Conventional Wisdom is a promise made by The Absolute-Unity to give physical land, in the certain Holy location wherein my paradigm of Chosen is to be His Blessing to the Land that is this earth and all its inhabitants. To the ground from which we came. It is I who’ve made the promise, who chose to accept responsibility to bring the World to Come of Unity. Have given my word.

Gustave Dore-535343Our Land as Blessing is that ground from which we were made. Choosing our Role of the Soul with Free Will to return. Chose to be blessings through lives of pursing Justice.

No more than The Absolute-Unity is a physical being is this Land as Blessing simply an area or territory to be conquered by the militarism of men as deities. But a transcendent conquest of self to share the Land as Blessing immanent from The Divine Torah in Compassion for All Suffering.

The issue is the target, goal as consequence of being Chosen. Or result. For some, it’s SN1 displacement of Arabs (who are not Jews, theoretically) from the especially promised land as the be-all end-all that’s going to bring a world to come that’s For Of ByUs;‘ the ‘Jewish state’ in Got Mine self-adulation. 

In my made up from No Thing interpretation, the return and in-gathering of the Jewish nation is to the Holy Land that is the Blessing of Being Holy, of being the embodiment, the clay molded and formed of an actualized Search for the Good.

Metaphysical Land as Blessing

The metaphysical Land as Blessing doesn’t remove the physical but is beyond, as the decision to leave Egypt before The Divine Torah was given. That precedence of Perfect Faith in putting none before, in throwing off the shackles of our adversary Fear to return to Holiness as Blessing, will precede the Loving Kindness of the World to Come.

Fundamentally, there are levels of reality. Most immediately in conceptualization of the land is earth ground source stability full-circle returning. To ground as a lightning rod directs the inevitable. Creationists and Atheists take literal to the absurd, when Both True and Not True. Here is the case of Not True that the Holy Land is physical ground, but a metaphysical Being Grounded and Grounding in Awe of HaShem to receive His Blessing of this existence.

While there are differing interpretations and expressed conditions of the ‘in-gathering’ of the Jewish people, the choosing to Be Holy in this metaphysical sense Is the in-gathering. The physical Holy Land is crying out to souls of Compassion for All Suffering to halt, as angels, the sacrifice of Isaac.

O Jerusalem

If I forget thee, O Jerusalem, let my right hand forget her cunning. Let my tongue cleave to the roof of my mouth, if I remember thee not; if I set not Jerusalem above my chiefest joy.’s no accident that Jerusalem is the existential center of the universe of the religions from The Divine Torah of monotheism. This reality is the physical as well as metaphysical fulcrum, will be the turning point in the course of affairs.

Some speak of internationalization. Others use this as rationale for affirming or resisting Jerusalem as the capital of the exclusive ‘Jewish state’ with supervised visitation. Addenda claims are invalid to the ‘Jewish state.’

I’ve had to rethink my own attitude. True enough that Islam and the Pauline addendum have holy sites outside Jerusalem, that I have no interest in visiting if I could. However, Jerusalem as common to All as a Holy of Holy. The man as if idea is extremely objectionable, and Muhammad nor the Pauline addendum avatar are my prophets. Nevertheless, for Unity, we Will overcome our differences. Were this not the existential necessity for bringing the World to Come, I might divide.

Jerusalem Undivided

PhysicsWorldYes, a unified Jerusalem, but not 19th century European ownership. Just as there’s no physically owning the blessings of The Absolute-Unity, Righteous Within All Nations, there’s no physically owning Jerusalem. It’s this hard rock as altar we’re forced against, personally and collectively from a variety of interests and directions.

An element of European disenchantment with Israel concerns, as well as justice for Palestinians, a realization that the addenda stake in Jerusalem isn’t being respected by Israel as enthusiastically as they had embraced Zionism. It’s clear that this taking is relentless and ongoing with a clear intent to remember Jerusalem by taking all of it for a 19th century European possession. Not only are billions of Muslims being demonized. The Pauline addendum is as well as adherents who aren’t the old-South Corwin Amendment crowd that are loyal to the ‘Jewish state’ conqueror.

Tolerance Isn’t Respect


Good Cop Bad Cop

Good Cop Bad Cop

Tolerance Isn’t Respect The Pauline addendum holy sites are being blatantly disrespected, the Dome under right wing assault to sacrifice a goat. I made it up from No Thing that were Israel willing to share Jerusalem, there’d be more than the United States and a handful of vassal states taking the militaristic Zionist side down the line. The United States is known as incapable of being a neutral arbiter, Mutt and Jeff.

That Jerusalem as the ‘undivided‘ capital of Israel is another non-negotiable along with Right of Return, agreement to the ‘Jewish state’ Of For By code-wording for Population Exchange and unfettered Right to taking between the Jordan and Mediterranean. For ‘religious‘ justification, this Jerusalem neon sign has to be on the front door. This principle of ‘undivided’ ownership is bound to bring things to a head. As Israel is becoming increasingly isolated in simulation of the United States’ Manifest Destiny, the boldest stroke would be to internationalize Jerusalem.

Would be the deepest apostasy to remembering Jerusalem meaning 19th century European ownership, 100%. Underlying this Right to Exist is justification that the Holy Land itself is only a Blessing Of For By the Jewish people. Any concession is a religious wrong. In this context, any resistance to the militaristic settlement enterprise Project Humiliation and Human Rights abuses is factually Antisemitic; against a fundamental belief in that interpretation.

At a time, because I find the man-as-if idea so reprehensible, I didn’t consider the Pauline addendum one way or another beyond Sabra and Shatila wet-work day-labor; unprincipled pagans at the gate. In Loving Kindness from The Divine Torah, I’ve had to relent. As some within ‘Us’ are worshiping a nation-state, some within ‘Them’ are seeing through the Pauline man-as-if. Doesn’t work for me ain’t necessarily doesn’t work at all. As I have Perfect Faith in the transcendence and immanence of The Divine Torah, I have to have faith that both reflections will return to The Divine Torah.

Righteous Among All Nations

As we know the Loving Kindness of strangers who risked their own lives and families to help us in other times, the right thing to do now is to return; as righteous are among All nations of Humankind. Though against the tide of Islamophobia and ‘particularism’ justification to disremember truth for selfish interest. To stand in a pretense of good judgement by smoke and mirrors.

Today, to be in the Gordis tent of the necessity to unconditionally support of ‘unpopular things‘ in continuum to Deir Yassin in the past for the future of a ‘unified’ Jerusalem, being righteous doesn’t mean hiding your friend from Brownshirts, but hiding your heart from the suffering of Palestinians. Now, we have a new sound to go with breaking glass, the screams of generations old olive groves being sawed and ripped. The puff and rumble of a bulldozer. The silent screams of mothers hearing warning sirens.

Al BadawiThe Kerry Diplomacy ‘process’ was still-born before he became Secretary of State, another Don Quixote jousting that dastardly beast of the necessity of herem as windmill. Expecting to uphold the generations long-haul of South African Apartheid, but this time ‘win’ on a ‘religious’ basis when white South Africans, just as white Southern Baptists in the United States hold their exceptionalism as a religious belief. The latter praying for redress by the War Within the States.

The association with the old-South and its proclivity for xenophobia is a negative character witness, that more so than ideological comparisons to fascism, conveys not only intent, but the heart of darkness within that motivates the flesh of today. Already, and perhaps from my limited Point of View, there’s a strong contingent of Jews who are disinterested in being guilty by association with the militaristic settlement enterprise Project Humiliation and Human Rights abuses. Will be compelled to speak out, and not just shake their heads in their Silent Attics. The Diaspora is being forced to a choice by the intense pressure of pied-pipers of Hate for the primacy of Unit Cohesion. In or out, you choose.

Chosen Must Choose: Being At Stake

volcano-lightning-studied-puyehue-cordon-caulle-chile_54804_600x450After millennia of pursuing Justice, today, there’s the world-wide tension, friction of egalitarian Justice from The Divine Torah, and the Conventional Wisdom of every man for himself. By extension ‘family’ in an Us-Them paradigm; not the family of man from Adam. The Divine Torah from the ground crying out up to speak of the stranger, widow and orphan. It’s not simply Antisemitism that singles out the Jewish state for particularly harsh scrutiny, but the light of The Divine Torah.

As the light of Justice has spread as waters of Blessing on the Land, this earth, the concept of good and evil has reached the darkest corners. The issue has become for whom justice is to extend. To whom will good be done. The Righteous of Nations, who resisted The Shoah, at risk of their own lives and families, as Chaney Goodman and Schwerner in another time, deserve not only special mention in a propaganda campaign, but functional recognition in emulation. They are honored in memory by standing for egalitarian justice, today.

__061912___lightningClearly, Israel in its conceptualization cannot allow any sort of ‘sovereign’ foreign state within, the idea of Two-states negates the principle of absolutist Manifest Destiny that underlies the European ethos of the Zionist project. There’s wonder that ‘Liberal’ Jews are shoulder to shoulder with Neo-cons that there should be Two-states pretense, when clearly there can’t be. What these otherwise-Liberals are really saying is that given the choice, have to go with ‘Us.’ When it comes to my self being at stake, not so much with this Justice thing.

I can certainly relate to that sentiment. Would I rather be recognized and accepted in Gordis’ tent, or be righteous? Only those with tenure in the form of money and power can be so sure. That’s clearly what this has boiled down to. We all know that sound, but tell me a nice bed-time story as lullaby for cover. I’m no bad-luck Jonah, don’t expect me to proclaim against anything.

That pulls me down from my box in that I willingly do business with Israel without compunction in a cognitive dissonance that if not quite, certainly smacks of hypocrisy. Part of me wants to believe Muslims are murderous. Like a blind spot in a rear-view mirror, I proclaim against the militaristic settlement enterprise Project Humiliation and Human Rights abuses that’s a persona of the Zionist narrative, with a lot of lipstick and mascara on my beloved pig, of my own complicity.

Grounded in The Divine Torah: Righteous Jews

zinnRighteous Jews are the apostates of The Fourteenth Principle who are putting Justice before ‘Us.’ Choosing the metaphysical Land as Blessing in a Chosen means that you were born in the promise, your promise. Whether religious, irreligious, secular, even Atheist, as long as you still accept that you are a Jew, you are choosing a Role in bringing the World to Come. That’s the genuine ground of Classical Antisemitism, with no need for a shtreimel and talking against their man as if abomination.

An acquaintance I thought was a friend called me ‘haughty’ for insisting on being a Jew, let it go. ‘Be Free.’ Tolerance isn’t respect. While Israel as deity of the unimaginable is that we can Unify the Righteous of All Nations. Without this last possibility by No Justice No Peace, the only choice is perpetual war.  Conversion isn’t from the outside tip of the sword in, but from the inside Awe of HaShem out.

Miko Peled

Miko Peled

The Marquis St. Romney didn’t suddenly grow a heart of Compassion, but learned that leading physical hair-cutting assaults is unacceptable in proper society. There is no such thing as a death-bed conversion that isn’t of convenience. Desert Wilderness Islamophobes are not friends of the people of Justice, Antisemitic under a thin veneer, but operating their own strategy for their ‘Left Behind’ Take-over; another Crusade by proxy. The Palestinian Authority cannot trade Jerusalem on behalf of the rest of the Islamic and Pauline addendum worlds. There is world-wide concern.

Wisdom of Solomon: Being Grounded

dore-solomonWhether religious, secular in the context of colonial Manifest Destiny, or righteous in the sense of standing against injustice, of His children, who can divide the baby? Divide the Holy Land? Whether caring or even agreeing that Jerusalem is Holy, or a nice tourist destination after all these ‘troubles’ have been settled, this issue of the Holy Land as eligible for 19th century European ownership isn’t going to go away, for anyone. By being at stake, by shear force of being bound to the altar of expectation of being the people of Justice, we Chose to be responsible for Being Holy.

The inheritance of the Land as Blessing by the giving of The Divine Torah is for His purpose. With concern and Compassion for All Suffering, the Holy Land must be given to all mankind by Justice Compassion and Mercy for Peace, in Loving Kindness. As the immortal Mel Brooks lines in Blazing Saddles, ‘We don’t want the Irish‘ then relents with ‘Ever’body.’

Land as Blessing: Wisdom, Understanding, and Knowledge

In the motion of time and space, this existence has been progressing toward Wisdom, Understanding, and Knowledge. The Wisdom of the necessity for Justice, the Understanding that we are all Human who choose to be, with all that entails, and the Knowledge that there are Righteous Among All Nations. The Holy Land and the Jewish people have been the lightning rod of the blinding light of The Divine Torah in the pursuit of Justice. Both facets of Antisemitism are in friction and lightning primarily occurs when warm air is mixed with colder air masses.

The cold air from Icebergs of Injustices is mixing with the warm air of worldwide yearning for Justice for each and every soul. Conventional Wisdom has been a pursuit of a primacy of Us over them, but the world is Understanding that there’s an Us within Them that’s unjust to collectively condemn. We know that Justice is fundamental to being righteous, is Doing the Right Thing.

That right thing is, as my relenting to ‘Ever’body’ including the Irish  to include the Pauline addendum. For others, it may be to include Muslims, and for others Jews, or any possible combination short of the Beyond that we Chose to deliver that is the Unification of All in Awe of HaShem.

Being Grounded

Being Grounded in Awe of HaShem is putting none before. We will look through the interpretation of a selfish interest as 19th century physical ownership of prime real estate to an ownership of responsibility that prioritizes the reality that The Absolute-Unity is the creator of All existence. We have a special Role of the Soul in Choosing to bring the World to Come. There are Righteous in All Nations. We’ve been both persecuted and saved at the hands of strangers.

I Never Forget that Jerusalem is a place that’s Holy, as well as physical connection to our joining with The Absolute-Unity in common Cause of Unifying all Humanity in Awe. Regardless of ‘religion,’ there’s hardly anyone in this existence who hasn’t heard of Jerusalem and doesn’t have a sense of its importance.

To contest this faith in 19th century ownership, and any conversion, will come from within. Two-state is rightfully dead, moribund since 1967, and taken off life support with the evacuation of Gaza. To stand in the necessary but impossible is an absolute of Perfect Faith. One the one hand, there’s the conventional, ‘Who’s side are you going to take?’ And on the other is abstention, that’s a negation of responsibility. Pilate doing ablutions. But the Howard Zinn, You Can’t Stand Neutral on a Moving Train says it well.

As Charles Fried on Sarah Palin, being ‘neutral’ is a concrete and irresponsible action. As inconvenient and frightening as it is, we will all return to Awe. Jerusalem and the Jewish people are the lightning rod of His bringing the World to Come in His Shekhinah.

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