An acquaintance called me haughty and assimilated for Being a Jew, as though I’m a Traitor of a Race, a Confederate Negro in my rejection of ‘ethnic’ identity as a consideration of who is my family. For her, as for many, ethnicity is integral to the religion. For some, it is the religion. So that for her, if I insist on Being a Jew, the least I could do is to be a ‘Black Hebrew’ or some such ignorant abomination in my view. Otherwise, I’m being arrogantly superior and disdainful, think myself ‘too good’ to be ‘black.’

I don’t care about being ‘black’ as a definition of who I am any more than I care how who got to be a Jew. This ongoing effort of the terminally ignorant to say the Ashkenazim are illegitimate Khazari interlopers who’ve Taken-Over the legitimate estate of The Divine Torah are blatantly both racist as well as anti-Semitic. The last thing I’d be ‘interested in’ is making common cause with racists, within or without. Racism is an abominable idolatry, from whatever quarter and by whatever excuse.

Land As Blessing In Continuity

All the way to Sinai, there’s a continuous chain of succession of the Land as Blessing. In my metaphysical paradigm, the fact and necessity of continuity are such that anyone who believes themselves to be a Jew, from whatever ‘ethnicity,’ needs to positively reconcile themselves to the proper estate of possession of The Divine Torah in continuous succession.

Seemingly, some points are supposed to be made with me concerning the racist pronouncements of Maimonides or the treatment of goyin in the Talmud, when I’m exactly that Jew of Rabbinic Judaism that condemns the pagan goy as having no compassion for any suffering other than their own. As if any part of the Pauline addendum is some sort of holy when I’m anaphylactically allergic. Anybody still messing around with that addendum on any level is not a Jew, of any sort.

Haughty and Assimilated

My parents’ daughter was constantly chasing after people who would never accept her. While I, as her official chauffeur, saw the looks of contempt in their eyes. No matter what she said or did, she was from an ‘uppity’ class, lighter-skinned, would forever be haughty and assimilated in their eyes. Had everything to do with the impossibility of their acceptance in juxtaposition to her pathetic desire.

Within the Negro community, there were different types of haves and have nots. Have money (allegedly) light skin ‘good hair’ two parents talks ‘proper’ does homework goes to class. As in the Desert Wilderness At-Will lie-Plantation today, dumb-as-a-post is the old-South infallible standard, and anything else is ‘unacceptable.‘ The intelligent of whatever ‘ethnicity’ will never ‘fit into’ the old-South, regardless of what is said or done because thought itself is heretical.

Always a stickler for grammar and syntax since taught by momma at the age of three, I’d use their ‘down-home’ inflections, as ‘thang’ instead of thing, but poor grammar and syntax was a bridge too far. Long before the attempt to raise Ebonics as a ignorant man’s Swahili, meeting a standard of illiteracy is de rigueur. As Leslie Kerr the white manager at the lie-Plantation told me I needed to speak Ebonics ‘to make the customers comfortable‘ (mek’ ‘dat comfable’). The issue is more than inflection but ‘don’t learn to read‘ illiteracy as old-South correct. That underlies all of these anti-Semitic addenda that require a reality of willful ignorance.

Black Hebrew Israelites

Black Hebrew Israelites (also Black Hebrews, African Hebrew Israelites, and Hebrew Israelites) are groups of black people mainly in the United States who believe they are descendants of the ancient Israelites.

Are certainly not Jews. In addition, their claims of ‘authenticity’ as ‘true descendants’ of Lost Tribes are racist jealous and wishful. Prove themselves dim by still talking about the Pauline addendum. ‘Black Israelites’ are the bottom of this stack with sheer ethnicity-based nationalism mirroring the Nation of Islam and militaristic Zionism.

Judaism Is Not an Ethnicity

Seemingly I might be construed as racist in saying this is the last type of association I’d entertain, far less than I’d Go to Church, that simply cannot happen. Explicitly because I’m anaphylactically allergic to the Pauline addendum. I’ve actually read it and don’t care how it’s interpreted. Indicative of the depths of ‘faith in denial’ that this acquaintance asks me if ‘I might be interested’ by imagining that my One-drop is going to Rip-van-winkle wake up to the ‘truth’ that there’s some virtue in ‘blackness.’ People are people, and there are good bad and indifferent in all stripes, including real Jews.

Ignoring my on the record against both Racism as well as ethic exceptionalism, this acquaintance fantasizes that my opposition to the existential exclusiveness of the ‘Jewish state’ predicated upon ethno-religious chauvinism makes me teetering on an edge of ‘exploration’ that’s close enough to insanity to ‘be interested’ in drek like the man-as-if.

Possession As Ownership

Ownership of the Land as Blessing is both by continuity and stewardship. Regardless of the strong racist undercurrent flowing from supporters of colonialist Israel, and without regard to mass partial-conversion or not, the fact of the matter is that in Western culture, which is what I am, Ashkenazim and Sephardim are the guardians of the City, of the Land as Blessing. If these wanna-be usurpers had a shred of good sense, they’d drop this ignoramus ‘black’ business and yes, convert. Instead of trying to get on the real bus, even if at the back, they want to drive their own little ‘black’ clown car.

By both logical consistency, as well as accuracy of facts, there’s nothing divine about the Pauline Addendum. There are no mental or metaphysical gymnastics, much less spiritual that are going to get my mouth open as though it’s Holy. The instant I saw references to that ‘New Testament,’ I turned as red as I could (all things considered), incensed that I’d betrayed my Apart by talking too much. Pearls of internal disagreement cast before eaters of swine in Strange Worships.

Strange Worships

Kind After Kind: marry within your value system. If you value being a Jew, marry a Jew. If you’re ready to quit being a Jew, willing to renounce your estate in the Land as Blessing, return and reconsider a few years. While your’e young and idealistic, the chasm of religion may seem trivial. Look to your Fourth Generation. Despite my Beatings for No Reason, I’m glad I grew up with both my parents. Neither were ‘religious,’ and in a way that was perfect in that it allowed me to chart my own course. That was decidedly away from the man-as-if, a Strange Worship if there’s ever been.

This acquaintance, by my willingness to discuss religion, and politics is religion, had me fooled. Or rather, I’d fooled myself. In my idealistic picture of Islam as though monotheistic, I was surprised that there was a strong Pauline addendum avatar connection. And that, the rivers of anti-Semitism are deeper and stronger than I’d realized in the history of peaceful coexistence in contrast to the Pauline.

There certainly is a difference in someone who chose a path away from the Pauline addendum in contrast to someone Born into another religion. I hadn’t realized that these are taking the Pauline addendum with them as they purport to be Muslims, or ‘Hebrews / Israelites’ in these cases. For ‘ethnic’ identity to be a core belief with some attraction predicated upon anti-Semitism/Racism. These quasi-Hebrew/Israelite groups are tacitly anti-Semitic as is the Nation of Islam a religion of ethnic nationalism more so than anything else. What a bitter pill Israel swallowed in granting African Hebrew Israelites of Jerusalem residency. These are certainly not Jews by any measure.

There’s no history of Muslims ever doing anything for ‘black’ people. As with disregard of history that’s a revered tradition in the old-south, ignorance is driving a fantasy that Arab countries don’t look down on them even more so than Southern baptists. Taking a powder from the blue-eyed blonde addendum avatar for an as Strange Worship of a supposed prophet under Islam as though Divine. Still talking about a messianic second coming of a man-almost-as-if.

Jewish Supremacist

Yes, I’m a Jewish supremacist, and make no apologies whatsoever about it. Every noble and worthwhile quality in humankind has been exemplified by the Jewish people, who are already being and have been a light to all nations. However, that is purely by the light of The Divine Torah. By the pursuit of education, honor, and Justice.

More accurately, I’m a Divine Torah supremacist, a putting none before supremacist, that includes myself. That’s what Being a Jew means to me, a promise to never put any thing before. Including superficial paint as ‘ethnicity.’ In Diaspora to show the light of the World to Come.

Blind Spots On Closed Hearts

By blinding themselves with Racism and anti-Semitism, these wanna-be usurpers have a blind spot by that objectification. That’s as against my religion as it’s a part of theirs. While the storm from Judaism-as-a-race holds the same. Gordis’ tribal loyalty tent of say-do-whatever ‘unpopular things‘ with demonization of Two-state advocates, J-street banished as ‘can’t be trusted.’ This is the Kahane either-or ‘monotheism’ of ethnicist choice. Either assimilate to ‘black and proud’ or to white(Jewish)-supremacist circa Pauline-Identity. Without an ability to define Judaism beyond an ethnic Birthright for a state that classifies on ethno-religious grounds. As though ‘ethnicity’ is the Blessing.

Even critics like Professor Schlomo Sand disagree with this approach. “The Zionist thought is not affiliated with racial discrimination, even though it may seem to be in certain situations”, he says. “It is a fusion of nationalism and religion, which gives primacy to a hypothetical ethnic and accepts the others as long as they’re subordinate to its hegemony in the territory it controls.”

In this debased ascendancy of Jews as a ‘ethnicity’ divorced from a religion from The Divine Torah, millenia of putting none before in the unabashed pursuit of truth and Justice, the credibility of Being Holy is being flushed down the toilet with this get on board with the injustice parade for our compartmentalized ‘Jewish state.’ While pretending that the ‘Jewish state’ moniker isn’t existentially exclusive. Invoking a theoretical ‘ethnicity’ as justification, that’s distinct from a Right to Exist as a liberal nation-state. While rejecting anyone else’s right to exist except for outside the ‘Jewish state.’

Loving Kindness for the stranger — dismissed. Compassion for All Suffering — dismissed. Justice for each life as a world — dismissed. Perfect Faith in the World to Come — dismissed. Righteous among all nations — dismissed. Care for the poor widow and orphan — dismissed. When we have ethnically cleansed the land in actualization of herem failed at the time of Saul, we can raze the Dome of the Rock and rebuild The Temple. We not He. Not The Divine Torah. Have built this great nation and made Of For By ourselves a towering name.

Towering Icebergs of Injustices

The argument may be that these Black Hebrew Israelites are harmless clowns in their delusions and it’s dirty pool (and racist) to pick on the old-South downtrodden and dispossessed of dignity and self-determination. Their religion is predicated upon a collectivization for demonization of the ‘white,’ and mine can’t be the same reactionary elevation of my ‘white’ as ‘the Jew.’

Either Judaism is an ethnicity or it isn’t. Those who would reduce Being a Jew to the same low grounds of ‘ethnicity’ as these old-South. Demeaning the Loving Kindness of elders of blessed memory leaving the door to return to the religion open by Birthright to an absolute right as Chosen for Holding Dominion by ethno-religious supremacy. Without the excuse of ignorance in illiteracy.

I won’t put Being a Jew before Awe of HaShem, before the reality that Icebergs of Injustices of say-do-whatever taking is a state-driven militaristic settlement enterprise Project Humiliation and Human Rights abuses from a religion taken-over by The Fourteenth Principle. Were the issue merely a calling of halts on both sides, there might be some credibility to the claims that accession to unfettered taking Of For By isn’t as existentially exclusive in the ‘Jewish state’ as these are in their ‘Hebrew Israelite.

We are one people, a nation in the promise to put none before, but without that, we’re just another xenophobic association that’s ‘haughty and assimilated.’ Yes, I think of the goy, including these, but what I mean is someone who doesn’t have sensitivity to injustice. Who doesn’t care about inflicting pain on the weak at the back of the group, who as Amalekites are only concerned with their own suffering.

That parallels the Code-wording for Sand-niggers that’s dismissive of Palestinian Arab suffering. That drives Unit-Cohesion in a narrative that substitutes injustices suffered at other 19th century European hands for justifications in my hands now. The abject absence of, blindness to any concern for the to be dispossessed by Manifest Destiny beyond finger-pointing. The intent for unbridled taking into the depths of time is crystal clear on it’s face by an unwillingness to set ‘borders. With the same type of intent to declare Chosen by a history of slavery to usurp the Land as Blessing, those who have elevated ‘ethnicity’ to being the definition of Being a Jew in a history of Shoah — to justify. For (im)moral authority.

Back of the Bus Haughty and Assimilated

I’m perfectly happy to be at the back of the bus of The Divine Torah rather than messing around with ignoramuses still talking about the Pauline addendum and its man-as-if. With the most insipid anti-Semitic clap-trap that dismisses any possibility of credibility in less than a moment. That, as ‘Black Muslims,’ proves the necessity to be Desert Wilderness old-South mentally challenged to entertain the witless drivel they’re trying to pass off as ‘knowledge of self.’

For long time, we try to be ‘diplomatic’ in hopes of avoiding offending. That creates the space for their certainty that, as Israel forbids miscegenation, this primitive and baseless racist Kind after Kind is the sum total of Conventional Wisdom. Saying she just wants me to ‘be free,’ to be willfully ignorant as the old-South of whatever ‘ethnicity’ are wont to do. That ‘ethnicity’ is synonymous with ‘religion.’

To deny the proper estate of the Land as Blessing violates a metaphysical principle of continuity, that if not understandable to the old-South, is well-known and consistent to my understanding. It matters not that the primary proponents of Judaism as a ‘ethnicity’ are at the top of the ethnicist food chain in justification of militaristic Zionism or that the ‘consensus’ is Of For By an existentially exclusive ‘Jewish state.’ I will not be either of them. ‘Race’ certainly matters, but I can’t be induced to agree that it should. I won’t knuckle under on this any more than I will to agree to a man-as-if deity.

We Are Better

Jews associating with the old-South drek of inhumanity and Neo-cons making common cause with Calhoun Calvinist racists for the response to criticism of Israel’s state-sponsored militaristic settlement enterprise Project Humiliation and Human Rights abuses of ‘we’re no worse than China in Tibet‘ just doesn’t cut it. We are better. We expect to be better. He expects us to be better. And, we promised to be better. To actually Be Holy.

Being an ‘ethnicity’ hasn’t made anyone Holy, not real Jews elevating the ‘white’ or these wanna-be ‘authentic‘ as ‘black’ descendants of slaves as Lost Tribes. It’s by The Divine Torah that ‘the Jews’ have weathered all the pagan assaults of Strange Worships, as will be the case here. Both with these wanna-be racist ‘Kind After Kind’ compatriots without and these Judaism as an ‘ethinicity’ divorced from religion except as a land-can-opener counterpart within.

The same ownership in possession that means that ‘the Jews’ own The Divine Torah is also consistent with recognition of the injustice of say-do-whatever taking by whatever flimsy quasi-legal excuse to be state-manufactured. Regardless of how they came to be in possession, as the Land as Blessing, they own it for modern Western purposes, and it can’t be torn from them with quasi-religious gyrations to justify physical force without rendering it unfit for consumption.

Haughty and Assimilated

Judaism as though simplistically a Birthright ‘ethnicity’ in quasi-colonialist justification for uncompensated taking is as idolatrous as these with the insipid ‘black’ painted on their front door. Are kissing cousins, the one mirroring the other.

My nose exposed on the prow in rejection of both, with no excuses for my choices from Free Will, when I have doubt or tribulation, come under anti-Semitic attack as with this acquaintance calling for me to ‘be freed in my ‘blackness’ from my haughty assimilation, I return to intensify my observance. Rather than driving me away, I double-down, ever returning to the light. Raise my fence another notch in melancholy. Platonic idealism chastened.

Importantly, my fences are to maintain putting none before, is the original apart that has been the basis of Antisemitism through time immemorial. Given the reality that the unrighteous are going to hate us no matter what we do, as my parent’s daughter, there’s no good reason to assimilate to go along to get along with racists. Try as we might, even unto the worship of power money might. As naturally as those who eat with their mouths open will find someone who doesn’t odd, haughty and assimilated.

Ethnic Nationalism Is a Strange Worship

Ethnic nationalism is a Strange Worship. Historically, anti-Semitism and Racism are hand in hand. These Hebrew Israelites are a reactionary ‘affirmation’ of the One-drop as a virtue, theodicy repurposed as ‘Chosen’ to be kidnapped into slavery, with the whispered ‘can’t be trusted‘ that extends to all whites. That’s an ugliness at the core of being against ‘the Jews’ in all the anti-Semitic tropes that have internalized ‘the Jew’ as masters of the universe and the source of all the ills in the world.

Militaristic Zionists are absolutely correct that this type of anti-Semitism is active in opposition to Israel, that has nothing to do with Human Rights in a conflation of ‘white.’ Are prima facie anti-Semitic by not wanting to name themselves as ‘Jews,’ except when making anti-Semitic statements with the dismissive, ‘but I’m a Jew‘ when called to account.

Return to Being Holy

Rather than being haughty and assimilated to 19th century European philosophy and dogmas, consider returning to a commitment to Justice that’s become the province of secular who are now the voices of Being Holy excepting a marginalized few. Not in declaration based upon Birthright genetics, but upon a reality of Loving Kindness both within as well as for the stranger.

There’s no context of righteous without acceptance and acknowledgement that the elders of blessed memory nurtured and guarded The Divine Torah that’s nurtured guarded and ensured not only the survival of Judaism but prosperity of its nation in every dimension. That is a religion of walking in putting none before, including ‘ethnicity’ that sallies forth under the Gordis euphemism of ‘tribe.’

On the one hand, there’s the steadfast invocation of religious entitlement, and on the other there’s complete dismissal of the premises of how land that’s fit for consumption is acquired. I will throw out the lot as not Kosher if I find one insect, but blithely wolf-down land crawling with maggots of injustice? Even these willfully ignorant ‘one-book-to-read’ old-South descendants of American slavery may be able to recognize the cognitive dissonance in that.

To Be Holy, we will be both righteous and observant. Our might and protection is in returning to looking within and through The Divine Torah while facing out and Beyond; in reverence of the uninterrupted Loving Kindness that’s been handed down in continuity from elders of blessed memory. In Loving Kindness for this existence, care by returning to the Good at the core of our Search.

Being the Land as Blessing in continuity with His Shekhinah

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