I’ve known some Murderous Hearts. Killing is natural to all of us as we’re teleologically carnivorous animals, and murder is a treatment of convenience where our taught restrictions on killing are dismissed. Thuggees, as the predators among us who are serial killers murder for fun or for the pleasurable obligation of imposing Kali’s total dominion over victims. More commonly, it’s done out of another sin, as the covetousness of King David. Two of the three murderous hearts I’ve personally known were motivated by Cain’s sense of injustice, and the third good old American Greed with no moral underpinning.

Murderous Hearts: Sense of Injustice

My sister was three years old when I was born. Out of that Separation Anxiety Disorder, she’s always had an insatiable sense of the Injustice that I was born. Without articulation, I’m always the reason for her unhappiness, my parents not fair for having me. While our episode of feigned friendship playing mud-pies in the cold for me to catch pneumonia is youthful indiscretion with no legal significance, the history of anger and retribution she meted out on our parents and me through them is grounded in her deep sense of injustice. I doubt she could articulate this been done wrong, or its roots, but it’s defined the life of our family from beat for no reason through refusing to go to Momma’s burial in protest of another imaginary perceived Injustice.

The second was Bill Wooten, who had the same deep-seated anger that I had parents and he’d been dumped, unwanted. I was privileged with His favor of growing up with parents. I owed him on His behalf as he hates us both, inconsequential that I worked three jobs and studied all night for my largess while he held court as rolling master.

Jealousy is the root of evil from some with this sense of His injustice. Thuggees and serial killers for fun don’t need such a motivation as Hyenas stalking prey, but in our world of moral right and wrong, the motive is often that of Cain.

Threat to Unscrupulous Profits

The advertised Muslim that poisoned the doctor that eschewed personal injury and workmen’s compensation fraud wanted to terminate the contract without liability, the idea of morals foreign to a Thuggee. So she poisons a cigar for plausible deniability, as Murder in our terms is cultural heritage in hers, business as usual in prevention of the possible injustice of any threat to unscrupulous profits, by any means necessary, in America.

There are sociopathic cultures that don’t have our Judaic sense of right and wrong, where murder is only defined by laws imposed from without, but our rifts within the children of Abraham are underpinned by deep senses of Injustice. I rejected their prophet, and cast out Hagar and Ishmael. Then I come home wanting a place to stay safe from Amalekites. Europeans came to the New World to declare ownership of lands Native Americans held belonged only to HaShem, a new idea of the misanthropy of dominion was introduced to savages who still thought truthfulness was a measure of humanity. Silly them. The old-South embraces the religion of lying as an American freedom today.

Murder Hearts: Unfufilled Promises

I was Promised Land that we’re to contest as alienated siblings. They want Justice as we argue over European ownership. Some are so rooted in Cain’s sense of Injustice, on both sides, that murder is dismissed as Justified killing. In my sister’s and Bill Wooten’s cases, appealing by reasoning, talking, is useless as the grounds don’t rise to consciousness. In the case of the Thuggee matriarch, as Buddy’s Amalekites, there’s no humanity there to which to appeal.

In all cases of murderous hearts, their proclivity for murder can only be restrained from without, in some cases only by death. Among all peoples, there are good souls who are restrained from the desire to murder from within, from His spark in their resonant soul. Who disdain the covetousness of His fortunes of others, who don’t want to steal dominion over ‘them,’ or murder them for their wives. Some define neighbor differently, an exception by compartmentalization of ‘them.’

Mice aren’t good neighbors, and we have a duty to kill them for our personal and societal survival. I consider Buddy’s Amalekites next door infinitely less human than mice, but I’m not motivated to kill them. I’ve murdered consideration of them as human in my soul. I know it’s existentially impossible that there isn’t a human among them, but the conventional wisdom of choosing marital partners and associates from a good family is wise. For a Montague’s and Capulet’s drama, I’d surely do everything in my power to prevent such a catastrophe. Note that both were nobles and virtuous thereby with no discrepancy of class or religion, to have a story to tell.

Jealousy is the Core of the Murderous Heart

When I was growing up I’d called my parents petty bourgeois. If the scum of the earth wanted to come over and play with me, they were fine with it because of their focus on keeping me at home. Rapunsel. As a John Thomas I had to run off myself in protection was there to try to hurt me on the sly in jealousy. Or a Butch Bell that was the neighborhood pedophile that I had to get rid of myself.

On the other hand, they had this idea that poor people were of low character and depraved when in many notable cases the opposite was the case. Paul Hamilton was both honorable and intelligent, the type of person you’d want your child to befriend if not intoxicated by Idolatry of thin class Jack and Jill cum Links snotty falderal, stuck up dimwits spoiled and infatuated with their beauty and money. Soulless mean children of privilege that make Paris Hilton seem a sage. Money can’t buy love of HaShem.

Their Hate Comes Smiling

I saw Dada taken in again and again by one lame sales pitch after another. I begged him not to buy a cheap watch named Lonjines, but he was so enthralled by the something for not much pitch, he couldn’t help himself. It stopped working before the guy got around the corner. They let huckster John Thomas in by the same gullibility to a pitch hawking a fake friendship because his Hate Came Smiling, with his only interest in hurting me in jealousy at a moment of opportunity.

Murderous Hearts Reject Ethics as Inapplicable to Them

As Dada, I didn’t listen as my Hindu friend warned me of culturally Thuggee Pakistani Muslims. I had to learn the hard way. All I’ve met in business had no ethics, so that I collectivize them now as Buddy’s Amalekites, perhaps wrongly. I’m fascinated with the way my government pretends with them to let them in, but I vehemently object to Muslims being collectivized as murderous hearts, as I objected to Paul Hamilton being discounted then because of his economic status. Certainly there are Bill Wootens whose sense of injustice is deeper than articulation that can only be compared to Cain’s, and Thuggee Pakistani merchants passing as Muslims who can’t comprehend the Abrahamic concept of Murder, or honor.

Idolatry of Money

Not all wealthy are virtuous righteous and holy as old-South self-serving interpretation of Calvinist doctrine holds, and not all poor people have low morals and can’t be trusted though I’ve met enough that believe if they’re not robbing they’re not trying. Some murderous hearts come feigning friendship as a John Thomas, Chalabi hucksters hawking friendship in hopes of a blood sacrifice to their Kali for a false second coming, selling something – protection of money, for not much – our pretending that they’re good folks from a good family, that they can be trusted, are friends. My fear expressed here is that in that pretense, that telling of the lie we start believing it ourselves.

Accessories Before the Fact

Petty bourgeois Calvinist Idolatry of money to associate with one version of Murderous Heart in imagined defense from another is at the risk of our souls by association. We will reject Islamophobia as we reject judging people by Calvinist superficialities of class, once poor hounded and down-trodden ourselves, from slavery to that we not become accessories before the fact.


Rather than killing all among our speciously collectivized enemies to befriend people who worship war, know that there are resonant souls of peace who will see through this fog of war. I’ve collectivized Buddy’s Amalekites to the fourth generation as undeserving of compassion or mercy, but I went to the funeral of one who Momma had to turn to in a time of need. I’m from an imperfect family myself a with murderous heart driving its history with an evil tongue at its core.

Immeasurable Fortune

We have immeasurable fortune to make the wealthiest Calvinist jealous, the real and only, not a make-believe graven image in words thing man-made to usurp or well-painted idol of Kali in wood or clay. Despite all these wise and learned men saying that all of Buddy’s Amalekites should be killed, He’s not for Murder. We will place our Perfect Faith in His ability to defeat His enemies as we  make common cause of Peace with those of good heart, yetzer tov in our estranged family of Abraham, both of us steeped in injustices.

Allying with Murderous Hearts

Allying with murderous hearts will remove us from His side if we allow ourselves to be sold a cheap something-for-not-much fake Lonjines watch, that killing of innocents isn’t Murder. Justified by my deep sense of injustice of threats to my Civil Right to exist free, wherever I may be. A poor from down-trodden means Paul Hamilton of good heart will be a much better friend of His than a smiling John Thomas offering false friendship with a Murderous Heart.           Yes, Another World is Possible