Inception of Accommodation: Born Into Slavery

Alexander Hamilton Prinicipal Author of Federalist Papers

Alexander Hamilton
Prinicipal Author of Federalist Papers

Democracy in America was born from an inception of ‘all men created equal’ into an accommodation of slavery. Both Constitutional language and structural mechanisms were devised to reassure those who would maintain inequality along with the rejection of men-as deities entitled to Hold Dominion by fortune of birth.

Clearly, the original intent of the founding fathers was to accommodate the slavers’ states in the in-common understanding that Africans under slavery would remain so only until freed ‘at will’ of their lawful property owners, or by amendment. Slaveholders’ original intent was that their fortune of birth would create as inalienable a Right to pursue happiness by Holding Dominion over One-drop of African misfortune of birth.

Any description of original intents and meanings finds both. Go-along-to-get-along with the slave states necessitated assurances that population disparities of the Northern industrial colonies wouldn’t be able to dominate Southern colonies with smaller voting populations. Federal governmental powers were attenuated, structured to ensure that slaver states need not fear that their slavery ‘way of life’ would meet effective interference without difficult to obtain consensus amendment.

John C. Calhoun, the Granddaddy of Antipathy as Virtue

John C. Calhoun is the architect of States’ Rights to say-do-whateverlimited governmental interference in States’ Rights to predations as the model of Virtue, nullification of any disagreeable laws as their Civil and Voting Rights, Rights to funds to Contras and buy an election with arms to Iran, to ignore any initiative of Federal government itself beyond Spartan militarism in Loyalist service of corporatist influence. The principles of today’s Republican Party with Ronald Reagan’s happy-face on the banner of the Big Tent of Hate are directly descended from Calhoun, as he from the will to slavery.

Calhoun’s defense of slavery became defunct, but his concept of concurrent majority, whereby a minority has the right to object to or even veto hostile legislation directed against it, has been cited by other advocates of the rights of minorities. Calhoun asserted that Southern whites, outnumbered in the United States by voters of the more densely-populated Northern states, were one such minority deserving special protection in the legislature. Calhoun also saw the increasing population disparity to be the result of corrupt northern politics. Safford, “John C. Calhoun, Lani Guinier, and Minority Rights,” (1995)

John C. Calhoun Architect of the Today's Republican Party

John C. Calhoun
Architect of the Today’s Republican Party

Consistent with his embrace of free trade, all Conservative rulings beyond nullification perforce depend on the Commerce Clause, Justice John Roberts’ invocation of the Sixteenth Amendment seemingly from the blue, another invalid Yankee amendment that needs undoing. Commerce and taxation are all that have survived in Calhoun’s Conservative vision of the Union in continuation out of the unjust War Between the States, until Clement Vallandigham’s as it should be. The Union has been imposed with Calhoun’s Conditions of non-surrender of the fight for inequality as the War Within the States.

Mistrust of Democracy: Secessionists in Place

Calhoun’s defense of slavery as positive, has evolved to those without property, also consistent with his concern for the landless poor having input into democracy. His distrust of majoritarianism, and pointing the South toward secession from the Union persists as secession from compromise — to be insurrectionists as secessionists in place. Calhoun’s republicanism to include approval of slavery and minority rights—with the Southern States the minority in question persists as the Drooler’s Coliseum branded Big Tent of Hate agenda of the next best thing to slavery as those without property as having no Rights, and on continuum, the more property – power money might, the more legitimate the say in democracy. ‘At will’ national labor standard is the next best thing to indentured servitude with no bankruptcy discharge of taxes now extended to credit cards until bankruptcy of the landless becomes the law of the land.

There are no individual Federal Rights beyond the Second and Eleventh Amendments. Minority rights as corporatists and their pecking order of Loyalists seeking the favor of trickle-down spoils of decimation of the prospects of the common people with no functional educational system and crumbling infrastructure that’s consistent with the religious protection of the 1% even among those few who are literate. The “concurrent majority” whereby the minority could sometimes block offensive proposals that a State, now the Confederacy of States’ Rights, felt infringed on their sovereign power money might as Calvinist Right to say-do-whatever entitlement to Hold Dominion.

Always he was distrustful of democracy, they’ve minimized the role of more than the Second Party System in South Carolina, of democracy itself by the Duopoly of Power voter lockouts and gerrymandering. To understand the Black Hole as-soul of the Republican Party, read Calhoun. The ‘corrupt northern politics‘ is directly reflected in the old-South perception of Monsieur Marquis St. Romney’s defeat being out of buying votes with entitlement promises in a chorus of the Delusion in Common that the Great Harm that can befall the country is egalitarianism, That was the premise of the voter literacy tests as well as the poll tax.

That the uneducated Negro who’d been forbidden to learn to read couldn’t be well-enough informed concerning the issues, or with no property (slaves) at stake wouldn’t view issues from the proper perspective. The recurrent Ann Coulter insults to Democrats intelligence, that Constitutional Professor Obama lacks intelligence is simply carrying forward the same pre-existing justifications that Calhoun articulated out of his transition from Federalist to Confederate.

The arguments for slavery were predicated upon the same static pecking order premises as the Monarchy with substitution of the royal lineage for being landed, and slave-owning ‘job creators.’ The Federalist Party went to its demise by the same philosophy of Loyalist pecking orders as an ideal. Egalitarian democracy is as anathema to the old-South Holding Dominion as kings who had conspirators drawn and quartered, consistent with their euphoria that handsome bobble-head-doll Ronald Reagan went to Neshoba County to pay homage to States’ Right to murder Civil Rights workers. Vigilante laws are ‘at will,’ no Right to Life. The poor shouldn’t vote and should die. Labor, the landless as non-business owners should work until they die from lack of health insurance. Education isn’t a Right, but a privilege for the privileged, and there’s no value in a Liberal Arts education for a thought process beyond reification to Hold Dominion.

Concurrent majority of minority veto rights is consistent with the senate, electoral college and other mitigations of direct representative democracy that can either act as a supermajority now carried to the extreme buttresses of maintaining inequality in every dimension. As the unprecedented necessity of sixty votes to pass anything through the senate. My proposed One-State Solution of Justice Compassion Mercy for Peace meets the standing problem of the original intent of the old-South to never abandon inequality as their prime motive, under any circumstance.

When Calhoun disciples say Tyranny of the Minority on behalf of the 1%, the old-South cheers as loudly as for death from healthcare or the death penalty or vigilante killings in their not so bad strange fruit Drooler’s Coliseum, but when Lani Guinier says it on behalf of a long oppressed and now in-continuation make-believe race-neutral minority of power money might, Democrats Duck and Cover in thirty years of pandering to the old-South, to the death of the American dream and severe inequality.

All Roads Lead Back to the Originial Intent Justifications of Slavery

Roger Taney Now 'Federalist' Hero for  Upholding Slavery

Roger Taney
Now ‘Federalist’ Hero for
Upholding Slavery

The reason for secession of the Confederacy was to conserve slavery, and the War Between the States that continues today as the War Within the States is over Calhoun’s fundamental disagreement concerning whether ‘all men are created equal.‘ The old-South, their constituencies in the legislatures and courts including the supreme are aligned in Nay. Hear them say that even if created equal, the invalid to them Equal Protection Clause is irrelevant to protecting individual Rights from State’s Rights to be Tyrannies. That it’s unjust to disrespect the advantages of privilege of the king so that their reductive originalist intent perspective is to facilitate the powerful maintaining inequality.

For that reason, the Thirteenth Fourteenth and Fifteenth Amendments that had to be passed during temporary disenfranchisement of the South after the War Between the States finds no weight in Conservative Justice’s deliberations beyond finding a word missing to nullify.

Nationalizing Amendments Are old-South Invalid by Unwarranted Yankee Aggression

Because the Nationalizing Amendments overrode States’ Rights to say-do-whatever sovereignty, and were obtained by the illegal means of unwarranted Yankee aggression, they’re all judicially and legislatively nullified on principle outside as well as inside the Courts, Conservatives apply narrow interpretations that consider original intent only when serving the Calhoun cause. When that plausible deniability is lacking, simply nullify on principle. As they decry activist justices, they’re activist Confederates.

By being passed during temporary disenfranchisement of the South after the War Between the States, this forced taking of States’ Rights out of the War Between the States is old-South invalid as the Civil Rights Act of 1964, under equal protection of the laws under the Fourteenth Amendment and its duty to protect voting rights. The static operative objection is equal protection, that is anathema to the Holding Dominion religion of the old-South. As (ex-President Jimmy Carter) said in leaving the Southern Baptist Convention,

the most disturbing” reason he and his wife decided to disassociate themselves from the Southern Baptist Convention was the elimination of language in June that identifies J     C       as “the criterion by which the B     is to be interpreted.

Codifying that the old-South’s primal religion has nothing whatsoever to do with The Divine Torah beyond the sections upholding slavery with their usual original intent of textual cherry-picking in support of their fundamental Calhoun say-do-whatever for Holding Dominion. Were they to hear the Mount Sinai sermon, their entire faith as Holding Dominion from power money might would be at risk.

The Eleventh amendment:

The Judicial power of the United States shall not be construed to extend to any suit in law or equity, commenced or prosecuted against one of the United States by Citizens of another State, or by Citizens or Subjects of any Foreign State. The second ruling was that the federal government had no power to regulate slavery in any territory acquired subsequent to the creation of the United States reinforcing that the old-South ambition to further buttress slavery in Manifest Destiny was to recruit slaver states to eventually legalize slavery in the North, by amendment.

This amendment to buttress slavery is the basis of the ‘at will’ States’ Rights to nullify Labor law. Their opinions are lock-step in deference to this precedent predicated on inequality as ideal as ‘created equal.’ The twelfth amendment was a further ratcheting against egalitarian democracy by creating a layer of knows-best elites. The spirit of these are honored in the Conservative judicial remembrance of the original intent to accommodate slavery, while the illegitimate to the old-South Nationalizing are conveniently held to the narrowest application possible, on principle.

The Thirteenth Amendment:

Section 1. Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction. Is the basis of the Criminal Injustice system with Slavery by Another Name being another Too Big to Fail; and the creation of massive inequality to kill collective bargaining for ‘at will’ survival. The landless and ‘at will’ jobless should be afforded the opportunity to work in prison and permenantly lose the right to vote in the package. The premise of Monsieur Marquis St. Romney’s appeal to compatriots with the pejorative ‘Entitled to Food‘ that extends by continuity to Life liberty and pursuit of happiness. And, of course it goes without saying, Rights.

The Fourteenth Amendment: Restricted States’ Rights to be Tyrannies of Majorities and illuminate today’s old-South direct lines of attack by fundamentalists of say-do-whatever Holding Dominion religion. The right-wing chain guns of delegitimization operate upon any challenge to Spartan militarism and the Holding Dominion religion both domestic as well as foreign as insurrection, expressed as the Duopoly of Power that locks out any others being unable to get on state ballots. The recurrent debt crisis is minority nullification to delegitimize the National Project itself to a residual of offensive defense and Commerce. To return to an as it should have been united States of America with Calhoun’s free trade among the states with an in-common Holding Dominion Spartan miliary operation.

Dred Scott v. Sandford, ruled that African Americans were not citizens was the Inception of the Fourteenth Amendment and the One-drop had no standing to sue in federal court compared to white. Today, Conservatives deny that ‘race’ has any standing [with which I agree], without the honor to apply the principle that ‘race’ itself is and has been a Code-word for discrimination justifications. So that discrimination itself is upheld in the vacuum of Conservative deliberations. The One-drop has been expanded to include whites without power money might, who are landless as not being business owners, and propertyless as without employees.

The Fifteenth Amendment: 

The right of citizens of the United States to vote shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any State on account of race, color, or previous condition of servitude — is the basis of the dual-use of the Criminal Injustice System to permanently disenfranchise regardless of completion of sentencing and probation with all conditions met except the previous condition of servitude by parsing the meaning of servitude narrowly.

The equal protection clause was effectively ignored in creation of the Duopoly of Power as well as the Court permissiveness of gerrymandering that is the new ‘separate but equal.’ Voter lockouts and poll harassments prominent in recent elections, along with the effective resurrection of the monetary poll tax as a bodily poll tax with long lines and willful dysfunctional of polling authorities that had years to prepare is predicated upon the fourteenth and fifteenth amendments as illegitimate. Voter ID laws that mount barriers to those whose lives are unstable being able to vote reads directly from Calhoun.

Inception of Accommodation of Both Inequality and Equality as Divergent Applications of Originalism

Robert Bork Advocate General of Originalism

Robert Bork
Advocate General of Originalism

Few will argue against the principle that the judiciary is not supposed to create, amend or repeal laws (which is the realm of the legislative branch) but only to uphold them, with the caveat of unconstitutionality. What they are there purportedly to determine, that in the Conservative Justice application is an ideological application of ‘all men created equal’ being unconstitutional. For this, the seize upon the original intent expressed in the Declaration of Independence being outside the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights as ‘too vague.’

Slavery was Constitutional. Beyond that, the provisions for its preservation are their toolbox being used to strive for the next best thing to slavery at every opportunity — inequality. They will say that equality can’t be legislated, which is certainly true, but the use of Law to maintain a pecking Order is the issue they have no honor to address.

Any ‘Conservative‘ interpretation of the Constitution will be to uphold the principle of inequality and its levers of maintenance in accommodation. Calhoun’s States’ Rights to say-do-whatever is a fundamental Constitutional premise predicated upon an individual state’s Rights as sovereign: to maintain as well as expand slavery, as the common practice then of seizing anyone, including in the North, with One-drop of African blood to have a rightless defendant conveyed into slavery with a judicial bounty. Gerrymandering and voter-lockouts today are on the same One-drop basis and immune according to the Conservators of injustice judiciary.

Originalism as a principle of interpretation that tries to adhere to the original meaning or intent of the constitution cannot circumvent the original intent to accommodate the preservation of slavery, nor the original intent to create a Union founded upon the original meaning of the rejection of being subjects of a Monarchy in the principle of equality. Formalist theory of law and a corollary of textualism without consideration of the egalitarian context of the creation of the Union will naturally default back to maintenance of inequality by the integrated tension designed into the Constitutional inception of accommodation. Their opinions are predictable from the Calhoun playbook.

The interpretation of originalism prioritizing Conservation of inequality is the basis of the popularity among political conservatives in the U.S. Justices Antonin ScaliaClarence Thomas and constitutional scholar Robert Bork, and Justice Hugo Black and constitutional scholar Akhil Amar recognizing an original intent of equality. In the former case, slavery would have never been judicially overturned by their interpretation of original intent, and it shouldn’t have been.

Slave owners had the Right to free slaves ‘at will,’ and some did, including leaving a plantation to an African overseer. Dred Scott honorable precedent holding that a black man has no rights a white man need consider, in recognition of race no longer being a basis of slavery, in an expanded principle of Rightless as unpropertied can accommodate  the intellectual cover they are “not [a] strict constructionist(s), and no-one ought to be”; (Scalia) goes further, calling strict constructionism “a degraded form of textualism that brings the whole philosophy into disrepute.” The existential presence of both provisions for maintaining inequality and an ideal of pursuit of equality compels a choice from each Justice’s role of the soul interpreting.

Conventional Wisdom and Natural Law

Clarence Thomas Native Son

Clarence Thomas
Native Son

Conventional wisdom is of hierarchies of predators and prey, with intra-layer egalitarianism as a context of Natural law, the question being to whom equality is to be applied. Historically, Rights were in the contexts of men-as deities and their pecking orders. Natural justice in the expanse of time has been that the big fish gets to eat the little fish. The context of Stoics [that was my seven-year-old philosophical self-description] is a rejection of the Monsieur Marquis St. Romney bullies’ rush of self-adulation in Holding Dominion in power money might.

That Fear Hate Hate Fear, destructive emotions lead to errors in judgment. The sage, or person of “moral and intellectual perfection,” is by no means contrary to acting from Machiavellian power money might as Emperor Marcus Aurelius or Ayn Rand rejection of compassion for any suffering other than your own. ‘Rational and purposeful order to the universe (a divine or eternal law), and the means by which a rational being lived in accordance with this order was the natural law,‘ can be interpreted for action entirely consistent with men-as deities Holding Dominion over pecking orders.

That accords with Calhoun-Ronald Reagan’s Antipathy as Virtue at the root of the philosophical underpinnings of the War Within the States today, as it was then, Clement Valadingham’s as it should have been, and will always be according to the old-South. The idea of the equality of men may be the contribution of the Stoics to political thought by the recognition that we are all human, and that choosing to be human is acting with respect that others have a soul as well. That becomes the fundamental Southern Baptist basis of demonization by the One-drop as conferring a reduction of the quality of the soul to less than human.

Today, One-drop of suffering or compassion for All suffering makes a Them that isn’t ‘race’ per se, but the basis for the diffuse application of Antipathy that’s ruined the American dream and decimated the middle class in the past thirty years. The Conservative cognitive bias to deny the ‘all men created equal’ premise of the Declaration of Independence as relevant to the textual accommodations to maintain slavery has created an abdication of the duty of be a check on States’ Rights is a willful choice to be less than human.

Routinely, exceptionalism is invoked to deny Their Rights are unalienable. Cicero expressed the view that “the virtues which we ought to cultivate, always tend to our own happiness, and that the best means of promoting them consists in living with men in that perfect union and charity which are cemented by mutual benefits.” That from Calhoun et. al. is that it’s better for the slave to have a master, that’s always meant for the old-South slavery or the next best thing. When the old-South is talking about freedom and liberty, by definition, they’re, as Calhoun, talking the virtue of their Holding Dominio religion as ‘better for all involved.’

That they’ve been willing to recruit excepted and chaperoned Loyalist Confederate Negro One-drops to fight on the side of inequality out of rejection of compassion for any suffering than their own under the Drooler’s Coliseum thirty years Atwaterniggerniggernigger‘ Big Tent of Hate banner says nothing more than determination to victory, greater than that of the Honorable Jefferson Davis, not the Libertarian truths they pretend beyond the freedom to reject compassion for All suffering or equality as ideals.

Conservatism as Conservation of the Principle of Inequality

Dr. Harry Jaffa

Dr. Harry Jaffa

In sacred issues as Rights, comfort is found in credible voices. Dr. Harry V. Jaffa ‘believed that Lincoln challenged Douglas’ argument with an Aristotelian or classical philosophical position derived from the Declaration of Independence and its contention that “all men are created equal.” 

Conservative philosophy is that the text in lieu of the Declaration is informed by the lurid political philosophy of John C. Calhoun’s notion of human inequality.. [that] differs greatly from the American Founders’ theory of constitutional lawincorporating the Declaration of Independence as a direct contextualization of original intent. [Jaffa’s] theory was criticized for being overly philosophical, rather than legal, despite being presented as a legal argument.

His approach was especially critical of figures such as William Rehnquist and Robert Bork, who responded to Jaffa in The National ReviewConservatives‘ interpret the law outside of the founding intent of equality by focusing on the text that was written in an accommodation of the inequality of slavery. For their practical effect to be the automatomic defenders of inequality from their own cognitive bias in a pretense of impartial arbiter.

Bork et. al. are operating from the primacy of the legal positivism and moral relativism .. expressed by John C. Calhoun and the Confederacy during the Civil War, rejecting the principles of the Declaration of Independence and its main contention that “all men are created equal.” Their cognitive bias in favor of inequality is a religious article of faith, as Southern Baptists reject the Sermon on the Mount that’s as antithetical to their religion as that ‘all men are created equal,’ extends consistently to their view of Rights.

I am certainly not an advocate for frequent and untried changes in laws and constitutions. I think moderate imperfections had better be borne with; because, when once known, we accommodate ourselves to them, and find practical means of correcting their ill effects. But I know also, that laws and institutions must go hand in hand with the progress of the human mind. As that becomes more developed, more enlightened, as new discoveries are made, new truths disclosed, and manners and opinions change with the change of circumstances, institutions must advance also, and keep pace with the times. We might as well require a man to wear still the coat which fitted him when a boy, as civilized society to remain ever under the regimen of their barbarous ancestors…[it] will be said it is easier to find faults than to amend [the Constitution]. I do not think…amendment so difficult as is pretended. Only lay down true principles, and adhere to them inflexibly. Thomas Jefferson  The Words of the Founding Fathers: Selected Quotations Bold my emphasis.

The tension between the textual and structural accommodations of inequality remain today as existentially co-valid original intents. Both are there. For all of ‘Conservatives’‘ pretense of nobility in Judicial restraint, that’s a winning argument in opposition to say-do-whatever on the part of the judiciary, the inconsistency that undermines their credibility as honorable is their lock-step unwillingness to restrain States’ Rights to legislative say-do-whatever — as a principle. The Duopoly of Power and gerrymandering are glaring beacons of their failures  to be a check on States’ Rights to undermine individual rights in fundamental ways, as voting rights.

So are they all, all honourable men.

We are creatures of our associations of credibility, either finding those up the pecking order to tell us, which is the Loyalist ethos, or to be free to Stoically act from the ideal of egalitarian Rights as the spirit of the United States of America that at the time of the Declaration were the united States of America. Federalist justices are honoring the inception of accommodation of the unequal estates that were brought together to form a Republic as confederation of states as cities in Ancient Greece or Nations in the European Union today.

The War Between the States that continues now as the War Within the States began at the inception of accommodation for the formation of an imperfect union, recalling that the context of the Federalist Papers was to bring together both the slaving and non states. Conservatives as conveniently forget the original intent of the ideal of equality as they accuse judicial activists of ignoring the texts written to accommodate slavery in a Nationally United states rather than a confederation of states.

Concessions on the part of the friends of the plan, that it has not a claim to absolute perfection, have afforded matter of no small triumph to its enemies. “Why,” say they, “should we adopt an imperfect thing? Why not amend it and make it perfect before it is irrevocably established?” This may be plausible enough, but it is only plausible. In the first place I remark, that the extent of these concessions has been greatly exaggerated. They have been stated as amounting to an admission that the plan is radically defective, and that without material alterations the rights and the interests of the community cannot be safely confided to it.

This, as far as I have understood the meaning of those who make the concessions, is an entire perversion of their sense. No advocate of the measure can be found, who will not declare as his sentiment, that the system, though it may not be perfect in every part, is, upon the whole, a good one; is the best that the present views and circumstances of the country will permit; and is such an one as promises every species of security which a reasonable people can desire. FEDERALIST No. 85

As true as the Supreme Court’s role being as interpreter of the law, was the original intent that the Supreme Court serve as not only a check on Executive and national legislative threats to the Union. States fall within the scope of domestic.

The old-South cherry-picks the Federalist Papers in the same cognitive bias that their disgusting pawing of The Divine Torah with No Ears to Hear, for what fits into their Holding Dominion religion. Glossing right over:

whether societies of men are really capable or not of establishing good government from reflection and choice, or whether they are forever destined to depend for their political constitutions on accident and force … Among the most formidable of the obstacles which the new Constitution will have to encounter may readily be distinguished the obvious interest of a certain class of men in every State to resist all changes which may hazard a diminution of the power, emolument, and consequence of the offices they hold under the State establishments; and the perverted ambition of another class of men, who will either hope to aggrandize themselves by the confusions of their country, or will flatter themselves with fairer prospects of elevation from the subdivision of the empire into several partial confederacies than from its union under one government. …and that a dangerous ambition more often lurks behind the specious mask of zeal for the rights of the people than under the forbidden appearance of zeal for the firmness and efficiency of government. Federalist No. 1

And that’s only No.1. Go down the line, what they want to hear is read, and the other parts are as skipped over as irrelevant as the ‘all men created equal’ is the basis for a government that supports that as an ideal. The old-South will read a Calhoun secessionist in nullification interpretation into anything to then sit there and pretend that because they’re upholding Calhoun while planning their next monument to Ronald Reagan’s homage to murder, that they’re being patriotic to the National Union.

Congress shall have power to enforce these articles by appropriate legislation

The Civil Rights Act of 1964 and Voting Rights Act of 1965 are ignored in the Calhoun-Reagan paradigm. Clarence Thomas the Loyalist with no Constitutional judicial philosophy beyond vague references to natural law, stands as timeless poster-boy of Affirmative Action with less than two years judicial experience and no history of accomplishment beyond Calhoun nullifications out of being ‘appointed Assistant Secretary for Civil Rights [to nullify] at the U.S. Department of Education. In 1982, President Ronald Reagan appointed Thomas Chairman of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC); he served in that position [to nullify] until 1990.

Then President George H. W. Bush nominated him for a seat on the United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit.‘ Regardless of the cynical, ‘Let’s see the Democrats Bork this‘ spoils appointment, his judicial written opinions have a sense of justice, and not that it matters, I’ve yet to read one with which I can disagree in at least finding a rationale to nullify. That leads to the effects of free associations as his Court of Influence beyond the standard-“Outside Influences” Such as the force of public opinion, pressure from interest groups, and the leverage of public officials.

-“Outside Influences” Such as the force of public opinion, pressure from interest groups, and the leverage of public officials.

-“Inside Influences” Such as justices’ personal beliefs, political attitudes, and the relationship between justices.


to include the substance-abusing premier old-South hate-monger of modern times in Code-words as friend and influences of the inimitable Black Redneck Thomas Sowell and Ayn Rand, prophet of compassion for no suffering other than your own.

In 1975, when Thomas read Race and Economics by economist Thomas Sowell, he found an intellectual foundation for his philosophy. The book criticized social reforms by government and instead argued for individual action to overcome circumstances and adversity. He was also influenced by Ayn Rand, particularly The Fountainhead, and would later require his staffers to watch the 1949 film version. Thomas later said that novelist Richard Wright had been the most influential writer in his life; Wright’s books Native Son and Black Boy” capture[d] a lot of the feelings that I had inside that you learn how to repress.” Thomas acknowledges having “some very strong libertarian leanings”

That is a practical definition of the Confederate Negro who experiences their success out of hard work nullifying such as it may have been as justification for the fundamentally racist premise of Calhoun and his latter day army fighting for the principle of inequality, with exceptions. Today. Grateful is the Bigger who’s been rescued from the Lowcountry to the clarity that the Virtue of having a Good disposition, a truth of both beastly and human interaction, is more effective in moving up the pecking order than all the court orders possible. I agree that it’s a disservice to all humanity to operate as though ‘race’ should be given credence, while at the same time I remain clear that compassion for no suffering other than your own isn’t Virtue. That’s the basis in continuum of rejection of compassion carried to the rejection of equal Rights in Loyalty to Calhoun and his descendents.

Loyalists of Landowning white men, now a make-believed as race-neutral, under the banner of corporatists strive to regain their lost autocracy of inequality. The Central Committee of Communist China is a form of democracy within.

Monarchies through time have had Courts of Influence. While Shah Saddam Hussein, Kim Jong Il, and various dictators through time from the pharaohs have Courts of Influence, the beginning of Democracy in America was a progression from a Court of Influence in a context of Magna Carta wherein European aristocratic nobles had demanded more say in the governance of monarchs dependent on their efforts for sustenance to ‘all men created equal’ that was a rejection of the underlying men-as deities’ premise of Right to maintain inequality in pecking orders, Calhoun’s stability for prosperity.

Federalists and Individual Rights


Thomas Jefferson

Thomas Jefferson

Federalist No. 84 disagreed with the creation of the Bill of Rights on the basis that in narrow interpretation, they might restrict individual Rights. As narrow interpretation is the lynchpin or purported Federalist judicial philosophy. The old-South by Calhoun rejectionism doesn’t accept the validity of individual Rights or any Nationalizing Amendments beyond  the necessities of precedent with enforcement optional for nullification, ‘at will,’ until any laws enacted by Congress be either overturned.

For amendments the old-South doesn’t recognize as a desirable mechanism for maintaining inequality as was stating individual rights are nibbled at the edges whenever possible. They strive to reargue the issue of Rights that they lost as the country was formed, from a wholly alien Calhoun rationale. In perpetuity.

The current narrowly focused Federalist drive is to return the union as it was conceptualized by the losing side of that argument against a Bill of Rights with the Calhoun addendum as an aristoarchy of the white landowners as a Central Committee of whatever-race corporatists over lesser subjects. Their default, by whatever parsing of terminology, a word left out, is to deny individuals’ Rights in deference to States’ Rights to exercise their Tyrannies of Majority over subjects ‘at will.’ The left stands for egalitarian rights for individuals, the potential to persuade, the swing the reason for arguments and decisions to the ‘Centrist.’ That’s always been a surprise to Republicans in their idea of patriotism as for the Calhoun Dixie cause rather than to the United States of America.

Reagan as a disciple of Calhoun was principled. His government did everything possible to undo any Civil Rights advances on the marketed premise that freedom of good ole boys wouldn’t require any governmental interference, while rendering the protections of the weak impotent has unmasked the truly misanthropic old-South in a massive inequality result. The numbers don’t lie. Poverty, wellness, education, infant mortality, name it, United States culture has been conditioned under the banner of freedom from Communism to freedom from morality, freedom from compassion. Their morality is to deny Compassion and Mercy, not their brother’s keeper. Cain.

While they pound the table with a Khrushchev shoe about homosexuality, abortion, heathens, the sins of criticizing freedom of righteous genocide for their corporatist freedoms, the distilled essence of the old-South ethos is beyond simply Libertarian rejection of compassion for any suffering other than their own. That isn’t at all to do with dispassionate Stoic from Platonic, but the impassioned snarl of a predator defending its kill. Behind smiles and under robes

Calhoun’s Nullification as Premise of Today’s Corporatist Ethics

Ayn Rand Greenspan

Ayn Rand Greenspan

Once upon a time, people with wealth and power had the integrity to stand up for egalitarianism. For the common to have a good life and be paid a good wage to be able to buy products. Politics may start out as a calling, but soon becomes a career of endless fund-raising from inveterate misanthropic corporatists.

As with Texas judges whose campaigns rely upon contributions from compatriot lawyers, open-mindedness to arguments is a natural result. The pyramidal primary system in the Duopoly of Power skews candidates such that all Republican candidates have to use Code-words of Hate and Antipathy to appeal to their debased xenophobic base as sign of fealty to the Calhoun doctrine of inequality in a static pecking order with ‘at will’ exceptions, not based upon merit, but upon pre-existing advantage, as the king had the pre-existing advantage by birth and the slaver by the white. Clarence Thomas Loyalists are excepted not by educational merit or intelligence, but by having the Good attitude toward their betters in appreciative ‘looking up’ for the trickle down.

The same nullification of the Dred Scott rationale that One-drop of African has no Rights compared to white extends to the corporatist having no need to consider any Rights down that pecking order so that deception, fraud, say-whatever until the do-whatever fine print permeates the ethics of the country, top down. Anti-trust rulings aren’t followed in spirit, but are ignored in the faith that the slap on the wrist if caught is a reasonable cost of doing business.

Enron and the culture of illusion out of say-do-whatever is the same for the Too Big to Fail prerogative of power money might, with no need to consider the common, the smaller fish, as having Rights. The small business has to keep their books straight and pay their taxes, big business books are too big to matter and their taxes along with subsidies are handled by Congress. Financing by deceptive trade practices and union busting to ‘at will’ are as the godfather’s revenues from Iran to finance the Contras with an election perk thrown into the deal. In contempt of the American people, the same contempt as Nixon Reagan and the dyslexic Bush, hand-puppet of Cheney. That shows up in the genocide of infant mortality and the death of hope out of massive failure of the educational system.

Mistrust in Democracy: Secessionists Out of Place

Andrew Carnegie

Andrew Carnegie

Now, the unvested transients that Calhoun feared are the corporatists in a globalized world. The United States is fat and cousin dumb-as-a-post stupid, barefoot and ignorant to match the former plantation slaves so that the educational system is a disgrace.

A. K. Khan took nuclear technology from Britain to Pakistan, while the strategy of abandoning the public educational system as home for a brain-drain from abroad carries not only that risk, but the reality that in an existence that has always been defined by having a broad base of education as advantage, the United States has endeavored to import. The significance of Chinese hacking isn’t just that they have the foundation of intelligence to do it, but that China has no need to steal US military secrets because they’ve been able to buy them in ‘cooperative’ corporatist partnerships.

Corporatists pay all the taxes they owe, while threatening to Cisco out the door if they have to pay more. Meanwhile, infrastructure crumbles in the United States along with the schools, and a college education, that no longer needed for Loyalists of telling the lie to nullify, has reached a point of expense at diminishing returns. There’s no need to imagine any ‘conspiracy’ in all this, it’s all a logical extension of the Calhoun nullification of National patriotism ethos rooted in a firm Ayn Rand rejection of compassion.

The ‘at will’ lie plantation is a chaotic mess because the management consists of Loyalist uneducated and thoughtless automatons so that as soon as the market can be sufficiently depressed in places where people are literate with a thought process, the ‘at will’ pecking order paradigm in nepotism and cronyism they so proudly uphold is the basis of their own destruction. For cause they’re afraid to think, and that’s why they have that business, but their ‘budget-conscious’ inability out of the habit is the reason that Dubai becomes attractive, for more than reasons of taxes.

Despite Dred Scott and slaver states locking Abraham Lincoln’s name off the ballots, the possibility of an Amendment with territories that would eventually become Free states in the processes of Manifest Destiny was a Democratic threat as well as a clear majority should free states choose to pass and ratify an anti-slavery amendment. That there was no such sentiment in the North points to the ambition to spread slavery into the territories in the same way that any One-drop was subject to ‘at will’ seizure into slavery in the South.

Not only was the issue preservation of Southern slavery, but for slavery to Hold Dominion over the country and abroad, Argentina being the prime example of that. Globalization of no-Rights ‘at will’ in stunted quasi-democracies has been the plan from Calhoun under implementation abroad as the fight against Communism and in full effect domestically for thirty years since the godfather in Neshoba County.

Today, the Calhoun ‘better for all involved’ is that the corporatists as landed and property owners of ‘at will’ plantations is the concurrent majority of power money might, that has mitigated Democracy in America into a Duopoly of Power that has transitioned by their globalized status into a transient and divested overseer of a third world failed state within the United States out of ‘perverted ambition of another class of men, who will either hope to aggrandize themselves by the confusions of their country, or will flatter themselves with fairer prospects of elevation from the subdivision of the empire into several partial confederacies than from its union under one government.’

With that ‘class‘ not being the commoner as today’s Federalists would have you believe, but monarchs in modernity who aggrandize themselves by the hate-mongering Code-word confusions to divide into an ineffectual gerrymandered Duopoly, into the state of affairs that anyone who calls themselves a Republican today is a disciple of Calhoun that’s perfectly comfortable and at home with an Atwater race-card banner on the door to Ayn Rand’s rejection of compassion for any suffering than your own. Albeit that the new ‘niggerniggernigger‘ is anyone without a business and employees. They have been quite successful in elevating themselves to unprecedented heights of inequality. The Nation divided.

The Supreme Court, packed to the Right, has created precedent from the inception of accommodation to return the ascendancy of inequality, the next best thing to slavery out of an unbalanced shift in favor of State’s Rights. The Black Redneck Sowell’s truth that past governmental and economic policies, … of liberalsradicals, and conservatives, each of whom, … protect their favorite illusions with respect to blacks. That’s then carried in the pretense that the principle of equality, as vague and difficult as that may be to actualize, is thereby  invalid as an operational ideal. Grounded in Rights.

Depending upon the cognitive bias of the reader, original intent can be narrowed to the mechanisms of maintaining inequality, or placed into a context of an ideal of equality. In the same way that the only descriptions of The Absolute-Unity are in the negative, as Not a Thing, equality freedom liberty happiness security are ideals and not objectively quantifiable results. That do convey motive. Are noble. Lead to actions and judgments.

By now we know that egalitarianism isn’t an issue of ‘race’ that was and remains an old-South tool of justification of inequality. Nevertheless, the issue is whether the Supreme Court acts as a Calhoun nullifying defender of inequality upon whatever Eleventh Amendment State’s Rights rationale is available. Or, as hasn’t been the case for Loyalist of Calhoun Justices, a check against States’ Rights to prey, including those principles of the original intent of the Thirteenth Fourteen and Fifteenth Articles.

A prime example waiting for the right case is that racial affirmative action and particularly racial quotas are prima facie unconstitutional, but so are Tyrannies of Majorities that have undone the intent of Brown v. Board of Education by allowing States’ Rights to create separate and superior schools that a few poor people of whatever ‘race’ can attend with unequal schools in an abandoned Public Education of the children of progressively down-trodden parents who’s institutions of government have abandoned the principle of ‘all men created equal‘  — creating a national security threat out of the old-South Separation Anxiety Syndrome of the loss of slavery, of the advantage of fortunate ‘race’ birth as of Great Expectations despite being devoid of character or intelligence, hurting us all, the Union as Nation to ‘hurt them more.