No Point in Voting for Democrats Riding Around in Pick-up and Wearing Plaid Shirts

There’s no point in voting for successors of Dixiecrats riding around in pick-ups wearing plain shirts. It’s oxymoronic, moronic to contend that Blue Dogshave an agenda that protects the interests of the vulnerable while also respecting traditional cultural values and keeping taxes low‘ when the most important traditional cultural value of their old-South constituency is to prey on the vulnerable.

No Compromise

Because there’s no ‘compromise’ to be brokered in the War Between the States within the States, all that’s left is trying to hold onto their job until they can score a ‘better’ lobbyist opportunity while already extinct.

With nothing to swing, their mini-Republican Pick-ups and Plaid Party within is useless. As the country has been dragged progressively to the right, their ‘centrist’ positions are of no value when today’s progressives are the moderates in modernity, the Democratic Party mainstream to the fiscal right of the Ronald Reagan.

They Lose Even When Towing the Republican Line

The last time I voted for one of these Pick-ups and Plaid Democrats was for Brad Carson who wrote after he lost to Tom Coburn:

 The culture war is about matters more fundamental still: whether nationality is, in a globalized world, a random fact of no more significance than what hospital one was born in or whether it is the source of identity and even political legitimacy; whether one’s self is a matter of choice or whether it is predetermined, before birth, by the cultural membership of one’s family; whether an individual is just that–a free-floating atom–or whether the individual is part of a long chain that both predates and continues long after any particular person; whether concepts like honor and shame, which seem so quaint, are still relevant in a world that values only “tolerance.” 

This ‘chain‘ is the proclivity for xenophobia and intolerance that’s the core value of the old-South. People should be ashamed of being born a Negro (know their place), and proud of being Born white, that goes to their birthright to make Negroes wait to be served until good white folk have finished their business first. Today.

The old-South Wants to Be Better Than to Hold Dominion

Their sense of self-worth and dominion well-being depends upon believing themselves better than, without education talent or intelligence: ‘before birth, by the cultural membership of one’s family.‘ Their faith is in intolerance – Hate as their core value, Identity. Who they are and all the vast majority will ever be, souls lower than the common beast trying to prey.

While they have absolutely no compassion for suffering other than thier own, the abortion issue is purely for ‘better than them‘ self-aggrandizement. Self-adulation to justify Holding Dominion.

As he says, if homosexuality and abortion were banned tomorrow with a constitutional amendment, they’ll just find another issue to use to pass judgment on other people. To justify themselves as better than. Most desert wilderness voters are of a Congenital Deficiency of humanity. Soulless. Inhumane. Inhuman. Cultural beasts. Before birth.

The old-South is Out of Touch with Humanity

Carson lost in the reddest red state, and his:

They simply reject the notion that material concerns are more real than spiritual or cultural ones. The political left has always had a hard time understanding this, preferring to believe that the masses are enthralled by a “false consciousness” or Fox News or whatever today’s excuse might be. But the truth is quite simple: Most voters in a state like Oklahoma–and I venture to say most other Southern and Midwestern states–reject the general direction of American culture and celebrate the political party that promises to reform or revise it.


Cherokee Confederates Reunion

Is in an indictment of the Democratic Party as out of touch with his beloved racist old-South that abhors egalitarian compassion for suffering. ‘Carson endorsed Obama in 2006 in the 2008 presidential election.,‘ an insufferable insult to died-in-the-woolly-hair race Identity Oklahoma. Political suicide.

Tribes Civilized by Supporting the Confederacy

Brad Carson is and has been closely associated to the Cherokee Nation of Cherokee freedmen controversy that had a higher percentage of slave ownership than the antebellum South.

When I was at Central High School in Tulsa, Oklahoma, the two Cherokees in my class were more racist than the white people, ignorant airheads before the gold rush of California. Only a month ago another on the plantation had never heard of Wounded Knee. Were it not for Red Horse at Amherst College, I’d still have a lower opinion of assimilated to Civilization as racism Native Americans that still epitomize the old-South. The favored methodology of their Code-word propaganda is accusation in the reverse: racist to choose a One-drop, to fail to be sufficiently racist. They’re defined by worshiping things, a thing, their Antipathy as Virtue. The ‘general direction‘ of the culture to which they so vehemently object is egalitarian compassion for suffering that’s anathema to old-South spiritual and cultural concerns, that’s all about materialism.

General Direction

The ‘general direction’ the old-South wants to undo in their War Between the States within the States is the Bill of Rights. Impediments to Corporatist predation. Medicare and Social Security. Civil Rights, impairing their freedom of States’ Rights to Strange Fruit as needed. Healthcare reform. Any reform. All progress from the beginning, before the beginning. Their ‘At will’ ideal of appeal is pure self-interest.

Chain of Dominion

More than anything, most voters in Oklahoma have faith in the pecking order, in their chain of birthright dominion. ‘Conservative’ democrats’ are representatives of old-South ‘freedom’ of inequality, fundamentally committed to conserving the pecking order.

This is the fundamental of left and right; for or against: egalitarian compassion for suffering, what Conservative means today with the Democratic Party occupying the role of yesterday’s fiscal conservatives. ‘Moderate’ isn’t the issue of the Pick-ups and Plaid Blue Dog Coalition that’s as Brad Carson pretending while pending either extinction or a Billy Tauzin party change.

They lose or retire routinely, no matter how fastidiously they supplicate their old-South constituency because ‘Democrat‘ is now an old-South Code-word for humane. The decerebrate automatomic old-South can’t be expected to actually think about a candidate’s positions and votes. Thinking isn’t something the old-South values learning how to do. Logical consistency and accuracy of facts are also ‘in the wrong direction.‘ Heretical. Apostasy.

Tom and Jerry in the Hole in the Wall

I knew at least one of the Pick-ups and Plaid Democrats that voted for repeal of the Affordable Healthcare Act had to be from Oklahoma, as simple as looking for Tom’s pheromonal Jerry in the mouse-Hole in the Wall. Left-overs from the days when the Democrats in the old-South were the champions of inequality — segregation.

In Ultra Red-States Consider the Libertarians

As representatives of Loyalitsts of Ba’al’s power money might praying for inequality to Hold Dominion, Dan BorenLarry KissellJim MathesonMike McIntyre, and Mike Ross voted their ‘conscience‘ to repeal healthcare reform with honor in delivering for their men-as deities. The healthcare industry is the biggest single source of finance for the Blue Dog Political Action Committee is a natural alliance, Birds of a Feather of Antipathy as Virtue for inequality.

Haves of healthcare and 45 million have-nots and another 25 million hardly-have under-insured.

Pick-ups and Plaid Democrats are a waste of votes. In Ultra Red-States, better to work hard for a Libertarian that rejects both militarism and compassion. I’d rather vigorously support a Libertarian candidate in the desert wilderness for their logical consistency and accuracy of facts than any so-called Democrat that votes for vigilante laws and against healthcare, despite their rejection of compassion. Than people who make insipid statements about  as though reject the general direction of American culture doesn’t translate, not to social issues like homosexual marriage as advertised, but their terror that there might be any attenuation of out of control military spending so that the United States is spending more than the developed world combined, to be paid for on the backs of the poor and sick to Hold Dominion as racists. To politically correct, xenophobesI regreted loyally voting for Brad Carson when I did it, and he proved me right in that statement. Blue Dog caucus in the House, proud to undermine Democratic initiatives wherever they might arise. Never Again will I vote for a Pick-ups and Plaid Dixiecrat to have my vote wasted on a waste of space that votes against egalitarian compassion for suffering. Who are ‘doing the right thing‘ by agreeing that people should die from lack of compassion.

Their pre-existing condition.

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