Tangential Relations within the Mind

The policy of tangential relations in this rewrite of The Absolute-Unity and Unity is more and less by Looseness of Association. Rather than discussing philosophies and religions dialectically, I choose to discuss relationships in unrestricted flows of consciousness. The relation to a symptom of thought disorders in Schizophrenia is an inability to focus by controlling threads of thought, tangents and associations that are always running in the subconscious.


You are at the end of a road….’ Welcome to my Crystal: My first computer game was a DEC-VAX TTY character-based adventure game, before graphic video. The player can only go north south east or west pick-up and drop by typing the instruction at the keyboard.

The object is to find the last orb in a labyrinthine maze of branches and blind alleys. The  challenge was spatially reconstructing this three-dimensional maze in your head to remember where you’d been and discerning déjà vu from reality, progress from loop.


I dismiss specious compartmentalization of religion philosophy politics by free association of terminologies, metaphors. While nominally, someone may believe they’re of a certain religion or none, reality is that our associations are often looser than hoped and greater than perceived, multifaceted. Everything is related to everything else under His creation, no matter how loose that relationship may seem.

Loosening Association

We’ve lost association with each other in Us-Them that we accept as conventional wisdom. Within our family, that one says the other is ‘not religious’ is destructive, loosening association, hateful of ‘them.’ We’re always struggling to maintain focus, and in human failures lose association to HaShem in our antipathy for them in specious qualification, demonization by code-words intended to collectivize unjustly.


As the world is a sphere, so are our minds spatial. These essays are syncretic declarations, both individual and composite, linear and tangential personal threads of the same thought. They’re not fixed in space and time or chronological, but written together as a unity. When I wrote the over-ambitious The Absolute-Unity and Unity, I was trying to weave multiple true meanings semantically into each sentence by word choice.


A fault is that not only did the reader need to understand the various philosophies and dogmas by name and relational context, there was a confrontation of variable interpretation as well, adding a depth of time.  Reading from a different perspective by definition variables, gave a different picture – a kaleidoscope intentionally challenging to understand while consistent. This is an adventure of thought game. Conflicts in assertion are the reality of internal collisions, conflicts within our own minds, counters and qualifications in tangents.

Every Thing Is Related to Everything Else

Everything is related in reality, everything here has relation to everything else. These personal essays are a language of their own, words within words.

The reason I didn’t like blogging is that date followed by date lacks context as the ticker tape goes by, a flat snapshot of a multidimensional reality. Blogs ‘about something’ are with the goal of momentary clarity, the simple statement well put takes precedence over relations. I’m chagrined by how repetitious I am since My Shekhinah.

Tambourines Across the Cornfield

In my previous Tambourines Across the Cornfield,  unclear progressions trying to carousel tangents with difficult transitions were confusing what it was about. By this design, the tangents are there, featured, but there is a practicable linear path. Relations are the point, not the individual essays whose context is the whole. These essays are my attempts, at a cosmological philosophy, each a journey within itself.

Flows of Consciousness

Written in flow of consciousness, redundancies call to mind another thread of a unified thought. Sometimes the link itself is a statement. As nothing is new, external links are in agreement disagreement or reference, leaving the reader as with all to their experience in these mazes of my mind as I present a point of view.

Duality is Conflict

By duality, any human endeavor including writing, is rooted in a world of conflict as this springs from a unitary point of disagreement with applauded hate. There will be an us and a them, our interests in competition with theirs. We compartmentalize and differentiate, decide what’s good and bad, right and wrong, pick or have sides picked. Conventional wisdom is that there will be a winner and a loser, a wolf that gets to eat the lamb.

No Precedent for the Wolf Dwelling with the Lamb

The conflict in these personal essays is the coming story from No Precedent for the wolf dwelling with the lamb. That will be in the World to Come.

The good here are souls of yetzer tov looking only to HaShem by whatever reference, and the bad is looking to things, Idolatry the root of evil.

As the first step of repentance is recognition, the first step of the World to Come is discrediting men-as deities’ looking to Cain’s power over life and death in this world.

Coherent Point of View

No more than time is disjoint, the mind is not flat, the goal here is a coherent point of view toward unity. There is a unity of religions, all good souls will chose to look through their references to HaShem rather than to things. I create a terminology of recognition of the signposts of Man-as deity that lead astray, within whatever belief systems that are necessarily as multithreaded as our consciousness as we claim one religion or none while holding two or many metareligions.

For Clarity of Choice

We will become clear within ourselves for our choice. We’re all in this becoming of His World of Peace together, and free to choose yetzer tov for the ‘us’ within ‘them,’ not only our ‘us.’ We will maintain our wheels within wheels of continuity while we are going somewhere, to His Peace in a time of yetzer tov, the wolf dwelling with the lamb in egalitarian commonality.

Hate Hate

The about here is hating Hate. Praying that I’m inviolate of lashon hara, I was compelled to speak by shock of an ovation for Hate.

Lo, was I Brought Low