Confederate Negroes Fighting for old-South Holding Dominion by Inequality Religion

Routinely, a feckless opportunistic buffoon Calls for blacks to end “slavish devotion to the Democratic Party and invites other would-be Confederate Negroes to go into Drooler’s (for not so bad strange fruit) Coliseum Big Tent of Hate that’s managed to play the race card in every election since the Civil Rights Act in 1968.

The Confederate Negro

The Confederate Negro

Today’s Republican Party Negroes, forget the ones before the Dixiecrats defected to the Republican Party to set up The Big Tent of Hate, are the Confederate Negroes of today. Who are comfortable fighting against equality and Rights for their personal networking gain.

The issue isn’t one of ‘race,’ a specious human construction of a fantasy difference in people to facilitate maintaining a pecking order ruled by men-as deities, the issue is the adoption of the Conservative position of the Republican Party of the Federalist principle that ideally, people have No Rights, and that compassion for any suffering other than your own is an evil to be resisted as a struggle for the breath of life itself.

The War Between the States

The Honorable Jefferson Davis rejected Negro combatants who were willing to fight for Dixie for their personal freedom because proving themselves as soldiers of courage and honor would have undermined One-drop, would have been ‘against the purpose.’ The permanence of the xenophobic old-Southern Strategy foundation of the Republican party is inclusive of the up to 10 to 20 percent Negroes who are successors of those that volunteered to fight for the Confederacy in exchange for their personal freedom.

If carrying kitchen knives pans and shining shoes, ‘being a servant on the staff,completing fortificationsdrumming, carrying any thing and everything but a gun is a combatant, the meaning of the word has been severely diluted. Admittedly they were in danger by being there, but the essential point of Davis’ rejection of Negroes as combatants was because of the premise that they weren’t fully human. Only a full man would have the courage to fight. In addition there was the risk of arming masses of Africans. There is no evidence that any numbers of Negroes were combatants for the Confederacy unless digging holes and cooking is combat. The most cogent analysis of the issue of Confederate Negroes being armed combatants during the War between the States is found at Examples of Colored Service concluding that:

It seems that the best case that can be made for large numbers of colored Confederates is based on sloppy evidence that cannot and does not convince the large majority of historians. Many of the accounts that the promotors of black Confederates rely on are ambiguous, partisan, or the result of revisionism in history. Sometimes, however, Rollins et al misrepresent the testimonies made, such as ascribing loyalty to a slave who may just fear for his hide, or by referring to blacks as “Afro-Virginians.”

Those who want to promote this mytholgy of Black Confederate Participation ( is a hacking site, consistent with the low animals that obsequious needs-a-master Confederate Negroes are supplicating for approval) as being combatants by being their in service of their masters is reflected by

The negroes … were happy because they were treated kindly and had few cares. They were attached to their masters … being naturally an amiable, good-tempered race, with very strong local attachments, and very affectionate to their kinsmen and thos.

Is the spirit of today’s happy Confederate Negro who’s amiable ‘looking up to.

From the predecesors of today’s Big Tent of Hate posture toward slavery, it wasn’t until 1995, that the Southern Baptist Convention, the core of today’s Republican Party, voted to adopt a resolution renouncing its racist roots and apologizing for its past defense of slavery, segregation, and white supremacism. Carrying the torch of Negroes as having no more than three-fifths-a-soul premise of the Honorable Jefferson Davis’ rejection of Negroes as combatants begrudingly abandoned at that late date for Negro mega-church dues that were going to the National Baptist Convention.

Denny’s Confederate Negroes

I’d been to the Denny’s across US 59 many times after the Jungian meetings at the Houston Summit that ended late at night. Never had a problem. In 1992, during the Republican Party convention, I was staying at a La Quinta with a Denny’s in the parking lot while working locum tenens at an allergy clinic in Garland,Texas. I went to the Denny’s, paid for my take-out in advance, to wait for hours. Seeing people coming and going both for sit-down and take-out, I finally decided to complain and get my money back. They sent the Negro dishwasher out to pretend to be the manager, grinning. I wasn’t surprised by the class-action lawsuit, made no claim. I later realized that I’d been chaperoned by my bevy of legitimating white friends. I’ve never been back to Denny’s. Nor will I ever go, from then on.

Kevin Phillips:

From now on, the Republicans are never going to get more than 10 to 20 percent of the Negro vote and they don’t need any more than that… but Republicans would be shortsighted if they weakened enforcement of the Voting Rights Act. The more Negroes who register as Democrats in the South, the sooner the Negrophobe whites will quit the Democrats and become Republicans. That’s where the votes are. Without that prodding from the blacks, the whites will backslide into their old comfortable arrangement with the local Democrats.

That Pied Pipers of xenophobia of today’s Republican as Federalist Party are the face and intent to pursue Holding Dominion by inequality  from a congenital deficiency of humanity is the defining reason for mutual antipathy that is from now on.

Targets and Exceptions

Appearing alone at Denny’s, I was a target; same person with white chaperones I was an exception. By reduced capacity proclivity for xenophobia, [In defense of] prejudice being an old-South religious duty, there’s no issue of whether, only targets and exceptions. Excepted by mentorship and being properly chaperoned, Confederate Negroes become true-believers in the justifications, citing themselves as proof, while the destructive Code-words continue unabated, progressive and cumulative. For Messages Against Hope.

There’s nothing honorable or noble about hog-calling xenophobes with Code-words every election whlie playing some sort of race card, inevitably and by definition of what they are. One has to admire the single mindedness of self-interest of these Confederate Negro combatants for inequality in modernity who stand shoulder-to-shoulder with their soulmates as they pump the collectivization innuendos the entire world understands: Forget their place; Birthers exist to deny that their Nakba could be valid. Get uppity, the primary condemnation of President Obama and educated Negroes – that against righteous policy learned to read and let them know it. Not intelligent, regardless of educational accomplishment and qualification, affirmative action as only possible cause.

A semi-literate Geechee who’s the face of affirmative action if ever there was one to match an affirmative-action Michael Steele — who didn’t know his place. The right attacks with misdirecting lies that President Obama is racist to cry foul when their modus operandi is exposed by a Juan Williams hired as exception for Islamophobia. Confederate Negroes having failed to affect their associates’ purpose, by Is the right really breaking up with its racists?, have assimilated or been attracted as self-concerned and opportunistic Birds of a Feather, not racially, a specious issue, but philosophically to say-do-whatever Antipathy as Virtue for maintaining equality to Hold Dominion.

Fighting for Inequality by Association

Thomas Sewell Clarence Thomas Condoleeza Rice Colin Powell Ken Blackwell Michael Steele ebonics-articulate J. C. Watts and others can imagine that all is well when they’re properly chaperoned at the Denny’s of their lives. That dismisses in their own housed comfort the harms of their racist compatriots afield. Drinking from the Denny’s cup of say-do-whatever to Hold Dominion, because they never have a problem, to in-denial serve old-South Holding Dominion by Aid and Comfort, marketing for Denny’s; Michael Steele as RNC manager, grinning.

Republicans alledge that Democrats create racial divisions by translating their Code-words; the same Stirrin’ up the good nigras by UncommonSense. Be civil as Thomas Sewell talking of Filial honor at Hoover in Dixie agreement with Both, soldiers of the Confederacy on the same debate team as Atwater Beck Birthers Brightbart Drudge Limbaugh and Fox ‘News’ that disdain logical consistency and accuracy of facts, are fighting for inequality by association.

From Black Republicans’ Problem with History by Van Gosse Posted: June 14, 2010

The enduring political fact of the last half-century is how Republicans, beginning with Nixon’s 1968 “Southern Strategy,” stole the mantle of the White Party. Despite gestures like making Colin Powell Secretary of State, the Republicans are a party hostile to black interests. A large percentage of their base refuses to accept that President Obama is a U.S. citizen, a delusional and undeniably racist stance.

Sewell’s Black Rednecks parallels a debate I used to have with Momma when I was young; that the iceberg of Negro culture breeds for athletic and other entertainments as the Booker T. Washington take what you can get, W.E.B. DuBois intellectualism derided where some other cultures more so valued intelligence and education. By their Hoover association, this would only be twisted to justify injustices. Later, I learned that cousin’s intelligence and Virtue is a marketing fiction as is their say-do-whatever in every other regard.

George Will’s,

“There’s also the problem that the Republican party has been, in recent years, too Southern. In the last five presidential cycles, they’ve got 79 percent of their electoral votes from the South. It’s too much.” from Mediaite.

Is for Cause. Why inaugurate a presidential campaign in Neshoba County of Civil Rights Murder or Bob Jones of interracial dating controversy? By one paradigm, Libertarian freedom supersedes care for the rest. And by another, coming in a friendship that requires accommodation of humiliation to make a Filial bond that accepts Derbyshire prejudices, until publicly exposed by crossing the line of Code-word plausible deniability.


Libertarian Truths

The truth of Libertarian ideology is that the heart cannot be forced, as we all choose our roles from our souls. Some adopt Libertarian Goldwater against Civil Rights as freedom of association, others all the xenophobe they can be.

As with Ayn Rand Greenspan’s unrestrained Free-Market and the Ronald Reagan’s dismissal of Civil Rights, in a self-serving marketing of inherent good intentions, they contend that African slavery would have eventually ended in the South.

That Denny’s would have ended their discriminatory practices without being sued. Realistically, most would remain slaves in some form, as Slavery by Another Name, and some obsequious worthy would eventually be freed ‘at the will’ of their masters.

As chaperoned Negroes are served promptly by the implicit will of white legitimating association. As the dishwasher playing his ‘managerial’ Role, everyone who’s allied with today’s Republican Party accepts:

Atwater: As to the whole Southern strategy that Harry S. Dent, Sr. and others put together in 1968, opposition to the Voting Rights Act would have been a central part of keeping the South. Now [the new Southern Strategy of Ronald Reagan] doesn’t have to do that. All you have to do to keep the South is for Reagan to run in place on the issues he’s campaigned on since 1964 and that’s fiscal conservatism, balancing the budget, cut taxes, you know, the whole cluster.

Questioner: But the fact is, isn’t it, that Reagan does get to the Wallace voter and to the racist side of the Wallace voter by doing away with legal services, by cutting down on food stamps?

Atwater: You start out in 1954 by saying, “Nigger, nigger, nigger.” By 1968 you can’t say “nigger” — that hurts you. Backfires. So you say stuff like forced busing, states’ rights and all that stuff. You’re getting so abstract now [that] you’re talking about cutting taxes, and all these things you’re talking about are totally economic things and a byproduct of them is [that] blacks get hurt worse than whites. And subconsciously maybe that is part of it. I’m not saying that. But I’m saying that if it is getting that abstract, and that coded, that we are doing away with the racial problem one way or the other. You follow me — because obviously sitting around saying, “We want to cut this,” is much more abstract than even the busing thing, and a hell of a lot more abstract than “Nigger, nigger.”

Rollo May

Rollo May

Associations Are Filial

In Rollo May’s Love and Will, there’s Eros Platos and Filia, the latter as familial, brotherly. Our political as other societal associations are Filial. By Filial and other associations, people take sides not wholly their own. This is the justifying premise of Confederate Negroes, that I don’t agree with everything they say. So to get my people who have the same Conservative beliefs as I, the racists need to be hog-called and I’m fine with it. Big Tent.

Except Northern conscripts, both sides of the War Between the States committed to some noble cause: Southerners who fought for slavery that never owned a slave but were being loyal to their states (that were at the time as the European Union today for an understanding), and Northerners who died for a cause that started out as preserving the Union, for the unintended consequence of the abolition of slavery against their will.

Abolitionist opposition in the context of the drive for expansion of slavery to territories was the issue more so than whether old-South slavery would be Dred Scott upheld. Just as today the issues are undoing the social contracts of entitlements, public education, Labor Rights on and on. Same team. That strives to extend back to and undo any right imaginable. Were it not for staré decisis precedent, the Bill of Rights itself.

Within the old-South as in many agrarian person-to-person communities, enlightened compared to tribal, the I-Thou of Filial association isn’t simplistic because white Loyalists obsequiously supplicate their men-as deities as well. Their faith is in that non-egalitarian human pecking order condition for all as conventional wisdom. Friends are made, not legislated. However, by racist ‘freedom of association’ Jim Crow laws, there’s no opportunity for that to happen. Then we have the essence of what being a Republican means in our time: a full Chimera with xenophobia for a pro-inequality filial association for misanthropyEveryone allied with today’s Republican Party accepts the ‘niggerniggernigger‘ hog-call as the battle-cry for their home team, that lives to ‘hurt them more.

Atwater was also a musician. He briefly played backup guitar for Percy Sledge during the 1960s and frequently played with bluesmen such as B.B. King. Atwater recorded an album with King and others on Curb Records in 1990 titled Red Hot & Blue.

Atwater the Man and the Blues Legend as Dog

Old-South ‘racial harmony‘ is obsequious accommodation of their xenophobic ‘way of life.’ The one is natural, divorced, and as unrelated to the other as man and dog. Atwater calling Birds of a Feather as a Pied Piper of hate, deepening the rift and extending the injury, then playing and singing with his three-fifths of a soul minstrel. His having no soul nor honor certainly wasn’t a betrayal of his Filial association with The Blues Legend.

Hurting everyone for the satisfaction of hurting them more by every statistical measure in the United States reflects their drive for perfect inequality as their Utopian goal — Without Rights. Africans and others still wouldn’t be citizens. Without financial oversight, Ayn Rand Greenspan’s inveterate misanthropic corporatist with industrialist impunity for say-do-whatever predations to continue as an ideal. Job-creator ‘at will’ discrimination with Negro unemployment refractory to qualifications. Rape white women still reflected in Negro men having lowest wellness statistics in America. Demonize unions and entitlements, Medicare as Ponsi, welfare as fraud, and governmental excesses as the ills of their world, all re-entrant from Atwater’s Code-words of Antipathy for ‘Them.

For Norquist’s monster to run amok with cousin’s Abby Normal brain and Atwater’s pretense of having soul. Many greater lights of an illustrious Republican Party history have dimmed, as George Will becomes a lonely voice in that desert wilderness. Brightbart takes a Shirley Sherrod snippet out of context to heroically prove that Negroes are the racists, his Black Soul as-hole frozen in eternity as a footnote of the Virtue of say-do-whatever descended from One-drop as he’s elevated as another false messiah of the Ba’al metareligion of power money might.

Filia isn’t Atwater the man’s to The Blues Legend as dog following for the crumbs from pockets as the old-South expects wafer and wine forgiveness for say-do-whatever from Aunt JeMammies’ wailing, Tears in Their Voices — in continuation. From slavery through not so bad strange fruit through Civil Rights in Neshoba County through genocide worldwide in defense of corporatism through the thirty year devolution of the Great Society envisioned by L.B.J. to Third World education and infant mortality — in America, the majority uninsured or underinsured, all to Atwater ‘hurt them more.’ If wafers and wine handled this legacy for Atwater’s Black Soul as-Hole, it’s mighty fine. He fantasizes that the Hate he marketed isn’t who he is, when an iceberg of pain and injury are his only and eternal legacy.

Grateful for Being Excepted into the House Foot-warmers of Aid and Comfort

By the old-Southern Strategy, the Negro protegé who accepts racism toward ‘Them’ is to give Aid and Comfort in gratitude of exception into the house as personally successful, then to deny as Atwater that their message is a Betrayal. Conservatives, as monarchical Loyalists, embrace a conventional wisdom of Pure Self-interest. So is it with Confederate Negroes, which is their right. Famously from David Hume: Enquiry Concerning the Principles of Morals (excerpt, part 2) From Appendix II: Of Self-Love

There is a principle, supposed to prevail among many, which is utterly incompatible with all virtue or moral sentiment; and as it can proceed from nothing but the most depraved disposition, so in its turn it tends still further to encourage that depravity. This principle is, that all benevolence is mere hypocrisy, friendship a cheat, public spirit a farce, fidelity a snare to procure trust and confidence; and that while all of us, at bottom, pursue only our private interest, we wear these fair disguises, in order to put others off their guard, and expose them the more to our wiles and machinations.

What heart one must be possessed of who professes such principles, and who feels no internal sentiment that belies so pernicious a theory, it is easy to imagine: and also what degree of affection and benevolence he can bear to a species whom he represents under such odious colours, and supposes so little susceptible of gratitude or any return of affection.

Or if we should not ascribe these principles wholly to a corrupted heart, we must at least account for them from the most careless and precipitate examination. Superficial reasoners, indeed, observing many false pretences among mankind, and feeling, perhaps, no very strong restraint in their own disposition, might draw a general and a hasty conclusion that all is equally corrupted, and that men, different from all other animals, and indeed from all other species of existence, admit of no degrees of good or bad, but are, in every instance, the same creatures under different disguises and appearances.

Romancing the Bell Shaped Curve

The Conservative Romance with the Bell Shaped Curve is that some should fail, as the 25% of Americans without healthcare should die as falling off the top of the train to Mumbai. Eugenics and other justifications assuage any consciousness of guilt, to facilitate a smug self-satisfied conviction that They are, if not deserving ‘has nothing to do with it,’ supposed to die. If they belong where they are in the Bell Shaped Curve, what’s more important, your personal excepted and chaperoned freedom to Hold Dominion or an invalid ideal of the freedom of all? Life goes on. Predators and prey is the way of the world.

Have Faith in Your Deity

Theoretically affirmation of Filial amity overcomes group prejudice, undermining the premise. Having faith in Atwaters Barbers Becks Birthers Brightbarts Trent Lotts Strom Thurmans, and Ronald Reagans despite history of accommodation of racism as ‘inclusiveness’ under The Big Tent of Hate is the obsequious ethos. The naturally happy disposition, looking up.

To pretend that: Messages don’t have consequences. Abide the messages of Hate encouraged by the egalitarian reality the Republican Party has been, the Bushes over Clinton. Were it not for his Pants on Fire, Cain may have been able to acquit himself as well as Santorum.

Desert wilderness teachers at Central High held to racism so that the opening for that I-Thou doesn’t happen, today’s Historically Black justification. Theoretically States’ Rights are close to the people where the I-Thou is occurring, but Tyrannies of old-South Majorities are the history of Jim Crow that was to have been as temporal as the Hindu cast system of pecking order millenia. Through time.

On the desert wilderness ‘at-will’ lie plantation today, the Negro is placed in a servile and subservient posiiton with no authority that requires that they go and ask for permission for whatever they do that isn’t preapproved in the context of disordered roiling chaos, to then attribute that having to ask as evidence of inability to make decisions. As the canard of not being able to play quarterback because of the need to make decisions, the necessarily ‘child-like’ Negro during the War between the States could no more be afforded the authority and responsibility of carryin and shooting a gun than a Negro on that lie plantation will be promoted to any authority.

Excepted Into the House

Thomas Sowell, the Black Redneck, only adds a justifying Code-word. The truths mixed with immoral polemics of Holding Dominion, as the Chimera that is the Republican Party.

I’m skeptical that Thomas Sewell Clarence Thomas Condoleeza Rice Colin Powell Michael Steele and others excepted into the house by willingness to fight for Libertarian ‘at-will’ emancipation are simplistically self-hating while personally freed by chaperoning. There’s a natural tension to be balanced between freedoms and rights, States’ Rights and individual rights that’s ground of genuine debate.

Colin Powell of historical credibility as a good soldier, sacrificed his honor in common-cause with xenophobes, for a faith-based Shock and Awe display of cousin dumb-as-a-post’s technological prowess without respect for history. Could have listened to Shinseki, a soldier, but was caught up in his associations.

Babylon Has No Fruits

The pretense that Confederate Negroes being in the Big Tent of Hate is in some way a benefit to Negroes or humanity for that matter is simply untrue, a lie. Unless the message of pure self interest needs another voice as Christopher Hitchens commented concerning Ayn and. There’s nothing constructive that’s being said by a Republican that can’t be said by a Democrat. The Conservative truths of hard work, understanding that relationships are Filial and that having a positive outlook about potentials in the face of histories is necessary. To the finding of a Mentor that will give Guidance and Cousel toward a productive life is critical. As though that isn’t being said by all kinds of non-hateful people including both Obama’s at every opportunity. The idea that separatist racial and ethnic nationalisms are destructive and should be avoided, the truth, can’t be said by a Republican when their position is that assimilation to their culture is what’s needed, for ‘looking up.’ Becoming an associate of misogynist racists means that these Conferate Negroes are comfortable ‘looking up to’ in the context of being personally excepted. By association are acceding to the inferiiority of their ‘race.’ In an ascendancy of self-interest.

This Republican Party has nothing to do with the pre-Dixiecrate population-exchange. Anytime that’s pulled out understand that your intelligence is being insulted and you’re to be simple-minded enough to believe that this Big Tent of Hate that opposes any Rights would oppose slavery today. Or be the progressive of Theodore Roosevelt. Or the statesman that was Nixon. Or the Eisenhower that warned of the military-industrial collusion. Or even the honorable man of G. H. W. Bush. Today is a case of separation of oil and water so that anyone with a Republican hat on today is consciously agreeing that what people call Rights should be ‘at-will.’ Masters had a right to free their slaves.

Through the Prism of Hate Justifications

Light_dispersion_conceptual_wavesDada’s favorite science teacher speech was the Scientific Method. As there are Thought Disorders, there are thought systems.

Truthful and pure lines of Conservative thought are refracted through the Old-South prism of misanthropic Holding Dominion justification with Code-words-scholarship to justify prejudices, accepted by cousin dumb-as-a-post as credible by pontificate terminology though insipid. Group-‘think tank’ leaps of Faith-bias infuse their common thought system.

All with the old-South unintended consequence of hurting their own commoner interests while ‘hurting them more.’ The Dred Scott history of the uneasy de facto separate paradigms of North and South aligned states during slavery parallels today’s frictions.

Under the ‘as though thoughtful conservative’ surface, the War Between the States within the States is the one struggling to regain a lost old-South Holding Dominion ‘way of life’ as their salvation, and the other struggling to retain progressive egalitarian advances of centuries. The old-South is objecting to being forced to admit equality that is their freedom to withhold, for in the previous case emancipation and in the current case Human Labor and Civil Rights.

Thirty Years of Hog-calling of the Faithful of Hate

In Skinnerian Operant Conditioning, there comes a point that the subject stops pressing the bar for the learned reward, extincts. The Republican Party as capable of political compromise is extinct because of the ‘from now on’ 80% religious faith-basis core impossibility of compromising with the demon called care, that might help them more.

My anaphylactic allergy to their 80% xenophobes drowns out everything else that comes from the Big Tent of Hate. To ally in Filial amity with the old-South, one must accommodate humiliating Hate and assimilate to their pure short-sighted self-concern. Always registered as Independent, it’s not as difficult for me as the waning remnants within the Republican Party that sacrifice conscience and honor to a Filial association of principles bastardized by Dixiecrats whose revisionist dishonor is rooted in hate.

The thirty years of the old-Southern Strategy of Code-word demonization has extincted from existence any space for dispassionate discourse and comity among adversaries, for no space for responsible governance in compromise. Old-South Code-words are inclusively exclusive of Them and interpreted by targets as well as exceptions with conscience as neither Filial intelligent or wise. As the One-drop justification of slavery, their xenophobia is the receptionist guarding the door to the house of equality, as in the desert wilderness.

Spooks Sitting by Their Door While Voting Rights Are Undone

Enfranchisement, extended from aristocrats eventually to commoners, then other lesser, needs undoing as much as possible, by whatever means; to invalidate Negroes and Hispanics and any weak enough to be trampled for the freedom of men-as deities to Hold Dominion they market as ‘freedoms.’ For their personal self-interest. Then and now resurrected in the old-South Republican Party for capricious disenfranchisement and racial gerrymandering to be enacted at every opportunity. These Confederate Negroes don’t owe their ‘race’ anything, especially since I don’t believe ‘race’ is a real thing, but if they had a human Soul within them, they’d develop some sensitivity to the stench of hate for humanity that radiates off the Republican Party that’s a cross between human decomposition and a skunk attack.

Confederate Negroes Provide Legitimacy to the Premises of Maintaining Inequality

In the same way that the Honorable Jefferson Davis rejected Negroes serving as combatants trusted with guns, not just cooks boot licks and ditch diggers as against the premise, the idea that anyone, of whatever ‘race,’ a specious fiction, that has compassion for any suffering other than their own would remotely consider associating with this Republican Party is incredible. These are fighting for the next best thing they can get to slavery today. For the same premises of say-do-whatever as One-drop to justify Holding Dominion that are against the premise of egalitatian justice. Such a person isn’t making a statement about the Democrats being the same and all that drivel, because they’re not. They’re saying these, this Big Tent of Hate is my Filial association, my side of sides in the Duoploy of Power.

This old-South Confederacy fantasizes that they’ve overcome their thirty years of old-Southern Strategy with a few Confederate Negroes towing their line. What Confederate Negroes illustrate to the Good is that people are people, and that there are purely self-concerned people of all types and desciptions, and that a history of oppression doesn’t necessarily confer a concern for others. That is a powerful statement against racism of itself.

By accommodating as brotherly, the motives and methods of slavery brought forward to an advocacy of Holding Dominion by maintaing inequality by specious justifications, Confederate Negroes are colluding with Aid and Comfort. Promoted from cooking and ditch-digging to trying to sell the Ayn Rand purely for self idea to people whose lives have imprinted upon them the Virtue of Compassion for All suffering.

Anyone who thinks ‘niggerniggernigger‘ belongs in their tent should be a Republican.

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