Alexis de Tocqueville’s seminal Democracy in America is of a time of market revolution, Jacksonian democracy inclusive of Native American genocide in progress for Western expansion and American African slavery.

Democracy in America: Imbalance of Equality Hasn’t Equilibrated

The near-genocide of Native Americans and abolition of slavery introduced an imbalance that hasn’t equilibrated. The Democracy in America has ossified into a Duopoly of Power with an in-common commitment to miltaristic American Exceptionalism.

The old-South continues as Loyalists of a monarcy, faith in King George III replaced by faith in militarism for a corporatist Autocracy Holding Dominion, with One-drop xenophobia du jour justification of the no-rights Federalist Party leading the War Between the States within the States that’s stronger than ever by the coalesence across states ‘races’ cultures for a volunteer army that has led to the lowering of the credit rating as a third-eye warning, alarmed for the fate of the world.

When Tocqueville toured the United States from 1831 to 1832, the Naturalization Act of 1790, signed into law by George Washington, prohibited persons of color from becoming citizens. “The first who attracts the eye, the first in enlightenment, in power and in happiness, is the white man, the European, man par excellence; below him appear the Negro and the Indian. These two unfortunate races have neither birth, nor face, nor language, nor mores in common; only their misfortunes look alike. Both occupy an equally inferior position in the country that they inhabit; both experience the effects of tyranny; and if their miseries are different, they can accuse the same author for them.’ Only persons who were “white” of “good moral character” could become citizens, while freed blacks, Asians, and Native Americans were denied citizenship.

Adiabatic Systems

In thermodynamics, when two separate (theoretically) adiabatic systems containing different amounts of heat (here, potential for accomplishment) are interfaced, as a pot on a stove, there will be a heat transfer along a gradient to an inevitable equality of the two. The conductor affects the efficiency of heat transfer, heavy copper compared to thin coated aluminum. Pressure cookers.

Thermal Barrier of Inequality

Today’s contest of Democracy in America, rather than being the ideal portrayed by de Tocqueville of near equals, progressively contests this ‘thermal barrier’ of inequality. Conservatism stands to revise to a chilling for maximum of inequality, while Liberals – Progressives stand to add heat – opportunity for accomplishment. Federalists stand for the freedom of States’ Rights to reinstate inequality under the Tyrannies of old-South Majorities.

Old-South Faith In Inequality to Hold Dominion

De Tocqueville’s effusive adulation of religious effect as ‘integral to enlightenment and freedom‘ as opposed to “In France I had almost always seen the spirit of religion and the spirit of freedom pursuing courses diametrically opposed to each other;…” for the same of old-South dominion religion in America today.

Ronald Reagan’s righteousness of murder in Neshoba County has ushered in a thirty-year rising mean season of Antipathy as Virtue as a fundamental religious value for  Holding Dominion justified by xenophobia. The Old-South has faith in inequality in a pecking order as fundamental to their ability survive.

Never Intended to Have Equality

Fiscal conservative causes are now Chimera motivated by a proclivity for xenophobia evolved and expanded from stark One-drop racism by Code-words so that their only plan is to maintain the United States Holding Dominion by militarism wholly on the extending the rejection of compassion for any suffering other than their own to the territories of any who might consider having compassion for All suffering.  Initially their efforts were directed toward those who were never intended to have full title to that liberty and equality from the inception of accommodation to today’s diffuse commoner to be sacrificed on Spartan stones for militarism under a Roman seige of progressive denial of resources for survival.

Alexis de Tocqueville

Alexis de Tocqueville

From de Tocqueville’s ‘equality as an emerging and unstoppable force in modern life rooted in religion,‘ old-South religion of Holding Dominion stands to maintain lesser as weak, and regain maximum inequality as freedom. The citizens he described as ‘all almost equal,’ was on a presumption of Native American and African slave exclusion.

That, conjoined to corporatism as today’s ‘aggression of power‘ has become the ‘unstoppable force‘ that’s driven the educational and infant mortality and wellness statistics led by poverty and uninsured and under-insured to stratospheric proportions. Native American disunity facilitated their collective defeat by inability to ‘combine forces,‘ while disunity of commoners has facilitated their collective defeat in the War Between the States within the States.

Evolution of the Franchise

Americans were so enamored by equality” (among white men) progressed by the evolution of the franchise that the Republican Party struggles to reverse and attenuate today. From Tocqueville’s explicitly citing inequality as being incentive for poor to become rich, and American inheritance laws that ‘split estates that cause a constant cycle of churn between the poor and rich, thereby over generations making the poor rich and rich poor‘ – compared to French law of that time.

The fortunate have resources and depth of experience in Mentors that are an estate of opportunity unaffected by such direct monetary holdings. Quality of knowledgeable Mentorship enables acquiring and keeping wealth.

Men as Deities Above the Law

Elijah Slays prophets of Ba'al

Elijah Slays prophets of Ba’al

As the civil society Tocqueville described was ‘a sphere of private entrepreneurship and civilian affairs regulated by civil code,‘ the amoral dismissal of civil code as any regulation as evil is justified by the property and States’ Rights injustice of unwarranted Yankee aggression for the abolition of the noble old-South slavery ‘way of life.’ For a Reagan as Contra standard of ignoring laws except to change them — to enhance the prerogatives of power money might to Hold Dominion.

Civil code expanded over time, through the predations of the industrial evolution to constraint of corporatism within the system. As Carnegie in his day, our culture doesn’t feign surprise that today’s heroic Godzillas price-fix, prey on factory workers, or violate anti-trust, lie to customers and investors; disregard civil code.

The existence and acceptance of the ‘Rule of Law’ civil code was, at a time, as understood as white supremacy, is now ‘at-will.’ The rise of an ethos of no-rights-as-ideal Federalism has become a pervasive ethic matured by globalization, first divorced from human morality and now national interest as well. If religion was the foundation of that system of laws of impartial justice, it’s purely a religion of Holding Dominion now. The dismissal of morality that was an assumption of exclusion for Native Americans and African slaves, has resulted in a diffuse antipathy toward abolitionism now evolved to any compassion for any suffering other than your own as Communism.

In this Democracy in America: Individualism is Only at the Top

Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs

Tocqueville’s individualism is only operative toward the top of Mazlow’s pyramid, egotism and selfishness, fear for safety and survival, inhabits the bottom space below self-actualization.

Rather than ‘radical equality leading to the materialism of an expanding bourgeoisie and to the selfishness of individualism’ radical equality of marketing exposure has sold the culture on materialism as a primary value led by the men-as deities of profit by any means corporatism.

An Ocean of Marketing

The culture’s drowning in an ocean of marketing with no bottom or sides. Initially to influence buying decisions, matured to all decisions, including dishonesty in subservience of Avarice as Virtue, aids and comforts the potential for survival out of Holding Dominion. Freedom is the ‘at-will’ liberty to say-do-whatever to maximize profits. The intellectual property being protected on the lie plantation is that the computer systems are programmed to lose contracts as round down in paying out that need be reproved as rebates are predicated on an arduous process that most will abandon, to ‘break’ and not have to pay. Normal. Expected.

At the same time, the society has become more monetarily dependent in every dimension, while ever increasing costs work with incomes held static to grind the lower middle class into poverty in record numbers. Bubbles of faith in marketed futures supported a fatal devolution of American consumerism. Al Qaeda attacked but don’t stop spending hand over fist, charge it.

Once Upon a Time in the Democracy in America

Once Upon a Time, truthfulness was the measure of being human. Once Upon a Time, vegetable gardens were common within urban areas. Now, Urban Gardens are a novelty of reclamation in Food (and clean water) Deserts, while the old-South derides the primary and preventive solution of Birth Control as immoral as abortion, both choices resisting induction of permanent poverty, in better Sanger Eugenics Planned Parenthood times.

The old-South noble call for abstinence is as efficacious as Just Say No to Fighting the Power of drugs in that Vietnam, now refractory to truce because of the billions dollar private enterprise of the penal limb of the Criminal Injustice System. Putting Food on the Table.

Military-Industrial Federalism

Tocqueville’s “lose interest in the future of our descendents…and meekly allow ourselves to be led in ignorance by a despotic force all the more powerful because it does not resemble one.” modern democratic despotism of Military-Industrial Federalism is already actualized Tyranny of the Majority of a Corporatist culture unmoored from morality, in the guise of the Virtue of Misanthropy in Neshoba County.

The greater ‘danger than the oppression under the Roman emperors or tyrants of the past who could only exert a pernicious influence on a small group of people at a time,‘ the legions of decerebrate automatons sally forth under a new Dixie flag of the remembrance of an idealized Ronald Reagan.These old-South loyalist soldiers of the War Between the States within the States are aware of fellow citizens who they’ve invalidated with demonization, ‘and subject to the will of a powerful state which exerted an “immense protective power” of the Inception of Accommodation of inequality to Hold Dominion over African slaves. Now for a resurgence of no-rights Federalism for an autocracy of power money might.

‘Tocqueville compared a ‘potentially despotic democratic government to a protective parent who wants to keep its citizens (children) as “perpetual children,” and which doesn’t break men’s wills but rather guides it, and presides over people in the same way as a shepherd looking after a “flock of timid animals” that stick out their tongues for wafers of old-South Talk-radio propaganda to charge forward at a new Antietam, to fight against their own interests to be martyrs of their men-as deities of Ba’al’s of power money might.

Today’s despotism is a Duopoly of Power that as parent assures that the fundamental religious faith in Holding Dominion by militarism is no more contestable than under a monarchy that allows Prime Ministers to be elected. Because the heart of American is bent on militarism, even the ostensibly ‘progressive’ partner in the Duopoly would dream of attenuating the militaristic enterprise. There’s been a quiet coup in this ascendancy of Corporatist Autocracy out of the need to protect the interests of capital formation that’s spun totally out of control.

Ayn Rand Greenspan

Ayn Rand Greenspan

Loyalists of Corporatist Autocracy

Tocqueville’s America, ‘so different from Europe in the last throes of aristocracy,‘  is now the same ethos as Corporatist Autocracy. America is still ‘a society where hard work and money-making was the dominant ethic,’ but the commoner no longer enjoys an unprecedented level of dignity by the ravages of demonization of the interests of the common as inconsequential on the ‘at-will’ plantation.

Loyalist commoners defer to elites as assiduously as the monarchists of his France. The ‘crass individualism and market capitalism (that) had taken root to an extraordinary degree‘ then has become corporate Borgs with rights of individuals without any human ethical constraints in Ayn Rand Greenspan Free-Market do-whatever underpinned by say-whatever marketing for maximal profits anarchy, freed from any oversight.

Hand Plows of a Bygone Era

Tocqueville’s agrarian America is both post-industrial and post-national and post-modern in the globalization of Corporatist interests in an information age. Labor is no longer held in honor; dismissed as hand plows of a bygone era.

Humanity Discarded as Hand Plows of Another Time

Humanity Discarded as Hand Plows of Another Time

The democratic ‘values which championed money-making, hard work, and individualism that had eradicated, in the North, most remaining vestiges of old world aristocracy and values,’ is now under mortal assault by old-South Revisionists for the Corwin Amendment now expanded to labor of whatever ‘race.’

Praying that Ba’al’s Men as Deities Will Show Favor

The old-South ‘landed aristocracy and web of patronage and dependence similar to the old world,‘ is now the adulation of Corporatists by cousin dumb-as-a-post Loyalists struggling for an ascendancy of Autocracy of wealth and power under the banner of Federalism. Praying that their Ba’al of power money might will show favor. Hoping to compensate ignorance and inability to think with fervent fealty.

Who Better to Answer the Door for Inequality

clarence ThomasTocqueville’s assertion that ‘the values that had triumphed in the North and were present in the South had begun to suffocate old-world ethics and social arrangements‘ peaked in the Civil Rights advances that were dismissed by Reagan, now strengthened by reincarnations of McCarthy who accuse Congressional elects of being Communists.

Confederate Negroes Fighting for Dixie where the Honorable Jefferson Davis had rejected them as ‘against the purpose.‘ Who better to answer the door for xenophobia to dismiss care for humanity as Communism? While ‘Tocqueville’s focus was on comparing aristocracies, commoners struggle for their own living while under programmed failure.

Today, the commoner in France has a greater opportunity for accomplishment than in America.

Masses Held Elites in Contempt

Tocqueville’s American masses held elites in contempt. In turn-about of ‘More than just imploding any traces of old-world aristocracy, ordinary Americans also refused to defer to those possessing,’ as Tocqueville put it, superior talent and intelligence.‘ The entire culture has been cousin dumbed-down to entertainment for an educational national security threat.

Reversed for Crony Loyalty

Ordinary Americans enjoyed too much power, claimed too great a voice in the public sphere, to defer to intellectual superiors‘ is now a cultural rejection of both education and intellect as anathema to proper faith-based Creationism. Old-South culture has dismissed ‘a relatively pronounced equality,‘ for the mediocrity of Geechee crony loyalty, H1Bs to supply excellence, imported with everything else.

Mercenary Battle-group Think Tanks

Tocqueville ‘prognosticated, join/ing limited intellectual circles to explore the weighty and complex problems facing society which have today become the academic or contemplative realms,‘ that have become battle-group-‘think-tanks’ of mercenaries that generate designer talking point wafers to funding-as-contract specifications.

The Old-South avatar du Jour Adonis gets to say on CNN that we should ‘debate ideas,’ when the old-South has been disconnected from logical consistency and factual accuracy since One-drop.

Tocqueville’s not knowing of any country where there was “less independence of mind, and true freedom of discussion, than in America.” has become hurling sound-bomblets back and forth. The old-South exemplars are the flying bombastic wedge to serve the marketing purpose that’s disseminated say-whatever as faithfully as copy and paste.

While progressives and the tenured under threat of ‘bad behavior’ walk on eggshells of propriety, free speech an illusion dispelled by armies of automatons as the left Ducks and Covers. The left obsequiously supplicating approval of ghouls trolls and miscreants demonizing them.

Democracy in America as Tyranny of Majority

Tocqueville blamed the omnipotence of majority rule as a chief factor in stifling thinking: “The majority has enclosed thought within a formidable fence. A writer is free inside that area, but woe to the man who goes beyond it, not that he stands in fear of an inquisition, but he must face all kinds of unpleasantness in every day [Fair and Impartial] persecution. A career in politics is closed to him for he has offended the only power that holds the keys.” is more true today than ever.

Without independent money, ‘at will’ plantation serfs have no freedom of speech. People are “too weak” and powerless; “swept up in something [Corporatism marketed as freedom from federal tyranny] that they could not control.

Volume over substance, old-South repetition chain guns for majority by firepower. Tocqueville’s

The men sent to Virginia were seekers of gold, adventurers without resources and without character, whose turbulent and restless spirit endangered the infant colony…Artisans and agriculturalists arrived afterwards…hardly in any respect above the level of the inferior classes in England. No lofty views, no spiritual conception presided over the foundation of these new settlements. The colony was scarcely established when slavery was introduced; this was the capital fact which was to exercise an immense influence on the character, the laws and the whole future of the South.

Slavery…dishonors labor; it introduces idleness into society, and with idleness, ignorance and pride, luxury and distress. It enervates the powers of the mind and benumbs the activity of man. On this same English foundation there developed in the North very different characteristics.

Democracy in America Mired in an Undemocratic Duopoly of Power for Militarism

Democracy in America is ossified as the non-proportional mitigation of individual votes descended from the inception of accommodation of slavery to a two-party Duopoly of Power set in stone by precedent and collusion of both. Whig Bullmoose Reform, have become Urban Legends of ascending a glass mountain. The Democratic-Republican opposed to Federalist of the Burr-Hamilton time has become today’s Democratic opposed to Republican-Federalist. Perhaps the:

Had Hamilton apologized for his “more despicable opinion of Mr. Burr”, all would have been forgotten. However neither principal could avoid the confrontation honorably and thus each was forced into a duel: Burr to regain his honor and Hamilton to sustain his.

parallels that more than any genuinely arguable issue of philosophical disagreement, the intractable old-South ‘despicable opinion’, that projected in the reverse, has resulted in an alienation of national affection that will not pass in my lifetime. They’ve seceded again, willingness to hire Confederate Negroes as soldiers reflecting determination to win at all costs, including the Honorable Jefferson Davis’ ‘premise.’ Most importantly, the Holding Dominion by an in-common understanding of militarism as fundamental to the ability of the United States to survive. So that military spending is as sacrosant as its application, outspending the developed world combined, including China.

Poisoned from Within

Xenophobia continues to poison the United States from within underpins the ethos of the old-South animating the War Between the States within the States to the thirty years old-Southern Strategy of Atwater adulation of hate devolution from its inception by Ronald Reagan at the Neshoba County Fair. ‘In 1855, (Tocqueville) wrote the following text published by Maria Weston Chapman in the Liberty Bell:’

Testimony against Slavery: I do not think it is for me, a foreigner, to indicate to the United States the time, the measures, or the men by whom Slavery shall be abolished. Still, as the persevering enemy of despotism everywhere, and under all its forms, I am pained and astonished by the fact that the freest people in the world is, at the present time, almost the only one among civilized and Christian nations which yet maintains personal servitude; and this while serfdom itself is about disappearing, where it has not already disappeared, from the most degraded nations of Europe.

An old and sincere friend of America, I am uneasy at seeing Slavery retard her progress, tarnish her glory, furnish arms to her detractors, compromise the future career of the Union which is the guaranty of her safety and greatness, and point out beforehand to her, to all her enemies, the spot where they are to strike. As a man, too, I am moved at the spectacle of man’s degradation by man, and I hope to see the day when the law will grant equal civil liberty to all the inhabitants of the same empire, as God accords the freedom of the will, without distinction, to the dwellers upon earth.

According to him, assimilation of blacks would be almost impossible and this was already being demonstrated in the Northern states. As Tocqueville predicted, formal freedom and equality and segregation would become this population’s reality after the Civil War and during Reconstruction—as would the bumpy road to true integration of blacks.’

Negroes, no matter how well-educated are still held as old-South Sanford, Florida lesser. By white resistance that led to federal Civil Rights legislation, as undone by the Ronald Reagan in the precedent of Presidential prerogative that dismissed the Congress’s authority to end aid to genocidal Contras.

Assimilation, however, was the best solution for Native Americans. But since they were too proud (that didn’t turn out to be true) to assimilate, they would inevitably become extinct. Displacement was another part of America’s Indian policy. The Cherokees set on the Trail of Tears had Assimilated and Native American statistics still reflect a wounded people.

Individualism Wholly Sublimated to Survivalism

Tocqueville’s critiqued individualism is now wholly sublimated to two armies in a War Between the States within the States to the political death as the world struggles to discharge the yokes of man-as deities globally. The old-South of pure unbridled self-concern Loyalists with faith in corporatist autocracy, in the conventional wisdom of militaristic treatment of opposition in Syria tracks genocide under the banner of anti-Communism as others both flame and smolder worldwide. Walking Tall with a big stick of say-whatever Talk-radio bombasts animate soulless decerebrate Walking Deadly automatons standing for do-whatever for people having no Labor Human or Civil Rights.

No Demilitarized Zone

The old-South commitment to Willie Horton ‘negative’ attack demonization in a short-stroke two-year political cycle in a different scale of House of Representatives time has resulted in no Demilitarized Zone for legislating.

Making Code-word points with the decerebrate ‘base’ to slay the federal as Yankee devil that wants to interfere in righeously Hodling Dominion. That’s debased in it’s appetite for ‘pork’ while hypocritically decrying the Menace to Society by spending. Didn’t utter a peep as dyslexic-Bush careened off the Clinton road of fiscal responsibility in pursuit of say-do-whatever militarism.

Tocqueville’s Democracy in America and today, still reflects divisions as those excluded come forward for equality of potential for accomplishment with white men. In that time, like a family, white men had vitriolic disagreements to occasional deadly duels, but collective demonization of the ‘Democrat’ enemy directly descended from All or Nothing One-drop has become an old-South tradition in these last thirty years of the old-Southern Strategy.

At War Since WWII

In times of war, there’s fear. America has been at war since WWII. The Korean War is still at a Demilitarized Zone impasse as l’enfant nouveau terribles huffs and puffs pour lé respect while daring the world to starve his subjects. Nuclear-armed robbery.

Never ending, as the war on Communism has evolved into the War Between the States within the States at home, with a global Trail of Tears by genocides in the wake of preservation of the old-South ‘way of life.’

The iceberg of the commoner, sent in waves through barbed wire of diminished parental oversight and Mentoring to learn the hard way against chain guns of Code-word propaganda wearing gas masks delivering little oxygen of opportunity from poverty bearing the brunt of  Antipathy as Virtue down on the Maslow’s ground of survival.woman w children depression

With Perfect Faith in Militarism to Hold Dominion

Old-South loyalists have perfect faith in militarism driven by F.D.R.’s fear itself. To be maintained by dismissing all compassion for any suffering other then their own as a Communist expense threatening the Military-Industrial corporatist collusion warned by President Eisenhower, in full stride for decades, corporate loyalty expatriated off-shore with their money.

Union Rent Asunder

The union preserved by the War Between the States is rent asunder by a never-concluded for Federalists Autocratic war against the Bill of Rights and Amendments for States’ Rights freedom from federal Rule of Laws back through the Great Depression, as pending never ratified ‘at will’ of State’s Rights Tyrannies of Majority, Corporatists as individuals with power money might predations unencumbered by civil code.

To Maintain the Inequality of Holding Dominion

Tocqueville’s ‘inability to take control over their own lives without government‘ has devolved to Tea Party’s government as loss of control. Americans still deny that there is a problem in ‘omnipotence of the majority‘ to maintain inequality.

Authoritarians directly descended from monarchist Loyalists press the issue of egalitarianism of opportunity within a Rule of Law that includes rights versus autocracy by expansion to the territories of Senate super-majority requirement, and secession with no Demilitarized Zone in the House of Representatives for governance by political compromise, for a doctrine of Total War.

Tocqueville concluded that removal of the Negro population from America could not resolve the problem as he writes at the end of the first Democracy: If the colony of Liberia were able to receive thousands of new inhabitants every year, and if the Negroes were in a state to be sent thither with advantage; if the Union were to supply the society with annual subsidies, and to transport the Negroes to Africa in government vessels, it would still be unable to counterpoise the natural increase of population among the blacks; and as it could not remove as many men in a year as are born upon its territory within that time, it could not prevent the growth of the evil which is daily increasing in the states.

The Negro race will never leave those shores of the American continent to which it was brought by the passions and the vices of Europeans; and it will not disappear from the New World as long as it continues to exist. The inhabitants of the United States may retard the calamities which they apprehend, but they cannot now destroy their efficient cause.”

The Tea Party movement has gone under the Big Tent for Hate of government, as Bird of a Feather just another faith-based conflation addendum to old-South Antipathy. While I wholeheartedly agree that:

Today, fear is among the primary motivations for the continued support of the ruling factions in government.  Partisans of the Democratic and Republican parties do not advocate for the candidates of their preferred party but rather call for reactive negation of the candidates of the other major party.  To vote for a Democrat is, first and foremost, a vote against the Republican.  To vote for a Republican is, first and foremost, a vote against the Democrat.  This is the fundamental basis of reactionary, negative politics in the United States today.  It is a politics based on fear.  It paralyzes voters and ensures the continued joint misrule of the Republican and Democratic partiesfrom

The soul of the Tea Party died of malignant Hate, only use now is attracting flies. Fester — to rot. Proportional Representation, the end of the Duopoly of Power, would require voluntary legislative disruption of the co-monopoly, and by States’ Rights staré decicis, don’t expect any relief from The ‘Court‘ of King George III.

Calamity of a Doctrine of Total War

This calamity Alexis de Tocqueville foresaw is upon us as the old-South’s No Quarter asked or given War Between the States within the States for the soul of America. For Kings or Country.

The Republican Party old-Southern Strategy in today’s Democracy in America has been fenced and gerrymandered to become a Duopoly of Power to assure militarism for Holding Dominion by exploiting One-drop racism-evolved to One-drop of compassion from Nixon to the present.

For cause, Democracy in America still hasn’t equilibrated from an inception of accommodation of Holding Dominion over African slaves that has evolved to a diffuse ‘Them’ as anyone with compassion, who is human.  The struggle for egalitarian justice continues from the defeat for Federalist opposition to the Bill of Rights through the abolition of African slavery through the attenutation of industrialist predations through the creation of social contracts in the form of entitlement programs.

republicratsThe forces of the Heart of Darkess of inequality for unfettered predation of power money might will not go ‘poof’ and go away, and as there’s no human Soul within, they have nothing to say worth hearing and there’s no point in talking to those with No Ears to Hear.

While there are more similarities than differences in the policies of Democratic and Republican administrations, the Power of the Vote as well as the Hope that has brought will be the materials and methods of overthrow of the corporatist autocracy that has the entire nation devoted to their service. One person at a time. One vote as a time. Pulling the trigger in the voting booth.

The most excellent and wonderful thing about democracy is the ability to create egalitarian justice from within: As they attack Rights at every opportunity with perfect faith in Holding Dominion from power money might, we will elevate participation in democracy to a religious duty to your own survival, at every opportunity, despite that fact that Duopoly is Not Democracy.

Protest, Fight for your Rights by filling the public square of Global Consciousness and Occupy the Voting Booth.


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