Had-been respected CNN has become Fox-lite playing to another old-Southern Strategy with condescendingly smiling while insipid old-South talking-point ponies that can’t say the word President before Obama, while his representatives need to Duck and Cover whenever the bombastic right puffs.

A flat-top reincarnation of McCarthy careening loose on deck is glossed over for saying the Congressional Progressive Caucus is Communist. To loop a snippet of Hilary Rosen unvarnished improvisational truth in a faux pas ‘never worked’ choice of words.

Duck and Cover: Boxed Into a Talking-point Corner

That, engendered by being  boxed into an old-South talking-point corner of ‘class warfare.’ As if a life of unlimited wealth isn’t  completely divorced from the commoner struggling under Maestrini’s law on Spartan stones beyond flipping a ducat out of the Evrémond carriage window, as distinct as any other endeavor in this world with vast wealth compared to the vast majority.

As different as the iceberg of uninsured and under-insured who are his ‘tough luck‘ with Multiple Sclerosis and cancer.

The more important issue is that the Republican Party that’s been taken-over by the old-Southern Strategy cheers in their Drooler’s Coliseum at the idea that people without money will die without healthcare. Sincerely.


Once-upon-a-Time CNN was a source of news, credible. Journalists. The best. Christiane Amanpour, Candy Crowley, Wolf Blitzer, Suzanne Malveaux and many more, giants of journalism now Anderson Cooper, Fareed Zacharia.

Soledad O’Brien, darling of Katrina and other journalistic endeavors has been Katie Couric’d to sit at the same table with a feckless but photogenic Adonis, buffoon in training from Beck’s Blaze. Who disdains Rosen for a ‘personal‘ attack to assert value of ‘debating ideas‘ as though his mentor has ever heard of logical consistency and accuracy of facts.

If you want Fox, might as well have the real sleazy thing.

Too Much Personal Information

I found out the too-much-information lesbian that I didn’t want to know from looking for a good picture, found at an old-South website. The right eschews personal attacks, debates ideas. Honorable, every one. The decerebrate old-South hasn’t had a Bright idea since One-drop for African slavery. Now, CNN is pumping the right talking points with soft pitches with a lefty to sit there in a pretense of Colmes Fair and Balanced, Donna Brazile as Joan of Arc, holding her own.


Soon to lose journalistic credibility Soledad is certainly heading up a New Direction for CNN into Fox territory. Don Lemon showing cell-phone photos of approval-seeking LZ Granderson after having beers with the Adonis that is incredulous that racism exists when Al Sharpton had to rescue.

As Ronald Reagan’s Civil Rights division under Clarence Thomas’ Geechee administration, come with irrefutable proof: a confession. Then all this driveling over whether there was an epithet or not, as though that matters. Zimmerman might have decided to shoot the unarmed boy before help could arrive, may not really know. The British Cotton Candy machine spins hearsay from the killer’s brother. More salt with that buttered popcorn in the theater of the absurd. That’s entertainment.

Made Television Something to Watch

All of this is much better discussed here – Foxification of CNN. That CNN has gone down to fatuousness is like losing an icon that made television something to watch. Gaining advertisers while losing viewers is an opportunity for the traditional to make a comeback. Before, I could just turn the TV on and loop CNN CSPAN and History. The deeper tragedy is that the History Channel has little to do with history beyond Pickers Pawnstars and Restorationists now, entertainment. Better to change the name to Speculation Channel with plenty of loon fodder. Remarkably, the Comedy Channel is the cream of the intellectual crop today. Prelude to the death of another Brick and Mortar, TV to the internet. Progress to match the fifth grade cousin dumb-as-a-post standard.

Wizards Behind the Curtain

Rather than adopting the standard sour grapes position that there’s some sort of persecution, the media is amorally run by inveterate misanthropic corporatists hunting profits. The excellent news is that we still have remote controls to save us from insipid drivel from the fatuous. When Soledad came back, I had false hope, faith in her journalistic integrity.

The before and after of Katie Couric and her difficult task reflect the wizards behind the curtain as Evrémonds with the journalism of another era dismissed, dumbed-down to appeal to Cousin to keep up with the Housewives of Wherever.

The lions of journalism talk about Mike Wallace and how the new TV crop didn’t come from the newsroom, when cable news has followed Nancy into the edutainment advocacy gutter. With small regret, I skip shows, including had-been journalism now as an entertainment enterprise, whose programming I find useless. Though all news and history is from a perspective, these cynical changes have created a void of responsibility in those venues. Certainly, It’s business, not personal.


President Obama was elected in the Hope that he’d Fight the Powers of Autocracy. What’s personal is that President Obama could have used Teddy Roosevelt’s Bully Pulpit with his oratory power during the first two years of his presidency. Spoke out.

Worried Lest They Offend

The left still worried lest they offend bombastic uncivil bullies who accuse Progressives of being Communists, endorsed by silent acquiescence of profit-driven media who as group-‘think tanks,’ know where their Frum was buttered.

Where’s Waldo?

From Waldo the first three years of his administration, they managed to throw Rosen under the bus quickly enough. As Clinton dumped Lani Guinier who was abjectly slandered and Jocelyn Elders as Surgeon General for saying a truth toward abstinence the hypocritical right didn’t want to hear. ‘Save the children’ from a vain emission without the purpose of procreation, that as sin doesn’t rise to abortion, or contraceptive use. Advice more than a few should have considered.

Rather than being responsible, as Elders was being in broaching the issue, she’s thrown overboard as Shirley Sherrod for a knee-jerk whatever the old-South says must be righteous. Valid.

What type of Independent voter was appeased by these sackings? So weak is the left, that unlike Nixon who tried to stand by his men, the left Ducks and Covers when the sanctimonious right that was never squeamish about a little genocide ‘in the pursuit of liberty‘ holds forth on morality. Ceding their authority as truth wisdom and light in the world as they hand down a ridiculous talking point papal bull.

Clinton was fiscally responsible where dyslexic Bush wasn’t. Nevertheless, the old-South has claimed ownership of financial responsibility to the legions of decerebrate automatons, that are persuaded to any misrepresentation by appealing to their proclivity for xenophobia. What they really mean is that they want to undo Medicare Medicaid and Social Security, along with anti-trust and every other law men-as deities don’t like. That’s their two unfunded wars and tax cuts without financial oversight Utopia.

The Whole Kerfuffle

The whole kerfuffle about the racial aspect of Trayvon Martin, that decerebrate automatons as the Adonis star of New Directions is to stifle the idea that Racism, or xenophobia for that matter exists. They pull out the same Eugenic calipers to measure hadiths to scientifically prove why One-drop of Islam makes a Murderer, while the Crusades pogroms and Inquisition never happened. Wafers, you know. Real history is no longer a province of academia because something might be said that impairs the talking point agenda.

Never a Sliver of Substance

The ‘failed Obama administration policies‘ boil down to succeeding dyslexic Bush and idyllic libertarian Ayn Rand Greenspan. But the line is repeated incessantly while never a sliver of substance beyond the recovery would have been better under another dyslexic Cousin Republican administration. An extreme of fantasy, as Fox News pumps Code-words and now CNN delivers the talking points gingerly contested.

Watching Candy Crowley chained by a script is sad. The supporting structure beneath those high standards are openly Xenophobic and even more divorced from history than that enterprise that was the History Channel that’s descended to aliens prognostications and eschatology. Maximum Drivel.

A Chimera

The Republican Party has become a chimera, an organism with two cell genotypes, the old-Southern Strategy that can’t be excised as George Will asks.

The main and most important issue is that reason isn’t within their capability, the Palin issue of judgment.

After the third time you’ve seen a UFO for the fourth time you were abducted and probed by aliens, there’s no way to excise the loons from the Republican Party.

Soul of Hate

Buchanan lost the 1992 primary while winning the soul of the Republican Party as Hate during that 1992 primary campaign. As Allen West is hanging the Communism medal around the Progressive Caucus, the fact that from Adonis through West, it’s the same nut-job mixed through and through. As with the racial component of the way the Trayvon Martin case was handled by the old-South DA, by huff and puff, everyone is to be chilled from saying the obvious. About anything. Including rich women with staffs that have become the quasi-empathetic face of the weather vane’s campaign deity in waiting Monsieur Marquis St. Romney.

Cousin in a Robe

The old-South judge without the integrity to contest dyslexic Bush signing statements contends that this President doesn’t have freedom of speech; Cousin in a robe. In this paradigm of ‘civil discourse,’ it’s important for the adults to not descend into name-calling.

My tactless rhetoric can’t be ‘over the top’ when old-South bombasts have no top, only Code-words for plausible deniability. That are part and parcel of the totality of their ‘message.’ Adonis Ken and Kewpie-doll Barbie simplifying for the simply afraid, are divorced from a need for credibility with the sane.

Debate impersonal  ‘ideas’ with a chimera wholly integrated with One-drop xenophobia?

The Ethos of a Bully with a Friendly Jury

Their fiscal conservative positions were adopted by the Democratic Leadership Council, so they stake out ground to the right of that to stand on the impossibility of taxing their deity, the Ronald Reagan’s tax policy sublimated to an idealization of murder in murder in Neshoba County.

Not calling it what it is serves their illusion of credibility and respectability. The bully says slut and it’s entertainment. Rosen says ‘never worked’ and the sky falls. The old-South plays the race card for every election in the old-Southern Strategy, then cry foul if the word comes up. The ethos of a bully with a friendly jury.

Shades of Malaise

Shades of Malaise Democrats wimp-out, tuck tail, Duck and Cover at the first gust of old-South bad breath. The strategy clear that the left is going to take the high road and abandon the trenches to the ghouls and trolls.

The line is to be that they’re childish and we should talk about issues. Their Xenophobia and disconnect from earth reality are core issues.

I don’t have a problem with Allen West’s histrionics because he’s emblematic of what the Republican Party has become. As McCain’s nomination of Palin, the soul of the Republican Party has become shallow disgusting and insipid with the old-Southern Strategy.

As unfailing as their ‘failed economic policies,’ I’ll hang  their Congenital Deficiency of Humanity while Loyalists of men-as deities  praying for corporatist Autocracy around their necks all day every day.

The Ghost of McCarthy Present

Let them call the ghost of McCarthy. What ever. ‘Taking the high road,‘ as if the airhead’s view of Alaska from her back yard is dirty pool to criticize as foreign policy experience is on par with the assertion that the weather vane’s wife has some perception of women’s issues, is being lame. Weak. Retiring. McClellan Chamberlain fantasizing about peace between Republicans and the ‘Democrat’ enemy in our time.

They’ve shown their Stars and Bars consistently enough to conclude intent.

The shade of ‘never worked’ was the Hilary Clinton baking cookies ‘controversy.’ In both scenarios, somehow having something to say about the difference in experience of the vast majority of women who’ve had no choice about whether they go to work as Spartan stones of runaway militarism grind. And those who’ve chosen actualization in a different paradigm than making sure Dagwood’s tie is straight as Blondie see’s him off to work.

Pickups and Plaid Shirts

Pretending that women are Ozzie’s Harriet is that same lame Alfred E. Newman Dukakis riding around in a tank trying to be macho. Pickups and Plaid shirts. While there’s nothing wrong with Macho-Man, or Pickups and Plaid shirts, this pandering to the old-South is a waste of time and energy. If plaid, pickups and vigilante N.R.A. hysterical macho are so important to them, they aren’t going to vote for President Obama anyway.

Pretending that women aren’t in a different Lilly Ledbetter space from can-cans and hoop skirts is playing into the old-South idealization of not so bad strange fruit 1950s times, before outside agitators came to Neshoba County meddling, when women dared not complain about domestic abuse. Coat-hangers.

Declared War on Their Own Country

Respecting people who don’t show any respect, who’ve declared political war on their own country is a losing proposition.

Obsequiously smiling at them in play nice and don’t say anything they don’t want to hear is coddling l’enfant nouveau terribles who’ve been on a thirty year tear from Neshoba County that has been detrimental to the national interest.

A No-Confidence Vote

Education as ex as CNN journalism now. Forget History. A No Quarter asked or given old-South with no care, the Republican Party long brought low by intransigence to political compromise, before the credit rating fell. That was a no-confidence vote of and for a world that depends upon the America of F.D.R. Teddy Roosevelt. Lincoln. Washington.

Rephrasing Clarifying and Expanding

Rather than Clinton’s War room rephrasing clarifying and expanding upon the validity of Hilary Rosen’s point, so weak-kneed in professorial collegiality, bullied supplicative nerds waiting to be picked last, terrified of a passionate Rosen being conflated to an Angry Black Man are playing a losing game of giving the old-South a free ride by pretending that Code-words of xenophobic associates don’t matter.

Instead of emulating Chamberlain dreaming of peace in our time with them, as though Grant meeting Lee, there is no ground of their insipid and sleazy talking points that shouldn’t be scorched. Plowed under.

Torched by the truth made plain.

Nathan-bedford-forrestDetermined to Preserve Inequality

Paralleling that McClellan didn’t send the full army and renew assaults, rather than holding fire in a naïve fiction of negotiated settlement with a Confederacy now more determined than ever to preserve inequality by any say-whatever marketing means necessary or cost to the nation.

Oil companies need subsidies. The wealthy can’t be taxed. Entitlements should be ended. Homosexuals should get back in the closet. Labor has no rights. Vigilante open season. Iraq needs to be re-invaded. The list is endless.

Everybody who voted for President Obama knew the old-South Republican Party is so enraptured by Corporatist influence and crazed by Xenophobia du Jour, there’s no point in negotiating with that Confederacy either. With a Norquist monster that now runs amok so that even the ‘job providers’ couldn’t persuade them from the budget debacle.

lbj2Bare Knuckles

What Progressives want, what I need, is if President Obama has a second term, isn’t go along to get along with the Ronald Reagan’s Neshoba County, but the bare knuckles of Lyndon Johnson who knew how to turn a Congressional screw.

The Republican Party wouldn’t make a deal with President Obama and, to them, weaken their debased cause of defeating his re-election. They were perfectly willing to sacrifice the nation for that old-South noble cause of no care, for ‘them.

Now President Obama is campaigning again, giving great speeches. Clearly, he’s done a fine job under the circumstances. Been presidential. But being dignified and encouraging as Soledad nurturing her brood including the star angelic Damien, isn’t the only paradigm of presidential.

Obsequiously Supplicating Incorrigible Bullies

As was the case with Chamberlain, obsequiously supplicating incorrigible bullies is as contraindicated now as then. If Carville would bring unneeded publicity, it’s that straight across the table shooting down high-flying buffoons and pretenders that he’s so known for, is just what is needed. Shooting skeet. A wartime consigliere.

Does Not Operate From Reason

Democracy in America does not operate from reason. It isn’t a debate with logical consistency and accuracy of facts.

It’s an old-South so afraid they can’t survive without the dominion ‘way of life’  that they’ve lost their senses. And people who reject their ‘idea’ of Antipathy as Virtue.

Superior Numbers

As with every presidential election Democrats have won since Carter, and with the War Between the States, the old-South was defeated by superior technology and numbers. The operative word here is numbers. Martin Luther King Jr. get out the vote numbers.

The old-South talking-point Puff the Magic Dragon chain guns are formidable, but the nuclear bomb of the truth, was handed on a platter with the Palin nomination. The fire of the truth has to be back-set against Cousin Adonis’s Blaze.

Drowning in Fear

We must generate a political army from the ranks outside the ethos of old-South xenophobes. They’re panicked, drowning in fear, talking to them isn’t going to matter. It’s controlling with a Carvile counter, and overwhelming them with votes to save them from themselves, save the country from them, with aggressive new voter enrollment, despite the old-South gerrymandering and voter lockouts.

Civilian Shields

Independents are being used as civilian shields of the right. Cousin throwing Fox spit balls when Soledad as substitute for Fox teacher isn’t looking on CNN.

Old-South Addiction to Hate

Connect the Civil Rights struggle of the past that Neshoba County is famous for, with the legions of those who see that Sanford County is the same old-South today, had to have intervention of meddling outsider agitators to have justice begin to happen. The legions of people who are correctly cynical of the Duopoly of Power may be enrolled.

Mobilization and motivation of the pending electorate is the task at hand, not forcing Rosen apologies for saying the obvious. The old-South addiction to Hate needs an intervention. Until they Just Say No to that drug….

Same Noise as Symphony

By their ‘extremism in defense of liberty’ No Quarter terms of the contest, no political compromise possible, both bombast and accomplice must be decisively broken in the War Between the States within the States. Vanquished. We must torch their smiling while insipid condescending talking point ponies on CNN along with the Foxy Talk-radio bombasts that are a part of the same noise as symphony, on the same debate team that disregards logical consistency and accuracy of facts. To tell the lie du Jour.

By stronger association than the Congressional Progressive Caucus, the representative of the Blaze shouldn’t be given safe passage from words of truth at a make-believe Demilitarized Zone of CNN.

As Sherman on the way to Savannah, not a blade of grass in their field of absurdity left standing. Failing to place every talking point in a context that can’t be divorced from the totality on had-been journalism CNN plays to Cousin’s fictions of plausible deniability.

Infant Mortality Education Poverty Rights

If this first administration was a Rope-a-dope as Republicans exert Misanthropic States’ Rights policies, both have clearly exposed the depths of old-South depraved  willingness to run the country into the ground, for a ‘higher cause.’

Now add the last thirty years, peaking with the dyslexic Bush ruining the economy for the handsome offset of destroying entitlements and the laws that have progressed since the Great Depression. Turning back time.

As any military enterprise, theirs to ‘hurt them more,’ there will be casualties as Infant Mortality, Education, Poverty. Rights.

The old-South will rally behind the empty-jeans Marquis St. Romney and whatever strategic nominee. By stronger association than the Congressional Progressive Caucus, the representative of the Blaze shouldn’t be given safe passage from words of truth at a make-believe Demilitarized Zone of CNN. By stronger association than the Congressional Progressive Caucus, the representative of the Blaze shouldn’t be given safe passage from words of truth at a make-believe Demilitarized Zone of CNN.

One-drop Communist while Wahhabi

Independents voted against Palin, as I voted against Buchanan in 1992. President Obama has been a centrist, on the lines of Clinton, but his One-drop makes him a Communist while Wahhabi. Progressives are President Obama’s base, and by the Allen West connecting the dots, he has been and will be accused of being a Socialist if not Communist, while a Graham Cracker uses clever language to assert the Muslim, all part and parcel of the usual Code-word attacks for Xenophobes that are sure to ensue.

Manchurian Candidate of the Dark Lord Sauron. Sweet Adonis won’t say any of this, his job to give them a patina of credibility, feign civility, humanize them while his other heads snap.

Must Not Allow Them to Pretend

If being realistic that they’ve been operating in Total War is uncivil, so be it. We must not allow them to pretend that they’re credible, to be respected for their maneuvering States’ Rights victories and robed decerebrates. They have no morality as they beat the pan for religious freedom of corporatist say-do-whatever. As comfortable with break-ins, bribing Ayatollahs to influence an American election, and “Republican operatives” – Ross Perot, these have lived in Total War throughout President Obama’s ‘Birther illegal immigrant’ administration as the role of their souls as a Mariana’s Trench of Inhumanity.

Without Integrity

Seceded from compromise in governance without integrity as they carry their old-South causes to the brink of destruction of the country at every opportunity. Have demonstrated no care for the flag in which they wrap themselves. Pretending pro-life while proud of the infant mortality rate, cheering for people without healthcare insurance to die. Their credibility as human must be dispelled, demonized for their demonizing. The infrastructure of their Hate machine must be hung on every condescending while smiling neck as a medal of their dishonor, no matter how Adonis photogenic. To defend America from it’s domestic enemy, and preserve the Union with a decisive defeat.

As we need a wartime consigliere, we need a wartime Lincoln to empower Grants and Shermans. Again for Democracy in America. Political annihilation until capitulation, then Grant’s magnanimity. Not Duck and Cover.



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