Envision a world of peace, the wolf dwelling with the lamb in Unity with every soul of yetzer tov individually relevant and critical to the World to Come in His continuity of space time and being.

This website is the reincarnation of my 1973 thesis as an independent scholar in religion and philosophy at Amherst College, The Absolute-Unity and Unity. The question was whether racism or differences in religious conceptualization and practice were the reason for the separation of Africans from the Methodist that resulted in the creation of the African Methodist Episcopal Church. Finding that ‘uncontrolled displays of emotion’ were the issue, I then traced the history of secessions within the A.M.E. church that led to the most significant schism by the hiring of a seminary trained preacher that was decried as ‘bringing the devil in.

In the crystallization of thought that is writing, I arrived at a firm rejection of the rationalism that was the substrate of my formal intellectual Search for the Good from when I declared myself a Platonist at the age of seven in the desert wilderness that is Oklahoma. Intellectual contemplation isn’t the basis of Awe of HaShem, but the doing the right thing out of compassion for All suffering to hear the Music of the Spheres that causes the vibration of Soul in resonance. The role of the mind is to remind us to Never Forget that our Perfect Faith isn’t in created things.

My cosmological philosophy is based on duality. It Ain’t Necessarily So, but from my first encounter with the movement of the spirit, I’ve had Perfect Faith that the Shekhinah is the foundation of everything we know of The Absolute-Unity that is Not a Thing, and that there is no absolute in the unity of created things. Dialectical analysis, rationalism for rationalization is contrary to the movement of the spirit — is the ‘bringing the devil in.‘ There’s a duality of best practices of yetzer tov for ‘us’ and metareligion that elevates Us to men-as deities with the power over life and death over Them, with faith in making the believed that the wolf will eat the lamb for the next billions of years.

From our original addiction to survival, it’s rational natural conventional wisdom that we’re teleologically carnivorous predators, wolves with continuity to when we were in packs on all fours looking to things in Birds of a Feather predatory assimilation to pecking orders of the favored and outliers, helmed by men as deities with Ba’al’s power money might.

My prayers continuous, a thread that lives always, I pray here, brought so low in my silent attic by an ovation for a black hole as-soul yutz who’s shtick is increasing hate with Code-words. I gave my self a heter from lashon hara to speak while I still can. Shocked as a gunshot to a Vietcong head by obeisant adulation reflecting affinity, a picture of a wailing Arab woman by a torn up tree juxtaposed with the Turkish ambassador’s photo-op, I can no longer Say It Isn’t So that the practice of humiliation in Israel doesn’t prove old-South say-do-whatever Holding Dominion as the state religion.

That the Diaspora, tighyly-bound by association is being called by Got Mine preening hate-mongers to become the Amalekites we loathe, Chosen to have a suspension of disbelief in an Aryan Birthright to do ‘unpopular things‘ in a pretense of defense, justified by exceptionism. Now, we have a Take-over by a new addendum, guilty by association with the dregs of old-South inhumanity for the rise of an anti-Semitism allusive to the icebergs of injustice of the hostile take-over of the Canaan of Joshua justified by ‘particularism.

For racism that’s consuming the soul of humanity within while the BDS movement grows without. Whistling Past the Migron of the permanent non-occupation with the opportunistic go-along-to-get-along buffoonery of faith in making what’s believed from power money might. To become murderous hearts that are banishing ‘Them‘ in place while relying on wafers and wine for forgiveness as we really beat the Tar Baby of reality up this time in correction of Saul’s disobedience of herem.

Seemingly, The Mitzvah is sanctification of the Canaan of Joshua, and in assimilation to this old-South Manifest Destiny to Hold Dominion addendum, no injustice is possible. I’ve never believed land can buy Peace and have long been fed up with those saying I don’t have a right to exist and useless Two-state Solution talk. Since the Gaza evacuation, my willingness to surrender my Civil Rights in Judea and Samaria passed game over, but I still have Perfect Faith in the existential necessity of just conviction under just laws. It’s about time the Levy Report pretenses of honorable egalitarian intentions were ended with one small step toward the settled reality of the necessity of Justice Compassion and Mercy for Peace as a progressive plan for a phased in One-State Solution.

In the thirty years since Ronald Reagan, the godfather of Antipathy as Virtue inaugurated the War Between the States within the States in honor of the States’ Rights to murder Chaney Goodman and Schwerner in Neshoba County in pursuit of maintaining inequality. Democracy in America, from an inception of accommodation of slavery has yet to equilibrate to an egalitarian ‘Justice of All‘ out of ‘all men created equal.‘ That justified by a proclivity for xenophobia of federalist Loyalists who’s Free Will role of the soul is making themselves men-as deities of pecking orders, that’s brought an ascendancy of old-South praying to Hold Dominion to prey by higher degrees of hate.

The Duopoly of Power, while feeling our pain, has ground the poor and weak on Spartan stones of militarism by Maestrini’s Law that describes the progressive dimunition of resources for survival to the decimation of the middle class and the American dreamG d Bless the Childinveterate misanthropic corporatists who’ve created ‘at will’ lying-as-the-job plantations to the death of do the right thing won’t. Overwhelmed by the Big Tent of Hate, ‘conservatives‘ have become traitors of humanity along with the noble truths of Conservatism to ‘win’ on Atwater’s ‘niggerniggernigger‘ promise to ‘hurt them more,‘ to the rapture of old-South pro-death pagans feigning pro-life while cheering in their Drooler’s Coliseum for the smell of not so bad Strange Fruit.

Shades of Malaise democrats are stuck on Duck and Cover at a whiff of old-South Federalist bad breath condemnation of any care from chains guns of lies while useless till losing Alfred E. Neuman wannabe-Republican Democrats ride around in pick-ups wearing plaid. The soulless old-South will vote for say-do-whatever Monsieur Marquis St. Romney, a bully  with no care for man or beast because he isn’t a ‘furener and is promising to ‘hurt them more,Confederate Negro Black Redneck flat-tops leading the charge.

There’s a silver lining in the certainty that Souls with compassion for All suffering will occupy the voting booth to vote for yetzer tov around the world. We will lead by being Holy, choosing to be tzaddiks within our souls so that eyebrows that some say should be under burqas are looked upon from purity of the Shekhinah rather than the prurient romantic fantasies rooted in idolatry of power money might beauty youth and debased sexuality that have disabled the Western ability to chose  a good spouse. That we will truly keep kosher by appreciation of the filial souls of humanity of all life, with reverence throughout life, for both ours and theirs.

Yetzer tov from compassion for All suffering transcends the self that conventional wisdom holds is only for ‘our’ tribe race nation country family. Each soul will affirm or deny that justice compassion and mercy matter, not only for themselves and their pack, but for all mankind. We will reach across civilizations to connect souls of yetzer tov within and without looking only to HaShem, not His created things. At a critical mass of consciousness, we will save the afflicted and His world will come. All our souls will be weighed. Have we looked to things, or HaShem?

Supra-rationally, the role of souls of yetzer tov is being compelled from within to Never Forget to do the right thing, with no expectation of reward within this existence into which we were born to wander to the World to Come. All His creation, actions in the past are relevant to the future without discontinuity in a present that’s progressing toward a community of worldwide global consciousness of Human Rights with recognition of each soul of yetzer tov as having rights and responsibilities with progressive impact on every other. Our Choices in this becoming climactic contest of good or evil is His question we Chose to answer.

Awe of HaShem compelled me to say another way, for merciful no-fault Unity rather than old-South Code-words bringing in death for us all from their praying to Hold Dominion to prey religion. The mind is not flat. These personal essays, attempts, are syncretic spacial and connected for terminology to enable our Stop Talking about being unrelated to create a Unity of all souls of yetzer tov, the wolf dwelling with the lamb. Some idolize Chosen, but to really have ours, we will deliver on the contract we accepted to stop the hate within and without by a search for the Good as spiritual athletes to cause the spirit to move this existence to the World to Come of for in His Shekhinah.

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