My dear son: These Values of Clarity are your Land as Blessing from my life understanding:

Life’s often confusing with different voices telling different things, but know that your mother and I love you with all our hearts. If you don’t understand something, ask. Listen, but think for yourself, and ask again until you’re clear. No one’s an expert on how you should think and feel. Until you’re an adult, listen to your mother and father, and when you’re an adult, remember our teachings and find

You’ve been blessed by the hand of HaShem in ways you may not fully appreciate until you’re much older. Of your bounty is that you’ve received the greatest blessing of being responsible, Chosen to bring the World to Come. Awe of HaShem, who has blessed you with Loving Kindness through her, is most important in your life. Keep His blessing in mind throughout each day.

There are hateful people everywhere but you will not let them discourage you from the values of knowledge and compassion. Always value those because you will pursue justice. Knowledge without compassion is like a car with no motor, halakha without aggadot the same. We show respect to elders of blessed memory but don’t worship them, just as we don’t worship prophets. Our religion is doing to hear. Keep observance as a precious opportunity to listen; to connect to the Land as Blessing from which we came.

There are people who will put you down for being a Jew, ‘race,’ ethnicity, handsome, whatever superficial reason; both outside nations and within. Pay them no attention. Distrust those teaching fear. Awe of HaShem isn’t fear of things. That’s idolatry. Respect your good fortune for not being ignorant as they are. At the same time, no matter how fortunate knowledgeable or capable you are, everyone has value and don’t believe yourself better. Think positive, expecting good things, but be realistic; people are people.

Promise of David

Promise of David

Love yourself. Every day, I want you to look in the mirror and say it out loud; ‘I love you.’ When you brush your teeth (that’s also a good idea) is a good time. If you keep this simple request you will avoid a lot of the pitfalls of life. You will return the Loving Kindness of HaShem by having Compassion for All Suffering. If angry, ask yourself why. Then remember your blessings and thank HaShem, the creator of all.

Put no thing before HaShem. Honor your father and mother, but do not put them before. No thing. Not money, beauty, youth, fertility, religion, nation, or any other things from the abundance of life. Never forget that whatever you have or might, as everything around you and anyone has is from HaShem. Remind yourself every day in your prayers. Never forget, you’re always Under Heaven. Whether anyone else ever knows or cares, you will. Pray from your own heart and mind foremost.

Listen to intelligent knowledgeable and honest people, but never lose sight of your common sense. Common sense is what you’d answer a friend to the same question. If you think it’s wrong, it probably is. If you think it’s right, never forget that no action or words can be undone. Think thrice before saying or doing anything. Try not to say anything you don’t mean. What have you been taught by people you trust, who care about you? I believe the Torah is Divine; when you’re learned, you get to decide.

Learn to say you don’t know when you don’t and make a note to yourself to learn about whatever it is, even if a word or idea you don’t know. Being humble is keeping in mind that you don’t know about everything, and that there’s always more to learn. In lifetimes; nobody knows everything or is perfect. Commit to being an expert or scholar and focus to make it happen. Do good work. Good character is treating people the way you’d like to be treated. Leadership is the courage to be truthful first. Strive for excellence.

You’ll make mistakes, we all do. No one scores every goal, but you get to return and try again. Don’t beat yourself up when you miss. While you’re worrying about it another opportunity has passed. Hard work is doing something you don’t like, but have faith that your rewards are certain. Enjoy life; that’s a team pursuit. Find teammates.

Value your life. You have great value, whatever you choose to pursue. Follow your spirit. If something excites your interest, consider choosing that path. If not, have the courage to walk away. If you really want to accomplish something that inspires you and fail, keep trying. Don’t give up lightly. Once you make a commitment, try your best to keep your word. Don’t give it lightly.

Face reality. Good friends encourage doing the right thing and doing your best. Avoid those who don’t have the qualities you value. Associate with thoughtful and considerate people. Someone who unnecessarily and intentionally hurts someone, even if not you, can’t be a good friend. Avoid the jealous and petty. Learn from everyone, but don’t associate with mean-spirited hypocrites. Beware of pretend-friends who will harm you if given the opportunity. If they seem to be insincere, they probably are. Forgive based upon actions. Be willing to apologize and ask forgiveness if you’ve wronged someone. In life, you’ll have only a few real friends. Choose them wisely.

The most important qualities you should look for in your most important friend and partner in life are understanding and compassion. If warned, listen carefully. Youth and beauty will pass, but you want someone whose light of Loving Kindness shines from within, who’ll be a blessing for your children and theirs. Never forget that there’s no greater love than Awe of HaShem. Romance is hopeful but Awe of HaShem shared makes the strongest join. Choose wisely.

Please be patient.


I request that you consider these lifetimes until you understand clearly, are our man.



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