extremism in pursuit of liberty‘ as Holding Dominion isn’t for a noble spreading of democracy as marketed to the intellectually-inbred while insipid, it’s to install puppet Ahmed Chalaby semi-dictators who will go through the democratic motions while allowing permanent military bases as intended for ‘Iraqi freedom.’ For fingers on the oil spigot and regional ‘influence.’

Then they’re in shock and awe that everything they did was blown up the next day. People all over the world understand the old-South. They imagine the world to be as willfully ignorant as their capped-at-fifth-grade desert wilderness constituents, chirping ‘hate us for our freedoms‘ when the old-South’s idea of freedom is ratification of the Corwin amendment to reinstitute slavery. Logical consistency is ‘big word verbiage’ and accuracy of facts ‘uppity tactlessness’ in the old-South faith-based xenophobic cognitive disability rooted in the extremism of All or Nothing One-drop descended from racism.

Traitor of the Race by ‘Talking Proper

Marian Anderson

Marian Anderson

I decided to escape from the desert wilderness of the willfully insipid in the sixth grade with every intention of being a traitor of the race. I had a simple words vocabulary for ‘peers,’ and relaxed to my standard Reader’s Digest vocabulary when talking to adults. I would use their inflection, ‘thang‘ instead of ‘thing,’ but was a stickler for grammar and syntax since taught by Momma along with her daughter three years my senior.

I only learned how to relax those on the ‘at will’ plantation with a verbiage conviction costing bonus for the Latin gymnastics of avoiding ending a sentence with a preposition. A typically ignorant while aspiring to become a school-teacher with a college?algebra book in her hand in the mold of Mrs. Blackburn cum manager ‘coached’ me that I should (learn to) speak Ebonics to ‘Make the customer’s comfortable. Give them what they expect.’

Now, I use whatever vocabulary I please, including the occasional Latin or French phrase if it suits me, sublime in the knowledge that some have No Ears to Hear, regardless. And in the conviction if this is being read, there’s a dictionary a key press away. In the old-South desert wilderness, talking proper with over-grade-school words precipitates harassment from both Negro and white alike. I was holding forth to my home room teacher, Mrs. Batson, about the invigorating challenge of debate that requires intimately knowing both logically consistent sides of the argument and all the facts accurately. She told me if I’d learn some tact and stop using so many big words, I’d do better in life.

We Have to Live Here, You’re Passing Through

Booker T. Washington

Booker T. Washington

I was absolutely wasting my time in secondary school, tested at Sophomore college level in the sixth grade. My parents wouldn’t let me skip grades. I talked them into letting me take the PSATs and applied to prep schools on that basis. All I needed to go, with financial aid, was my transcripts, that Marion Anderson secondary wouldn’t release. I needed to improve Booker T. Washington high school statistics. Negroes were worried that integration would result in their schools being closed and the students bused to the South-side. My Oklahoma-beat-down parents told me they needed to go-along-to-get-along. ‘We Live here, and you’re only passing through.

At the time, there was a voluntary Negro transfer to recently integrated Central High. So I transferred myself over my parent’s misgivings. Caught the city bus at five o’clock in the morning. They were able to stop me from escaping to a prep school with financial aid, but they couldn’t make me go to Booker T. My decision was based on the years already wasted, and the injustice of forcing me to march in place in that Special Education situation, for some greater good. To be a martyr for a cause that wasn’t my own.

I’d been taking tennis lessons from Mr. Lacey who was the football and tennis coach at Booker T. Washington High School. I was banned from the public Negro Lincoln park that later became the Lacy Park & Community Center, had become a Traitor of the Race.

A List of Agreement

Richard Nixon  Great Foreign Policy Presient

Richard Nixon
Great Foreign Policy Presient

There is a list of issues that I either agree with Conservatives on, or see the validity of the point. A lifelong Independent, still registered as such, I’ve evolved: From whoever hasn’t said an epithet throw the first stone at Nixon who was expected to kill L.B.J.’s social programs but put real money behind them instead, the premier foreign policy president of my lifetime. A visionary.

Respectful of Bork despite his John C. Calhoun ‘all men not created equal‘ position, as a clearly learned man. A scholar. I was chagrined that his Gullah replacement hadn’t bothered to learn grammar before his confirmation hearing, William Saffire cringing in the wings. That was a worse crime to me than trying to romance a co-worker in whatever crude Ogeechee River ways. He and J. C. Watts of Ebonian ‘good ole boy’ athletic legitimacy can take turns slaying the King’s English with a broad ax while Magic Johnson has corrected to articulate.

I’ve always had Antipathy for the godfather of murder in Neshoba County, wouldn’t vote for kissass Alfred E. Neuman Dukakis in a tank as pick-up weakly pandering in the heart of Dixie Hate. G. H. W. Bush built the kind of coalition that would have prevented the debacle of execution and results of dyslexic Bush’s Iraq war, a patriot. Deserves more credit than he gets. Clothespin on, I voted against Buchanan in 1992 when I voted for Clinton, completely fed up with the Big Tent of Hate. Over it.

Great Expectations of the Dyslexic Bush

George H. W. Bush Underrated Patriot

George H. W. Bush
Underrated Patriot

Thought I didn’t vote for him. I had Great Expectations of the dyslexic Bush based on his Texas governorship, took his word that his Bob Jones message of Antipathy was unintended, his administration more inclusive by level of responsibility than Clinton of the Elders Guinier Haitian and NAFTA rivers.

Disappointed that Not only the Child but the country was Left Behind with two unfunded wars and unfunded tax cuts predicated upon the same voo-doo economics his father cited in a primary against Reagan. One of those unfunded wars a faith-based Keystone Cops misadventure of choice, a textbook case of hubris on every level. Today, Education is a national security threat with three stratified tiers; elite, private fee-for-service, and a Third World Public Education Guatemala under attack by Republicans as Contras within America drooling to kill food stamps head start and school lunch, the composite a dismal developed-world statistic. School vouchers empowering school choice still has traction, but the Republican idea of saving a few worthy and let the rest go down the drain has the Nation in the drain with them. As Confederate Negroes fighting for personal freedom from slavery, vouchers to save the few doesn’t address the thirty years effects of progressive diminution of resources for sacrosant Spartan militarism that makes health, infant mortality, and poverty impossible to divorce from educational efforts of the many accepted as old-South natural Order.

Under the Covers Brother

flashlight My I. Q. past both of Charles Murray’s dinky bell-shaped curves, I doubt a One-drop of whatever as cause. I was reading anything I could get my hands on from barely able to drag a book under The Great Oak dinner table. Under the covers ruining my eyes with a flashlight while I was supposed to be asleep. Demanding books ‘over my head‘ at the library that I’d read with the dictionary side-by-side. More curious than the incurious-dyslexic-George. Consciously seeking wisdom, as I’d formally declared in the fourth grade. Momma was my co-conspirator, the only person I could talk to on an intellectual level. Later, the books in the downtown Central Library became my forum, no person with whom to talk about philosophy, my idea of ‘adult’ conversation. Or wisdom. Intelligence is an ability to focus with determination that is both environmental including nutritional and cultural, not genetic. Sowell’s Black Rednecks parallels a debate I used to have with Momma when I was young; that Negro culture bred for athletic and other entertainment talents where some other cultures more so valued intelligence and education.

A big part of the reason I flew North to Amherst College, (I’d have gone to England if I’d seen a way), is that I’d later decided that it wasn’t Negroes, it was the culture of the old-South desert wilderness ignorance-as-virtue situation, across the board. I didn’t understand how I was ‘disadvantaged‘ when I went to the Amherst College Bridge Program, I could run rings around every Oklahoma cousin dumb-as-a-post I’d ever met in my sleep, as an afterthought. After I’d been at Amherst College a while, I got it that ‘race’ per sé wasn’t the issue of disadvantage, it was being from a desert wilderness public school. There were New York public high schools that had curricula that were comparable to prep schools. Trigonometry the limit in the desert wilderness, Calculus was to advanced in those. Physics. Organic chemistry. ‘English Majors‘ in the desert wilderness think sentences should end in a preposition, today. Still sceptical of science along with that ‘uppity‘ logical consistency and accuracy of facts, only one book to read.

More Than the Child Left Behind

More Than the Child Left Behind

Hope Marginalized by Messages of Hate

The take-over of the Republican Party by over thirty years of old-Southern Strategy has marginalized moderates so that their School Voucher message of hope, the absurdity of affirmative action for the well-to-do of a ‘race,’ the right to keep and bear arms, and the truth of the depravity of faith that abortions represent, is drowned out by the louder and insistent, the dominant message of Antipathy as Virtue. Drawn by Hate and invited to move in, married by Ronald Reagan in Neshoba County and Aided and Comforted, Aristotelian reason has been swallowed whole by the All or Nothingness of One-drop as an absolute standard of everything. The rare flashes of sanity from Kemp Mehlman or George Will are drowned in the insistent over-talking ethos of John C. Calhoun as Virtue. Ennobling affirmation of Mentorship in Filial amity has devolved to purely Dixie ‘as it was’ justifications. As Atwater, heroic and sainted exemplar of say-do-whatever in a February 1991 article for “Life” magazine:

My illness helped me to see that what was missing in society is what was missing in me: a little heart, a lot of brotherhood. … I don’t know who will lead us through the ’90s, but they must be made to speak to this spiritual vacuum at the heart of American society, this tumor of the soul.

A Tumor on the Soul of American Society: the old-South soul that Lives on Hate

John Derbyshire -Thomas Sowell

John Derbyshire -Thomas Sowell

Atwater betrayed his mentors including The Blues Legend and the others who let him jink off the beat and parrot as though he wasn’t an empty husk without a soul. His legacy is not only giving Aid and Comfort to Hate, but serving to increase the Hate. Gave it legitimacy and respect. His Hate against ‘Them‘ has continued to grow, as his only eternal reality.

Rednecks aren’t lazy. For anyone who knows what it really means, its the back-breaking work under a hostile sun that thickens and reddens the back of the neck. Furrows as the hard-scrabble ground they worked hard until it dust-bowl blew away. Thomas Sowell’s clever Black Rednecks misdirecting term, is nothing more erudite than they’re poor because they’re lazy. As his husk of Conservatism is shed by the truth that real rednecks aren’t lazy, all that’s left is Aid and Comfort of racist justifications, that builds on Derbyshire Hate. The Black Redneck’s compatriot in arms. Teammates.

All Filial participants accept that the old-South John C. Calhoun thought system overwhelms good intentions as well as the validity of Conservative truths. Compassionate and conservative are old-South immiscible as dyslexic Bush’s faith-based demonstrations of cousin-at-work in a free-money war, spending a trillion on vainglorious nation-building abroad while padding the rich, atoning for his daddy’s sin of patriotism that valued his country over ‘hurting them more.’

Nothing Good Comes From a Fountain of Hate

Strom Thurmond

Strom Thurmond

Because the Black Soul as-hole of the old-South Republican Party is Hate, what construction, what builds from the bottom of that ocean? A few climbing out of the water while pushing the other roaches in the pail under, marketed as lofty ideals. Atwater and Rove didn’t invent old-South hatred, they harnessed it, fed it, groomed it. As putting a mill on the river, that was already there, to do work. Empowered it to arise as a Phoenix from the ashes of disappointment in having slavery forcably ripped from their hands, the moral bankruptcy of One-drop African slavery has become a new moral bankruptcy of corporatism in run-away inequality, for a few One-drop dollars more. For their campaign-contribution paid attack dogs to then be bound by Norquist ‘read my lips‘ pledges to ‘hurt them more‘ by diffuse misanthropy in an uninhibited loop of secessionists in place. George Wallace standing in the door Occupy obstructionists as old-South honor, legislative blocking-compromise proteins. Cousins in robes set on nullify.

The Definition of Conservative Has Become Hate

The failure of America’s educational system isn’t of students or teachers, it’s a national moral failure at the behest of an old-South culture of pure self-interest ethos since the 1964 Civil Rights Act, their Sherman found in Ronald Reagan, that’s unleashed an ascendancy of say-do-whatever in pursuit of Antipathy that’s burning down the forest with the house, hurting themselves and the country while ‘hurting them more.’

Conservatism has become an All or Nothing One-drop in extremis, any compassion as Communism, evil. Any laws or regulations that restrain their men-as deities of power money might are Marxism. They talk about being pro-life and pro-family when the critical self-worth of a decent income they yearn to humiliate and destroy is the foundation of the family, not willingness of people to stay in the closet and signal by touching feet under the stall. At a time, there was discussion of raising children of the poor in orphanages. Parents are the fundamental of education. There’s no existential possibility of blessing the children without blessing the parents first. The iceberg of parents on Spartan Stones being ground into poverty by Maestrini’s Law without healthcare or hope don’t have the resources to properly supervise, forget about Mentoring. Instilling hope in faith in work delayed gratification and concentration. Lift the parents to support the children. From my parents library from their college days in the garage I read Carter Woodson Washington and DuBois. I was moving on my own before I ever went to a school, but my parents expectations were the foundation of mine, and values.

Conservative Truth: ‘Race’ is a Tool of Division

Colin Powell Of Conservative Credibilty

Colin Powell
Of Conservative Credibilty

Race is a tool of division for Holding Dominion. Someone said to me in the context of Black Republicans that Sammy Davis Jr. was a Traitor of his Race by becoming a Jew. That brought back memories of the first time I became a Traitor of the Race when I walked away from the Trinitarian Pauline addendum to become a Jew at thirteen, unable to accommodate what I consider to be an onerous betrayal.

Then deciding to go to Central High instead of Booker T., I’d have moved to another galaxy to get away from dim-witted people of whatever race and their desert wilderness. In reactionary atonement, I went to Howard College of Medicine. What I’m unequivocally qualified to say is that ‘race’ means nothing about the person within. Confers nor removes virtue or ability. A Breitbart One-drop idea.

A Conservative truth is that Negroes holding onto ‘race’ are doing themselves a disservice, while out of the bombastic side of their mouth as an addendum that bastardizes, they reinforce those divisions by decades of justifying Code-words. I should overlook the Willie Horton hog-call because I think G. H. W. Bush is a moderate and Alfred E. Neuman is a feckless buffoon? I should expect that empty-jeans Romney won’t be under the same dastardly influences as dyslexic Bush? My progressive truth is that the old-South religion of Ba’al’s power money and might to Hold Dominion is doing all ‘races’ a disservice. Fidelity of self interest is marketed as patriotism that moors corporatist money and interests off-shore. 

Conservative Truth: Mentors are the Pillars of Success

Plato Mentored Aristotle

Plato Mentored Aristotle

Affirmative action is a two way street. The Mentor affirms by willingness to impart knowledge, and the protegé’ has faith in the wisdom of the Mentor. I understand being banned as a traitor, because beyond ‘race,’ I was personally a traitor to Mr. Lacey as mentor. Finding a Mentor is much akin to finding love. We’re born of parents, but chose and are chosen by Mentors. The person that comes seeking knowledge and accepts the wisdom of the teacher, is as faith-based as an infant looking to their mother. A protegé that listens and follows advice as mother’s milk is the potential for a Great Alexander legacy beyond time from Plato through Aristotle. Without sun, there’s no growth. Unathletic nerds need mentors too, some are finding. Conservatives are right about this human dynamic. Faith in oneself is the first order of success, and the faith of someone willing to mentor is the second.

The noble and true is grounded in the potential for filial association. My made up from Nothing, is that every Negro Republican had a conservative Mentor, whose advice they still follow as the pillar of their successes. The protegé came open, seeking mentorship, and the mentor accepted them as the human I-Thou happened. Grasshopper having swept the steps for the five years in humility, proving willingness to learn. This noble Aristotle student of Plato and teacher of Alexander the Great can’t be legislated or court ordered.

Contrary to racist old-South Eugenics, there are both cultural and environmental effects reflected in what’s considered to be intelligence, that can only yield to Mentorship in a conducive environment. Dada no intellectual powerhouse, his Bridge skills reflected a strong level of wisdom and intelligence different from Momma’s and my Platonic intellectualism. Effortlessly remembered every card played and every bid, factored to his understanding of his partner. I may have received my elephantine memory from him. And my determination to see a job through to as close to perfection as humanly possible.

Conservative Truth: Reality Isn’t Simplistic

Nancy and Ron with their Westminster Minstrel

Nancy and Ron with their Westminster Minstrel

Black Republicans aren’t Traitors of their Race, a specious issue, when the reality isn’t simplistic. As there’s no law that mother’s have to love their children, there’s no law that requires anyone to have compassion for anyone else, including themselves. And there’s no certain way that anything looks, with no absolutes in the unity. Filial amity can’t be legislated or court ordered. Friends, people willing to do business, to trust. To really mean it when they say ‘friend.’

His show-handler, Ronald Reagan, a staunch supporter of South African Apartheid, Ray Charles was condemned for playing in South Africa during the full boycott, to defend that by the audiences and performers being integrated. That was a powerful argument for ‘constructive engagement.’ Anyone associated with this Republican Party can’t pretend good will toward anything. Because they have to operate in One-drop extremes motivated by their Calhoun Holding Dominion religion, their opinions about Israel aren’t from constructive engagement, but hate-mongering to ‘stick it to those Islamos with their Sharia,‘ the ‘Radical’ tacked on only for plausible deniability.

Conservative Truth: The Second Amendment Confers a Right to Keep and Bear Arms

One-drop Racist Nugent

One-drop Racist Nugent

Charlton Heston of NRA Second Amendment fame had a notable history in support of Civil Rights. Now, the Conservative truth of his Second Amendment cause has been drowned in a crock-pot of Hate. I believe in Second Amendment rights, including fully automatic assault weapons to the responsible, but the old-South allergy to any gun laws parallels as an All or Nothing One-drop freedom of say-do-whatever. So that these One-drop racists as Ted Nugent are the John C. Calhoun droolers for armed secession from reality that shouldn’t be allowed to have pellet guns. By standing in extremity against closing the non-sensical gun-show background-check loophole that criminals use to get guns, these aren’t Conservatives, but tin-foil-hat-wearing loons that depart from common sense. Further, if a child or family member uses a gun in a crime, the caretaker of the gun should be culpable, just as if you get behind the wheel drunk.

Their Stand Your Ground vigilante Law, an old-South extension of pre-existing right of self defense, has become unjustifiable summary executions. The moment between cries for help and the shot were formation of intent to be Dialo-shocked that George Zimmerman’s victim was unarmed. Forget rules of engagement and proportional defense, the old-South stands in their Robert Taney right to killl whomsoever they choose based upon Dred Scott. They market a Presumption of Guilt of the slain Trayvvon Martin while under a thin crust of bluster is the three-fifths a soul toward livestock valuation of lesser, even if a ‘mistake‘ was made. Under a thin surface, the heart of racist survivalism, amassing firepower to dispatch all the troublesome and ‘uppity’ Trayvons with the Negro-lover liberals is the true heart of the Republican Party and now Charlton Heston’s NRA.

Conservative Delusion: say-do-Whatever To Win At Any Cost

Lee Atwater - Karl Rove

Lee Atwater – Karl Rove

To win at any cost, Conservatives have betrayed the noble truths of their cause by taking Hate under their Big Tent in the fantasy that their truths wouldn’t be confused with the existentially necessary lies of One-drop xenophobia. Their ‘Extremism in Defense of Liberty‘ has created a say-do-whatever ethos within that’s permeated the culture to national detriment, has lost all moral authority beyond the truth of personal and party self-interest. Without a credible argument for a return to Federalist Authoritarianism, that is their substance, they have to lie to get their xenophobic quorum to do anything. Without Haters, the Republican Party couldn’t field a team.

Conservative Delusion: Caught Up in Believing Their Own Propaganda

The dyslexic Bush administration is representative of what I thought was a good man being caught up in a culture of truth as what you say it is. From his available ‘team,’ the ridiculous idea that tribal Iraq could be turned into the forward base of American imperialism in the Middle East at no cost and one Texas Ranger is hubris so staggering it wouldn’t be believed if not true. Both wars unfunded, tax cuts unfunded, no financial oversight as far as the eye could see, on and on. The mind-set, the Filial association with people disconnected from valuing logical consistency and accuracy of facts takes its toll in the result. Faith in winning the lottery of a making-believed alternate Star Gate dimension parallels their faith in the willingness to hire Confederate Negroes as thought that’s good counter to an ocean of Code-words. As Iraq, they believe their own propaganda of lack of intelligence in the fantasy that people of the world don’t understand what they mean, who and what they are.

Conservative Delustion: That Anything Good Comes Out of a Big Tent of Hate

School Voucher Advocate Kenneth Blackwell

School Voucher Advocate Kenneth Blackwell

Nothing good can come out of the Big Tent of Hate. What is this like? Insensible Losses: Other than apparent excretions, we lose a great deal of moisture as insensible water losses, as from our skin with sweating or the vapor in our breath and from our skin that would be noticed on a cold day. Republicans as Ken Blackwell and his Conservative associates would seem to be my heroes of experience of a youth wasted in a backwards educational situation that was inherently disadvantaged. That perhaps school vouchers would have made a difference. However, the trade-off by association with Hate is an immeasurable toll of insensible spiritual loses in faith in accomplishment in the face of Atwater’s ‘niggerniggernigger.’ To sustain nourishment from their cup of salvation, the human benefactor needs to make their peace with the Republican Party’s Hate package. To become comfortable with Gary Davis’ ‘Smells like nigger-shit here…. but you’re not a nigger.

To take encouragement from that house of Mentorship, one must divorce any empathy for the field, for humanity, and decide that compassion for no suffering other than your own is the definition of success, the Stoic ideal. Compartmentalize, accept and accommodate the proclivity for xenophobia of the Republican Party hate-package for a personal ‘greater good,’ as I betrayed Mr. Lacy for what I thought was my personal greater good. The Hate soup in the old-Southern Strategy has infected the country as I was Mrs. Blackburn’s turd in her pool of backwards bumpkin cousins. For their beneficence, one must have degree of callousness that doesn’t find their necessity to judge from on high reprehensible and disgusting, requiring a Westminster’s show-dog’s comfort with ‘looking up.’

The Conservative True and Noble Bastardized by Messages of Hate

By the reality that today’s Republican Party represents, the ant can sweep the steps for eternity as the natural order of predators over prey. By association of the noble and true of Conservatism with old-South xenophobic aims, my collectivization of the desert wilderness becomes a culture-as-Eugenic argument that is then fed back as justification. By the same go-along-to-get-along that my parents explained to me as justification for their not contesting my inability to get my transcripts.

There’s no context of pretense of Ken Blackwell or Thomas Sowell, the Black Redneck, or any other so-called minority member ofThe Big Tent of Hate helping anyone but themselves with constructive criticism while  trying to convey Conservative truths of hard work and faith in having success out of that while simultaneously, ‘niggerniggernigger no you can’t do it‘ is coming out of the other side of their compatriot in common-cause mouth from and John Derbyshire. Faith in oneself is the first order of success, that’s undermined by the parallel messages of inability

The old-South noble ground of rejecting affirmative action as a forced I-Thou is hybridized to xenophobia for the profane promotion of cousin dumb-as-a-post’s John C. Calhoun advantage of birthright fortunate association in nepotism and cronyism. Conservatives as Thomas Sowell at Hoover and Condoleeza Rice or Colin Powell for that matter have become integral to the system of old-South  justifications by their excepted and chaperoned Denny’s reality of acceptance on the Confederate cause. To cover a conflation of Conservatism to Hate, to be sources of Aid and Comfort. No matter what they may say or have said about education no fruit will be found for those who need to hear the Conservative noble and true messages the most. The voices of First Lady Michelle Obama and Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor carry infinitely greater weight as credible, from humans who have a Soul of compassion.

Conservative Associations: Birds of a Feather in Misanthropic Predatory Affinity

At Anderson, before we knew what homosexual meant, there was an archetypal adolescent girl who swaggered like John Wayne, dressed for the fifties in the sixties, homosexual before we’d ever heard the word. Likely before she knew what it meant, puppy love with the mannish English teacher that had the gorilla look down pat. Log cabin ironic that’s she’s an ardent-Republican, proud of paying the taxes and getting the property of people coming to her for legal advice, consistent with her penchant for copying the encyclopedia verbatim.

The ascendancy of the Republican Party on old-South John C. Calhoun Antipathy as Virtue has become a thought system that injects itself into the group-think of the collective beckoned and reinforced by Birds of a Feather predatory affinity. She went under the Big Tent of Hate  for reasons of common cause and values. Naturally, the two-bits short of an intelligent rhyme crack dealer excepted and brought large has great looking-to-Ba’al values of rejecting compassion for any suffering other than its own.

Abortion is a horrific and egregious injustice. I’m pro-life, but don’t believe in Holding Dominion Authoritarian removal of access to abortion but in attacking the loss of faith reasons. A waiting period reasonable; and if she can’t have a toe-nail removed without parental permission, parental involvement only makes sense. Nevertheless, I won’t smile at the healthcare and poverty statistics that have been progressively worsening under the godfather’s ascendancy of trickle-down Antipathy as Virtue misanthropy. I can’t ally with the inhumane all about being pro-death after, who would ban abortion for the self-adulation of Holding Dominion without concern for the interconnected causes of grinding on Spartan Stones under Maestrini’s Law that promotes what they want to prohibit. While wanting to stop birth control without the ability to keep their own marriages to together any better than anyone else. Hypocrites. War-mongering. Genocidal. Pro-life Abolitionists of today have no compassion for the reasons for that choice that Infant Mortality and Educational statistics reflect.

Because the noble and true of the Conservative message that is largely my own is bastardized with Code-word messages of Hate, the noble has become profane. My life example of growing up as an alien in an Oklahoma desert wilderness full of racist scorpions, hopeless for salvation as I’m collectivized to set the curve and get a B, I’d have welcomed any voice of encouragement other than my own as a desperately needed drop of water on a desert flower. Asking me to accept Filial associations with racists to overcome racism is a cognitive dissonance that’s not for the thoughtful and humane. G-d Bless the Child, they can’t, by association with a putrid offense to all humanity.

Conservative Delusion: Humans can be Recruited by Having their Intelligence Insulted

Frederick Douglass - Republican

Frederick Douglass – Republican

The claiming of figures and events from the pre-Dixiecrat-defection to the Republican Party as Frederick Douglas, Abraham Lincoln, and Theodore Roosevelt, even Eisenhower, is an exercise in the ridiculous, necessitated by the facts on the ground that the Republican Party has been committed to getting elected with Code-words too long and with an ever-increasing volume and fervor that’s tracked the short-stroke media cycle into the necessity or inevitability for their candidates to say inane and disgusting things every time they open their mouths. Today’s Republican Party has nothing to do with the former Republican Party of honorable men but another name the old-South has usurped to defile.

John C. Calhoun Limbaugh Beck Coulter Disousa et. al. are the face of the today’s Republican Party. Carl Rove Willie Horton Bob Jones Liberty Falwell Richard Reid Strom Thurman Jesse Helms Ronald Reagan Lee Atwater. Every Limbaugh ad could be pulled and that wouldn’t change anything about his six million strong rancid base, that’s the soul of today’s Republican Party. They could have ‘sensitivity’ training camps for their candidates, and that wouldn’t change the infamous soul of the Republican Party that defines them. The godfather goes to Neshoba County to pay homage to States’ Rights to murder Civil Rights workers, then we’re arm in arm, man and minstrel, buddies, ace boon coons. No harm no foul. I don’t think so.

They’re deluded if they don’t know they’re irrevocably and eternally linked to the over thirty years of old-Southern Strategy of hog-calling by hollering ‘niggerniggernigger‘ in Code-words to then stand behind a few excepted and chaperoned Confederate Negroes Hispanics Asians, what ever, while promising to ‘hurt them more.’ As though everyone shares the old-South belief that logical consistency is big word ‘verbiage’ and accuracy of facts ‘uppity’ tactlessness in the willfully reduced-capacity for thought rooted in the extremism of All or Nothing One-drop to Hold Dominion. As though humans have no compassion for suffering other than their own. Their prophets along with John C. Calhoun having his Second Coming: Ayn Rand. Machiavelli.

Conservative Delusion: Humans are Still Interested in Anything They Have to Say

The Republican Party old-Southern Strategy in the Duopoly of Power of exploiting racism from Nixon to the present is why U.S. Jews still mistrust Evangelical Christians, poll shows. It’s the same hog-call for homophobes misogynists and Islamophobes as anti-Semites. I should think you’re a good friend to Jews because you invoke your One-drop on somebody else? It’s an issue of character, another conservative truth. Until the practice ends, toward whomsoever, nothing has changed, nothing will ever be forgiven. Yesterday us, today them, tomorrow whomever for the ‘can’t be trusted‘ Atwater proved to The Blues Legend, regardless of his parietal struggles to find rhythm without a soul of compassion, without Ears to Hear.

The historical authoritarian Federalist Party is back for the same fate of pharaoh in His time. I was zooming before I started school by the environment and expectation of education that’s lost at least a generation in the United States. Were it not for the Duopoly of Power, the Republican Party would be discussed as soon to be defunct as the Federalist, the logicaly consistent Libertarians rising to cover the rejection-of-compassion contingent. And were that to be the case, the old-South would crash that party too with their One-drop racism-evolved as they infected the Tea Party movement with their everything goes better with Hate tailgaters.

Chastened by ‘If we all pattern our behavior after the worst examples available to us then all is truly lost.‘ header at Pen and Sword, I pulled back my Duck and Cover fangs and stopped my snarl, for a moment. A nanosecond. Then they’re trying to usurp The Holy Name again for another Black Redneck Code-word giving Aid and Comfort to my true and eternal enemy that is Hate. I will always have a higher opinion of naturalist Wiccans than those of the Ba’al Holding Dominion religion who live for predatory genocide on Spartan Stones.

Thought most of what I know of life comports with Conservativevalues‘ their John C. Calhoun One-drop of Hate for anything and everything that isn’t them is the turd in my pool of considerations as I was in Mrs. Blackburn’s class. Making the whole thing treif, to be poured down the drain. Extremely judged as they’ve judged, all of whatever ‘race’ or description who accommodate any of them are traitors of humanity, including their own. Not Traitors of any race, their fabricated distinction, the Republican Party is a traitor of the noble truths of Conservatism.

Their John C. Calhoun religious conviction that Holding Dominion by ‘hurting them more,’ more for the few, ‘is better for all involved,‘ has not only undermined the many but the whole, has placed my country at a desert-wilderness disadvantage. I have the discipline, the Will, another and possibly the greatest Conservative truth, to tune out these as already irrelevant to the World to Come. I Willed myself to grow intellectually and philosophically as current athletes’ physical increases are not simply genetics but an application of the Will expressed in another reality. My reality, as eternal as the Atwater legacy of hate and Breitbart of the Shirley Sherrod lies by omission, is that I Will Never Forget what today’s Republican Party has done to the noble and true of Conservatism and to the Nation, or who and what they are. Nor will I ever forget my own ultimate Conservative truth, Awe of HaShem.

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