The Duopoly of Power Is the Military-Industrial Complex

Income inequality and mortality in 282 metropolitan areas of the United States. Mortality is strongly associated with higher income inequality, but, within levels of income inequality, not with per capita income.

Income inequality and mortality in 282 metropolitan areas of the United States. Mortality is strongly associated with higher income inequality, but, within levels of income inequality, not with per capita income.

Spartan militarism is an in-common understanding across parties. That there are only two choices of party in an overwhelming number of states maintains the military-industrial complex because ‘defense spending’ is tied to every state and district. Neither can challenge the status quo of the United States outspending the entire developed world, maintaining thirty permanent bases all over the world. It’s more logistically capable and rational to have forts with provisions in all outlying global territories of influence.

Islamists of Iran hold the Ayatollah is the Moral Authority, as the Central Committee in China should have last say on what plays in the media. Men as deities of militarism as the United States’ engine of prosperity are the top of the moral Pecking Order, despite Eisenhower’s warning.

American exceptionalism excepts the United States from any moral compunctions of say-do-whatever in pursuit of liberty as Hold Dominion by ‘influence,’ Foreign and Domestic. One-drop Xenophobia, and not nobility of purpose, is the justification for the United States as being “above” or an “exception” to the Law of Nations. Calhoun Calvinists howl in derision of Obama’s “…[American exceptionalism] depends on, our ability to create partnerships because we can’t solve these problems alone.

Marilyn Young and Howard Zinn have argued that American history is so morally flawed, citing slaverycivil rights and social welfare issues, that it cannot be an exemplar of virtue … because it was not benign, especially when dealing with Native Americans. As an old-South toady sits on the pretense of concern for genocide Lily pad as a Shoah-denier in the pretense that Native Americans just coincidentally died of infectious diseases. The United States is both beacon of opportunity and Hate.

American Holding Dominion influence has expanded into the globe as territories through the Cold War, as Radical Islam serves the role of foil today’s justifications for continuing to outspend the rest of the world combined militarily. The inevitable rise of China looming, the Obama administration ‘pivots’ to ‘protect’ Far East interests to foil any threat to Holding Dominion. The United States based nuclear missiles in Turkey to be shocked and aghast that the Soviet Union would dare do anything in ‘our sphere of influence‘ for their reciprocal defense. Propaganda: The systematic propagation of a doctrine or cause or of information reflecting the views and interests of those advocating such a doctrine or cause.

The in-common understanding on both sides of the Duopoly of Power is an assumption of Holding Dominion as ‘national defense,’ to be on constant war-footing reflected in military expenditures and the cannon fodder with a coordinated ‘patriot’ duty to defeat enemies both foreign and domestic long before today’s justifying September 11th, 2001.

Meanwhile, the wide swaths of resistance to American exceptionalist influence, will continue to percolate. The U.S.S.R. was brought down by excessive military spending more so than anything else, empire broken in Afghanistan. Despite rallying around the United States out of 09/11/2011, the IMF as Plantation overseer  Calhoun Calvinist policy so that their figures are irrelevant beyond propaganda, is creating icebergs of ill-will toward the United States as a tone-deaf global bully. Safe from a world that doesn’t want to be under the thumb of a misogynist antediluvian Taliban, given the opportunity, the influence of the United States will be diminished when possible. Already, the IMF as a surrogate tool of the old-South is coming under challenge as:

Like the IMF, the World Bank has been criticized for its part in promoting the Washington Consensus through its close participation with the IMF in lending only to programs that were heavily conditioned. For example, according to 50 Years Is Enough, the World Bank’s policies are “indistinguishable” from the IMF’s in that they often go to “austerity plans that ‘reform’ economic policies by suffocating the poor and inviting corporate exploitation.

That operates in the same klotze en sukke Texas Ranger trampling the ants underfoot along with their rain forests as cornfield crop circles. The Duopoly of Power cannot accommodate any pulling back from this Spartan militaristic path.

Military Spending Income Inequality Increases Mortality

Mortality is strongly associated with higher income inequality, not per capita income, and military spending creates and income inequality. Today, whether realized or not, the dyslexic Bush free-money trillion-dollar Fool’s Errand to establish permanent military bases in Iraq will tell on the United States economy, already with a failed Nicaragua third world within that First. U.S. Military Spending Is Out Of Control: 12 Facts That Show That We Cannot Afford To Be The Police Of The World

Calhoun Calvinist ideal of maximizing inequality out of ‘hurting them more,‘ has drained the vibrancy of the United States by withdrawing support for parents in an abrogation of the value of Public Education. The United States is Sixteenth of Nineteen in per capita income with both the highest poverty rate per capita in the developed world as well as income inequality and mortality in 282 metropolitan areas of the United States. The middle class is being ground to dust. The educational system is moribund. Infrastructure is crumbling, but this CEO with his time-shares promotes this self-serving fantasy of the gullible.

As Henry Ford wanted his employees to be able to afford to buy one of his cars, this smartest guy in the room with a modest 90,000 foot tropical bungalow has to resist employees being paid more – because they don’t matter. I went to one of his company’s promotions and my email and contact information were resold so that I had to send a written complaint to the FCC to get it to stop. I wouldn’t be surprised that they make a significant amount of their income from legal but disreputable practices. The At-will lie-Plantation holds to minimum wage in the belief that quality skill and competence are irrelevant. Sheer greed, deified by infallibility, has steadily widened the  inequality gap. The CEO Who Built Himself America’s Largest House Just Threatened to Fire His Employees if Obama’s Elected

Instead of raising my taxes and depositing that money into the Washington black-hole, let me spend it on growing the company, hire more employees, and generate substantial economic growth. My employees will enjoy the wealth of that tax cut in the form of promotions and better salaries.

that hasn’t happened in the thirty years Ronald Reagan commoditization of labor juggernaut of ‘hurting them more’ in a pretense of trickle-down. The beneficial thing for At-will Corporatists is that people are increasingly willing to lie cheat and steal on their behalf to Put Food of the Table, down for say-do-whatever. Human dignity is out with any pretense of care on the lie-Plantation.

States’ Rights: Time and Motion of National Identity

The Founding Fathers didn’t originally intend to create partisanship,and hadn’t envisioned the rise of political parties, however, from the Inception of Accommodation the provisions to protect Slavery have, post-War Between the States have been employed to prosecute the War Within the States for maximum inequality. That has progressed and hardened such that the heights of partisanship, aided and abetted by creation of the Duopoly of Power.

The states were as the European Union today with a defense association consistent with the need to defend the liberation from being colonies. Out of the War Between the States, the country came together from a confederation of nations, to One Nation. Over time, the role of the states with respect to National Identity evolved, prominent examples being the expansion of the role of Federal government through the Commerce Clause and the Necessary and Proper Clause.

Duopoly of Power as Failure of the Supreme Court

The structure of States’ Rights, the electoral college, the Senate, House of Representatives, Presidency, the Supreme Court itself were in an intent of balance of powerLiving Constitution theory aside, the prioritization of interpretation for inequality intent has been structurally abused by creation of the Duopoly of Power and gerrymandering. ‘Conservatives‘ stand in a cognitive bias of conserving inequality out of Tyrannies of States’ Majorities. Federalist no-Labor Rights along with no Voting and Civil Rights beyond At-will is being pursued as the next best thing to slavery today.

Out of States’ Rights to say-do-whatever, Democracy in America has been weakened by the Supreme Court’s collusion with states being able to trample individual rights on behalf of power money might. As typified by the Voting Rights and Civil Rights and inevitably Affirmative Action decisions. By tipping the scales in favor of the texts that provided for safety of slavery, the population at large has come under the predations of Federalists that have created a thirty-years juggernaut of inequality.

Representation isn’t proportional, that would have been a directly opposed by slave states.

Duopoly is a specific type of oligopoly where only two producers exist in one market. In reality, this definition is generally used where only two firms have dominant control over a market. In the field of industrial organization, it is the most commonly studied form of oligopoly due to its simplicity.

Both The Cournot model, which shows that two firms assume each other’s output and treat this as a fixed amount, and produce in their own firm and Penalties and Interest Down Here on the Ground tracking the Criminal Injustice System, the convoluted tax code in pursuit of corporatists’ happiness and safety for the sacred 1%.

The Bertrand model, a game of two firms, each one of them will assume that the other will not change in a Nash equilibrium is that no one expects either national party to surrender the Duopoly of Power. Proving the failure of the Supreme Court to consider the ‘all men created equal’ as the premise of egalitarian democracy that’s been slain with it’s heart ripped out on an alter of pure self-interest.

Modern American politics, in particular the electoral college system has been described as duopolistic since the Republican and Democratic parties have dominated and framed policy debate as well as the public discourse on matters of national concern for about a century and a half. Third Parties have encountered various blocks in getting onto ballots at different levels of government as well as other electoral obstacles, more so in recent decades. (Since the godfather.)

While the Supreme Court said the two could not contest a ruling that they had wrongly stopped banks issuing rival networks’ cards no one expects the Supreme Court to ever to anything to mitigate this stranglehold on democracy

The Duopoly of Power is constitutional because ‘equality’ can’t be textually defined beyond corporations being people and the Declaration of Independence with that ‘all men created equal‘ isn’t in their constitution.

We find it reassuring to think that the courts stand between us and legislative tyranny even if a particular form of tyranny was not foreseen and expressly forbidden by framers of the Constitution. Judge Richard Posner: Posner, Richard (1992) Sex and Reason. Harvard University Press, pg. 328. ISBN 0-674-80280-2

However, upholding States’ Rights to undermine democracy is an abrogation of a fundamental provision the Supreme Court oath of judicial office: I will administer justice without respect to persons, and do equal right to the poor and to the rich. By failed to protect the balances of power within democracy itself is failing to protect the weight of the individual vote from powerful and monied interests, both structurally and otherwise. This while focusing on protecting corporations as legal entities and unprecedented in the world legal rights to Hate Speech. Who pretends to have any plan to break the stranglehold of the Duopoly of Power? That’s created the same type of rigidity that inevitably leads to breaking rather than bending, an original intent of the creation of the Supreme Court.

Federalist Charles Fried’s ‘I do not consider abstention a proper option.‘ concerning his decision to vote for Senator Obama instead of Sara Palin contextualizes the limitations of the Duopoly of Power, that’s crippled Democracy in America. A States’ Rights Federalist,

In September 2005, Fried testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee in support of the nomination of John Roberts to become Chief Justice of the United States. After the nomination of Samuel Alito to the U.S. Supreme Court, Fried praised Alito as an outstanding judge but dismissed claims that Alito is radical, saying, “He is conservative, yes, but he is not radically conservative like Scalia.”

Radically Conservative Judicial Activism

‘He is sometimes described as a conservative, but his political views are perhaps better characterized as consonant with those of classical liberalism.’ I could make it up from nothing that the step into radical is firmly into individuals as rightless, but that Ain’t Necessarily So as Scalia dissented on Fourth Amendment warrantless DNA searches in Maryland v. King So what does this ‘radical conservative’ mean? Judicial activism on behalf of diminution of individual rights in deference to states except where the Federal Constitution explicitly states otherwise. The Eleventh Amendment was shoring up States’ Rights pointing to the conflict as being from inception of the Union. Should there come a time when Federalists control all three branches of government, the Federal standard of employment will match the backwards Desert Wilderness, along with their worst in the nation ‘one-book-to-read’ educational standard.

On principle, complete decimation of the commoner-landless rights will be complete consistent with the national capability to fire workers for any reason, including voting as Negroes who learned to read in the old-South during slavery were At-will punishable by death. Today, it’s Standing Your Ground against the ‘uppity.’

Duopoly of Power Extension of War Between the States

As the world has evolved toward egalitarianism, Federalists stand for resisting just that. The decades of misanthropy of the country being consistently dragged to the right with Hate Speech in fear mongering du Jour has resulted in the 15 million of the middle class dropped into poverty. Globalized Corporatists dismiss any concern for the country beyond their own self-interests but are the ‘persons’ the government should serve, the rest At-will of those men as deities. The old-South beats the pan about the economy they wrecked by greed and staunch defense of the rights of infallible and unaccountable corporations to ‘misrepresent,’ market relying on the general population to be as dim as their thumbs in at The Coliseum constituency.

Families are bound to two breadwinners. The corruption of the Third World men as deities with pecking orders is being equilibrated to the domestic standard in America praying for their monarchical Revisionist Federalist outcome of the War Within the States. Weathervane candidates for President reflect the corporate culture of say-whatever to whomsoever to make the sale, telling the bald-faced lie with enthusiasm. Reagan Reagan, the Godfather of Antipathy, is revered for trickle-down authenticity, then his reality removed in a romanticized All or Nothing at All fantasy of Hate from Neshoba County.

In an Ayn Rand Greenspan theoretical ideal of ‘market influence‘ there is no objectivity, but an old-South necessity of Holding Dominion so that the US 17th In Global Education Ranking; Finland, South Korea Claim Top Spots. Averaging across the three tiers with a Third Worlds within. Vouchers take pre-existing resources to use. As a Spartan militaristic nation, as A. K. Khan exported nuclear technology to Pakistan, aside from the military technology being sold outright, the ascendancy of ethnic nationalism promotes conflicts of loyalties.

Behind the Wizard’s Curtain

Behind the wizard’s curtain is corporate money. People fought back to elect Obama, with whatever they could, an avalanche of slight cuts that monetarily overcame the heavy hitters. Then, instead of Obama kicking the Corporatists in the teeth with the bully pulpit as everyone who voted for him knows them to be while Democrats theoretically had the house short Pickups and Plaid shirts Alfred E. Neuman sleepers, he tries to get along with unscrupulous people who’d rather wreck the country than serve it out of power by political compromise. As their abuse of filibusters, they reject Platonic public Virtue as honor, justified by their Calhoun Calvinist religion of power money might.

SuperPac money will buy votes of decerebrate automatons who are animated by Code-word negative advertising that works by playing to base fears. The good news is that souls of yetzer tov with Roles of the Soul in Searching for the Good see their true souls as they try to walk the line without going over into obvious Code-words known all over the world, a line that’s already destroyed the infant mortality and poverty rates and healthcare system. President Obama’s (voter’s) Nobel Peace Prize was a nod to the hope of the world that Hate-mongering will someday start to fall on deaf ears.

Duopoly of Power Monism

Choices are limited by the Duopoly of Power locked the political system into an either-or Monism. Voters are reduced to being single-issue voters because there’s no mechanism to accommodate coalition building or any of the other mechanism of modern democracy to increase quality of representation. Like a crack addict, old-South Federalists can’t stop beating the bar of Hate to splinters as they press for the ultimate ‘as it should have been‘ pellet from the Inception of Accommodation of a swath of the population as without egalitarian rights. To turn back to before they lost that battle for no Rights, or the other progressive advances over time.

The old-Southern Strategy Republican Party stands there ‘niggerniggernigger‘ fear mongering is all they can ever do to persuade people that their drive to return monarchy to the wealthy, today’s version of landowners, is for the good of the nation. While Corporatists keep their money in Swiss Bank accounts and offshore to avoid taxes that the common man has to pay to cover their global Plantation enterprise or suffer the wrath of Penalties and Interest, the only things trickling down are lies. Unlike the Central Committee or the Ayatollahs have no national interest beyond pretense — the same pretense that corporations are people is that serving corporations is the only legitimate interest of government.

War-Weary and War-Wary In 2016

President Obama has out-militarized the militarists, but militaristic Holding Dominion will be the issue that will attract independents who are not only war-weary but war-wary. This is going to be the ‘wedge issue’ of the future as the issue of infrastructure and other non-direct military expenditures, and underlying that is the issue of the United States role in the world going forward.

Perot was a breath of fresh air. Ron Paul was a breath of fresh air. Obama was a breath of fresh air — elected upon the good judgement to vote against the Iraq War. In addition, not for his sexual peccadillo, Hillary Clinton paid for sins of the husband who NAFTA lost trust of the working man — who weren’t stupid enough to vote for a Federalist anyway. McCain lost by picking an air-head from believed safety, when not even conservatives wanted an addled presenile born-again warmonger with his finger on the trigger. The GOP establishment, as Marquis St. Romney whose only principled motive was a great resumé, doesn’t want to pursue contesting homosexual and abortion rights with his own political capital. State’s Rights’ are handling those nicely.

Military-Industrial Cabal is Sacrosanct In the Duopoly of Power

Military spending has the potential to to be a serious issue in the 2016 Presidential Election. The reason proven-racist Ron Paul, a good thing for the old-South, is so scary is that while he rejects the progressive advances of modern society that are under relentless attack, the United States as the man as deity on top of the pecking order heap of the world is logically inconsistent as well.

The United States version of Canadian “twin stick” ownership of media interests is such that the much-maligned internet has become the only source of unapproved ‘public discourse‘ from intellectuals such as Noam Chomsky or Howard Zinn, Paul Krugman dismissed by liberal MSNBC commentator Chris Matthews as ‘out there.‘ I’m tired of feckless weak-kneed Pickups and Plaid Democrats that think they’re really doing something by being Pro-Choice and Pro-Homosexual Rights.

One Issue – One Vote: For the Good of the Nation

One person-one vote is meaningless in the United States of America that lectures the world on democracy, but what we have under the Duopoly of Power is one issue-one vote. Hoping to see a woman as president in my lifetime, I’ll support Hillary Clinton if she runs though I’d prefer an Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders ticket.

Certain I’ll never vote for the Big Tent of Hate again if no other reason than another Scalia Thomas Roberts or Alito would be the death knell for any progress since the Inception of Accommodation, in the hypothetical of what might tempt me is military spending. The same type of commission needed to close military bases needs to be advocated for the plethora of pork-barrel systems the military doesn’t want much less need that are being kept alive politically.

For the good of the nation, I’d consider voting for any candidate with the courage to take a stand on this issue as a vote against the Conventional Wisdom that the wolf should eat the lamb with impunity, forever.


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